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Northern Ireland Archive

This archive contains references to articles from November 1-15, 1999. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Monday, November 15

IRA to clarify position on deal: Irish News

North needs this deal to enter adult politics: Irish Independent

Deal now or we risk the fate of all dinosaurs: Irish News

Unionism ... Is it time for them to jump into the future?: Belfast Telegraph

Rubicon: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Unionists at crossroads: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Legal threat stops sales of IRA book: Irish News

Trimble aide 'met IRA chief of staff': Electronic Telegraph

Hopes rise for Northern Ireland talks: BBC

Mandelson pressures unionists: The Guardian

Unionists are targeted by charm offensive: The Times

Trimble believed ready to give go-ahead to executive: The Irish Times

Reluctant Taylor assumes key role in talks: Electronic Telegraph

Mixed feelings over refusal to compromise: The Times

Rocky weekend jangles nerves on all sides: The Irish Times

Unionists need to trust themselves: by Stephen King (Sunday Tribune)

A journey through the twists and turns of Ulster Unionist decision-making: The Indepedent

Trimble needs sure footing before leap of faith: The Irish Times

Leap of trust across the abyss of fear: The Examiner (Editorial)

Mac Giolla calls on Provisionals to decommission: The Irish Times

Flanagan’s warning of new wave of violence: The Examiner

Ó Bradaigh says British rule will be challenged: The Irish Times

Anti-terror laws brought forward: Electronic Telegraph

Radical reforms: The Guardian

Sunday, November 14

Confused, divided, unionism is now committing hara kiri: Sunday Business Post

What next if Mitchell fails?: Sunday Business Post

An abdication of leadership: Sunday Business Post (Editorial)

Trimble ready to split party for peace deal: Electronic Telegraph

McLaughlin optimistic over peace process: BBC

Decommisioning to begin during last week in January: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

CIRA expands into west Belfast: by Henry McDonald (The Observer)

Decommisioning sold as an aggressive "tactical" act: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Mandy: I'll sell deal for Trimble: Independent on Sunday

Adams and Trimble desperately need a deal: by Brian Feeney (Sunday Tribune)

How Trimble can break the IRA arms logjam: Sunday Independent

Advancing Irish talks, step by step: Boston Globe

Peace Process: Why It Ain’t over Until It’s Over: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

Trimble's critics offer nothing: Sunday Independent (Editorial)

Back Trimble: The Observer (Editorial)

Republican leadership excludes Republicans: by Anthony McIntyre (Sunday Tribune)

Revisionism now used to hide truth of failure: by Henry McDonald (The Observer)

Don't go shooting tigers with this faint-hearted man: Sunday Independent

Scots Guards' case to be re-examined: BBC

Saturday, November 13

Goodbye dreary steeples?: Belfast Telegraph

If things went wrong ... it was our own fault!: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Trimble to be encouraged: Irish News (Editorial)

Agony goes on as the smoke refuses to rise: Irish News

Rivals Reminded of Stakes in 11th-Hour Ulster Effort: New York Times

IRA sets deadline to hand in arms: Irish Independent

Despondent Trimble weighs options: The Guardian

UUP believes Trimble will put leadership on the line: The Irish Times

Peacemaker is walking a lonely tightrope: The Times

Winding road to peace takes a few more twists and turns: Electronic Telegraphfs

Make or break weekend for Trimble: The Guardian

How a bad day for Trimble turned into a black day for Ulster: The Independent

Trust between SF and the UUP growing: The Irish Times

Why this peace process is fundamentally flawed: Irish Independent Why the pressure is on: BBC

Keeping the balance Trimble's high-wire act: Irish Independent

The case for peace: The Guardian (Editorial)

TIME FOR REFLECTION: The Times (Editorial)

Mr Trimble's options: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Time to decide: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Patten was paid over £45,000 for report: Electronic Telegraph

Mapping the Irish empire: The Irish Times

Friday, November 12

The Irish card: Belfast Telegraph

Just Say No: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Police ‘close to’ warning everyone on files: Irish News

