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This archive contains references to articles from October 1-15, 2000. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Sunday, October 15

'Take responsibility for peace deal': BBC

When Trimble trips, we’ll all fall down: Ireland on Sunday

Trimble faces policing battle: The Sunday Times

Dispute Over Police Reform Imperils the Peace: Los Angeles Times

If Trimble falls, so will N. Ireland peace: Boston Herald

Dangerous parallels: The Observer

Israeli lesson for the unionists: The Sunday Times

PETER MANDELSON: Chicago Tribune

Questions raised over IRA ceasefire: UTV Internet

Killing sparks fear of terror feud: The Observer

Ahern defends Real IRA hunt: Sunday Independent

BBC has names of 11 more Omagh bombing suspects: Electronic Telegraph

Dublin blocks use of key Omagh bomb witnesses: The Observer

Case by case, woman loses faith in RUC: Boston Herald

RUC held back Finucane murder confession to protect informants: The Sunday Times

Power from North and South is appealing to Sinn Féin: Ireland on Sunday

Mandelson hit by new loan row: The Sunday Times

Police hunt Rex bar suspect: The Sunday Times

Saturday, October 14

Trimble faces showdown with UUP council: Irish Independent

Tough time ahead for Trimble: UTV Internet

Apparent determination to stick to Patten timetable: The Irish Times

Accentuate the positive: Belfast Telegraph

Real IRA man shot dead by 'Provo gunmen': Electronic Telegraph

'Real IRA member' shot dead in Belfast: The Independent

It was the Provos says victim’s mum: Irish News

Truth about ‘UFF killing’ still sought: Irish News

Newspaper wins 'gagging' battle: BBC

Let us have no more mysteries: Irish News (Editorial)

Gardai oppose bail for alleged member of Real IRA: Irish Independent

Bomb equipment stored for Real IRA: Irish Examiner

Haunting the hell bombers: Belfast Telegraph

FG challenges Government on Omagh bombers: The Irish Times

Bid to take Omagh bombing row to UN: Belfast Telegraph

Top loyalist wanted over bar attack: BBC

Neutrality: the great cop out:

UVF supergrass unmasked in England: UTV Internet

Wilson 'cynical' about Dalai Lama visit: The Irish Times

Friday, October 13

New IRA move on weapons ‘imminent’: Irish News

Sinn Fein warning on RUC reform: BBC

Mallon police comments spark unionist anger: Irish Examiner

SF chairman rules out Patten compromise: The Irish Times

We will not lose peace over police: Irish News

Trimble Come Out Swinging At Last: Irish Voice (Editorial)

The people of South Antrim have changed history: Belfast Telegraph (by Ian Paisley)

Arms claim prompts moves to oust Sinn Fein: UTV Internet

Row over US probe into drug smuggling operation: Belfast Telegraph

Depressing Moments: a Belfast anthology: Irish Echo

Why I took on the Real IRA bombers: Belfast Telegraph

Dalai Lama will take message of peace to Belfast: The Times

Protestant bishops upset over backing of document: Irish Examiner

Thursday, October 12

Trimble hint on RUC reform: UTV Internet

Testing time as Trimble teeters: Belfast Telegraph

RUC badge plea rejected: BBC

Mallon warning on RUC reform: Belfast Telegraph

Do not relent on Patten, says Empey: The Irish Times

Mixed messages from Ministers: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Do they really care at all about my murdered son?: Electronic Telegraph

Panorama's peak-time swan-song for Omagh: The Irish Times

Names won’t help justice in the end: Irish News

FBI agents expose rackets in Ulster: Belfast Telegraph

UDA 'threatens' killing accused: BBC

Compensation for missing mother branded a slap in the face from British government: Irish Examiner

Row flares over Irish flag: BBC

Archbishop's remarks may increase tensions: The Irish Times

Our man returns from Detroit peace conference mission:

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Inside the Maze: Belfast Telegraph

True Brit?: The Times

Wednesday, October 11

Mandelson forecasts disaster if Trimble is defeated: Electronic Telegraph

Push for UUC meeting intensifies: The Irish Times

Leaders attempt to revive ailing peace process: The Times

Patten ‘vital for peace process’: Irish News

Second arms inspection 'imminent': The Irish Times

The danger lies in provoking those big blocs: Irish News

Policing remains a vexed question: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

No British-Irish rabbit out of the hat this time: The Irish Times

Dissident provos plot new campaign: Belfast Telegraph

RUC unwilling to charge named Omagh suspects: The Independent

Man remanded on IRA membership charge: Irish Examiner

Battle lines are drawn over Panorama: Electronic Telegraph

Named Omagh 'suspect' in court: BBC

Families may sue bombing suspects: The Guardian

A silence descends on Ireland's own El Paso: Electronic Telegraph

Town rankles at 'trial by TV': The Guardian

Border town wakes up to find itself in the media spotlight yet again: Irish Examiner

