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This archive contains references to articles from November 16-30, 1997. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


November 30

Unionist fury at Irish 'bid to wreck talks': The Sunday Times

Unionism has no need of a doomsday plan: The Sunday Times

Details set for Blair-Adams meeting: Boston Globe

Paisley denounces all-Ireland body: The Sunday Times

IRA bombers will move to Irish jails: The Sunday Times

North's threat on abortion: The Sunday Times

Sectarian quiz game aims to blow the Troubles away: The Sunday Times

November 29

Unionists join forces to combat 'divide and rule': Electronic Telegraph

UUP calls for inquiry on IRA funding: The Irish Times

Loyalists: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Some celebrations are best seen from afar: Irish News

City council may recognise Irish: Irish News

November 28

Negotiating A Settlement: The Irish Times

Loyalist delegate is shot: Electronic Telegraph

Sands family's legal action over 'IRA' claim: Irish News

The real Tory agenda on the north is beginning to emerge: Irish News

Ahern presses for new Bloody Sunday inquiry: The Irish Times

Unionists fume as Ards 'besmirched' by RTE: Irish News

November 27

Tories scold Blair over offer to meet with Adams: Boston Globe

We're finally getting somewhere: Irish Independent

South will see powers devolved to new body: The Irish Times

Peace process silently slips into higher gear: The Irish Times

SDLP refloats European model for future cooperation: Irish News

Patience could wear thin if progress is not made soon: The Irish Times

Bloody Sunday pressure increases: Irish News

President's brother recalls horrific loyalist beating: Irish News

November 26

Oul' dogs howling can't stop the moon rising: Irish News

Army ends patrols in nationalist Belfast: Electronic Telegraph

Loyalist violence in Belfast: The Irish Times

Time to play our cards and alter articles 2 and 3: The Irish Times

RUC must accept change is only option: Irish News

Tories challenge Blair 'appeasement': The Times

SF to hand over report on British army agent: Irish News

November 25


Disarmingly unresponsive: Irish Independent

Plans to create pan-unionist front stall: The Irish Times

IRA dissidents are warned against using Sands name: The Times

Paisley confronts Blair: Irish News

November 24

Paramilitaries shed their fundamentalism: Irish News

Sinn Fein talks warning: Irish News

Public puzzled by secrecy of Stormont talks: The Irish Times

IRA dissidents set to be readmitted: Irish News

Bishops accused of failure on North: The Irish Times

Blair backs change, says Adams: The Irish Times

An American in the torture chamber: The Times

Don't fear to speak in '98: Irish News

November 23

`It's Only When It Stops That You Realize How Horrible It's Been': Washington Post

On Northern Ireland streets, patrols still stir resentment: Boston Globe

A big hand for Gerry Adams: The Sunday Times

Bobby Sands's sister leads IRA breakaway: The Sunday Times

Flanagan may sue US Internet publisher of 'shoot-to-kill' profile: The Sunday Times

Mitchell comfortable with peacemaker role: Philadelphia Inquirer

RUC officers 'broke rules' on SAS book: The Sunday Times

November 22

Those paralytic talks have moved up a gear: Irish News

Talks that lack any substance: Irish Independent

Everyone is playing politics with security: Irish News

Ahern, Trimble move step nearer to North settlement: The Irish Times

Some hesitant steps down the peace process road: The Irish Times

Ireland steps up terrorist jail terms: Electronic Telegraph

SF to be given VIP security by British government: The Irish Times

Call for investigation into residents 'agenda': Irish News

November 21

A NEW LEAF: Chicago Tribune

Dialogue rare bright spot in Ulster talks: Boston Globe

Ahern, Trimble agree on usefulness of talks: The Irish Times

A practical step forward: Irish News (Editorial)

United Ireland 'will loose under EMU': Irish News

Inquiry continues into fbomb at PUP offices: The Irish Times

November 20

Time to dismantle the myth of south Armagh: Irish News

Community dignity denied: Irish News

Articles 2 and 3 on the drawing board: The Irish Times

Lurgan riot is yet another warning sign: The Irish Times

Troops set for Ulster pullout: The Times

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Clark criticises Sinn Fein's 'exclusion': The Irish Times

November 19

Resolution getting closer: Irish Independent

Rioters in hijack spree after Duffy court case: Irish News

Securocrats still seem to hold the upper hand: Irish News

Police raise fear of ceasefire collapse: The Times

IRA ceasefire holding, Ingram says: The Irish Times

Only rebels want RUC reforms union told: Irish News

Blair defends Adams meeting at No 10: Electronic Telegraph

Adams meeting is fully justified: Irish News (Editorial)

British inertia is causing nationalist frustration, says SF: The Irish Times

November 18

Roisin's torment set to go on: Irish News

Trimble defends meeting with Ahern: The Irish Times

Leadership "split" threatens peace plan: Sydney Morning Herald (Tuesday's Paper)

Bloody Sunday delegation's lobby bid: Irish News

Call to expel Sinn Fein over speech: Electronic Telegraph

November 17

Can-do Blair aide breaks the mold: Boston Globe

Rumours of IRA split is just talk: Sunday Business Post

Talking sense: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Talks under threat as IRA is primed: Electronic Telegraph

IRA units told that ceasefire is temporary: The Irish Times

Consent principle vital in reaching settlement: Irish News

Why songs of the past can still shock today: The Irish Times

Tory anger at Adams's Christmas No 10 visit: The Times

November 16

Britain calls IRA cease-fire strong amid friction: Boston Globe



Moving From `the Troubles' to the Talks: Washington Post

What `Derry' and I Have Both Outgrown: Washington Post

Fanfare for McAleese era: The Sunday Times

Poppyless president misses her big chance: The Sunday Times

Gerry Adams to visit No 10 within weeks: The Sunday Times

Old habits die hard for IRA vigilantes: The Sunday Times

A LOOK AT . . . Peace Prospects in Northern Ireland - Glossary: Washington Post (definitions of key terms for the series of articles in today's paper)