Dump Trimble now, urges DUP leader: Belfast Telegraph

In I.R.A. Message for Negotiators, a Hint That Accord Isn't Dead: New York Times

Unionists reject Trimble plan to break deadlock: The Independent

Uncertainty on UUP view as talks set to resume: The Irish Times

Everyone awaits the smoke signals: The Irish Times

Trimble's leadership on the line: Electronic Telegraph

DUP leader calls for Trimble's overthrow: The Irish Times

IRA men mentioned as interlocutors on arms: The Irish Times

Four Options, one way forward: by Brendan O'Leary (Financial Times)

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Thursday, November 11

Setback to NI peace process: BBC

Trimble's gamble: Belfast Telegraph

Grass roots IRA briefed on ‘gesture’: Irish News

No easy answers: Belfast Telegraph

IRA can make a real difference: Irish Independent

Rumours of peace: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Taking the last steps: Irish News (Editorial)

Parties now edging toward safer waters: Irish Independent

Stevens widens his inquiry: Belfast Telegraph

Trimble ready to do Ulster deal: Electronic Telegraph

IRA rules out an early arms handover: The Independent

Optimism on Northern peace talks: The Examiner (Editorial)

Shadow of Sunningdale hangs over talks: Electronic Telegraph

Northern Ireland's nightmare: The Guardian

SF critical of delay in warning republicans: The Irish Times

Jail brawl as IRA split over peace talks: The Examiner

Local power needed to reap peace benefit: The Irish Times

Infants show us how far peace process has to go: The Independent

Dissidents' activities are severely curtailed: The Irish Times

A shameful Act of bigotry: The Times

Government to consider new special criminal court: The Irish Times

Adams and Luther King to meet at crossroads: The Examiner

Hume and Trimble awarded peace prize: BBC

Wednesday, November 10

Why words are not enough: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Adams mindful of republican doubts: Belfast Telegraph

Jump forward or take leap in the dark: Belfast Telegraph

Not a word about the delay of the justice review: Irish News

ictims group to fight US ‘Adams Way’: Irish News

IRA may be ready to end its 'war': Electronic Telegraph

Sinn Fein offers new hope of deal in Ulster talks: The Independent

Ahern refuses to discuss IRA arms intentions: The Irish Times

Inching towards peace: The Guardian

Risk-taking by Sinn Fein and UUP: The Irish Times

Reid hints at repeal of ban on Catholic monarch: The Guardian

Tuesday, November 9

Ourselves alone no longer acceptable: Belfast Telegraph

Hit-list Rice was refused NIO help: Irish News

Hopes for Ulster deal as Mitchell returns to Belfast: The Guardian

Sinn Fein no closer to giving up arms: The Times

Report on arms issue could clear way for deal in North: The Irish Times

Mandelson in a spin over alleged leak of plan for decommissioning: The Examiner

Chances of review success slim - McLaughlin: The Irish Times

Army to aid files probe: The Examiner

Two accused of shooting friends in the back in bar: Electronic Telegraph

A bloody learning curve: The Irish Times

Monday, November 8

Concern over Sinn Fein rise: Belfast Telegraph

Stevens must probe new collusion - SDLP: Irish News

Finding the right formula: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Utopia is beyond us but living life in peace is not: Irish News

Bill move to allow Catholics on Throne: Belfast Telegraph

IRA's rebels buy arsenal from Balkans: The Times

Marathon NI talks near conclusion: BBC

Sinn Fein and UUP close to deal: The Irish Times

Deal in North looks tantalising: The Irish Times

Shot in arm for peace process: The Examiner (Editorial)

A deal is in the air: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Call to end cross-border police links: BBC

'Alive and kicking' party raises roof for Hume: The Irish Times

Wilson supports action on killing: The Irish Times

Sunday, November 7

IRA statement may break the deadlock: Sunday Business Post

In the hands of psychopaths: Sunday Business Post (Editorial)

Tougher laws to hit terror groups: The Times

IRA preparing for 'tactical decommissioning': by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

NI peace 'never closer': BBC

Flawed MI6 analysis does little for justice in North: Sunday Independent

Provo origins make decommissioning more difficult: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Real IRA opens arms supply route from Far East: The Sunday Times

The Unthinkable can triumph: by Henry McDonald (The Observer)

Heartbreak that should haunt us all: The Sunday Times

Mandelson tells Ulster: be patient: Independent on Sunday

Mitchell Can Still Make the Breakthrough: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

