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Sunday, November 30

Dissident threat to prison staff: The News Letter

Projects 'forced to close because of dissident threats': Irish News
Barry McCaffrey

Republican terror group kept murder witness safe: The Sunday Times
John Mooney

We support our true community heroes: Belfast Media

Frazer challenges Murphy to debate on law and order: The News Letter

Army council argument is unit of artificial currency: Irish News
Patrick Murphy

DUP attacks Empey on Tory education stance: The News Letter

Stagnation of Sinn Fein support in south 'cannot be ignored': Irish News
Barry McCaffrey

Date at the palace for ex-RUC man: The News Letter

N. Ireland war is lesson in how to bring about peace: St. Louis Post Dispatch
Bill McClellan

Clinton can afford Ireland a new role on world stage: The Irish Times
Niall O'Dowd

Schools move 'discrimination': The News Letter

BNP members increase in North Antrim: Ballymoney Times

Attempted murder charge against McAnespie dropped: Ulster Herald

Just an everyday occurrence back in 1980: Belfast Media
Joe Diamond

Eoghan-mania unites unionists and nationalists: Irish News
Seamus McKinney

Cross-border shopping can keep the euro in your pocket: Sunday Independent

Don't sell out high street to patriotism: The Sunday Times
Liam Clarke

The Crossing – Is devolution enough? Is independence a bridge too far?: Scotland on Sunday
Peter Ross

Saturday, November 29

McCrea condemns republican attacks: Mid Ulster Mail

This is why nationalists are plagued by dissidents: Belfast Telegraph
Laurence White

CIRA's 'war on our community': Belfast Media
Áine McEntee

Threats against community workers condemned: UTV Internet

McAleese visit has a positive outcome: Irish News

Say sorry, Mr Mayor: Belfast Media

Meeting the loyalist who had 'no problem killing Catholics': Irish News (Nov 24)
Andrea McKernon

Kerr hits back in Irish signs row: Mid Ulster Mail

Irish Language 'Knows No Boundaries', Say SF: (Nov 27)

RUC man who lost arms in IRA attack gets OBE: Belfast Telegraph

Ministers show red card to sectarianism: The News Letter

New plan for Belfast's regeneration: RTE

West Belfast lacks support, says former IDA chief: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Belfast – Troubles seem so far away: Daily Telegraph (Nov 27)
Edward Bishop

Unionist wants to see Irish shoppers: Irish News

Paisley Jnr may face prison over refusal to name whistle-blower: Belfast Telegraph

Four years for INLA rammer of Garda car: Irish News (Nov 27)

Northern Ireland's murals: Financial Times
Simon Kuper

Why I have to take a stand against RTE's blackballing: Sunday Independent (Nov 23)
Eoghan Harris

No surprises in Aceh – Lessons from N. Ireland: Jakarta Post
David Rose

Friday, November 28

Leaders off to US in show of strength: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

SF support for SDLP in justice job is 'hollow': Irish News
Maeve Connolly

Row over 'extension' of Assembly sittings: The News Letter

Another corner turned on road to new Ireland: Irish News
Jim Gibney

Cameron to address UUP meeting: The News Letter

Police Tragedy – SF members attend funerals: The News Letter

Man down – Four deaths in the line of duty unite two communities: The Economist

I don't understand why we let extremists set agenda: Irish Independent
Kevin Myers

Irish swell ranks of UK military: BBC
Michael Buchanan

Frazer in 'dissident' abduction scare: The News Letter

Dissident threat a despicable act: Irish News

Orangemen hail Mary: Irish Independent
Joe McCabe

Visit to Orange Hall – Another step forward: Irish Examiner

Replace Either-Or with Both – McAleese: RTE

Parades body visits Easter Rising sites: The Irish Times (Nov 27)
Paul Cullen

Drugs not to blame for Shoukri's death, insists family: Belfast Telegraph

Hoax alert delays Shoukri funeral: The News Letter

Loyalist gangs are unlikely to stand easy after Shoukri's death: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Spooks sabotaged Omagh bomb court case – victim's sister: Ulster Herald
Adrian Mullan

