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This archive contains references to articles from November 16-30, 1998. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Monday, November 30

Civil service may stymie cross-border ambitions: Irish Independent

Just good friends: Sunday Business Post

Danger signals: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Commonwealth chief woos Irish: The Times

We have all come too far to turn back now: Irish News

British not to blame for fate of Irish emigrants: The Irish Times

Search on for RUC watchdog : BBC

Robinson urges UUP to topple Trimble now: The Irish Times

Words of hate offer no hope: Irish News (Editorial)

Paisley defies his age and opponents: The Irish Times

DUP veto will ‘recast’ unionism: Irish News

US is urged to put its back into process: Irish News

Sunday, November 29

Sinn Fein's Adams cites arsenal issue: Boston Globe

IRA Convention postponed: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Adams fights to avert IRA split: The Sunday Times

'Nonsense' of Paisley arms claims: BBC

Ireland's impasse: Independent on Sunday (Editorial)

Time to bring the 'Mister' men back into politics: The Sunday Times

Basis for a deal only barely 'visible': by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Loyalists set for Christmas at Drumcree: The Sunday Times

RUC finds grenades at pastor's office: The Observer

Geldof hits out at silent Irish exiles: The Sunday Times

Saturday, November 28

Christmas at Drumcree: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

We will kill freed IRA, says new terror group: The Times

Citizenship bar must go: Irish News (Editorial)

Gerry Adams free to visit Australia: BBC

Weak NI economy needs South link: The Irish Times

FF TDs still wary of Commonwealth: Irish Independent

The case for the Commonwealth: The Irish Times

Smiles in Dublin while cynics cower in north: Irish News

Decision of tribunal judges criticised: The Irish Times

Mowlam still sees peace momentum: Irish Independent

Clinton asked to get involved: Irish News

Armed peace was not the agreement: The Irish Times

Official IRA feud is blamed for wave of attacks: Irish News

Friday, November 27

New Ireland, new dangers: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

RUC deal on cards - Patten: Belfast Telegraph

Blair Addresses Irish Parliament, Urging Cooperation: New York Times

Blair wins over Dublin with his childhood tales: Electronic Telegraph

New Generation New Countries: The Irish Times (Editorial)

DUP slams ‘great betrayer’: Irish News

Blair puts the emphasis on British-Irish link: The Irish Times

More prisoners released: BBC

Trimble expects resolution of arms issue: The Irish Times

Sense of hope being eroded says Adams: Irish News

Thursday, November 26

Historic day well worth waiting for: Irish Independent

Break free from chains of the past: Belfast Telegraph

'Fair' policing must be seen to be fair: Belfast Telegraph

Forgive but don't forget, says Adams: Belfast Telegraph

Blair urges Dail to understand Unionism: Electronic Telegraph

Peace junkies: The Guardian (Editorial)

Deal can’t be renegotiated: Irish News (Editorial)

DEADLINE POLITICS: The Times (Editorial)

Orangemen are trying to come in from cold caravan: The Irish Times

Apprentice Boys to ‘educate’ schools: Irish News

Commonwealth option for Ahern: The Times

Mackey accuses Sinn Fein of ‘witch hunt’: Irish News

Wednesday, November 25

Ahern's remarks aimed at republicans: Belfast Telegraph

Behind the headlines: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Six cross-border bodies agreed: Electronic Telegraph

Mr Blair Marks Progress: The Irish Times (Editorial)

The message and mission of Tony Blair: Irish Independent

Trimbo keeps dancing to his enemies’ tunes: Irish News

Leaders join forces to move peace process forward: The Irish Times

Dire warning on peace process: BBC

Funeral killers to go free: Irish News

US intervention on North impasse may be necessary: The Irish Times

Hands across the Atlantic to aid NI small firms: Irish News

Tuesday, November 24

Arms and the Agreement: Belfast Telegraph

Taylor challenged in Drumcree row: Belfast Telegraph The RUC must not be betrayed: The Times

Republicans, RUC differ on Armagh confrontation: The Irish Times

Orangemen attack 'propaganda': BBC

Order must look ahead: Irish News (Editorial)

Blair flies to Belfast to end deadlock: The Independent

Republican SF scornful of Ahern’s ‘unity’ claim: Irish News

What chance of a common goal when the match is off?: The Independent

Omagh fund falls far short of hopes: Irish News

Signs of strife over Irish tongue: The Times

Peace welcome but no IRA ‘surrender’: Irish News

Monday, November 23

God, land and the Ulstermen: Sunday Business Post

Drumcree talks may start after Blair date: Belfast Telegraph

NIO says RUC commission leaks are `not in our interests': Sunday Business Post

British government wants IRA signal on arms decomissioning: Sunday Business Post

Ireland will be united in my lifetime, says Ahern: Electronic Telegraph

Ahern’s aim not a threat: Irish News (Editorial)

