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Northern Ireland Archive

This archive contains references to articles from November 16-30, 1999. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Tuesday, November 30

Ulster: Time for Goodwill: Los Angeles Times (Editorial)

Again, hope in Ireland: Philadelphia Inquirer (Editorial)

Rocky Road to Irish Peace: New York Daily News (Editorial)

Another start in Ulster: Baltimore Sun (Editorial)

Terror in the classroom: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Really ... what more have we to fear now?: Belfast Telegraph

Belfast defies the cynics: Albany Times Union (Editorial)

US business weighs in for peace deal: Irish News

As N. Ireland steps toward peace, it's time to build trust: Philadelphia Inquirer

Learning lessons from failure of ’74: Irish News

N. Ireland Blocs Form Government: Washington Post

601 days of doubt, 60 minutes of delight: The Guardian

Ulster resigned to playing politics by Mandelson rules: Electronic Telegraph

Mandelsonian sleight of hand wins the day: The Times

The road to peace in Ulster remains littered with acrimony and accusations: The Independent

Birth of Executive redolent of history: The Irish Times

What is Martin McGuinness up to?: Electronic Telegraph

Uproar at ex-IRA chief's education post: The Times

Explosive mixture turns out to be a damp squib: The Irish Times

Irish peace -- Another cautious step forward: Minneapolis Star Tribune (Editorial)

Opportunity for Northern peace must not be wasted: The Examiner

The executive is formed: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Security forces brace for attack by renegade republican terrorists: The Examiner

'You murdered him; you bury him': The Times

Monday, November 29

The IRA's turn: Boston Globe (Editorial)

Trimble's still in trouble: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Over to you, Mr Adams: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Better future still on course: Irish News (Editorial)

Skill and courage: Irish Independent (Editorial)

N. Ireland's assembly set for historic session: Toronto Globe and Mail

Many Protestants in Ulster accept a sharing of power: Boston Globe

Blair in US appeal over republican funding: Belfast Telegraph

The champagne corks, just like the guns, stay silent: Irish Independent

Trimble: a Moses, not a Judas: Electronic Telegraph

Hume provided key to peace despite doubters: Irish Independent

We can make it work if we all stick together: Irish News

Sinn Fein warning clouds historic week for Ulster: Electronic Telegraph

Mandelson confident on IRA handover: BBC

Contentious claim on brink of being consigned to history: The Times

Anti-agreement could cause trouble: The Irish Times

Opposition defeated by leader's secret aces: Electronic Telegraph

Peace process brings changes to Republic: The Irish Times

Hopefuls play blind man's buff as Taylor acts as joker in pack: The Guardian

Dangerous issues pile up against Stormont's doors as troubles of begin: The Independent

Pitfalls and uncertainties should not be a surprise: The Irish Times

Deadlock postponed: The Guardian

Trimble treads tightrope with arms deadline: The Times

Trimble has made himself most loyal IRA cheerleader: The Irish Times

Trimble's emotional shift from the norm: The Guardian

A leap of faith, but not a leap together: Electronic Telegraph

Both sides can grab chance history offers: The Times

Settlement a testimony to strong political leadership: The Irish Times

The New Face of Northern Ireland: New York Times (Editorial)

Ulster moves forward: The Guardian (Editorial)

YES, BUT...: The Times (Editorial)

The courage of Mr Trimble: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Sinn Fein chief will get £75,000 a year: The Times

Sunday, November 28

Do arms still threaten new political order?: Sunday Business Post

Ulster says yes to realpolitik: Sunday Business Post (Editorial)

Northern peace deal was Taylor made: Sunday Business Post

Ulster Party Vote Breaks Deadlock in N. Ireland: Los Angeles Times

Mitchell: No Time to Naysay: New York Daily News

Ulster Unionists Open Way for Ruling With Sinn Fein: New York Times

Victorious Trimble gives IRA ultimatum: Electronic Telegraph

Close vote and Trimble's pledge raise uncertainty over peace process: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Trimble wins over his party - just: Electronic Telegraph

Man of the moment must beware the enemy within: The Sunday Times

Peace process ready to face next hurdle: Boston Herald

Brave men in the battle for peace: The Sunday Times

Northern Ireland's hard road ahead: BBC

Partners in the dance of peace are in step at last: The Observer

The peace of pressure: Sunday Independent

Unionism's perennial 'No' finally becomes a 'Yes': The Observer

Well Done, Ulster: Washington Post

Yesterday's vote the ideal outcome for 'No' camp: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Trimble's brave gamble: The Sunday Times (Editorial)