Community left fragmented: Irish News (Nov 26)
Allison Morris

Cross-community mural is unveiled: BBC

Irish shoppers told to serve their country: The Independent
David McKittrick

Anti-sectarian campaign backed by MEP: The Herald
Robbie Dinwoodie

Thursday, November 27

'Private assurances not enough' – Campbell: Derry Journal

Human rights experts should bolster justice department, says Attwood: Belfast Telegraph

UUP and Tory link move welcomed: Londonderry Sentinel
Eamon Sweeney

Tories' UUP link may be a gamble: Irish News

PSNI have to 'step up to mark': Sunday Journal (Nov 23)

IRA splinter group threatens community workers: The Times
David Sharrock

'Republican movement being rebuilt' – marchers told: Derry Journal

Shoukri to attend the funeral of his brother: Belfast Telegraph

Poster boy brothers unlikely UDA leaders: Irish News (Nov 24)
Allison Morris

Why there's no disguising UDA's history: Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

New attitudes exist, if there is a will to recognise them: The Irish Times
Fionnuala O'Connor

McAleese to visit Orange Hall: RTE

Saville – Durkan says 'No more delays': Derry Journal

Lawyers' bill for Bloody Sunday probe hits £100m: Daily Mail
Steve Doughty

SF is just a bit player in Republic's politics: Irish News
Brian Feeney

Businessman fights back over NI shopping: RTE

Hillary could find her Ulster experience a useful asset: Belfast Telegraph
Jim Dee

Return Eta killer to Spain says daughter of murdered soldier: Irish News
Diana Rusk

Wednesday, November 26

Ulster Unionists' sole MP refuses to comment on pact with Tories: Irish News
Liz Trainor

UUP-Tory pact is good for the Union: The News Letter (Nov 24)
Alex Kane

Fun and games ahead in Euro poll: BBC
Martina Purdy

'Irish language must not politicize': The News Letter

Police Tragedy – Sinn Fein will attend police funerals: The News Letter

Goggins urged act on PSNI shortfall: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Call to arm all front-line police officers with Tasers: Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

Dissidents vowed to kill Catholic officer after McGuinness visit: Belfast Telegraph

Inquiry into raid on firearms store: RTE

We shut down drugs den – CIRA: Belfast Media
Gemma Burns

'No paramilitary-style funeral' for Shoukri: The News Letter

Andre Shoukri – let me out of prison for Ihab's funeral: Belfast Telegraph

Shoukri's death is a warning: Irish News

The problem within: Belfast Media

UVF boss quip 'led to killings': BBC

British Legion plays down election of UDR ex-convict: Irish News
Seamus McKinney

Arrest over IRA victims' memorial attack: The News Letter

This man may hold the answer: Irish News
Seamus McKinney

I watched as Gerard was brutally killed in front of my eyes: Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

McIlveen uncle tells of fight to save him: Irish News

EU chief enters Maze debate: The News Letter

Clinton 'in right place' for peace: The Irish Times
Conn Corrigan

ETA terrorist awaits extradition verdict: The News Letter

Protestant schools: The Irish Times

Forget the famine, I'm as Scots as they come: The Sunday Times (Nov 23)
Joan McAlpine

Fans arrested in Subway over sectarian singing: The Herald
Jonathan Paisley

Tuesday, November 25

Shoukri had been on drug binge during night of death: Irish News
Allison Morris

Shoukri suffered 'epileptic fit': The News Letter

Another UDA 'Brigadier of Bling' is victim of own excess: Irish News
Jim McDowell

