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Sunday, November 30

Threat made on Gerry Adams' life: Sunday Independent

Allister slams Irish role in talks: UTV

Jim Allister – Stormont executive will collapse: BBC

Jim Allister defends working with 'unrepentant terrorist' PUP leader: The News Letter
Sam McBride

My party needs to grow beyond me, says TUV leader Jim Allister: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Who is kicking our tyres? (Nov 27):
Steven McCaffery

From curried yoghurts to Trojan horses and MLAs' expenses...there's no end to messes political parties generate: Belfast Telegraph
Will Chambré

The illegitimate children are only fighting amongst themselves: Impartial Reporter
Warren Little

Back to the future... (Nov 28): Derry Journal
Andrew Quinn

Probe as expenses scandal rocks Stormont: If politicians were tradesmen, no one would want their shoddy work and inflated costs (Nov 27): Belfast Telegraph

'I'm proud to be from Northern Ireland but question my future there': The Irish Times
Sorcha Ní Mhealláin

Sinn Fein's 'Scientologists' still losing the spin game: Sunday Independent
John Drennan

Cynically populist Sinn Fein and 'loony left' offer only defiance and instability (Nov 29): Irish Independent
Liz O'Donnell

Agreed candidate 'could win seat for unionism': Impartial Reporter
Rodney Edwards

Adams predicts 'big battle' in South Tyrone constituency: Tyrone Times

Union flag march – Belfast protest passes off peacefully: BBC

For Northern Ireland, Wounds From 'The Troubles' Are Still Raw (Nov 28):
Ari Shapiro

Birmingham pub bombings: Time to act Mr Cameron – how long will it take? (Nov 26): Birmingham Mail
Jonny Greatrex

More work is needed to address Protestant under-representation: Londonderry Sentinel
Kevin Mullan

Health to blame for Iris Robinson error – Peter: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Iris Robinson damned by report – Guilty of serious breach of Assembly code: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Assembly report into the Robinsons censors previously published news articles: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Standards Commissioner questions Iris Robinson's honesty: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Iris Robinson affair – Something seriously wrong with system of culpability: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Sinn Fein Belfast Brigade will decide when or if Mary Lou replaces Adams: Sunday Independent
Mairia Cahill

Poll success brings out Sinn Fein's true colours: Sunday Independent
Eilis O'Hanlon

'Shared' education isn't the same as integrated and could move us in less helpful direction (Nov 27): Belfast Telegraph
Steven Agnew

Outlook on business tax good... but breakthrough in talks still in balance: Belfast Telegraph
David Young

Profile – Garda Commissioner Nóirín O'Sullivan (Nov 26): The Irish Times
Colin Gleeson

O'Sullivan appointment welcome but we still face a disaster in the making: Sunday Independent
Michael McDowell

More bad news for Rangers FC fans as city centre shop to shut: Belfast Telegraph
Amanda Ferguson

Political correctness run amok as Irish rebel songs attacked: Irish Voice/
Niall O'Dowd

Northern Ireland football and politics in uneasy embrace: The Irish Times
Michael Walker

Most Scots want more powers than Smith provides: Sunday Herald
Tom Gordon

Scotland faces confusion on the slippery slope to formal separation (Nov 27): The Guardian
David Torrance

'Whether Scotland stays or leaves our Union is a matter for the Scottish people to decide … I only want to live in a Union of volunteers': The Herald
John Redwood

Tory shires join call for more cash and powers for England's regions: The Observer
Toby Helm

Can I make an intervention in your plans, Charles? Stay clear of politics (Nov 26): Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

Saturday, November 29

Turning point reached in talks, says Villiers: The News Letter

Campbell rules out apology for controversial Irish comments: RTE

Councillors invite Gregory Campbell to meeting: Donegal Democrat

SF did not politicise Irish language – Adams: Impartial Reporter
Rodney Edwards

Ulster-Scots hub – New visitor centre opens in Belfast city centre (Nov 27): BBC

Irish language row – Ulster Scots Centre opening attendees 'embarrassed' by DUP MP Gregory Campbell's 'curry my yoghurt' comments: Belfast Telegraph

Jeffrey Donaldson – Gerry Adams should be investigated for 'inciting hatred' just like Pastor McConnell: Belfast Telegraph
Claire Williamson

Gildernew adds to furore with new swear word gaffe: Impartial Reporter
Rodney Edwards

Sinn Fein's Michelle Gildernew and Gerry Adams' bad language – Is it worse for a woman to swear than a man?: Belfast Telegraph
Claire Williamson

Some positive talking is going on in Belfast, just not at Stormont:
Steven McCaffery

You can keep your cloak of tribalism, it leaves me cold: Belfast Telegraph
Fionola Meredith

Gregory Campbell should sharpen his cutting wit: The Irish Times
Donald Clarke

The bigotry of the Unionists in Northern Ireland is no joke: Irish Voice/
Niall O'Dowd

Sinn Fein keeps Westminster boycott: Belfast Telegraph

Large-scale Saturday parade to be staged in Belfast: The News Letter

Interfaces bleed PSNI resources – 200 officers required nightly to keep the peace at Belfast flashpoint areas: Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

Anger over 'sinister graffiti': Antrim Times

Sinn Fein councillor to take legal action against the PSNI: Derry Journal
Sheena Jackson

Terror charge woman found guilty over car boot find: The News Letter

Kerry RSF head faces terrorism plot charges (Nov 22): The Kerryman
Simon Brouder

Victims group aims to fill gap in services: The News Letter

Action to seek revision of 1978 torture judgment: RTE

'Hooded men' seek state help in torture case: Irish Examiner
Ann O'Loughlin

Fury of pub bombings campaigner after Prime Minister says he understands her grief (Nov 26): Birmingham Mail
Andy Richards

Taoiseach – we may need cross-border inquiry for IRA sex abuse: Irish Independent
Niall O'Connor

McGeough has offered help to Gardai investigating abuse claims: Dundalk Argus
Anne Campbell

Mairia's abuser has disappeared 'into the smoke' – McGuinness: Irish Independent
Niall O'Connor

Kenny – Stark choice between FG and SF at next election: The Irish Times
Mark Hennessy

Mary Lou McDonald – 'All of us in Sinn Fein are of good character and integrity': Irish Independent
Brian O'Reilly