Irish vote gives peace a chance: The Observer (Editorial)

A complex system to fix a complex problem: Independent on Sunday

Court gag protects army dirty tricks unit : The Sunday Times

Police chief warns on 'rebirth of IRA': The Sunday Times

RUC's Cross is an insult to Malta: The Observer

Dual identity to delay RUC name change: The Sunday Times

Cynicism a byproduct of peace: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Sunday Times demands £600,000 from IRA chief: The Sunday Times

Hillary Run A Boost for Irish America: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

Republican dissidents may turn guns on RUC: The Sunday Times

Saturday, November 27

Unionists back peace deal: BBC (15:14 GMT)

In this historic scenario there are no ground rules: Belfast Telegraph

A bitter pill: National Post (Editorial)

Bearna bhaoil time again for our children: Irish News

The challenge ahead for us: Belfast Telegraph

Looking to Belfast in search of a better Boston: Boston Globe

No men join SF in Co Clare: Irish News

N. Ireland Unionists to vote on peace pact: Reported too close to call: Boston Herald

Trimble calls for courage over deal: Electronic Telegraph

Trimble tipped to win narrow backing for deal: The Independent

Trimble might invite party to set its own time limit: The Irish Times

UUP facing collapse if Trimble carries vote: The Examiner

Orange Order says 'no': BBC

This couple fled their farm in fear of the IRA 27 years ago. Today they are urging their fellow unionists to vote for peace: The Guardian

Now is not the time to seize UUP leadership: The Irish Times

Trimble is facing his longest day: Irish Independent

Council wields the power in the UUP: The Examiner

Belfast waits quietly for ordinary life: BBC

It will be the end for David if he loses the vote: Irish Independent

The hope of politics in Northern Ireland: Boston Herald (Editorial)

Vote for peace deal: Irish Independent (Editorial)

An opportunity for agreement: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Opportunity for Northern peace must not be wasted: The Examiner (Editorial)

No basis to suggest IRA plans return to violence: The Irish Times

Glass hall offers clear view of Ulster's future: The Times

Recalling of Mallon denounced: The Irish Times

Award recognises the RUC's record of service: The Irish Times

A Deft Maestro Who Got Ulster to Harmonize: New York Times

UUP may cut Orange Order link: The Irish Times

Friday, November 26

Trimble's shift tests party and his future: Boston Globe

The week to decide: Belfast Telegraph (by David Trimble)

Extremists' reaction can help Trimble win: Irish Independent

If in doubt, don't deal: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

The end of sectarianism: Irish News (Editorial)

Time to choose: Irish Independent (Editorial)

A gamble worth taking: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Marching a human right - UUP: Irish News

RUC 'faked interview notes': Irish News

Mandy gets a taste of Northern bitterness: Irish Independent

Mandelson urges leaders to 'break the deadlock': Electronic Telegraph

Fake letter cheap trick - Trimble: BBC

Support is waning for Trimble's deal: Electronic Telegraph

Will grassroot support for deal show through: The Irish Times

Trimble loyalist still suspects a trick: The Times

Trimble's challenge: BBC

Trimble ready to lay ghosts of Ulster's past: The Guardian

Trimble not contemplating failure: The Irish Times

Taylor vote stance still uncertain: BBC

Yes to government before guns: Electronic Telegraph (by David Trimble)

Belfast Agreement is an admission of failure: The Irish Times

No to government before guns?: Electronic Telegraph (by Jeffrey Donaldson)

Mr Trimble on trial - Much will hang on how his deputy jumps: The Guardian

DEMOCRACY FOR ULSTER: The Times (Editorial)

