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This archive contains references to articles from November 1-15, 1997. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


November 15

South has to address erosion of powers: The Irish Times

An all-Ireland occasion: Irish News

Looking for heroes in Stormont cliffhanger: The Irish Times

The arms chief who put a bomb under the IRA: The Times

Conflicting claims cause confusion for IRA: The Irish Times

Anglo-Irish Agreement has brought '12 years of failure': Irish News

Veteran's disgust at loyalist propaganda: Irish News

Singer Sinead defends song's republican theme: The Irish Times

November 14

A quiet Derry man leads IRA to the peace table: Boston Globe


IRA leaders 'committed to ceasefire': Electronic Telegraph

Constitutional surgery must be done in Republic: The Irish Times

Irish unity a question of time says rights group: Irish News

November 13

To achieve peace, Irish Republicans must redefine the 'enemy': Boston Globe

The funding Irish: Boston Globe (Editorial)

Why simply being an Irish nationalist is not enough: Irish News

Smugness but no words of healing: The Irish Times

Kennedy warns on price of talks failure: The Irish Times

McLaughlin dismisses IRA resignation claims: Irish News

Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Adams calls for EU role in peace: Irish News

Andrews plans to raise McAliskey issue with Mowlam: The Irish Times

November 12

New light in the Park: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Irish inaugurate a builder: Boston Globe

Anger at Commons plea by Sinn Fein: Electronic Telegraph

New Irish President makes peace priority: The Times

Speech fails to impress mainstream unionists: The Irish Times

35 said to have quit IRA in south Armagh: The Irish Times

Unionist praised over 'genuine ceasefire' remark: Irish News

SDLP to show frustration at talks pace: The Irish Times

November 11

In Ulster, poppies impose row upon row: Boston Globe

The war of the poppies: Boston Globe (Editorial)

The healing power of symbols: Boston Globe

Unionists strive for unity to foil Dublin power-sharing: Electronic Telegraph

We can live together says priest: Irish News

Stormont talks a process where nothing happens: The Irish Times

Britain's new tactic: painting the town green: Irish News

Inauguration disgrace of BBC: Irish News (Editorial)

Threats appear not to be exaggerated by Butler: The Irish Times

November 10

ONE PRESIDENT, TWO IRELANDS: Chicago Tribune (Editorial)

IRA Donegal dissent is a dismal omen: Sunday Business Post

Political prisoners: pawns in the game: Sunday Business Post

Lest we forget: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Sinn Fein demands access to Commons offices: The Times

Harryville breakthrough: Irish News

Relatives dismiss comments by Adams: The Irish Times

All those who died in the troubles were victims: Irish News

IRA selling out: O Bradaigh: Irish News

Mowlam has rocked a few boats: The Irish Times

United Irishmen shunned 'Popery' claims unionist: Irish News

Dead loyalist at centre of murder campaign: The Irish Times

November 9

Adams foils attempted IRA mutiny: The Sunday Times

Fall out: The Sunday Times

Adams 'sorry' for massacre at Enniskillen: Electronic Telegraph

In Ulster, Enniskillen marks 10 years since bombing left 11dead: Boston Globe

US kept silent over IRA arms ship: The Sunday Times

Time to kill sacred cows of sectarian nationalism: The Sunday Times

Loyalists clash in drugs feud: The Sunday Times

A new song in Scotland: Boston Globe (Editorial)

November 8

Irish debate meaning of IRA leadership split: Boston Globe

Constitutional change necessary for democratic North settlement: The Irish Times (by Proinsias De Rossa)

Adams faces crisis over ceasefire: Electronic Telegraph

Gardai discount claims of major split in IRA: The Irish Times

Shunning The Violent Way: The Irish Times (Editorial)

IRA 'beginning the end of ceasefire' says Trimble: Irish News

'Yesterday's man' now looking to new generation of republicanism: The Irish Times

Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Why a lily can threaten the poppy: The Times

Elbow-deep in poppycock: Irish News

Legion 'delighted' by McAleese attendance: The Irish Times

November 7


Politics of parades are never simple: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Peace talks row sparks rift in Sinn Fein: Irish Independent

Talks way to lasting peace: Irish News (Editorial)

IRA irreconcialbles: The Times (Editorial)

Concern rather than alarm over resignations: The Irish Times

IRA resignations may aid peace process: The Irish Times

November 6

IRA walkout poses threat to peace process: Irish Independent

IRA split over arms handover: Irish Independent

Mary McAleese has a special: Ireland's first president from the North: Boston Globe

McAleese shows her political intelligence: The Irish Times

Blair defends poppy in Ireland: Electronic Telegraph

Positive result to poppy row: Irish News (Editorial)

Enniskillen remembers: Irish News

Band choice may spark conflict: Irish News

Spring's aim was uniting Irish: Irish News

November 5

Time to ask where Mo is on our radar screen: Irish News

Republican terrorist group 'is poised for new attack': The Times

The feel-good factor to pervade NI talks review: The Irish Times

McAleese 'should not wear the poppy': Irish News

November 4

It is fitting to honour all who gave their lives: Irish News (by John Bruton)

Row over poppies leaves Blair cold: Irish News

Two sides to every bridge: Irish News (Editorial)

Taylor may break ranks over McAleese: The Irish Times

'End rule 21' call rejected: Irish News

RSF Ard-Fheis to address 'Irish right of force': Irish News

November 3

Let's have no more apologies for being Irish: Sunday Business Post

Sinn Fein says IRA will buy compromise: Boston Globe

Two Irelands are on track for closer ties: Boston Globe

Fianna Fail's mighty think-tank backs new president: Irish News

Fitting time to ditch Rule 21: Irish News (Editorial)

First Lady speaks of peace hopes in Ulster: The Times

More CIRA attacks feared after 'armed struggle': The Irish Times

CIRA threatens 'traitors': Irish News

Engaging our enemies is the only way to achieve peace: Irish News

November 2

President's poppy can give us all hope: The Sunday Times

Flanagan warns of three terrorist threats to peace: The Sunday Times

President-elect of Ireland seen as pragmatic, flexible: Boston Globe

Mary Poppins with a chill at the core: The Sunday Times (Profile)

US airman in IRA link probe: The Sunday Times

November 1

In a first, Irish elect president from Ulster: Boston Globe

Catholic girl from Belfast makes it to world stage: Irish News

First Lady Praises Women's Efforts in N. Ireland: Washington Post

Northern reaction reflects the Orange-Green divide: The Irish Times

Unionists offered hand of a friend: Irish News

Another day of anguished remembrance in Enniskillen: The Times

Beware the arrogance of the pen: Irish News

Dislike of people from NI 'racist': The Irish Times