Patrol attacked in republican area: BBC

RUC accused of murder bid: Irish News

Sifting through Northern Ireland's rumour machine: The Irish Times

Nobody’s past should destroy their future: Irish News

Both sides need space to move forward - Mansergh: The Irish Times

Hint of change in IRA policy: The Independent

Tension grows with Orangemen activity: The Irish Times

Powell 'right all along': The Times

Victory for sense in key soccer clash: Irish News

Sunday, November 22

IRA convention to take stance on decommissioning: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Wall of silence over Omagh as rebels plan new bombing: The Sunday Times

The walls that won't come tumbling down: The Observer

Unique chance for peace says Ahern: BBC

Blair to announce 'joint policy' council in Dublin: The Sunday Times

Christmas plea for Ulster exiles: The Sunday Times

Saturday, November 21

Football finds a sporting chance: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Irish cold war over - Trimble: Irish News

Help us find men who blew up Omagh: Electronic Telegraph

Objects bear silent witness to horror: The Times

'At least six' North-South bodies likely: The Irish Times

Union First’s last chancers: Irish News (Editorial)

RUC cannot be disarmed while the IRA maintains its weapons: Irish Independent

Millennium bug could help end policing row: Irish News

Hand over weapons says Trimble: BBC

Kinnock pushes for peace momentum: Irish News

Man held following discovery of rifle: The Irish Times

Friday, November 20

What the IRA wants most: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

UN calls for changes to RUC: The Times

Adams 'sceptical' of reports on RUC: The Irish Times

Spotlight stays on RUC’s future: Irish News (Editorial)

Congress committee asks Patten to testify: The Irish Times

Crossmaglen people complain of RUC actions: The Irish Times

Trimble’s identity pledge: Irish News

Ulster now too rich for EU aid: The Guardian

LVF’s decommissioning stance ‘just a sideshow’: Irish News

Thursday, November 19

RUC plan 'could kill peace deal': Electronic Telegraph

Maginnis’s comments ‘blow LVF handover’: Irish News

The Future Of The RUC: The Irish Times (Editorial)

SDLP demands big changes to police: Irish News

Patten review turns RUC into an insecurity force: The Irish Times

North's resistance fighters were seekers of normality: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein's own goal in political football: The Irish Times

Wednesday, November 18

Police in the firing line: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

LVF cancels decommissioning: BBC Disarmament of the I.R.A. Losing Some of Its Priority in Ulster: New York Times

Warning by RUC on arms trade-off: The Independent

RUC will cease to exist as new structures replace it: The Irish Times

RUC reform needed now: Irish News (Editorial)

Sinn Fein failed in talks objective: The Irish Times Ulster refuses to pay PR firm for US tour 'failure': The Times

Messines message was louder than any guns: Irish News

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Tuesday, November 17

RUC fear over guns trade-off: Belfast Telegraph

Policing the peace: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Garda chief warns of action on CIRA: Irish News

Democracy will die without decommissioning: The Irish Times (by Bob McCartney)

Terrorist release 'should stop': Electronic Telegraph

Irish-American nerves crave a dose of unity: Irish News

Sovereignty head said to have disturbed staff: The Irish Times

Government questioned over baton round use: Irish News

Dublin and SDLP have Border 'wish list'-Taylor: The Irish Times

Monday, November 16

Paeans of praise for slaughter: Sunday Business Post

UVF bombed Dublin - Irvine: Irish Independent

The not so secret agenda of the Poppy: Sunday Business Post

RSF claims Gardai damaged members' homes: Belfast Telegraph

Reynolds warns Blair of `major blunder' on IRA arms tactics: Sunday Business Post

Mr Mallon's Arms Guarantee: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Pluralist dream must be worth a little effort: Irish News

Ceasefires firm, says RUC chief: The Irish Times

Detention in Ulster defended: Electronic Telegraph

DC rejects newspaper claims: Irish News

Republic at last putting anti-British past behind it: The Irish Times

RSF restates opposition: Irish News

Deep anxiety behind optimistic tone of party: The Irish Times

Drumcree ‘will never happen again’: Irish News

Anti-Catholicism at work in the North, author says: The Irish Times