The question now is what will happen to the gang?: The News Letter
Liam Clarke

What a thought, Zulu Provos in leather thongs: Belfast Telegraph
Pól Ó Muirí

Link-up has little to offer either party: Irish News
Roy Garland

Will the Tories pull unionism out of the political doldrums?: Belfast Telegraph

Electoral pacts possible but not good politics: Irish News
Tom Kelly

Orange Order hits back at claims by Ritchie : The News Letter

Former driver to Sinn Fein MLA questioned over Quinn murder: Irish News
Andrea McKernon

Province is stunned by PSNI deaths: The News Letter

Force had worst day in station blast: Irish News
Marie Louise McCrory

Police come under attack from crowd following security alert: Irish News
Marie Louise McCrory and Margaret Canning

Police officers facing litany of charges – Anderson: Derry Journal (Nov 21)

Tensions increase after memorial daubed in paint: The News Letter

Appeal for calm after memorial vandalised: Irish News
Margaret Canning

Time to break free from Civil War politics: The Irish Times
Elaine Byrne

Terrorism move gets cross-Assembly backing: RTE

EU funds may be available for Maze conflict resolution centre: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

NI Shopping patriotic sabotage – Power: RTE

Cowen says he can't stop shoppers flooding North: Irish Independent
Stephen O'Farrell

Northern Ireland BNP 'members' on list – Ex-cop 'proud' of membership: Belfast Telegraph

Neither friend nor foe: the Irish position: The Irish Times
Karen Devine

Monday, November 24

DUP leader says private assurances given: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Now all they have got to do is make it work: (from the Sunday Times, Nov 23)
Liam Clarke

McGuinness backs SDLP justice role: Irish Independent

Peter Robinson – You Ask The Questions: The Independent

Top loyalist's 'drug' death fuels fear of gang warfare: Irish Independent
Steven McCaffery

Tributes to four policemen killed in crash: The Scotsman
Steven McCaffery

Sir Hugh defamed over 'expenses': BBC (Nov 19)

Devlin killing – the full horror: Belfast Media (Nov 17)
Ciarán Barnes

Committee members tell Ruane to quit: Belfast Telegraph (Nov 21)
Kathryn Torney

Minister's outburst 'won't overshadow' issues: Belfast Media (Nov 21)

Obama likely to visit Ireland as president: Sunday Tribune (Nov 23)
Justine McCarthy

Why Obama's Offaly roots help shatter Irish-American myths: The Irish Times (Nov 22)
Brian Walker

Plan for all-Gaelic-speaking communities: The Scotsman (Nov 1)
John Ross

Prince Charles will speak out as king: The Sunday Times (Nov 16)
Robert Watts

Sunday, November 23

IRA has axed Army Council, says Robinson: The Observer
Henry McDonald

Time for Big Two to tackle top four issues : Sunday Business Post
Tom McGurk

Seems happy days are here again at house on the hill: Irish News
James Kelly

What was that sham fight over policing really all about then?: Belfast Telegraph
Laurence White

'Next Tory government would be pro-unionist': The News Letter

DUP attacks 'political marriage': The News Letter

Why a Tory election win could be a loss for Northern Ireland: Belfast Telegraph (Nov 18)
Eric Waugh

Parade supporters did us proud – RIR soldier: The News Letter

Parade divides Northern Ireland: The Guilfordian (Greensboro, NC, Nov 21)
Esta Broderick

'Parades help morale of RIR': The News Letter (Nov 21)

Executive 'may share funds blame': BBC

'Witness A' has left area: Lurgan Mail

Ex-loyalist convict gets top British Legion post: Belfast Telegraph
Lisa Smyth

Memorial to IRA victims attacked: BBC

Truth of Troubles must not be altered: The News Letter (Nov 20)

Bloody Sunday lawyers still earning millions: The Sunday Times
Mark Tighe and Liam Clarke

Loyal Orangemen of Falls Road celebrate: The News Letter

McIlveen accused 'covered up beating with distraction': Irish News

Sectarian divide continues to worry Irish president: (Nov 20)

Film reignites interest in hunger strike: Belfast Media (Nov 17)

Leaders invited to US forum: Irish News (Nov 21)