Tánaiste accuses Sinn Féin of pulling stunts in Dáil: Irish Examiner
Juno McEnroe, Mary Regan and Sean O'Riordan

Adams reiterates lack of confidence in Ceann Comhairle: RTE

In Northern Ireland, a Wave of Immigrants Is Met With Fists: New York Times
Douglas Dalby

Iris Robinson affair – 'Serious breach' over Lock Keeper's Inn payments, report finds: Belfast Telegraph

Stormont Inquiry – Is Iris Robinson scandal now history?: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Why Delaney brings tears to my eyes: Irish Examiner
Michael Clifford

Leaders vow joint devolution push: Belfast Telegraph

David Cameron reignites English votes row as Scotland gets new tax powers: The Guardian
Severin Carrell and Nicholas Watt

We should welcome devolution to Scotland, but let's not leave London behind: New Statesman
David Lammy

A very sad day for Britain and Cameron: Irish Examiner

When the world police are war weary: Gainesville Sun
James F. Burns

Friday, November 28

Gary Hart – I'm confident of talks success... but London will have to bend on welfare reform: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Charlie Flanagan optimistic for Northern Ireland talks: The Irish Times
Stephen Collins

British-Irish Council – NI ministers to attend Isle of Man summit: BBC
Mark Devenport

Another B-word expletive as Michelle Gildernew hits out at Gregory Campbell: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Never mind the b*****ks, says Sinn Fein MP – Michelle Gildernew refuses to withdraw remark aimed at DUP's Gregory Campbell: Belfast Telegraph
Adrian Rutherford

MP voices concerns over Sinn Fein leader's controversial comments: Newtownabbey Times

Stormont talks process – Politicians more focused on making controversial remarks than progress?: BBC
Chris Page

Trojan Horses & toilet paper: UTV
Brian Rowan

Stormont talks – Future still up in the air as parties adopt holding pattern: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

What's behind the war of words by Gerry Adams and Gregory Campbell?: The Irish Times
Eamonn McCann

Irish language is still undoubtedly a weapon in Sinn Fein's cultural war: Belfast Telegraph
Nelson McCausland

Dibley parish council should take over Stormont: Impartial Reporter
Denzil McDaniel

Stormont talks – The public is not in a mood to countenance failure: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Elliott says 'no issue' using public money to employ convicted criminal: Impartial Reporter
Meadhbh Monahan

Under a spotlight – The Stormont expenses claims that are facing scrutiny: Belfast Telegraph

Sinn Fein councillor 'released unconditionally': Derry Journal
Sheena Jackson

Police carry out searches in Ardoyne area of north Belfast into 'dissident republican activity': Belfast Telegraph

Men shot in legs in Belfast and Derry: UTV

Kill All Taigs – death threat to kids' team: Belfast Media
Gemma Burns

UVF graffiti being removed by DCC after PUP call: Londonderry Sentinel
Kevin Mullan

Bobby Storey, Veteran of Irish Republican Army, Detained in 1972 Murder: New York Times
Douglas Dalby

Jean McConville – Sinn Fein's Gerry Kelly slams arrest of Bobby Storey: Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

Sinn Féin chairman released after Jean McConville murder arrest: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Gerard Slane inquest – Anger over 'collusion' files delay: BBC

Belfast City Council to trace records linked to 1993 UFF murder of staff in west Belfast: Belfast Telegraph

SDLP – 'British should fund Bloody Sunday police probe' – Tierney (Nov 26): Derry Journal

Bloody Sunday – Families to hold vigil over U.S. killing: Derry Journal

Unionist MEP on Pope's address in European Parliament (Nov 26): The News Letter

Peter and Iris Robinson probe – Committee report due to be published: BBC

Kinahan calls for covenant action: Antrim Times

Forty years ago I would have been denied my rights in Northern Ireland because I was Catholic. Now they could be denied because I'm gay (Nov 25): The Independent
Lyra McKee

Adams calls for withdrawal of false allegations around Limerick protest: Limerick Post
Alan Jacques

Dáil suspended three times in row between Sinn Féin and Joan Burton: The Irish Times
Michael O'Regan

Gardaí deny SF claims of 'sitting on' abuse: Irish Examiner
Juno McEnroe

Another day, another Sinn Feign tantrum in the Dail: Irish Independent
Lise Hand

If John Delaney had sung 'The Croppy Boy' would anyone have raised any eyebrow?: The Irish Times
Eugene McEldowney

Scotland corporation tax row as Stormont expected to be granted power to vary rate soon: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

New tax powers unlikely to placate Scottish public: The Irish Times
Mark Hennessy

Devolution of tax powers won't shut down the Scottish independence debate: The Guardian
Ruth Wishart

More Scottish devolution creates a constitutional shambles which penalises England: Daily Telegraph
Iain Martin

Thursday, November 27

Northern Ireland – Labour warns DUP not to strike deal with Tories: The Guardian
Henry McDonald

Political talks set to intensify next week: The News Letter

SDLP response to strategic pro-Agreement approach criticised: Newry Times
Paul Malone

Stormont talks – His heart's in right place, but Gary Hart's presence is futile: Belfast Telegraph
Eamonn McCann

Northern Ireland police to investigate Stormont expenses scandal: The Guardian
Henry McDonald

Adams did not commit a hate crime – PSNI: The News Letter

Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams' comments – Mike Nesbitt leads the attack on Trojan horse remark which 'will haunt him for years': Belfast Telegraph
Rebecca Black

Backlash on Adams as SF leader explains 'breaking ba****ds' comment: The News Letter

Hidden meaning of Gerry Adams's words truly damaging to political process: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

The mask didn't slip – that was the real Adams: The News Letter
Alex Kane

His day has come... why it's high time Gerry Adams stood down as leader of Sinn Fein: Belfast Telegraph
Malachi O'Doherty

SF leader's remarks reiterate fears about mis-use of 'equality' laws: The News Letter

Gerry Adams does equality a disservice: Belfast Telegraph

Flanagan 'deplores' Campbell's comments on Irish: RTE

Gregory Campbell's Irish language comments – David Cameron mocking Scots Gaelic speakers during referendum would be unthinkable: Belfast Telegraph
John McCallister

Fatigue felt by public over political storm: The News Letter
Gemma Murray

Gerry and Gregory's remarks not just depressing but belong in the gutter: Belfast Telegraph
Joanne Sweeney