Peace accord is the North's only way forward: The Examiner

Catholics outnumber Anglicans at services: Electronic Telegraph

Thursday, November 25

Protestants value the dissenting tradition: Irish Independent

Who's afraid of Bairbre?: Belfast Telegraph

Sinn Fein slams RIR peace reception for RIR: Irish News

Blow for Trimble as Molyneaux urges 'no': Electronic Telegraph

Taylor under pressure to back Trimble in vote: The Irish Times

Battle for minds of unionists intensifies: The Examiner

Nobility wheeled on to lend weight to debate: The Irish Times

Taylor's support for Trimble may start new era: The Irish Times

Adams sets Sinn Fein on new path: The Guardian

Mandelson condemns DUP 'hypocrisy': BBC

Orangemen denounce Mandelson 'the traitor': Electronic Telegraph

Royal master-stroke may sway unionists: The Irish Times

Loyalist gunmen put arms surrender on hold: The Guardian

How republican policing left a family in fear: Electronic Telegraph

Symbolism and the RUC: The Irish Times (Editorial)

IRA victims were 'shot in head': BBC

Wednesday, November 24

Real IRA bombing campaign unlikely - gardai: Irish Independent

Charting a grim tradition: IRA attacks in Britain: Irish News

Trimble 'accepts' IRA stand on arms: Belfast Telegraph

In Ireland, unity a lesser priority: Philadelphia Inquirer

Belfast walls reinforce a bitter divide: Boston Globe

UUP beating Irish parties at their own game: Irish News

John Taylor ... and his Orange de Valera-ism: Belfast Telegraph

RUC GC (posthumous?): Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Tribute and nothing more: Irish News (Editorial)

Sacrifice will not be forgotten: Belfast Telegraph

Trimble to face questions on deal: BBC

Why I put my faith in this deal: The Times (by David Trimble)

Ahern issues warning on decommissioning: The Irish Times

Articles 2 & 3 to disappear on assembly day: The Examiner

Unionists should focus on prize: The Irish Times

Unionists split as Trimble tries to sell deal to party: The Examiner

Nobody can predict the UUC meeting: The Irish Times

Loyalist abuse for leaders in Portadown: The Irish Times

Mandelson has 'failed to reassure' Unionists: Electronic Telegraph

RUC awarded George Cross: Electronic Telegraph

Award of George Cross to RUC prompts Sinn Fein protest: The Independent

Mother of plastic bullet victim 'insulted' by award: Electronic Telegraph

Tide of sympathy and support for the force that faced terror daily: Electronic Telegraph

A slight touch of cynicism in the air: The Irish Times

People of Malta only other group honoured: The Times

An exceptional honour: The Guardian (Editorial)

Report on RUC should be buried - Paisley: The Irish Times

Tuesday, November 23

The IRA's agenda: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Votes needed: Irish Independent (Editorial)

DUP’s U-turn a cynical ploy: Irish News (Editorial)

Northern Ireland turns the page: National Post

Mandelson arms rule challenged by Sinn Fein: Electronic Telegraph

Arms promise fails to win over Unionists: The Times

Deal a 'major ideological retreat' for SF: The Irish Times

Sinn Féin annoyed by arms ultimatum: The Examiner

Paisley warns of wrecking tactics: Electronic Telegraph

Cooing Mandelson proves a hit with the Ulster ladies: The Times

Implementing The Agreement: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Dissident republicans prompt national terror alert by Yard: The Independent

Real IRA's numbers have been growing: The Guardian

Dinosaurs, vipers and ghosts in the big sell: The Irish Times

Monday, November 22

Legal bid to revoke Mallon resignation: Belfast Telegraph

Taylor may be key to crucial vote outcome: Irish Independent

Let’s give the fantasies a miss: Irish News (Editorial)

Celtic tiger to beat Orange dinosaur: Sunday Business Post

Why the act of trust by Trimble makes sense: Belfast Telegraph (by Patrick Mayhew)

`No early arms handover': Sunday Business Post

MAP can deliver the goods we need: Irish News

Cabinet to `risk' change in claim on North: Irish Independent

Beggs will not support Mitchell deal: Irish News

Real IRA meet in bid to shatter peace process: The Examiner

Trimble demands arms pledge from Sinn Fein: Electronic Telegraph

Campaign against devolution: The Irish Times

Nervous Ulster leaders in flurry of denials: The Independent

SF rejects disarming doubts: The Irish Times

Trimble tells Unionists there is no other way: The Guardian

Trimble win likely by large majority: The Irish Times

Issue of weapons must be resolved: The Examiner

The quiet American: The Guardian (Editorial)

Prisoner's peace quest: The Times

Group plays a behind the scenes role in Northern Ireland healing process: The Examiner