Saturday, November 22

SF forced DUP hand on policing – Empey: Belfast Telegraph

Wanted – a 'person' to fill Minister for Justice post: The News Letter
Rosemary Craig

Jaw-jaw, please: The Economist

Mature political outlook welcome: Irish News

UUP to link with Tories in poll contests: Financial Times
John Murray Brown

Tories and UUP endorse EU and British elections pact: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

Cameron hails unionist pact: The News Letter

Irish language move is divisive, claims Alliance: The News Letter

'Irish signs causing fear and concern': Mid Ulster Mail

'Many against' conflict scheme for loyalist areas: The News Letter

MLA complaint after 'appalling' S'ford comment: Belfast Media
Ciarán Barnes

Loyalist victim's son to unveil memorial to dad he never met: Irish News
Allison Morris

Strabane Colr. says trust in the PSNI has been 'set back on a large scale': Derry Journal

Record fines for dissidents in massive smuggling operation: Irish News (Nov 20)
Allison Morris

Smugglers linked to past activities: Irish News (Nov 20)
Allison Morris

Campbell stands over Saville costs queries: Londonderry Sentinel

Darkley massacre – 'One of worst in Province's troubled past': The News Letter (Nov 20)
Danny Kennedy

Omagh inquiry chief announces resignation: Irish News
Diana Rusk

Confidence eroded in Wright inquiry – father: The News Letter

'Hunger' fails to wrest the narrative from the hunger strikers: The Irish Times
Fintan O'Toole

Morrison decision remains unpublished: RTE

Sectarian arson destroys minibus: Down Democrat
Hazel Hammond

DUP member wants interpretive centre plans dropped: Belfast Telegraph

Peace centre plans refresher course for North's politicians: The Irish Times
Ronan McGreevy

Reid's condemnation of famine song 'harsh': The News Letter

Friday, November 21

Stormont back in business after months of deadlock: The Independent
David McKittrick

Sinn Fein and DUP claim a victory of sorts after policing agreement: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Unionists see funding threat to policing deal: Financial Times
John Murray Brown and Jimmy Burns

Brown frees up £900m in funds as NI Executive meets: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

SDLP – Devolution could take more than a year: Irish News
William Graham

Stability is priority: Ulster Herald

Sinn Fein 'undermining faith in the police': The News Letter

Bill would make Irish an official language: Irish News
William Graham

UUP officers agree on Tory move: BBC

Ulster Unionist executive considers Tory alliance: The Guardian (Nov 20)
Owen Bowcott

Loyalists 'targetted' Sinn Fein: Irish News

Court told Ritchie's UDA decision illegal: Irish News

UDA 'put end to loyalist fund': BBC

Reynolds – They have no mandate: Irish News (Nov 17)
Barry McCaffrey

51% majority not enough for Irish unity – Ahern: Belfast Telegraph
Laurence White

British militarism and myth leaves divisive legacy: Irish News
Jim Gibney

Haddock wins move in court bid: The News Letter

'No confidence' in Wright counsel: BBC

Family's long wait may be at an end: Irish News

Darkley massacre – memories of tragedy linger for villagers: The News Letter

Darkley massacre – victims must never be forgotten: The News Letter
Austin Hunter

Opinions sought on Troubles museum: Irish News
Marie Louise McCrory

Brehons urge NYS to match NYC North move: Irish Echo

'Cross the line' and you will find the real GAA says reader: Irish News
Paddy Heaney

Rangers chairman concerned by Celtic comments on 'racist' song: The Independent

Thursday, November 20

Justice deal a 'maturing of democracy' – Woodward: The News Letter

Unionists in clash over Stormont deal: The News Letter

North Executive in first meeting since June:

First stop for leaders is Downing Street... with a shopping list for Brown: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