The Four Horsemen – and taking offence: The Irish Times
Frank McNally

Taoiseach insists Sinn Fein demonstrators used 'abusive, filthy language' in Limerick: Irish Independent
John Downing

Adams denies SF members engaged in insulting behaviour at Limerick protest: The Irish Times
Michael O'Regan

DUP's stance towards the Catholic Church indicative of how the debate has changed: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Powers that be have accepted Sinn Fein myth that bigotry is synonymous with unionism or Protestantism: Belfast Telegraph
Samuel Morrison

SDLP: 'Forced strip searched must end immediately' – Pat Ramsey: Derry Journal

Men 'intimidated' after finding paramilitary items in Carrick: Carrick Times

Three released over Larne disorder: UTV

Two loyalists accused over 'rival gun attack' are released on bail: Belfast Telegraph

Local reps hit out over 'sinister graffiti': Antrim Times

Birmingham pub bombings – David Cameron says terrorists must be found: Birmingham Mail
Jonathan Walker

Adams urges Taoiseach to act quickly on 'Hooded Men' case: The Irish Times
Harry McGee

Council calls for reversal of Sunday murder probe cutbacks: Derry Journal
Brendan McDaid

Soldiers 'dead or cannot be traced': Belfast Telegraph

Sinn Féin rejects water meter claims: Irish News
Brendan Hughes

Armed detectives set to 'shadow' ministers: Evening Herald
Niall O'Connor and Luke Byrne

Can O'Sullivan bring battered garda force into 21st century?: Evening Herald
Gerry O'Carroll

FAI backs Delaney over IRA song gaffe: Irish Independent
Daniel McDonnell

Football boss position is 'untenable': The News Letter

FIFA vice-president Jim Boyce slams 'stupid' FAI chief executive John Delaney over song: RTE

Yes, Delaney was a bit of buffoon, but this video is just a storm in a Bath-tub: Evening Herald

Allow Queen's oath alternative – Durkan (Nov 24): UTV

Scottish parliament to get control over income tax and welfare spending: The Guardian
Severin Carrell, Libby Brooks, Nicholas Watt and Patrick Wintour

Wednesday, November 26

Northern Ireland talks – Chance of success slim says Theresa Villiers: BBC
Mark Devenport

Gerry Adams issues qualified apology for his 'bastards' remark: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Martin McGuinness – 'Gerry shouldn't have made b******s comment': Irish Independent
Brian O'Reilly

Unionists condemn Gerry Adams insult: The Guardian
Henry McDonald

SF must denounce Adams – Robinson: UTV

'Drumcree was no accident' – recollection: The News Letter

Gerry Adams's 'bastards' remarks clumsy for Sinn Féin leader: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Gregory Campbel's toilet humour more suited to playground than party conference: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Gregory Campbell Irish language furore – Going on the offensive in a deliberate destabilisation strategy: Belfast Telegraph
Alex Kane

Conspiracy theorists might be right as latest remarks set tongues wagging: Irish News
John Manley

Political parties show no shame after Stormont expenses probe: Belfast Telegraph
Mark Brotherson

Stormont expenses – Time to tighten rules as Ministers and MPs called in to question: Belfast Telegraph
Colum Eastwood

Lord Kilclooney – I'd vote DUP if I lived in East Belfast: Belfast Telegraph
Rebecca Black

Assembly backs call by mother to unmask IRA killers: Belfast Telegraph
John Downing

Quinn motion helps to keep pressure on republicans: The News Letter

Inquiry Into Rape Claims Against Irish Republican Army: New York Times
Douglas Dalby

IRA sex abuse claims – Enda Kenny seeks North meeting: The Irish Times
Mary Minihan

Mairia Cahill meets Justice Minister as pressure mounts on Sinn Fein over IRA abuse scandal: Irish Independent
Niall O'Connor

Taoiseach rails at SF members 'insulting ordinary people': The Irish Times
Michael O'Regan

The General murder suspect on IRA paedophile list: Sunday World
Alan Sherry

Security gate is removed at north Belfast interface: Belfast Telegraph

Dissidents not in control of wing at Maghaberry – David Ford: BBC
Vincent Kearney

PSNI checkpoints in Belfast – While armed police were on every corner, only foreign visitors seemed to notice: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Kilpatrick

Big Belfast pre-Christmas policing operation – Dissident republicans will go all out to score headlines: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Man 'had Catholic postman murder info': Belfast Telegraph

Government should be ordered to disclose a full dossier on UVF murder of Bobby Moffett in Belfast, High Court hears: Belfast Telegraph
Alan Erwin

UVF murder of Bobby Moffett – Call for full disclosure: BBC

KATs (Kill All Taigs) graffiti on children's bus labelled a hate crime:
Michael Sheils McNamee

PSNI reports 14% rise in homophobic crimes: The Irish Times

Unionist bigotry is on full display over Irish language and gay equality: Irish Voice/
Dara Kelly

Will Northern Ireland's culture wars kill power-sharing?: New Statesman
Kevin Meagher

DUP criticises major US investor over Fair Employment remarks:
Steven McCaffery

O'Sullivan stresses reform as she secures Garda job: The Irish Times
Conor Lally, Colin Gleeson

FAI chief John Delaney apologises for singing pro-Republican ballad: The Guardian
James Riach

Solicitors for FAI chief issued warnings to media denying he featured in 'rebel song' video: Irish Examiner
Noel Baker

FAI silent on legal threat over John Delaney's IRA ballad: The Irish Times
Emmet Malone

Unionist politicians call John Delaney's IRA ballad 'shameful and shocking': The Irish Times
Mark Hilliard

Delaney says legal threat against newspaper was a 'misunderstanding': Irish Independent
Sam Griffin

John Delaney acting in a manner unbefitting for the position he holds: The Irish Times
Malachy Clerkin

FAI chief naive to think singing in a busy pub is in any way private: Irish Independent
Colette Browne

Tuesday, November 25

DUP's Gregory Campbell receives death threat following Irish language 'curry my yoghurt' comments: Belfast Telegraph
Adrian Rutherford

Campbell 'not deterred' by death threat: UTV

'Dream of United Ireland by 2016 nothing short of an embarrassment': Londonderry Sentinel
Kevin Mullan

