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This archive contains references to articles from November 1-15, 1998. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Sunday, November 15

Mowlam 'vowed to keep RUC': The Sunday Times

A rare body of men: The Sunday Times (Editorial)

Hague urges halt to terrorist releases: BBC

The game's up: The Sunday Times

Bring in deal now - Hume: BBC

MI5 warned Blair about Livingstone: The Sunday Times

Saturday, November 14

Don't play games over arms issue, says Mallon: Irish Independent

State reaches maturity as the century closes: The Irish Times

Army withdraws more soldiers: BBC

I've been taught to be positive . . . had I let go, the bombers would have won: The Times

All our heroes are home: Irish News

Lifting the fog of remembrance history: Irish Independent

Sinn Fein blamed in soccer row: The Guardian

Club used as political pawn: Irish News (Editorial)

Should nationalists play the RUC at sport?: The Guardian

Bloody Sunday: ‘No immunity for army’: Irish News

A monarch for the Irish people: Irish Independent

Friday, November 13

Policing the peace: Irish News

Mowlam recognises LVF ceasefire: The Guardian

LVF must prove they are genuine: Irish News (Editorial)

SDLP ready to celebrate fruit of 30 years' struggle: The Irish Times

UDP calls for arms gesture: Irish News

Donegal Celtic pulls out of game against RUC: Irish News

Thursday, November 12

Ahern 'disappointed' by Sinn Fein rebuff: Belfast Telegraph

The immoral Maze: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Row looms over UUP cash from Republic: Belfast Telegraph

Peace tower unites islands in homage: Electronic Telegraph

'New evidence' for IRA bomb appeal: The Guardian

Change in policing in NI must be root and branch: The Irish Times

Ahern thinks Adams should meet Flanagan: The Irish Times

‘Republic trying to intern us’ says RSF: Irish News

Maze prison staff 'are traumatised': Electronic Telegraph

SF calls for Maze to be kept as museum: Irish News

Anger at Maze closure: BBC

UDP man warns of threat to unionists: Irish News

Dublin plans a range of ‘welcomes’ for the queen: Irish

Patton expulsion not full solution: Irish News (Editorial)

Wednesday, November 11

Stormont Accord inches toward becoming a reality: Belfast Telegraph

Philip Visits Ireland and There's Talk of the Queen Going, Too: New York Times

Order expels 'rebel' Patton: Belfast Telegraph

Philip in call for an end to divisions: Irish News

Maze prison 'unsafe and in control of inmates': Electronic Telegraph

Jail where the inmates ended up in charge: The Times

Sinn Fein 'digging a hole': BBC

‘Nationalists want guns handed in’: Irish News

IRA women freed as impasse grows: The Guardian

Geography, history rhyme for Seamus and David: The Irish Times

Trimble says yes to his destiny with the Irish: Irish News

SF and unionists at risk from dissidents: The Irish Times

Tuesday, November 10

The Duke in Dublin: Belfast Telegraph

US senator scoops award for brokering North deal: Irish Independent

RSF leader attacks Adams: Belfast Telegraph

Arms deadlock after Adams's No 10 meeting: Electronic Telegraph

North-south bodies vital says Mallon: Irish News

IRA visits homes of republican dissidents: The Irish Times

Footballers defy boycott call: BBC

UDA voices anger at Adair challenge: The Irish Times

All-island cooperation makes sense: Irish News

Clegg seeks formal court acquittal: The Independent

Monday, November 9

Ulster says `no' in yet another way: Sunday Business Post

Tracking down the last major threat to peace: Irish Independent

Hutchinson accuses Trimble of reneging: Sunday Business Post

The Basque-Irish connection: Boston Globe

Loyalists threaten missile attack on plane: Sunday Business Post

'Shoot to kill policy never existed': Belfast Telegraph

Blair and Adams to discuss arms impasse: BBC

Sinn Fein can make a move: Irish News (Editorial)

Lack of courage a bizarre verdict on David Trimble: The Irish Times

History's finger on the trigger: The Times

Donegal Celtic worthy of praise: Irish News (Editorial)

New northern offices for Republican SF: The Irish Times

RSF’s continued opposition to agreement: Irish News

Clegg back in court as he fights to clear name: Electronic Telegraph

Drumcree a wrongful reading of Reformation: Irish News

Sunday, November 8

UDA plots 'return to arms': Electronic Telegraph

IRA to agree on arms by Christmas: The Sunday Times

Mowlam ceasefire deals herald release of INLA and LVF inmates: The Sunday Times

Only 2 serve life for 400 security force killings: The Sunday Times

Most Scots expect independence within 20 years: The Observer

Saturday, November 7

Hume's future and those of his 'ministers' unclear: Belfast Telegraph

Shock figure in Mass survey: Belfast Telegraph

IRA convict freed thanks to peace accord: Boston Globe

Spirit of deal must be kept: Irish News (Editorial)

