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Sunday, November 30

Ulster minister set for crisis peace talks: Scotland on Sunday
Brian Brady & Murdo MacLeod

Few signs of compromise as deadlock hits Stormont: Independent on Sunday
David McKittrick

Deal in jeopardy as talks begin: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Ulster facing election re-run: Sunday Herald
James Cusick

Trimble fights on as Paisley counts spoils: The Observer
Henry McDonald

Showdown for Trimble tomorrow: The Sunday Times
Liam Clarke

UUP rebels get minor role in Assembly team: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Donaldson must go for UUP to have clear orange water: The Sunday Times
Newton Emerson

DUP 'wants political stability': BBC

Paisley triumphant . . . but nobody wants to talk to him: The Sunday Times
Liam Clarke

Nationalists press Murphy on Stormont return: UTV Internet

Rabbitte punched: The Observer
Henry McDonald

The people have chosen. And we must listen to them: The Independent
Mo Mowlam

Northern Ireland's past has become its future: Sunday Telegraph
Jenny McCartney

A pyrrhic victory in the polls: direct rule tinged with green: The Sunday Times
Paul Bew

Sinn Féin deal with DUP looks possible: Sunday Business Post
Vincent Browne

We are right back at O'Neill's crossroads: (from the Irish News)
James Kelly

About-turn: The Observer
Henry McDonald

Blair must sort out the mess he's made: Belfast Telegraph
Barry White

What now for political process?: BBC
Mark Devenport


Mourning Amidst Anger in New Jersey: Irish Voice/
Tom Deignan

BBC takes refuge in the two tribes myth once again: Irish World
Paul Donovan

Gang attacks youth with bars: BBC

'Irish' Lights Blow DUP Fuse: Derry Journal (Nov 28)

The Gail Walker Interview with Lord Hurd Former Northern Ireland Secretary: Belfast Telegraph (Nov 27)
Gail Walker

Deathtoll of Dublin bombings rises: UTV Internet (Nov 22)

Saturday, November 29

Election Sets Back Accord in N. Ireland: Washington Post
Glenn Frankel

N. Ireland election results jeopardize peace accord: Boston Herald
Jim Dee

Victory for Paisley threatens peace hope: Daily Telegraph
Thomas Harding

Battle begins to rescue Northern Assembly: Irish Examiner
Harry McGee

Results the will of the people - Ahern: RTE

White House 'concerned' but certain North will continue on path to peace: Irish Independent
Susan Garraty

Big names who are out: (from the Irish News)

Small parties get the big squeeze in election rout: Irish Independent
Gene McKenna

Sinn Féin looking further afield to fulfil its ambitions: Financial Times
John Murray Brown

Adams will pay price for power: The Times
Anthony McIntyre

Come and get me, Trimble said, and they'll do just that: Irish Independent
John Devine

Trimble's future now in doubt: The Times
David Lister

Players assess election fallout: BBC
Martina Purdy

Polls apart - Winds of change blast through Ulster politics: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Murphy to hold post-poll meetings: RTE

Proconsul Murphy tells the natives to get on or get lost: (from the Irish News)
Brian Feeney

Why the Adams and Paisley scenario signals breakdown: Irish Independent
Conor Cruise O'Brien

Results could lead to 'short-term' problems: (from the Irish News)
Roy Garland

Little political progress . . . but no going back to war: Irish Independent

Old players in an old tragedy still strutting the stage: Daily Telegraph
Philip Johnston

Collapse of faith in an ability to agree: The Guardian
Malachi O'Doherty


Unforgiven for the Passions of His Youth: New York Times
Dan Barry

Fresh inquiry into 1987 murder: BBC

Garda raid 20 houses in IRA €2.5m builder tax form scam: Irish Independent
Tom Brady and Brian McDonald

Top garda to lead UN Al-Qaeda probe in Iraq: Sunday Independent (Nov 23)
Jim Cusack

Friday, November 28

Hard-Liners Gain in Northern Ireland Voting: New York Times
Brian Lavery

Hard-liners surge early in N. Ireland vote: Boston Herald
Jim Dee

Paisley and Sinn Féin set for gains in assembly: Financial Times
John Murray Brown

Sinn Fein makes huge strides in poll: Daily Telegraph
Thomas Harding

Trimble sticks to the tough talk despite DUP advances: (from the Irish Times)
Suzanne Breen