"Rein Campbell in" – McGuinness warns DUP: Derry Journal
Brendan McDaid

Ian Paisley's son Kyle slams DUP over Irish language row: Belfast Telegraph
Adrian Rutherford

DUP should disassociate themselves with Irish language attitude – Ó hEára: Londonderry Sentinel

Gregory Campbell toilet paper remarks 'challenge talks integrity': BBC

Hardline Gregory Campbell is now the authentic voice of the DUP: The News Letter
Alex Kane

Gregory Campbell's childishness over 'curry my yoghurt' comments no joke: Belfast Telegraph

Speaker's office is accused of blocking expenses discussions: Irish News

Nigel Dodds tops poll of delegates in race to succeed Peter Robinson as DUP leader: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

DUP is clearly still rooted to the religious right: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Shinners could sweep board – Unionists face poll massacre: (from the Irish Daily Star)
John Coulter

We are key to UK balance of power, predicts DUP's Peter Robinson: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Gerry Adams on "bigotry" in unionism – 'the point is to break these b****rds': Impartial Reporter
Rodney Edwards

Gerry Adams ignites a war of words with unionists: Irish Independent
Michelle Smyth

Loyalist protest camp will remain indefinitely pledges demonstrator: The News Letter

'Divis Hoods' – A long-standing problem that shows no sign of going away: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Kilpatrick

Belfast police to install armed checkpoints to stop Christmas attacks: The Guardian
Henry McDonald

Wolf whistles and applause for Belfast man charged with possession of assault rifle: The Irish Times

Omagh bomb accused Seamus Daly 'must stay in custody': BBC

Parents challenge Sinn Fein over their son's killing: Irish Independent
John Downing

Family of Sean Quinn seek to question bank liquidator: Belfast Telegraph
Tim Healy

Justice Minister – Cross-border inquiry into sex abuse allegations against paramilitaries could prove 'very challenging': Irish Independent
Ralph Riegel

IRA members under investigation over claims of child abuse: The Guardian
Henry McDonald

Gerry Adams claims list of alleged sex abusers posted in letter box: Irish Independent
Niall O'Connor

Maíria Cahill calls for investigation into extent of IRA abuse: The Irish Times
Harry McGee

Just occasionally I almost feel a bit sorry for the Sinn Fein leadership: Belfast Telegraph
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Maíria Cahill case has caused 'suffering' for abuse survivors: The Irish Times
Patsy McGarry

Pension plea for Troubles' victims: Belfast Telegraph

Government urged to review 'hooded men' torture claim: The Irish Times
Ruadhán Mac Cormaic

Without justice for the Hooded Men the spectre of torture still looms over peace: Irish Independent
Dearbhail McDonald

PSNI 'not protecting former officers': UTV

MoD delay angers families: Irish Examiner
David Young

What lessons can we learn from the Birmingham pub bombings? (Nov 21): Birmingham Mail
Andy Richards

Sinn Fein – Anderson gets Irish diplomatic passport: Derry Journal

Fianna Fáil and Sinn Féin expect general election in late 2015: The Irish Times
Harry McGee

80% don't regularly worship – bishop (Oct 22): Belfast Telegraph

The National launch day review – a McPravda for Scotland's separatists?: The Guardian
Libby Brooks

Monday, November 24

Northern Ireland's First Minister says Christmas is the deadline for Northern Ireland talks: RTE

DUP leader's subtle message of co-operation to end gridlock: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

A week in politics – Sinn Fein and SDLP electoral pacts, reducing the size of the Assembly and Westminster elections: Belfast Telegraph
Will Chambré

Sinn Féin will never get Irish language act, DUP members told: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Robinson hits back in latest yoghurt joke row: The News Letter

Peter Robinson defends Gregory Campbell DUP conference remarks: BBC

Now it's curry my Gregory after years of quotable fun: Belfast Media

Nigel Dodds – Unionist parties should forge 'pact' in Scotland and Northern Ireland (Nov 23): Sunday Herald
Gerry Braiden

Rise of nationalism set to make 2015 a fascinating election: The News Letter

The steeplejacks are readied for another dreary election: Impartial Reporter
Warren Little

MLAs expenses – Paying the price of Stormont (Nov 21): Belfast Telegraph
Alex Kane

Politicians must demonstrate their financial acumen (Nov 22): Belfast Telegraph

Bertie Ahern – 'Gerry Adams saying he was not in the IRA is like me saying I was not in Fianna Fail': Irish Independent
Ronald Quinlan

All-island IRA abuse inquiry planned by Government: The Irish Times
Mary Minihan

Cahill wants inquiry into SF sex abuse 'cover-up': Irish Examiner
Fiachra Ó Cionnaith

Maíria Cahill gives gardaí more names of alleged abusers: The Irish Times
Tim O'Brien

Exiled IRA child abusers 'likely to have raped again': Irish Independent
Mark O'Regan

Maíria Cahill has been let down by PSNI and Public Prosecution Service: The Irish Times
Joe Rice

Twaddell marking 500 days of peaceful protest: The News Letter

Petrol bomb thrown at Warrenpoint police station: Belfast Telegraph

War grave desecration a 'hate crime': Londonderry Sentinel
Kevin Mullan

Integrated education debate steps up: Portadown Times

UVF murder victims' son takes legal case over probe 'failings': Belfast Telegraph
David Young

Birmingham pub bombings – Survivors and grief-stricken families tell of their suffering (Nov 21): Birmingham Mail
Andy Richards

Birmingham pub bombings – Aston Villa forced into U-turn over 40th anniversary tribute (Nov 20): Birmingham Mail
Mike Lockley

The Irish in Birmingham – 40 years on from the Birmingham pub bombings: Irish Post
Brendan Farrell

Website gives unique insight to impact of closure of Border roads: Impartial Reporter

NornIronGirl1981 – Teenage diary shows life during NI Troubles: BBC

Unionist bloc may request relook at 'naming' decision: Londonderry Sentinel
Kevin Mullan

'Gay cake' row – MLA in equality law 'conscience clause': BBC

We should celebrate 1916 ideals, not Rising deaths: The Irish Times
Peadar Ó Riada

Socialists' dangerous brand of populism makes even Sinn Fein seem moderate: Irish Independent
David Quinn

Canadian and Scottish officers linked to top Garda post: The Irish Times
Conor Lally