The walls that won't come down: The Observer

CRACKDOWN: The Sunday Times

RUC question Orange terror suspect: The Observer

Terror leaks linked to army: The Sunday Times

Trimble pays out libel damages to RUC Special Branch head: by Henry McDonald (The Observer)

Triumph for brave pupils of Omagh: The Sunday Times

Saturday, November 6

It is a mistake to put party before people: Belfast Telegraph

I’m willing to be patient says Trimble: Irish News

RUC warn of risk to lives: BBC

RUC seizes documents: Irish News

Seize chance for peace - Mallon: BBC

Out-of-puff SDLP looks for new steam: The Irish Times

Humespeak is not apologising: The Irish Times

Order must talk to walk: Irish News (Editorial)

Godot? We’ve waited for everybody else ...: Irish News

Lloyd-Webber to pen Ulster Troubles, the musical: The Guardian

Paisley gives paintings pasting: Sydney Morning Herald

Dumping our Queen: The Guardian

Friday, November 5

Drumcree march plan considered: Belfast Telegraph

Orange Order must explain: Irish News (Editorial)

Honouring obligations: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

IRA ‘will return to war’: Irish News

Where now for SDLP?: Belfast Telegraph

Trimble briefs Clinton's officials on review: The Irish Times

Loyalist gangs had security files: The Guardian

Ulster terrorists get parole for wedding party: The Times

RUC backs link with university: The Irish Times

Two released over IRA informer shooting: BBC

No contempt, says Drumcree rector: The Irish Times

Britons 'lose sense of nationhood': Electronic Telegraph

SNP asks MPs to support campaign: Electronic Telegraph

Thursday, November 4

Bandit Country: Electronic Telegraph

Hume back at the helm: Irish News

Passions and the poppy: Belfast Telegraph

Pastor Peeples ‘scalds Continuity IRA prisoner: Irish News

Former MI6 chief's warning over IRA decommissioning: Belfast Telegraph

Three held in Finucane case raids: Irish News

Lives saved as police foil Ulster attack plan: Electronic Telegraph

Clinton Hopeful for Peace N.Ireland: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Prize of peace in Ireland still tantalising the US: The Irish Times

Mitchell briefs Blair on talks: BBC

Man arrested over shooting was freed early from prison: The Irish Times

Act of Settlement is an insult, says Winning: Electronic Telegraph

Long may they reign over us: The Times

US street named after Adams: The Irish Times

Wednesday, November 3

Welcome for parade deal: Irish News (Editorial)

Unionists outraged over RUC closures: Belfast Telegraph

Garda denies ‘betraying RUC men’: Irish News

Slow process but signs of breakthrough: Irish Independent

Fury at MP's'United Ireland' remark: Belfast Telegraph

Ulster Talks Pause to Let Mediator Seek Counsel: New York Times

Mitchell set to call end to review late next week: The Irish Times

Mitchell seems to have raised stakes: The Irish Times

POPPIES, POP AND SHAMROCK: The Times (Editorial)

Two arrested in raids over shooting of IRA informer: Electronic Telegraph

Tuesday, November 2

Patten, and terrorists as policemen: Electronic Telegraph

RUC reform is now another key issue: Irish Independent

MP must put people first: Irish News (Editorial)

The Orange Order and the killing of the Quinn boys: Belfast Telegraph

Belfast rejects funding for St Patrick’s day: Irish News

Bitter words: Irish Independent (Editorial)

IRA bully killed Andrew - family: Irish News

'A slim chance' it will work says Sinn Fein: The Irish Times

The voice of unreason: The Guardian (Editorial)

Labour attack on Patten lifts RUC campaign: Electronic Telegraph

'Could we tolerate the murder of 11,000 policemen?': Electronic Telegraph

Trimble may proceed with US visit: The Irish Times

Last bloody moments of punishment victim: The Times

Loyalists suspect tip-off led to arrests: The Irish Times

Monday, November 1

DUP urges Unionists to give up: Belfast Telegraph

Roy Garland on Monday: Irish News (headline is wrong)

Potentially dangerous week for peace process: The Irish Times

The burden of compromise: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Politicians must not throw away chance for peace: The Examiner

Maginnis dismisses 'withdrawal' claim: The Irish Times

The Provos launch campaign to bring dissidents back in the fold: The Examiner

Orange cant defies belief: Irish News (Editorial)

OUR ISLANDS' STORY: The Times (Editorial)