Trimble does battle with doubters: The Guardian
Angelique Chrisafis

Omagh hospital campaigner is a surprise seat-winner: Irish Independent
Deric Henderson

DUP success threatens peace process: Irish Examiner
Dan McGinn

Triumph for politics but harsh lesson for moderates: Irish Independent

And now the real fun can commence...: (from the Irish News)
Jude Collins

Moderate nationalism pays the price of peace: Irish Independent
Gene McKenna

‘Parties go back into their trenches’: Irish Examiner
Harry McGee

Ask not for whom the bell tolls . . . David: Irish Independent

Low turn-outs show timing was wrong: Belfast Telegraph

Can the Agreement survive the poll?: Irish Independent
Henry Patterson

GFA's future in unionists' hands: Irish Echo

Ahern and Blair to meet in Cardiff: RTE

Restoring devolution 'the goal': BBC

Murphy plans talks with North parties: RTE

Protest at policy on recruitment for PSNI: Belfast Telegraph
Michael McHugh

UVF kidnap link: (from The People, Nov 23)
Joe Oliver

Injunction against NI prison strike: UTV Internet

Soldier wins discrimination case: BBC

--------- Bloody Sunday News ---------

Bloody Sunday Inquiry update: UTV Internet (Nov 26)

Thursday, November 27

Stormont vote difficult to call: The Scotsman
Alison Hardie

Trimble confident as province goes to the polls: The Guardian
Rosie Cowan and Angelique Chrisafis

Sinn Féin and the DUP leading the field: (from the News Letter)
Suzanne Breen

Ulster Unionists have edge on Paisley's party, exit polls show: The Independent
David McKittrick

RTE/Prime Time exit poll in Northern elections: RTE

Security high at poll booths amid threats: Irish Independent
Dominic Cunningham

Fracas and fashion mark memorable campaign: (from the News Letter)
Suzanne Breen

Public gets rest day from the political soap box: Irish Independent

Battling the cold and a poster offensive: Irish Independent
David McKittrick

Quick quips coming from every side: (from the Irish Times)
Suzanne Breen

Police attacked at polling station: BBC

Unionist fears over McGuinness: UTV Internet

Give My Head Peace & Forget Our Politicians: (from the Daily Mirror, Nov 25)
Jim Dee

Review is only hope for the Agreement: Belfast Telegraph
Eric Waugh

Blair must remember to do what works: Irish World
Tom Griffin

Blair has Learned Nothing from the Troubles: The News Letter
Kate Cooney

Loyalists in feud fight: (from The People, Nov 23)
Steve Myall

Cash was White's, claims Gina Adair: Belfast Telegraph

Tragic Danny damned on the web: (from The People, Nov 23)
Cameron Kane

Ex-garda summarises Provisionals' activities: (from the Irish News)

NI murder appeal bid - judgement reserved: UTV Internet

A firm strike for integrated education: (from the Irish News)
Aeneas Bonner

--------- Bloody Sunday News ---------

Bloody Sunday Inquiry latest: UTV Internet

Wednesday, November 26

Peace accord at stake in Northern Irish vote Wednesday: Christian Science Monitor
Anne Cadwallader

N Ireland elections set for close finish: Financial Times
John Murray Brown

Police warn of violence as North goes to polls: (from the Irish Times)
Suzanne Breen

PM pins hopes on vote backing Good Friday agreement: The Herald
Michael Settle

'No left candidate in West Belfast': (from the Irish News)

After all the tumult of the hustings . . . an eerie calm: Irish Independent
Helen Bruce

Election 2003 - Body is poised to hold probe on poll: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Ballots replace bullets on Ulster's long path to peace: The Independent
David McKittrick

Quirks of PR system only hope for SDLP: Irish Independent

Calm amid the storm: The Guardian
Jonathan Freedland

Voters must use their right to vote: Belfast Telegraph

Good-bye to the GFA: (from The People, Nov 23)

Vote for Agreement: Derry Journal

Policing Plan for Poll Not Good Enough: The News Letter

Belfast at the crossroads: The Independent (Nov 24)
David McKittrick

Orange Order is to probe murder claim: (from the Irish News)
Catherine Morrison

Police under strength at sectarian blackspot: Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan McCambridge

Road Map to Peace in Province's Holyland: The News Letter

Six alleged UDA men in court: UTV Internet

Irish names to be reinstated:

Tuesday, November 25

Vote against Paisley's party, urges Blair: Daily Telegraph
Thomas Harding

Election 2003 - Lagan Valley election race furore: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Second place to Sinn Féin a poor reward for its old ally: Financial Times
John Murray Brown

Defend the agreement, vote for change and vote for the future: (from the Irish News, Nov 22)
Gerry Adams

Confident Sinn Fein shed 'whiff of cordite': The Independent
David McKittrick

Out of apathy and rancour, a new unionist alliance: Irish Independent

Only a deal that embraces the DUP can stick and last: (from the Irish News)
Peter Robinson

Narrow Views Long Past Their Sell-by Dates: The News Letter
Dan McGinn

McCann back on the streets and chasing a seat: (from the Irish Times)
Suzanne Breen

Raymond Blaney Interviewed: The Blanket
Anthony McIntyre

'Agreement hangs in the balance as the North prepares for polling day': (from the Irish Times, Nov 24)
Frank Millar

There's no need to force the hand of history: Belfast Telegraph
Malachi O'Doherty

Get ready for a close-run thing at the polls: Irish Independent

Rednecks in futile rear guard action: (from the Irish News)
Roy Garland

Time to be counted: The Times

Vote for dull decency: Irish Independent

The Changing Landscape of Democracy: The News Letter

Election 2003 - Review set for next month: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

No going back as boom days come to Belfast: The Scotsman
Gavin Esler

Why rising tide won't lift all votes in 'Titanic Town': Irish Independent

We're off to elect the wizard...: The Guardian
Karen Fricker

Victim's father resigns from Orange order: UTV Internet

Bloody Sunday families still suffering distress: Irish Examiner
Dan McGinn

--------- Bloody Sunday News ---------

Guildhall bomber appears at Saville: Belfast Telegraph
Larry Deeney

IRA had orders not to shoot, Saville hears: Irish Independent
George Jackson

Monday, November 24

Paisley is ready to shout down the agreement: Daily Telegraph
Thomas Harding

Foreign Affairs in dialogue with DUP: Sunday Business Post (Nov 23)
Paul T Colgan

Fianna Fail chief urges SDLP backing: UTV Internet (Nov 22)

Durkan questions election advice: BBC

Poll could put SDLP on the road to oblivion, say critics: The Guardian
Rosie Cowan

Colourful, caustic McCartney plays by different rules: (from the Irish Times)
Suzanne Breen

Extremists set to conquer middle ground: Irish Independent
John Devine

UUP rift casts shadow over Trimble's efforts to halt decline: The Independent
David McKittrick

Unionism stands to lose as in-fighting wearies voters: Irish Independent

'Smear tactics' bid is slammed: Sunday Life (Nov 23)
Stephen Breen

Trimble makes mountain of manifesto in attempt to bring dissidents to heel: Irish Independent
John Devine

Interview with Eamonn McCann: The Blanket
Anthony McIntyre

Let's hope McCann is successful: Sunday Independent (Nov 23)
Eilis O'Hanlon

Bomb trap laid by IRA defectors: Sunday Life (Nov 23)

Drumcree convictions a set-up - Saulters: Belfast Telegraph (Nov 22)
Michael McHugh

Never again, Sir Ken...: Sunday Life (Nov 23)
Alan Murray

Unborn child adds to Dublin bomb toll: The Sunday Times
Juno McEnroe

Joint effort to tackle crime: BBC (Nov 22)

It's just banter, not discrimination, say English settlers: Daily Telegraph (Oct 16)
Tom Peterkin

Guinness heiress admits to crush on ‘gorgeous’ IRA chief: The Sunday Times (Oct 26)
Dearbhail McDonald

Sunday, November 23

Election 2003 - Donaldson tells of private Trimble letters: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Ravarnet hails its defiant champion: The Observer
Henry McDonald

‘Stormont win’ for hardline unionists: Sunday Herald
Dan McGinn

Spectre of Paisley casts a shadow over poll: Independent on Sunday
David McKittrick

Why is unionism shaking its head?: Sunday Business Post
Tom McGurk

UKUP will provide a unity of purpose for unionists: (from the Irish News, Nov 21)
Robert McCartney

Election 2003 - Expert warns parties of poll cynicism: Belfast Telegraph
Ben Lowry

Sinn Fein pop idols cut through voter apathy: The Sunday Times
Dearbhail McDonald