Forget the referendum. Scotland now faces a 'neverendum': Toronto Globe and Mail
Mark MacKinnon

Cornwall will not be given more tax-raising powers says Prime Minister: Western Morning News
Graeme Demianyk

Sunday, November 23

Ombudsman's been knocked by 'unfair' Rapid criticisms: Londonderry Sentinel
Kevin Mullan

Alliance leader David Ford urges reboot of Stormont functions: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Robinson galvanises DUP for Westminster election: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Dodds tells DUP's annual conference the Union 'has never been stronger': Irish News

DUP's Gavin Robinson fires the starting pistol for East Belfast Westminster election fight: Belfast Telegraph
Claire Cromie

First Minister tells DUP conference – NI's budget will be cut until at least 2020: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Simon Hamilton wants national reform plan for Northern Ireland (Nov 21): The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

DUP needs lesson in tolerance (Oct 22): Belfast Telegraph

Super-council trips cost £20,000 we can't afford to waste: Belfast Telegraph

Which way is Ireland going?: Financial Times
Simon Kuper

Hunger strike was 'exceptional' and there will be no pact this time around: Impartial Reporter
Meadhbh Monahan

Ukip man Hermann Kelly in favour of a united Ireland: Belfast Telegraph
Claire Williamson

PSNI drawing up plans to cope with 'drastically' reduced ranks: Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

Loyalists turn out in force at Belfast courthouse as Ardoyne bandsmen accused of playing music illegally: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Kilpatrick

A rebel UDA unit is re-arming in a grim warning to rival drug dealers: Sunday Independent

Derry dad shot in front of his children by dissident gang: Belfast Telegraph
Donna Deeney

Man charged over city AK47 find: UTV

Birmingham pub bombings – What are they hiding behind the 75-year banning order?: Birmingham Mail
Matthew Cannon, Andy Richards

From bombings and darkness Birmingham is now a city to be proud of: Birmingham Post
Jon Griffin

Birmingham Pub Bombing survivor – 'I was joking, then life changed forever': Birmingham Mail
Emma McKinney

Why Voices of the young must be heard (Nov 21): The News Letter
Lynda Bryans

Parent power hits Catholic sector's status quo over integrated education (Nov 5): Belfast Telegraph
Lindsay Fergus

Standing up for Catholic schools: Irish Catholic
Michael Kelly

Cross-border still on the agenda for Brollagh school: Fermanagh Herald

Gerry Adams compares water marches to civil rights protests in North: The Irish Times
Tim O'Brien

Corrie actor Charlie Lawson – I probably did hate Catholics (Nov 19): Belfast Telegraph
Ivan Little

Rebellion in Tory ranks over money coming to Northern Ireland: Belfast Telegraph
Adrian Rutherford

Ireland's governance crisis far wider than issues surrounding Irish Water: Irish Independent
James Downey

Activism of future King Charles may spark rethink of monarchy – MP (Nov 20): The Guardian
Robert Booth

The suspects change but the bigotry remains the same: Irish Post
Joe Horgan

Saturday, November 22

Parties 'agreed' over reduction in MLAs and departments: Belfast Telegraph
Steven Alexander

Nesbitt – Cut number of North-South bodies: The News Letter

Nigel Dodds – Unionists could win three more seats in Westminster: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Gildernew's Westminster seat 'can be taken' says Foster: Impartial Reporter
Rodney Edwards

UUP to go ahead and select its own candidate for Westminster: Impartial Reporter
Rodney Edwards

Peter Robinson says he will support any future DUP leader: BBC

Robinson – No talk of Papal visit to Northern Ireland: The News Letter
Sam McBride

West Belfast police arrest four in crackdown on republican dissidents: The Guardian
Henry McDonald

Man facing police murder plot charges 'was secretly recorded': Belfast Telegraph
Alan Erwin

Derry councillor's dissident threat claims 'ridiculous': Belfast Telegraph
Donna Deeney

Dissident republicans – Dealing with upsurge in terrorist activity: BBC
Vincent Kearney

Sinn Fein figure at 'court martial' in GAA clubhouse: Irish Independent
Paul Williams

Mairia Cahill's father protests outside Sinn Fein meeting at Queen's University: Belfast Telegraph
Lindsay Fergus

Adams tweet – I have never been a member of ISIS: Irish Examiner
Shaun Connolly

Press take cover from Gerry Adams' crude sniper fire: Belfast Telegraph
Fionola Meredith

Ardoyne bandsmen accused of breach: UTV

Omagh bomb case against Seamus Daly is 'stale' lawyer tells court: Belfast Telegraph
Alan Erwin

Birmingham bombing memorial held in memory of victims: The Irish Times
Mark Hennessy

Birmingham MP set to complain about West Midlands Police's 'failure to answer' pub bombing questions: Birmingham Mail
Jonathan Walker

Birmingham Six – 40th anniversary of pub bombings that led to 'one of the worst miscarriages of British justice': The Independent
Lamiat Sabin

Birmingham pub bombings – We name the man who masterminded the atrocity: Birmingham Mail
Andy Richards

Pub bombings survivor – Injustice is a price worth paying: ITV
Ben Chapman

Birmingham pub bombings – What really went on in Winson Green Prison when the Birmingham Six arrived?: Birmingham Mail
Andy Richards

Whoever bombed Birmingham wouldn't stand a chance today: Birmingham Post
Andy Richards

Birmingham cannot forget carnage of 1974 bombings: The Irish Times
Mark Hennessy

The Birmingham bombings 40 years on – what can we learn from IRA terror?: Daily Telegraph
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Birmingham pub bombings scars run deep: Wolverhampton Express and Star

Irish language educationalist to address DUP conference: The News Letter

Super-councils junket – 18 councillors take £9,000 trip to England to find out how to grant permission for a loft conversion: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

'We use fire for healing' – a bonfire in Derry without all the acrimony (Nov 13): The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Celtic would be BIG FISH in Premier League pond – Peter Lawwell: Daily Express
Michael Baillie

No Surrender for England fans, except to crowd psychology: The Independent
Tom Peck

How does Wales fit in to shifting United Kingdom?: The Irish Times
Paul Gillespie

Anti-IRA football chanting is a kind of twisted nostalgia (Nov 20): The Guardian
Alasdair McKillop