What were the last 152 days about? – Empey: The News Letter

A sign of confidence in future of Stormont: Irish News
William Graham

Executive faces huge challenges: Belfast Telegraph

President salutes new era of collegial friendship: The Irish Times
Frank Millar

PM urged to assist IRA victims: The News Letter

SDLP outlines plans to protect Irish language: Belfast Telegraph

Adams looking finer every day wearing peacemaker mantle: The Irish Times
David Adams

Sectarian vandals return to favourite past-time: Irish News
Brian Feeney

Dissident threat to PSNI highlighted: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Pipe bombers target Sinn Fein: Belfast Telegraph

Coffee jar bomb found by police: BBC

Group with common name is one of most dangerous: Irish News (Nov 17)
Seamus McKinney

50 republicans still in prison: Irish News (Nov 17)
Allison Morris

End of Troubles 'making it easier' for drug smugglers: The Independent (Nov 19)
Michael McHugh

Loyalists 'lacking ability to change': Irish News (Nov 17)
Liz Trainor

Ritchie funding move 'unlawful': BBC

Why Stone's 'art' wasn't in the frame: Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

Brennan now waits: Irish Echo
Ray O'Hanlon

Saville enquiry report delayed: RTE

Colombia wants three republicans back in jail: Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

Colombia 3 'helped kill thousands': Irish News
Margaret Canning

Slab Murphy must face tax evasion trial at Special Criminal Court, judge rules: Belfast Telegraph

Republican denied fair procedures in tax trial – judge: The Irish Times
Mary Carolan

GAA's open door for Protestants will not result in a massive influx: Irish News
Kenny Archer

Wednesday, November 19

Ulster policing breakthrough: Financial Times
John Murray Brown

Self-rule back on track in Northern Ireland as Martin McGuinness and Peter Robinson end stand-off: The Times
David Sharrock

Sinn Fein attacked as MLAs call for an immediate meeting: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Justice transfer 'must be soon': BBC

PM hails Stormont breakthrough: The News Letter

Reaction to news of deal : BBC

AG nominee Larkin a former DUP adviser: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Tension mounts as backlog builds: BBC
Martina Purdy

How's the partnership building going?: Derry Journal
Norman Hamill

Stormont veto – Agreement on policing: Irish Examiner

Executive must grasp the nettle: Belfast Telegraph

PSNI too 'heavy handed' in Strabane : Derry Journal

Second attack in weeks targets policing body member's home : Irish News
Maeve Connolly

PSNI gaffe is another embarrassing failure: Belfast Media

A wave of near misses for PSNI : Irish News (Nov 17)
Diana Rusk

Would-be killers must be challenged: Irish News (Nov 17)

Minister's comments must be withdrawn : The News Letter

Orange fury over Ritchie's remarks: The News Letter

High Court to decide on 'Slab' Murphy tax trial bid : Irish Independent
Tim Healy

Man freed in Quinn murder inquiry : BBC

Remains removed of presumed IRA victim: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

McIlveen witness tells trial 'we were picked on for being Catholic': Irish News

Historical Enquiries Team secure funding: UTV Internet

Quango refuses to rule out Holy Cross Euro bid : The News Letter

Unification of Ireland based on consent an imperative, says Ahern: The Irish Times
Mary Minihan

Taoiseach invites Obama to visit Ireland: The Irish Times
Fiona Gartland

MEP invited to Glasgow for talks over Rangers fans' famine chants : Irish Examiner
Andy Philip

Tuesday, November 18

Deadlock broken as NI Executive set to meet: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

Executive may be close to return: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Debate will seek end to 'tit-for-tat' stalemate : The News Letter
Reg Empey

Tribal imperatives create a recipe for instability : Irish News
Roy Garland

Dear Peter and Martin, have you no shame as people go to the wall?: Belfast Telegraph
Ed Curran