Election follows 'low-key' campaign: BBC
Mark Devenport

A job to be done: The Observer
Diana Peacocke

Winter election may play into extremist hands: The Sunday Times

Hit from all sides: The Sunday Times
Liam Clarke

Parties prepare for gnashing of teeth: (from the Irish News)
James Kelly

NI vote is about the Agreement: Sunday Independent

North's day of reckoning looms: Sunday Business Post

A ballot on blustering: The Sunday Times

DUP man's different tune over concerts: Belfast Telegraph (Nov 20)

Bomb team furious at Garda claim: The Observer
Henry McDonald

Father Alleges PSNI Cover-up Over Murders: The News Letter (Nov 21)
Stephen Dempster

Girlfriend's father on murder charge: BBC

Group says courts soft on loyalists: Irish Echo
Anne Cadwallader

Justice knows no 'favourites': (from the Irish News)

Normality returning after prison protest: Belfast Telegraph
Ben Lowry

Tales of O'Hare brutalities give rise to new fears: Sunday Independent
Jimmy Guerin

Saturday, November 22

New rules block thousands from Belfast Assembly poll: The Independent
David McKittrick

Love and loathing in Unionist stronghold: The Guardian
Rosie Cowan

Fighting for votes in Ulster's cockpit of the Troubles: The Times
David Lister

Sinn Fein predicts elections triumph: The Times
David Lister

SF fury over 'running scared' claims: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Hutton

Poll will put Republicans' plan to test: Irish Echo

SDLP 'will not renegotiate': BBC

Tactical voting call to unionists: UTV Internet

Whatever you do... vote!: Belfast Telegraph
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Government must be challenged by strong opposition: (from the Irish News)
Monica McWIlliams

Is This a Vision Paisley Sees Before Him?: The News Letter
Ciaran McKeown

Pulling no punches: Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

Former terrorist rapped over poll profile: Belfast Telegraph
David Gordon

Unionists Walk Out After Flags Motion: Derry Journal

DUP man's different tune over concerts: Belfast Telegraph (Nov 20)

Adams Faces Rights Abuse Claims: The News Letter
Stephen Dempster

Cory report is ready to be published says Taoiseach: (from the Irish News, Nov 20)

Riot police called in to three Ulster jails after walkout: The Guardian
Rosie Cowan

Hibernian leader outraged over move against McAllisters: Irish Echo
Ray O'Hanlon

Fresh probe into murder of UDR man: (from the Irish News)
Sharon O'Neill

Gerard Adams: The Guardian (Nov 19)
Anne McHardy

Putting poverty into perspective: Belfast Telegraph (Nov 20)
Eamonn McCann

Orange Lodge's plan to mark Culloden'bizarre': Daily Telegraph
Auslan Cramb

Friday, November 21

DUP outlines devolution vision: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Agreement stays as it is 'despite DUP talks claim': Irish Independent
John Devine

BBC - 2, Political Parties - 0: The News Letter

Robinson looks to the future with confidence: (from the Irish Times)
Suzanne Breen

Spin Fein takes up 'no smoking' gun for fatwa on fags: Irish Independent

Nervous Nelly UUP Runners get a New Lead: The News Letter
Ciaran Mckeown

Women not wanted in Assembly elections: (from the News Letter, Nov 20)
Suzanne Breen

Can't move for dodging verbal bullets: (from the Irish News)
Jude Collins

Electorate more 'cynical': BBC

Planes, Trains and Big Wains!: The Blanket (Nov 10)
Eamon Sweeny

Take Time to Exercise Your Right to Vote: The News Letter

Join something different and better than the tribal politics: (from the Irish News)
David Ford

Dissident threat 'very real': BBC

Adams prays at his father's funeral for a united Ireland: The Times
David Lister

Human rights officers 'must clarify position': Belfast Telegraph
Ben Lowry

Fresh call for human rights chief to resign: (from the Irish News, Nov 18)
Steven McCaffery

McAllister family on brink of deportation: Irish Echo
Ray O'Hanlon

Remember the Alamo! Forget Lend-Lease: Belfast Telegraph (Nov 19)
Eric Waugh

All-Ireland victims of violence support bid: UTV Internet

DUP want town covered in flags: Belfast Telegraph
Brendan McDaid and Ciaran O'Neill

Irish schools 'easier to open' in the North: Irish Independent
Katherine Donnelly