It is time for English votes for English laws: Daily Telegraph

Friday, November 21

Still 'big divisions' after talks: Belfast Telegraph

'Cut MLAs and introduce Opposition at Stormont': The News Letter

Rival parties at Westminster can take votes from absent Sinn Fein MPs: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

SDLP – Gamble could halt a gradual decline (Nov 17): Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

SDLP could wrong foot Sinn Fein by backing the NCA: The News Letter

Peter Robinson – No immediate plans to quit as DUP leader: The News Letter

Peter Robinson – I am not weakened, and the DUP is united: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Charlie Flanagan meets Orange Order over arson attacks on halls: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

MLA Finlay writes to BBC over poppy complaint: Ballymoney Times

'Bogus' expenses claims rock Stormont as First Minister joins probe calls: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Probe expenses abuse allegations, say smaller parties: The News Letter

Sir Alistair Graham calls for probe into Northern Ireland MLAs' rent money: BBC

Foster says she has 'no apology' to make after BBC documentary: Impartial Reporter
Rodney Edwards

TUV questions office expenses abuse: Ballymoney Times
Claire Cartmill

PSNI cuts – Terry Spence describes plans to cut station opening hours as 'ludicrous': BBC

Remove PSNI officers from firing line – Rocket attack third attempt to kill police in last year: Belfast Telegraph

Continuity IRA men were taped targeting another top member, court is told: Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

Man shot four times in the leg in 'punishment shooting' in Derry: The Guardian
Henry McDonald

Man charged with IRA membership and handling stolen goods at hotel is refused bail to attend family birthday: Irish Independent

Alleged dissident on murder bid charge refused bail: The News Letter

Gardai to quiz SF councillor over kangaroo court allegations: Irish Independent
Paul Williams

Dublin 'must be open on the past': The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

Looking back 40 years at the Birmingham bombings: The Irish Times
Mark Hennessy

Birmingham pub bombings – Listen to the warning call made to the Birmingham Mail (Nov 16): Birmingham Mail
Andy Richards

Birmingham pub bombings – Hospital matron tells of treating the victims: Birmingham Mail
Andy Richards

David Cameron – Northern Ireland corporation tax argument strong: BBC
Mark Devenport

Austerity cuts in North 'inescapable reality': The Irish Times
Francess McDonnell

NY's $177 billion man in Belfast visit: Irish News
Simon Cunningham

Sinn Fein MLA's anger at claims our schools are 'segregated': Belfast Telegraph
Rebecca Black

We must give hope to working class Protestant boys (Apr 4): Belfast Telegraph

Revenue 'failed' in bilingual duty with LPT booklet: The Irish Times

Teachers reject "fantasy" of divisive Catholic schools: Irish Catholic
Cathal Barry

Hostility towards faith schools goes against what many parents demand (Feb 7): Irish Independent
David Quinn

Neil Lennon – Sectarian abuse triggered Celtic exit: The Scotsman
David O'Leary

MPs demand Barnett formula review: Belfast Telegraph

David Cameron – Barnett formula reform is 'not on my horizon': The Independent
Andrew Grice

English MPs should get veto on English laws, says Cameron: The Guardian
Patrick Wintour

Thursday, November 20

Stormont talks to focus on Troubles legacy: BBC

PM faces questions over devolution: Belfast Telegraph

David Ford calls for inquiry on Sinn Féin expenses in North: The Irish Times

MLA expenses – A Stormont worth saving?: BBC
Mark Devenport

We need the office of Assembly Speaker to be robustly independent: Belfast Telegraph
John McAllister

On The Runs – Record-keeping of cases criticised: BBC

'I work with Jim Allister... it's known as the naughty corner' (Nov 17): Belfast Telegraph
Steven Agnew

DUP leader will try to motivate party with prospect of pivotal Westminster role: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Old guard can't take us forward (Nov 18): Belfast Telegraph
Alex Kane

Limerick councillors round on Sinn Fein as community motion falls: Limerick Leader
Nick Rabbitts

Sinn Féin forced to face up to questions about its past: Financial Times
Vincent Boland

Ian Paisley – "No secret over finances in Ballymena building": BBC

Anger as PSNI chief reveals dissident 'threat' to doctors at Maghaberry Prison is not a crime: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Kilpatrick

Action urged over illicit fuel: Belfast Telegraph

Photos emerge of 'IRA' grenade launcher: UTV

North Belfast Twaddell interface police officers – We are sitting ducks for dissident republican terror squads: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Kilpatrick

MI5 tapes 'show disputes in Continuity IRA factions': The News Letter

Dissident republicans blamed for sectarian graffiti: Newtownabbey Times

Sinn Fein's Mary Lou McDonald is a PAC 'drama queen' (Nov 9): Sunday Independent
John Drennan

Daily humiliation for women MLAs in Northern Ireland Assembly (Oct 23): Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Birmingham pub bombings – 'I will never forget call from the IRA' (Nov 17): Birmingham Mail
Andy Richards

Journalists have helped expose essence of IRA terror (Nov 17): The News Letter

Magee vote result welcomed by MP: The News Letter

Titanic-themed artwork replaces terrorist mural in Belfast (Nov 18): Belfast Telegraph
Joanne Sweeney

'Gay cake' row – Jimmy Spratt says case 'verging on bullying': BBC

Hundreds sign petition opposing 'gay cake' row legal action: Newtownabbey Times

Why I despair at new alliance of our moral zealots (Nov 17): Belfast Telegraph
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Previous generations would be astounded at attitudes to churches in Ireland today (Nov 18): The Irish Times
Patrick Semple

1916 commemoration plans 'shambolic' and symbolic of 'cynical indifference' – Adams: The Irish Times
Marie O'Halloran

England band unaware of anti-IRA chanting at Celtic Park: The Irish Times

Mindless chanting is a sadly familiar story for England fans: The Guardian
Philip Cornwall

Anti-IRA chants must be disowned by the FA and England players before they go to Dublin in June: Daily Telegraph
Paul Hayward

Alex Salmond is a paranoid loser, says former BBC chairman (Nov 18): The Guardian
Chris Johnston

Wednesday, November 19

Damning report reveals paramilitary link to child sex abuse in Northern Ireland: Irish Mirror
Maurice Fitzmaurice

Maíria Cahill case forms backdrop to debate about abuse in North: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