Omagh programme was 'media justice': BBC

Panorama right to go after the bombers: Irish Independent

Screen out Omagh's killers: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

No hiding place: The Guardian (Editorial)

Justice must now be done: Irish News (Editorial)

PUP, DUP clash in flags discussion: The Irish Times

Tories claim funding Bill would help IRA to raise cash: Electronic Telegraph

CIRA member on trial for robbery: Irish Examiner

Drumcree ‘secured Trimble’s position’: Irish News

British tag is 'coded racism': The Guardian

Tuesday, October 10

Blair meets Ahern over backing for Trimble: Electronic Telegraph

SDLP and bishops 'must think hard': Belfast Telegraph

Ahern may give way on reform of police in Ulster: The Independent

Ahern demands changes in Policing Bill: The Irish Times

Adams says Taoiseach still committed to Patten report: Irish Examiner

Confusion at Ahern stance on policing: Belfast Telegraph

Police reform can’t come soon enough: Irish News

Bitter words as Trimble survives DUP confidence bid: Irish Independent

Two cheers for David: (Editorial)

Court allows BBC to name Omagh bombing suspects: Electronic Telegraph

BBC names Omagh case suspects: The Scotsman

Ahern criticises Omagh broadcast: BBC

To the sound of which drum does the BBC's heart beat?: Belfast Telegraph

Trial by media only perverts the course of justice: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Omagh broadcast was justified: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Will the real republicans please stand up?:

Stone visit to Milltown claim ‘wrong’ — UTV: Irish News

North's Civic Forum opens: The Irish Times

Welcome to Civic Forum: Irish News (Editorial)

SDLP highlights flight worries to Mandelson: Irish News

Inside the Maze: Belfast Telegraph

The day of mass escape: Belfast Telegraph

Monday, October 9

Ahern signals shift over RUC: Belfast Telegraph

Trimble launches counter-offensive as pressure mounts: The Independent

Polite old days give way to fury from jeering hecklers: The Irish Times

Dissident MP denies leadership challenge: Irish News

Major backing for Trimble: BBC

Ahern, Blair to hold talks on peace process today: The Irish Times

Taoiseach under pressure to help Trimble: Irish Examiner

Unionist leader buys time but at a price: Irish Independent

The old guard have so little to offer us: Irish News

UUP clears the way to dump Trimble: Irish Independent

Stalling in Ireland: Washington Post (Editorial)

Mr Trimble is still the best hope for agreement in Ulster: The Independent (Editorial)

Unionists determined to remain in the past: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Ahern moves in right direction: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Arms anomaly: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Mr Trimble fights back: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Burnside denies right result claim: Belfast Telegraph

Omagh victim's husband in final plea to halt BBC film on suspects: Electronic Telegraph

It's better to name names and give Omagh relatives 'justice': Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Trinkets of the troubles: The Scotsman

Nesbitt calls for flag respect: Irish News

Ulster-Scots set for university: UTV Internet

Sunday, October 8

Trimble fails to see off Unionist critics: Electronic Telegraph

Trimble faces down heckling party rebels: Independent on Sunday

Defiant Trimble vows to fight on: The Sunday Times

Trimble hints at possible staged withdrawal: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

McLetchie challenges Trimble critics: The Sunday Times

It's Save Dave time: Electronic Telegraph

We all lose if Trimble is beaten: The Sunday Times

Trimble between a rock and a hard place : Sunday Independent

IRA arms move key to Trimble's survival: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Why unionists must make IRA keep its word on arms: The Sunday Times

Ulster: not waving - but drowning: Sunday Independent (Editorial)

White House hits out at Ulster gun claims: The Sunday Times

So why did we strike?: The Observer

Sinn Fein should resist coalition in the South: Ireland on Sunday

President's hopes for Agreement: Sunday Independent

Mandelson rebuked for Kennedy attack: Ireland on Sunday

British-Irish body to meet: BBC

'We had an inquest and a wedding in one week': Ireland on Sunday

Border town waits in fear for its killer sons to be unmasked: The Observer

Move to name Omagh bombers gets mixed reaction: Ireland on Sunday

ID of British mole adds mystery to '87 murder: Boston Herald

Death threat solicitor walks down Rosemary's solitary path: Ireland on Sunday

Newspaper to fight court ban: UTV Internet

Blair denies request for Finucane inquiry: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Banished from their home town: Ireland on Sunday