--------- Bloody Sunday News ---------

Ex-IRA man's tears at inquiry: BBC

IRA man refuses to give names of Bloody Sunday comrades: UTV Internet

Thursday, November 20

Dissidents Seek Better Agreement: The News Letter

Sinn Fein 'to win five extra seats': UTV Internet

McGuinness notches up 1,000 door knocks a day: Irish Independent
Helen Bruce

New Sinn Féin: from Armalite to Armani: The Guardian
Rosie Cowan

'Invasion' of celebrity canvassers from the South bound to raise wrath of unionists: Irish Independent

It will take more than one brief spark to set the campaign on fire: Irish Examiner
Noel Whelan

Rain, hail or shine, it's votes that count: Belfast Telegraph
Steven King

It will take time to clear 'train wreck': (from the Irish News)
Brian Feeney

Paisley on the battlebus proclaims a modern miracle: (from the Irish Times)
Suzanne Breen

Trimble a 'Madman' Claims Paisley: The News Letter
Ciaran McKeown

Unionists join in gutter row: (from the Irish News)

McCartney loses election coverage court bid: UTV Internet

Trimble condemns office attack: BBC

Proposal to put Assembly members on half salary: Belfast Telegraph

Patten tells Sinn Féin to ‘get off the fence’ on policing: Irish Examiner
Kieran McDaid

Ulster's forgotten priority: Belfast Telegraph
Pat McCartan

IRA mole's alleged handler is named: UTV Internet

Police foil Real IRA bombing: The Guardian
Rosie Cowan

Man ‘caught smuggling RIRA arms in Croatia’: Irish Examiner
Deirdre Tynan

Concern over names in Barron report: UTV Internet

Brave mayor gets our vote: (from the Irish News, Nov 18)

--------- Bloody Sunday News ---------

Soldier 'finished off unarmed victim': UTV Internet

Wednesday, November 19

Dissidents issue 'pledges': BBC

Election 2003 - SDLP accuse SF of 'false claims' on policing issues: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Father of missing man makes election plea: (from the Irish News)
Bimpe Fatogun

Unionists vow to block SF from ministries: UTV Internet

Unionist rivals in street slanging match: The Guardian
Rosie Cowan

It's an alleyway escape route for David . . . to avoid Big Ian: Irish Independent
Helen Bruce

Row 'could damage Paisley and Trimble': UTV Internet

Jack's the lad as Trimble makes a monkey of DUP: Irish Independent
Sam Smyth

The problem-solving party will get votes: (from the Irish News)
Briedge Gadd

Pretence and protest in Ulster's bizarre election: The Guardian
Simon Hoggart

Wish-list must be fulfilled no matter what the people's will: Belfast Telegraph
Gail Walker

Hasn't it been quiet of late?: (from the Irish News, Nov 17)

Vote for the Agreement: Derry Journal

United Ireland poll promise not needed: Belfast Telegraph

Graveside service shows commitment to peace: Boston Herald (Nov 17)
Jim Dee

The future plans for judicial appointments in Ulster: Belfast Telegraph
Lord Filkin

Police 'know who murdered man': BBC

Treatment of Prisoners Degrading: The News Letter
Ross Smith

Soldier's confession 'unreliable': BBC

From A Belfast Granny: The Blanket (Nov 10)
Kathleen O Halloran

Orange Order in bid for US tourists: Belfast Telegraph (Nov 17)
Marie Foy

Anti-English prejudice rife in Scotland, survey finds: The Times (Oct 6)
Angus Macleod

McGuinness Immunity Decision 'Unbelievable': Derry Journal

--------- Bloody Sunday News ---------

Ex-soldier tells of threats: BBC

Tuesday, November 18

Unionist rebels to defy Trimble: UTV Internet

Campaign Has Become Whole New Ballgame: The News Letter
Dan McGinn

Key constituency where nationalists need not apply: Irish Independent
Dominic Cunningham

Sinn Fein wants 'unarmed police': BBC

SF transfer plan threatens accord, says Hume: Irish Independent
Dominic Cunningham

Trust the politicians to ham up a serious show: Belfast Telegraph (Nov 14)
Lindy McDowell

Voters Poised To Bewilder Parties On Transfers: The News Letter

GFA must live on if unity is achieved: (from the Irish News)
Roy Garland

DUP Gets Busy On The Election Battlefield: The News Letter
Geoff Hill

Election 2003 - Day DUP were left with egg on their faces: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

We'll have a united Ireland by 2016, says McGuinness: Irish Independent
Dominic Cunningham