TUV priest snub a 'publicity stunt' – DUP : Irish News
James Stinson

Parades' success 'is a sign of normality': The News Letter

'Worryingly high' numbers of Catholics leaving the force : Irish News
Diana Rusk

Police deserve our support : Irish News
Cardinal Sean Brady

We don't want another Omagh : Irish News

Bomb alerts blamed on dissidents: Belfast Telegraph

'Very real threats' lead to 2-hour police delays: Irish News
Diana Rusk

Politicians must act on Orde's warnings: The News Letter

Fanatics ignore lessons of history : Irish News
Brian Feeney

£69m bill for 'collusion' inquiry : BBC

Sir Kenneth enjoys a new lease of life: The News Letter
Geoff Hill

Arson attack on church 'sectarian': UTV Internet

GAA a market leader for 'bridging divides' : Irish News
Brendan Breen

Freed Basque terrorist fights extradition in Belfast court: The Times
David Sharrock

Bailed Basque separatist faces extradition: Irish Independent
Anne Cadwallader

Irish border unites bargain hunters: Financial Times
John Murray Brown

Monday, November 17

Hopes of progress as North leaders meet committee: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan & Gerry Moriarty

North paralysed by indecision as world moves on : Irish Independent
Maurice Hayes

Obama's foreign policy in focus: BBC (Nov 14)
Jim Fitzpatrick

Police fear jackets make them targets: Londonderry Sentinel
David Wilson

Another arrest over Quinn murder: UTV Internet

Voters may approve new Lisbon Treaty, poll reveals: The Irish Times
Stephen Collins

PSNI in storm over race-attack response: Sunday Tribune (Nov 16)
Suzanne Breen

McGuinness sends condolences to Hermon family: Derry Journal

Ahern and Blair developed system to avoid MI5 bugging: Sunday Tribune (Nov 16)
Conor McMorrow

Reynolds and Ahern calls bugged by British agents: Irish Independent
Sam Smyth

Era of civil war politics is drawing to a close: Irish Independent
Marc Coleman

RIR parade – McKay view on SDLP presence : Ballymena Times
Michael McGlade

Poppy causes problems among Celtic supporters: Sunday Tribune (Nov 16)
Phil Mac Giolla Bhain

MEP condemns 'Famine Song' abuse: Irish Independent
Áine Kerr

Devolution review told full fiscal autonomy for Scotland could spell the end of the Union: Daily Telegraph
Simon Johnson

Australians could ditch Queen: Irish Independent (Nov 12)
Bonnie Malkin

Sunday, November 16

Sham devolution won't do in straitened times: Irish News
James Kelly

Bomb probe in 'tit-for-tat' hall burning attack: Irish News
Bimpe Fatogun

PSNI accused of abusing powers: Sunday Journal (Nov 9) (Nov 14)

Michael Stone – 'Unreliable witness whose testimony is undeserving of belief': Belfast Telegraph
Lesley-Anne Henry

Fantasist Stone's letter to the Telegraph: Belfast Telegraph

PPS can't explain why conviction in Morrison case has been overturned : Irish News
Barry McCaffrey

Shell 'bomb' suspect tracked by city CCTV: Sunday Independent
Maeve Sheehan

Questions over the cost of Holy Cross legal case: The News Letter

Holy Cross Mum will take case to Europe: Belfast Media (Nov 14)
Áine McEntee

Feud death mum flees trial in tears : Irish News

IRA killer-turned-informer may be called as Omagh trial witness : Irish News

'Keep Derry and Strabane in new council name' – SF: Derry Journal

INLA link to drugs find, police claim : Irish News (Nov 13)

INLA deny cops £10k drug claim: Derry Journal

'Mayor should be ashamed himself': Sunday Journal (Nov 9) (Nov 14)

Campbell slams cityside 'no show': Derry Journal

Priest Passionate about Paris but homesick for Holy Cross : Irish News (Nov 14)
Marie Louise McCrory

Lesson of £53m EU funds error: Belfast Telegraph (Nov 14)

President-elect Obama promises an Irish visit to thank his election helper : Irish Independent (Nov 13)
Jacqueline Hogge

Fifa urged to investigate Team GB row : Scotland on Sunday
Martin Hannan


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