Victims of Birmingham IRA bombings remembered in 25th anniversary service: The Examiner

Sunday, November 21

New Obstacle Seen as Ulster Is Given Date of Home Rule: New York Times

Mitchell Walkout Threat Spurred Peace Deal: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

How Mitchell made Ulster say yes: Sunday Independent

If Trimble wins, the Unionists will split: Electronic Telegraph

DUP makes a play for unionist rebels: The Sunday Times

'We used to say: first guns, then government. Now it's government, then guns': Electronic Telegraph

Sinn Fein's days of fudge are numbered: Sunday Independent

Sleeping with the enemy: Sunday Independent

Ploughing the furrow of peace: The Sunday Times

Trimble has a fight on his hands: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

The men who made Trimble think again: The Observer

Trimble is blessed in the quality of his opponents: Sunday Independent

This is the only way forward - but caution is still our watchword: The Observer (by David Trimble)

Time to turn away from evil: The Sunday Times

Back Trimble: The Observer (Editorial)

The path to peace: The Sunday Times (Editorial)

Mr Trimble's bold political gamble: Sunday Independent (Editorial)

Maze leader to be IRA link in arms handover: The Sunday Times

IRA splinter group planning bombings on the mainland: Electronic Telegraph

Hardliners split from IRA over peace deal: Independent on Sunday

A bright future - and less orange: by Brendan O'Leary

Secret army unit burnt Stevens files: The Sunday Times

The Committee author wins significant disclosure battle: by Anne Cadwallader (Ireland on Sunday)

RUC officers have threatened solicitors, say US investigators: The Sunday Times

Rumble in the Bronx?: Virtual Ireland (Nov. 19)

`P' never forgets he's just write for the job: Sunday Independent

Saturday, November 20

Unionists need to be wary of knee-jerk reaction: Belfast Telegraph

Trimble out on limb after IRA's lacklustre pledge: Irish Independent

Protestant Leader Launches Bid to Win OK for Compromise With IRA: Los Angeles Times

Making agreement work will not be easy: Irish Independent

Public disunity as Trimble attempts to rally Unionists: Electronic Telegraph

IRA may not give up guns, Trimble warned: The Times

SF cleans up after Ferris gaffe: Irish News

SF hoping arms issue may recede - McLaughlin: The Irish Times

Trimble gets warning of trouble ahead: The Guardian

Ministers to be appointed in the North within 10 days: The Irish Times

Sea of Troubles not crossed yet: Sydney Morning Herald

The importance of being in earnest on giving up guns: The Examiner

Rebuilding the Path to Peace in Northern Ireland: New York Times (by George Mitchell)

Trimble seeks to complete Ulster jigsaw: The Times

When all is said, we need Trimble’s peace: Irish News

Trimble will be victorious but by how much?: The Irish Times

How Mitchell saved peace: Boston Herald (Editorial)

Coming home: The Independent

Belfast court upholds Mowlam decision on state of IRA ceasefire: The Examiner

Giving a black eye to terrorism: Hong Kong Standard

Ulster Unionists plea over Patten: Irish News

Catholic bar on monarchy 'to be ended': Electronic Telegraph

Friday, November 19

Real IRA haven't gone away, you know: Irish Independent

How Sinn Fein can help Trimble over final hurdle: Irish Independent

Minister warns of danger in storing arms: Irish News

For Irish, Trust Grows Slowly: New York Daily News

Mitchell Asks Dissidents Not to Block Northern Ireland Peace Plan: New York Times

The quiet man who gave peace a chance: The Times

Experience led to Mitchell taking greater control: The Irish Times

Senator taught Ulster's warring factions to speak same language: The Independent

Trimble plans major drive to win backing for deal: The Irish Times

Conflict goes on, says IRA hardliner: Electronic Telegraph

IRA proviso dooms May arms deadline: Sydney Morning Herald

It's right to back this deal: Electronic Telegraph (by Peter Mandelson)

On the Threshold of Peace: Washington Post (Editorial)

There is no other way forward: The Examiner (Editorial)

A pivotal point in history: The Irish Times (Editorial)