Irish Unity Fantasies Allow Unionists to Unite: The News Letter
Ciaran McKeown

Haass tells of faith that peace process will work: (from the Irish News)
William Graham

Religion And Politics Can Mix - Quietly: The News Letter

Family deaths sad blow to SF leader: Irish Independent

Glasgow's murder rate twice that of NI: (from the Irish News)
Bimpe Fatogun

Ervine retracts claim against UVF victim: Belfast Telegraph
David Gordon

Loyalist Violence: The Blanket (Oct 16)
Newton Emerson

I Want All My Questions To Be Answered: The News Letter
Ian Graham And Ian Starrett

What it feels like to ... STARVE: Belfast Telegraph
Laurence McKeown

UDR Four man back in Appeal Court: Belfast Telegraph
Marie Foy

Lib Dems want Irish support for mayoral bid: Irish World
Paul Donovan

Tackling Scotland's 'secret shame': Taipei Times (Oct 23)

--------- Bloody Sunday News ---------

IRA gunman denies he admitted killing three soldiers: Irish Independent
Gary Kelly

Monday, November 17

SDLP miss big guns, SF suffer too many: Irish Independent

SDLP attacks DUP: UTV Internet

Adams urges unionists to make quantum leap and vote for SF: (from the Irish News, Nov 15)
William Graham

Battle that could be a graveyard for small parties: Irish Independent
Dominic Cunningham

Straight talking - It's la-la time again: Sunday Life (Nov 16)
Lynda Gilby

Durkan leading 'stronger' SDLP into votes fight: Irish Independent
John Devine

The Most Important Election Ever - Again: The Blanket
Anthony McIntyre

So We Are Morons: Irish Voice/

Staff had security fears before Wright murder: Sunday Life

PSNI and garda’ deny rift over Omagh bomb: Ulster Herald
Jacqueline Courtney

Omagh bomb probe row hits big screen: Sunday Life (Nov 16)

Adams and Durkan in TV clash: BBC

Northern Ireland - Adams offers to disband IRA as new elections are called: World Socialist Web Site (Nov 6)
Steve James and Chris Marsden

'I am not Loyalism's stakeknife': Sunday Life (Nov 16)
Stephen Breen

Group seeks meeting with UN rapporteur: (from the Irish News, Nov 15)

Theatre of hate: The Sunday Times
John O'Brien

Lib Dems want Irish support for mayoral bid: Irish World
Paul Donovan

'Middle East Can Learn from Northern Ireland': The Scotsman
Ian Graham

America's Northern Ireland: Washington Dispatch (Nov 14)
Martin Kelly

O'Brien in plea for Catholics to enter the political debate: Scotland on Sunday (Oct 19)
Jeremy Watson

Sunday, November 16

Trimble under pressure as party rivals issue 'charter': The Sunday Times
Liam Clarke

McAleese photograph becomes SF election blurb: Sunday Independent
Liam Collins

Women struggle for poll positions: The Sunday Times
Dearbhail McDonald

A different path: The Observer
Monica McWilliams

Adams predicts more seats: Belfast Telegraph

Irish politicians support SDLP: UTV Internet

Business gets its agenda into North manifestos: Sunday Business Post
Paul T. Colgan

'Times change but the issues stay the same: jobs, housing, wages': The Observer
Darragh MacIntyre

Election 2003 - 'Double places in Integrated schools': Belfast Telegraph (Nov 14)

All to play for: The Sunday Times
Liam Clarke

Voting tactics in spotlight: BBC
Mark Devenport

Either for the GFA or back to the bogs: (from the Irish News)
James Kelly

'Don't just talk about peace, make it': Belfast Telegraph
Alf McCreary

Durkan wanted Mallon in top job: BBC

Is McGrady factor now real test for nationalism?: Belfast Telegraph
Mary Fitzgerald

IRA killer held for US entry lie: Sunday Independent

Irish Americans condemn "moronic" jibe: Irish Echo
Ray O'Hanlon

Quota for police recruits 'fundamental': Belfast Telegraph

Perspectives: Unholy mess - The BBC really ought to have known better: Belfast Telegraph
Alf McCreary

1974 bombings report due in December: UTV Internet (Nov 14)

Mixed couple target of 'nationalist thugs': (from the Irish News, Nov 14)
Roddy McGregor

Gardai probe INLA link to threats against reporter: The Sunday Times
Richard Oakley

His orange flame still burns: The Sunday Times
Tim Luckhurst


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