'I was raped by a senior IRA member. I won't let them cover it up any longer': Daily Telegraph
Radhika Sanghani

Mary Lou McDonald calls for meeting with Sean Barrett: Irish Examiner
Shaun Connolly

McDonald backs down in 'war' with Ceann Comhairle: Irish Independent
John Downing

'Mary Lou's Dail sit-in stunt cost taxpayers €130k': Evening Herald
Niall O'Connor

Fitzpatrick outlines concerns of Dundalk people over abuse claims: Dundalk Democrat

Frances Fitzgerald – SF 'using' malpractice complaints: Irish Examiner
Mary Regan

Claims of new MLA expenses scandal at Stormont: The News Letter

Downtonesque delusions of grandeur in the excesses of these two aristocrats: Belfast Telegraph
Malachi O'Doherty

Allister questions Assembly passes for US and Irish diplomats: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Ian Paisley '100% behind DUP': UTV

It's time to wind up the Stoops: (from the Irish Daily Star)
John Coulter

UUP slams EU report on the Maze Centre: Ulster Star

North Belfast – Peace vigil at scene of police grenade attack: The News Letter

Strabane – Two released over attempted bomb attack on police: BBC

'Shameless cowards'- Mayor: Derry Journal

Fears dissidents are upping ante as grenade launcher used in latest bid to murder police: Belfast Telegraph
Rebecca Black

Memorial in north Belfast is vandalised for 19th time: Belfast Telegraph
Rebecca Black

Shooting of man in Polegass is condemned: Ulster Star

'Loyalist supergrass' delays trial over murder of Magherafelt man: Mid Ulster Mail

UDA hit team stab victim multiple times in broad daylight: Sunday World
Richard Sullivan

'Spiderman' jailed over Belfast riot: UTV

Poll – Majority of SDLP is in favour of relaxing abortion law: Belfast Telegraph

Lockhart and Seeley in Irish language row: Portadown Times

Casement pistol decision criticised: Belfast Telegraph

UDR woman bereaved by Castlederg attack to talk: Londonderry Sentinel

Joan left to die alone in the dark: Belfast Media
Gemma Burns

Birmingham bomb families press for inquest into attack: The News Letter

Birmingham pub bombings justice group – We've been stabbed in the back (Nov 10): Birmingham Mail
Don Hale

Birmingham pub bombings – The months of hoax calls that ended in carnage: Birmingham Mail
Andy Richards

'The Irish in Britain aren't immigrants' – Ukip's Mark Reckless ahead of this week's by-election: Irish Post
Fiona Audley

Catholic school pupils take case for integration to Stormont: Belfast Telegraph
Rebecca Black

SF slam PSNI over Casement museum artefact: The News Letter

Anger at BBC subtitles... for an Irishman, 96 – Unionist and Nationalist politicians in Northern Ireland unite in fury against the corporation: Daily Mail
Alasdair Glennie

Castledawson man 'was happy' for BBC to use subtitles: Mid Ulster Mail

Rapist Evans likened to Guildford Four: UTV

Lawyer defends controversial article about convicted rapist Ched Evans: Irish Independent
Sam Griffin

Auld Enemy match hit by IRA chants: Belfast Telegraph

'Ireland and Celtic relationship has blurred allegiance of Scottish born football fans' (Nov 14): Irish Post
Richard Purden

Tuesday, November 18

FG TD seeks laws for IRA abuse case whistleblowers: The Irish Times
Harry McGee

Mary Lou McDonald expected to avoid trying to enter Dáil: The Irish Times
Fiach Kelly, Mary Minihan

Mary Lou McDonald not 'seeking confrontation' over suspension: Irish Examiner
Shaun Connolly

What will Mary-Lou do next?: The Irish Times
Mary Minihan

Gerry Adams sneers in INM protest tweet: Evening Herald
Claire Muprhy

'Trial by media' has followed Maíria Cahill's 'Spotlight' allegations: The Irish Times
Peter Madden

Sinn Fein still struggling to get through the five stages of grief (Oct 26): Sunday Independent
Eilis O'Hanlon

SDLP leader Alasdair McDonnell fails to get endorsement from rank-and-file party activists – poll: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Electoral pact with Sinn Fein ruled out: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Time for SDLP to show courage: Belfast Telegraph

Scaredy-cat unionism needs to stop navel gazing: The News Letter
Alex Kane

'We didn't treat farm animals like that' (Nov 16): Sunday Independent
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Let exiled Coleraine teen come home, MLA tells paramilitaries: The News Letter

PSNI appeal over "cold, calculated attempt to kill police officers" in north Belfast: Belfast Telegraph
Amanda Ferguson

Dissident republican murder plot foiled by covert MI5 operation: Irish Mirror
Maurice Fitzmaurice

Limerick men charged over terrorism plot: Limerick Leader
David Hurley

SDLP – Durkan welcomes lifting of 'misdirected and unwarranted' death threats against Derry wardens: Derry Journal

Man jailed over McDaid to be released: UTV

Under threat 'Whacker' is back in city: Evening Herald
Ken Foy

North Belfast soldiers' memorial attacked: UTV

Birmingham pub bombings – 'Headache saved me from terrorist attack' (Nov 16): Birmingham Mail
Mike Lockley

Northern Ireland judge warns inquests into death involving alleged state collusion could go on until 2040: Belfast Telegraph
Alan Erwin

HIA inquiry 'may be Troubles inquest model': BBC

Just 16% of Magee intake was Protestant in 2012: Derry Journal
Kevin Mullan

'Time to build Narrow Water Bridge' – Ruane: Newry Times
Marie O'Halloran

Economic challenges and belt-tightening ahead for the North: Irish Independent
Colm Kelpie

Dangers of handing corporation tax powers to Stormont: Belfast Telegraph
Samuel Morrison

Líofa – Apology over Irish language website security: BBC

Council has a dedicated connection to the Irish Language (Nov 10): Derry Journal
Eamon Sweeney

Gay cake row – Equality Commission heavy-handed, says CoI (Nov 12): The News Letter

Gay cake – Important to defend gay rights: Belfast Telegraph
Paul Rowlandson

A city of two halves – from national ecstasy at Celtic Park to agony at Ibrox: The Irish Times
Ken Early

Almost half of the country wants to see independence referendum again: The Herald

If Spain breaks up, what are the implications for Northern Ireland?: Irish Voice/
Eamon Delaney