Trimble accuses SF over talks crux: Irish Independent

Loyalist party out in the cold: The Guardian

Release of UFF leader blocked by Mowlam: The Times

Sinn Fein dismisses RUC chief's offer of talks: The Irish Times

Loyalists tell Patten of their fears for RUC: The Irish Times

Cold tongue, Brussels pouts and some beers: Irish News

I'm standing by my plan: Irish Independent

Continuity IRA threatens to target security force: The Irish Times

SF chief defends position on match: Irish News

SF wants ban on poppies in workplaces: Irish News

Friday, November 6

Stop the release of terrorists, say 7 out of 10 voters: Electronic Telegraph

Employment bias in NI is easing, says report: The Irish Times

Our prosperity needs equality: Irish News

Patten given rough ride in Belfast: The Times

Trimble is restricted over guns says Bew: Irish News

Orangemen defiant over Portadown: BBC

How Sinn Fein acts to keep police sidelined: The Times

Kelly will speak at ceremony for the Edentubber Martyrs: Irish News

Thursday, November 5

Turkey and carols at Drumcree: Belfast Telegraph

Republican is shunned by workmates: Belfast Telegraph

Crowd urges disbanding of RUC: Irish News

RUC members to declare links with private bodies: The Irish Times

IRA's Hyde Park bomber is released: Electronic Telegraph

SF hits out at possible visit to south by queen: Irish News

Ahern signals need for some decommissioning: The Irish Times

PM urges start to weapons handover: Irish News

MEPs honour Trimble for role in peace process: The Irish Times

Petulant display does SF no credit: Irish News (Editorial)

Wednesday, November 4

Douglas Hurd on his time in Ulster: Belfast Telegraph

Patten roadshow just a shoulder to cry on: Irish News

Soldiers who shot youth stay in army: The Guardian

Trimble has no place in 1998 Nobel pantheon: The Irish Times

Orangemen defiant over Portadown: BBC

Maze starts countdown to closure: Electronic Telegraph

Getting out, going on: The Irish Times

Mackey to defy SF resignation call: Irish News

SF feathers ruffled in row over gaeilge: The Irish Times

Tuesday, November 3

Prison releases: the hard core crux: Irish Independent

Bomb claim just won't wash: Belfast Telegraph

Stopping the slide: Irish Independent

Ahern tries to break deadlock in peace talks: Electronic Telegraph

Sinn Fein calls foul over soccer match with RUC: The Guardian

SF muddying Celtic pitch: Irish News (Editorial)

Not logic so much as art in Cruise O'Brien: The Irish Times

Building a peace pact worth the paper it is written on: Irish News

The man who puts terrorists back to work: The Independent

Anger at Orange rally in civic hall: Irish News

Weekend killing attempt to wreck peace: The Irish Times

Agreement rewards for tourism industry: Irish News

Monday, November 2

Unionism's Nightmare: Sunday Business Post

'We won't meet Ahern': Belfast Telegraph

Sinn Fein Leader Says He'll Urge I.R.A. Not to Retaliate for Killing: New York Times

Catholic killing renews threat to peace accord: Electronic Telegraph

Fighting for peace: The Guardian (Editorial)

'War rhetoric' of SF threatens accord hope: The Irish Times (by David Trimble)

Danish leader’s offer of help: Irish News

Ahern optimistic of progress: BBC

Red Hand Defenders could pose threat: The Irish Times

Document must be handed over: Irish News (Editorial)

North-South bodies are 'litmus test' of Agreement: The Irish Times

No need for anyone to fight, fly or surrender: Irish News

Sunday, November 1

RUC stops republican surveillance: The Sunday Times

O'Brien takes the first step on a bridge too far: The Sunday Times

Irish Activist Seeks More Than Peace for His Troubled Land: Los Angeles Times (interview with John Hume)

Unionists ready to agree to executive places for Sinn Fein: The Sunday Times

Royal road to reconciliation: The Sunday Times

Irish Republican Army retains large cache of arms, experts say: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Catholic murder condemned as 'sectarian': Electronic Telegraph

LVF withdraws decommissioning offer: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Four IRA bomb makers released: Independent on Sunday