New crackdown on dissidents: BBC

RUC to be vetted on human rights: The Irish Times

New police service essential de Brun: The Irish Times

Mitchell intervenes to help shipyard: BBC

Thursday, November 18

London joy at `stronger than expected' statement: Irish Independent

Jump with Trimble, Mitchell tells IRA: Belfast Telegraph

Cautious welcome given in south Armagh: Irish News

Tell the truth, David: Belfast Telegraph

Peace in Ireland: 'Tis and 'tisn't: Boston Globe

Wolves are best kept from the door - not indoors: Electronic Telegraph

IRA's gesture; Unionists' choice: Boston Globe (Editorial)

Next dance: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Unionist Split: Turning back the clock is no answer for the new Northern Ireland: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Remarkable peace pace: Irish News (Editorial)

Group’s plea to axe GAA’s Rule 21: Irish News

I.R.A. Gives Pledge to Help Disarm Ulster Guerrillas: New York Times

Mitchell to issue final talks report: BBC

IRA statement clears the last hurdle on road to peace: The Independent

Frontman will come from trio of hardliners: Electronic Telegraph

Decommissioning obsession misses breakthroughs: The Irish Times

Paisley takes fight for unionism’s soul onto streets: The Examiner

Adams accepts UUP difficulties: The Irish Times

Take step forward for peace, people tell the politicians: Electronic Telegraph

Battle begins for the heart of Ulster Unionists: The Irish Times

David Trimble: 'What we've got amounts to a commitment to decommission': Electronic Telegraph

Care must be taken says adviser: The Examiner

As Northern Ireland Waits: New York Times (Editorial)

IRA's key contribution to lasting peace: The Examiner (Editorial)

Unlocking a door to peace: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Plans for RUC reform may be modified: The Irish Times

Patten claims attempt to muddy waters before report is published: The Examiner

Wednesday, November 17

Taking risks for peace: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

What wasn't stated: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Clinton set for final push to clinch North peace: Irish Independent

Both sides aim at conciliation in N. Ireland: Toronto Globe and Mail

Is Trimble going down the O'Neill road?: Irish Independent

Art of the impossible: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Time to dispose of historical baggage: Irish News

Name change to mark return for Joel Patton: Irish News

Innocents blown to bits: Irish News

Behind-the-scenes talks boost peace in N. Ireland: Christian Science Monitor

Unionist fury over Trimble about-turn on IRA arms: Electronic Telegraph

Arms statement not enough - Donaldson: BBC

The historic day republicans and Unionists finally learnt to speak each other's language: The Independent

Attention switches to IRA response on decommissioning: The Times

Everything comes down in the end to principles: The Examiner

Devolution spells end for articles: The Irish Times

Adams poised for power after rejection of violence: The Times

Adams and Trimble on tightrope to peace: Electronic Telegraph

Trimble's final roll of the dice: The Times

No excuses if we lose this chance for peace: The Examiner

Humespeak means no turning back: The Irish Times

A farce, a fraud, a failure: The Times

Hope comes to Belfast: The Guardian (Editorial)

STATEMENTS AND INTENT: The Times (Editorial)

All changed as North on brink of historic peace: The Examiner (Editorial)

The Language Of Compromise: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Compromise hint over RUC badges: The Times

RUC should lose police role - Sinn Fein: BBC

Lasting peace edges closer as Trimble yields on IRA arms: Sydney Morning Herald (Wednesday)

Tuesday, November 16

Decommissioning essential - Adams: Belfast Telegraph

But what is on offer?: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

The ghastly shape of religious 'head-casery': Belfast Telegraph

New label for Spirit of Drumcree: Irish News

The SDLP's way forward: Belfast Telegraph

Cocky Celtic Tiger stalks the Big Apple: Irish News

Northern Ireland Talks Get Push Forward: New York Times

Trimble urges patience on 'D-word': Electronic Telegraph

Taylor digs in heels as the sceptic-in-chief: The Times

Enter the general in fight to save Ulster agreement: The Guardian

Weary and ready for peace after 30 years of bitter conflict: The Times

Peace deal teams feel their way with 'baby steps': The Independent

'Hand of history' rests over Ulster: The Irish Times

TRIMBLE'S GAMBLE: The Times (Editorial)

Positive signs of movement: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Pipe bomb attack on Catholic home: BBC

Shadowy Loyalist terrorist groups wage self described holy war in cyberspace: The Examiner

Clegg appeals sentence for 1990 shooting: The Irish Times

Jobless Welsh find work in Ireland: The Times