Monday, November 17

Irish unity requires consent of 'overwhelming majority' – SDLP: The News Letter

Knives being sharpened for Alasdair McDonnell – but they won't be unsheathed just yet: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Silent sickness at the heart of politics in Northern Ireland (Sep 12): Belfast Telegraph
Richard Wilford

Stormont – Failure isn't an option in Gary Hart talks: Belfast Telegraph

Dozens of names of alleged IRA sex abusers handed to gardai: Irish Independent
Liam Clarke

Gerry Adams' media spat continues over Collins comments: The News Letter

Strange, strange twitterings of Gerry Adams are bonkers (Nov 16): Sunday Independent
Jerome Reilly

Mary Lou's cheerio to credibility standing by her main man (Nov 12): Evening Herald

SF thrives when state fails citizens (Nov 16): Sunday Independent

Dublin – Guns and bomb parts seized in 'major setback' for dissident republicans: BBC

Seizure of weapons and bomb equipment a "major setback" for Dissident Republicans, say gardaí: Irish Examiner
Noel Baker

Relief as dissident death threats to Derry council safety wardens lifted: Belfast Telegraph
Nevin Farrell and Donna Deeney

Derry death threats condemned by clergy: Derry Journal

Real IRA 'is ninth richest terror group in the world': Belfast Telegraph
Amanda Ferguson

Seven charged after Newry dissident raid: UTV

HMP Magheraberry – Ramsey calls for end to prison strip-searches (Nov 13): Derry Journal

Windows broken in Orange hall attack: UTV

Ballysillan – Sectarian graffiti on sprayed on children's minibus: BBC

Sinn Fein MP condemns sectarian attack on Orange Hall in Cookstown: Mid Ulster Mail

Loyalist murder bid bullet 'still in victim's leg': Belfast Media
David Whelan

Integrated education debate needed – Kinahan: The News Letter

Hugh Callaghan of Birmingham Six – The terrible toll of my false arrest: Birmingham Mail
Steve Myall

Minister rejects criticism from 1916 relatives over centenary: Irish Independent
Nicola Anderson

Pope's 'love for Ireland' boosts chance of visit: Irish Independent
Kathryn Hayes

This State was handed to them on a silver platter (Nov 15): Irish Examiner
Shaun Connolly

Northern Ireland needs a 'snooping' commissioner to monitor RIPA (Oct 24): Belfast Telegraph
Paul Connolly

It's high time we took the politics out of our policing (Nov 13): Irish Examiner
Michael Clifford

Hopes of reforming our libel laws dealt blow by Stormont (Nov 11): Belfast Telegraph
Adrian Rutherford

1916 adviser says events need to leave 'lasting legacy' (Nov 10): Irish Independent
Sam Griffin

Gay cake row – There's a lesson for us all in this parable (Nov 10): Belfast Telegraph
Nuala McKeever

Gay cake case – The issue for Ashers is about the message on the cake – not the person purchasing the cake (Nov 13): Belfast Telegraph
Nelson McCausland

After the referendum – The Process of Shaping Scotland's Future Begins (Nov 14): Scottish Daily Record
Alasdair Northrop

Sunday, November 16

Northern Ireland – SDLP rules out general election pact with Sinn Féin: The Guardian
Henry McDonald

SDLP not distracted by pacts – McDonnell: UTV

Kelly – SDLP should leave executive: Irish News

Alasdair McDonnell – SDLP considering 'constructive opposition': The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

SDLP takes on Church over Catholic schools: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Law reform body's axing 'could make Northern Ireland a legal backwater': Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Paedophile IRA brothers moved south of border: Sunday Independent
Jim Cusack

Gerry Adams criticises 'petulant' Ceann Comhairle: The Irish Times
Mark Hilliard

'They may smear me as a traitor. But the IRA will never stop me telling of how I was raped at 16': The Observer
Henry McDonald

'Politicking is for politicians, but all I've ever done is answer honestly.': Sunday Independent
Mairia Cahill

The naked face of Sinn Féin exposed, thanks to Maíria Cahill's courage (Nov 15): The Irish Times
Stephen Collins

Gerry Adams now exudes a palpable air of menace: Sunday Independent
Willie Kealy

It was a bad week for Sinn Fein ...but a great week for the Republic of Ireland: Evening Herald

A week in politics – Sinn Fein and SDLP electoral pacts, reducing the size of the Assembly and Westminster elections: Belfast Telegraph
Will Chambré

Ukip threatens to scupper DUP-UUP election pact: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Row over wreath laying intensifies: Lurgan Mail

'More than 100' acts of violence in one north Belfast community: Belfast Telegraph
Claire Williamson

Concerns raised over invisibility of police: Londonderry Sentinel

Gun haul found in Dublin dissident raid: UTV

Notorious INLA killer back in Dublin after year-long exile: Sunday Independent
Ken Foy

UVF murders trial 'faces delay over supergrass case': Belfast Telegraph
Alan Erwin

Joy and sadness as Brendan is identified: Belfast Media
Ciara Quinn

Family plea to find Disappeared as Brendan is finally laid to rest: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Kilpatrick

Hugh Callaghan of the Birmingham Six still haunted but supports campaign by bombing victims' families: Daily Mirror
Steve Myall

Reminding ourselves why we recognise our war dead: Belfast Telegraph
Alf McCreary

Invocation of men of 1916 has backfired: Irish Examiner
Michael Clifford

The appropriate way to mark the Easter Rising in 2016 (Nov 15): The Irish Times

Remembering 1916 – Celebrations are already too divisive (Nov 14): Irish Examiner

Is the Church here finished?: Irish Catholic
Michael Kelly

Gardai probe 'IRA' kidnap threat to TD: Sunday Independent
John Drennan and Maeve Sheehan

O'Sullivan urged to pull out of Garda commissioner race (Nov 14): The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

We must look beyond these shores for a new leader to rebuild the Garda (Nov 14): Irish Independent
James Downey

Cabinet to decide on diaspora presidential vote shortly (Nov 4): The Irish Times
Simon Carswell

Plaid Cymru leader calls for Westminster scrutiny: Scotland on Sunday

Scots' outrage at Union Jack driving licence – David Cameron set to strike a blow for Britishness by putting UK flag on new photocard documents: Daily Mail
Brendan Carlin


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