Bloody Sunday QCs quit : Independent on Sunday

So many unanswered questions about garda interviews: Ireland on Sunday

Security alert halts Ascot races: BBC

Saturday, October 7

Trimble stands by peace accord: BBC

Trimble facing new fight for political future: The Times

Don't dump Trimble plea by Harney: Irish Independent

Unionist divisions highlighted before party conference: UTV Internet

Knives out as Trimble battles to save peace process: The Independent

Mandelson remark 'no help' to Trimble: The Irish Times

Untimely appearance of ‘troublesome trio’: Irish News

Weapons issue threat to accord: BBC

Move on weapons `needed to save' accord: Irish Independent

Britain must deliver if the agreement is to survive: The Irish Times

Trimble's trials: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Burnside vows to fight again: UTV Internet

Why I lost South Antrim: Belfast Telegraph (by David Burnside)

Panorama can name Omagh bomb suspects: The Times

Omagh wants the world to view its carnage: The Irish Times

Why are 600,000 here holding British passports?: Irish Independent

Order protest over Civic Forum: BBC

Prince flies in to honour RIR dead: Belfast Telegraph

Friday, October 6

Ahern and Blair to hold mini-summit over North: Irish Independent

Mandelson jolts Unionists with Dublin spectre: The Guardian

Mandelson is partisan, says Dodds: Belfast Telegraph

Trimble faces two prong attack: BBC

Taylor says IRA will not hand over weapons: The Irish Times

Trimble 'on the way out': UTV Internet

If Trimble goes, it could be war: The Guardian

No-one should be in any doubt: the peace process is in danger: The Independent

Showdown nears for Trimble's opponents: The Irish Times

Father demands justice for Omagh victims at son's inquest: The Guardian

'No targets. You simply murdered the innocent': Electronic Telegraph

Families welcome BBC decision: The Irish Times

No justice, no peace: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

'I would not turn in the bombers': Electronic Telegraph

How Times Change as Dems Gather for Gore: Irish Voice

Democrats, GOP target Irish voters: Irish Echo

UFF suspected of bomb attack on RUC detective’s home: Irish Examiner

SF would need to be 'persuaded' to join FF: The Irish Times

Court clears man of murdering last British soldier killed by the IRA: Irish Examiner

British drop extraditions against H-Block 3: Irish Echo

School bus to avoid sectarian flashpoints: UTV Internet

Thursday, October 5

Trimble to face Unionist council: Electronic Telegraph

Lord Falconer dismisses criticism of arms inspections: UTV Internet

Unionists pushed too far, says nationalist: Electronic Telegraph

Mallon warns on Executive as fears for Trimble grow: Irish Independent

Challenge to Trimble line on party policy: The Irish Times

Unionism, not Tories lacking in belief: Belfast Telegraph

RUC reforms 'will kill self government': The Times

Danger of unionists playing the Tory card: Irish Independent

Mandelson rejects American criticism over police reforms: UTV Internet

Give and take is the only route to peace: The Times (by Peter Mandelson)

Peace process is in real danger: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Dangers of taking peace for granted: The Irish Times

'Labour blames Mowlam' on Ulster: Electronic Telegraph

Street closed after pipe bombs find: BBC

Adverts to join police board are criticised: The Irish Times

UN protest over newspaper 'gagging': BBC

Mo's way was 'no way': Belfast Telegraph

Change! What change?:

Man arrested in dissident investigation: BBC

'Real IRA' inquiry: 2 men held: The Irish Times

BBC to name Omagh bomb suspects: The Independent

Northern barristers called to inner bar: The Irish Times

Wednesday, October 4

Trimble is urged to quit over IRA arms: Electronic Telegraph

No shift on Patten, says SDLP: The Times

A Police For All in N. Ireland: Washington Post (by Ted Kennedy)

Agreement 'on verge of collapse': UTV Internet

Trimble urged to give ultimatum: The Guardian

If UUP won’t buy it, we all end up paying: Irish News

N. Ireland's critical moment: Christian Science Monitor

Trimble walking on tightrope to survive: The Irish Times

Trimble is vital: The Guardian (Editorial)

Time to recall lesson of talks: Irish News (Editorial)

UUP councillor says IRA murdered Co Tyrone man: The Irish Times

No confidence debate to go ahead: UTV Internet

Men questioned after arrests in Border area: The Irish Times

Gardai detain Real IRA chief in crackdown on dissidents: Irish Independent

Sinn Fein proposes all-Ireland court: The Irish Times

Omagh coroner records litany of horror: Electronic Telegraph

Omagh families 'will get justice': The Times

Omagh inquest leaves Ulster united in grief: The Independent

Coroner draws a legal line under 28 lost lives: The Irish Times

RIRA solely to blame for bomb: Irish News (Editorial)

Bloody Sunday tapes record the debt we owe to Lynch: Irish Examiner

Dublin bomb inquiry to appoint new head:

McCrea defends service record: Irish News

EU delegation is optimistic about peace process: The Irish Times

Tuesday, October 3

Trimble spells out 'bottom line': Electronic Telegraph

Trimble says Blair government has surrendered to terrorists : The Independent

Weapons dumped by IRA 'are obsolete': The Times

Adams still confident on IRA arms pledge: The Irish Times

Cabinet bids to break IRA arms impasse: Irish Independent

Vote of no confidence motion tabled against Trimble: UTV Internet

Moderate unionism will only take so much more:

Pact to bridge sectarian boundaries: Belfast Telegraph

Unionists didn't sign up to this agreement: Electronic Telegraph (by David Trimble)

DRIFTING TO DISASTER: The Times (Editorial)

The Rock on which the process could flounder: (Editorial)

Getting to grips with real power: Belfast Telegraph

RUC name retention must be considered: The Irish Times

Take the heat out of policing ‘free-for-all': Irish News

Mallon attacks DUP ministers: UTV Internet

Northern Ireland and Euroland: Belfast Telegraph

Sinn Fein still waiting for justice review: Irish News

Ulster Town's Memories: Healing and Hurting: New York Times

Bombers’ names known: The Scotsman

We know who was behind Omagh bombing - RUC: The Guardisn

Magee buying into myth of redemptive violence: The Irish Times

Human rights law takes effect: BBC

Human rights deal gives hope to North’s victims: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Committee in a flutter over flags: Irish News

Irish-US group on fact-finding mission: Belfast Telegraph

Hamilton quits bombings inquiry for health reasons: The Irish Times

Monday, October 2

No IRA gun deal 'until Ireland is united': Electronic Telegraph

IRA will reveal 2 dumps: Irish News

Trimble faces new challenge for leadership: The Times

Decommissioning risk from checks - Trimble: The Irish Times

Trimble faces a drawnout exit: Sunday Business Post (Oct. 1)

Paisley revival: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Paper's anger over 'gagging': BBC

Protestant severely injured by loyalist booby trap bomb: The Guardian

IRA death squad suspected of drug dealer shootings: The Irish Times

Patten will bring Garda, RUC closer, says Flanagan: The Irish Times

‘Policing could change north’: Irish News

US tried to block TV attack on IRA: Electronic Telegraph

Working for common good to transform relations: The Irish Times

Hamill family call for inquiry: Irish News

Peace group criticises growing arms trade: The Irish Times

Sunday, October 1

Arms check could save Trimble: Electronic Telegraph

Empey makes call to party colleagues: UTV Internet

IRA give ground on arms dumps: The Observer

British set free IRA fugitives to further N. Ireland peace: Boston Herald

Mandelson rejects IRA amnesty: The Sunday Times

Trimble's fate lies in the hands of the IRA: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Republicans pile pressure on Trimble: Ireland on Sunday

It's what is that counts: The Observer

Struggle for the soul of the IRA: Ireland on Sunday

Wary Donaldson creeps the creep: Sunday Independent

Croat general 'armed Real IRA terrorists': The Observer

The strange case of the garda gaps: Ireland on Sunday

Loyalists 'used as wing of the army': The Sunday Times

British intelligence sanctioned 1987 killing of pensioner to protect IRA agent: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

A tale of two journalists and Finucane's murder: The Sunday Times

Loyalist 'fat cats' face asset seizure: The Observer

A gruesome end for Belfast's 'Mr Cocaine': Ireland on Sunday

Sordid death of Top Gun: The Observer

Call for inquiry into jail killing of King Rat : The Sunday Times

Diplomatic disaster for Brits on Patten: Ireland on Sunday

RUC officers seek payout for stress: The Sunday Times

RUC accepts delayed honour: BBC

Gospel truth about Protestantism: The Sunday Times

Mansergh doubts the GFA will lead to unity: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

The McAleese primacy: Ireland on Sunday

A picture painted with blood: Sunday Independent

Buncrana's silent sorrow: Ireland on Sunday

Gardaí had Bloody Sunday tape five years ago: Sunday Independent

Free Derry Corner earns its place in history: The Observer

Up went Nelson in the morning: Ireland on Sunday

IRA man used as a bodyguard for U2: The Sunday Times

Belfast Telegraph hosts 'Ulster Fry' breakfast at Brighton: Belfast Telegraph (Sep. 27)