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Monday, October 15

Talks between Raab and Barnier fail to lead to Brexit breakthrough: The Irish Times
Patrick Smyth

Potential Brexit deal collapses amid hard border row: Irish News
Claire Simpson

DUP leader, Arlene Foster, travels south for meetings: RTE
Tommie Gorman

Brexit deal 'rests on Irish border issue', says former minster: BBC

No chance of time limit on Brexit border backstop, Coveney insists: The Times
Jennifer Bray

'Operation Caution' – Government ministers warned to avoid British counterparts ahead of crucial Brexit negotiations (Oct 14): Sunday Independent
Philip Ryan

EU has interpreted the Brexit Irish backstop to suit ITSELF, says Mark Harper: Daily Express
Mark Harper

DUP will drive economy 'over a cliff' for narrow agenda, says Sinn Féin's: Belfast Telegraph

Norman Lamont says EU is USING Ireland to keep UK in bloc due to this ONE point: Daily Express
Ciaran McGrath

DUP leader said Barnier was 'difficult and hostile': Irish Independent
Michael Sheils McNamee and Mícheál Ó Scannáil

Brexit – Ruth Davidson hints she will resign if deal gives Northern Ireland special trading terms with EU: The Independent
Rob Merrick

Davidson and Mundell threaten to quit if Brexit deal undermines 'integrity' of the UK: Daily Telegraph
Auslan Cramb

Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson's threat to quit welcome – UUP: The News Letter

A hard Brexit means a hard border – whatever Owen Paterson says: The Guardian
Katy Hayward

Flag-waving jingoism can't disguise DUP's reckless Brexit agenda: Irish News
Michelle O'Neill

We are not bluffing – we would never gamble with the Union: Daily Telegraph
Nigel Dodds

My Irish border – would you put dogs and wire between you and your neighbours?: The Guardian
Séamus O'Reilly

May must publish Irish border backstop plan: The Guardian
Keir Starmer

The closer Brexit comes, the more you wonder why: The Irish Times
Chris Johns

As Brexit tears Irish/UK relations apart, are upsides to Commonwealth growing? (Oct 14): Sunday Independent
Dan O'Brien

The Guardian view on Brexit delusions – diminishing Britain's standing: The Guardian

A no deal Brexit would be disastrous for Northern Ireland: Irish News

SDLP praises John Hume and David Trimble on 20th anniversary of Nobel Peace Prize award: Irish News
Suzanne McGonagle

John Hume rightly refused to march on October 5th (Oct 14): Sunday Independent
Eoghan Harris

Shankill bomb anniversary events revealed: The News Letter
Aoife Moore

Loyalist James Craig linked to murder of comedian Patrick Kielty's father: Irish News
Suzanne McGonagle

Former north Belfast UDA leader dies from cancer: Irish News
Paul Ainsworth

Ian Paisley's Twitter account deactivated for second time this year: Irish News
Paul Ainsworth

Businesses 'could take advantage of Irish border post-Brexit' (Oct 9): Irish News
Seamus McKinney

Fire response times could be at risk after Brexit: Impartial Reporter

No-deal Brexit could 'decimate' NI's lamb industry, says DUP MP: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Northern Ireland students aim to stay in Dublin post-Brexit: BBC
Mark Simpson

'Flaw' for Martin to put Government's life in hands of British vote: The Irish Times
Fiach Kelly

DUP councillor offers letter of apology following affair with MP: Irish News
Paul Ainsworth

If Nicola Sturgeon wants a new referendum, now is the time to set the timetable: The Guardian
Kevin McKenna

Sunday, October 14

Arlene Foster warns Theresa May over 'dodgy' Brexit deal: BBC
John Campbell

I'm not going anywhere, Arlene Foster tells DUP critics: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Arlene Foster is engaged in high-stakes poker with the Conservative Government ... she should be careful not to overplay her hand: Belfast Telegraph
Rick Wilford

DUP threat to turn Conservatives into zombie government lacks bite: The Sunday Times
Newton Emerson

Leaked emails reveal DUP chief 'ready for no-deal Brexit': The Observer
Daniel Boffey, Toby Helm and Michael Savage

Brexit – Rights, wrongs and the Good Friday Agreement: RTE
Tony Connelly

'The only way to put things right on Brexit and avoid Suez is to ditch the backstop on the Irish border': The News Letter
Boris Johnson

'EU spin on offer suggested NI would have best of both worlds. That was a lie. We would not': Belfast Telegraph
Arlene Foster

How the Irish see Brexit: The Spectator
John Waters

Peace on Murder Mile: Commonweal
Philip Metres

PSNI confirms it still has some terrorist guns to use in legacy investigations: The News Letter

BBC quit Troubles killings film amid row over editorial control: The Sunday Times
Eithne Shortall

Legacy Scandal: Chris Albiston on the championing of human rights for all – except police: The News Letter
Chris Albiston

SDLP leader Colum Eastwood on the legacy of October 5, 1968 (Oct 6): Derry Journal

A Press free and responsible may hold liberal democracy to account ... but it is the rule of law that binds it together (Sep 13): Belfast Telegraph
William Matchett

Commission was 'keen to take on' mum on IRA park: The News Letter

Couple at centre of 'gay cake' fight urge Christians to take their stand: Belfast Telegraph

The sweet message of 'Cakegate' – you can still think what you like. . . for now: The Sunday Times
Rod Liddle

Supreme Court Ashers judgment in 'gay cake' case is vindication of Ashers' right to freedom of belief: Belfast Telegraph
Nelson McCausland

Secret team of elite Scots cops to patrol Orange Walks in Northern Ireland amid fears of sectarian attacks and crowd violence: Scottish Sun
Matt Coyle

New Irish language signs for Bogside and Foyle Springs area: Derry Journal

SDLP man blasts MP's claim that Orange Order could help education: Belfast Telegraph
Lauren Harte

Orange Order defends role in 'raising educational attainment': The News Letter
Mark Rainey

Shared Education is vital to building a shared society says Derry MLA (Oct 10): Derry Now

Northern Ireland needs new political blood but I'm not the man for the job, says Nesbitt at Belfast event: Belfast Telegraph
Claire McNeilly

Northern Ireland and the 'brain drain' (Oct 10): BBC
Tara Mills

Britain should focus on its future trade with Ireland: Financial Times
John Bruton

Arlene Foster criticised at meeting of DUP members for attending Ulster Football Final: Irish Independent
Mícheál Ó Scannáil

The Game Dissected – why are England and Ireland fighting over Declan Rice? (Oct 8): The Times
Tom Clarke

Lack of executive means north could miss out on 'green Brexit' (Oct 11): Irish News
John Manley

Gerry Carroll – SF presidential hopeful's salary 'an insult' to low-paid: The News Letter

Saturday, October 13

DUP leader says party 'not holding Conservatives to ransom': BBC
Stephen Walker

Sammy Wilson – DUP is not bluffing over threat to Theresa May: The News Letter
Stephen Gamble

Tory-DUP war of words over Brexit intensifies: BBC
Stephen Walker

Arlene Foster is engaged in high-stakes poker with the Conservative Government ... she should be careful not to overplay her hand: Belfast Telegraph
Rick Wilford

It is not too late for Downing St to pull back from madness: The News Letter

Revealed – secret Brexit plans for transition extension to appease DUP: The Guardian
Daniel Boffey and Heather Stewart

DUP Brexit summit – Serious business to be discussed, says Sammy Wilson: Belfast Telegraph

Post-Brexit joint EU-UK working group for North being considered: The Irish Times
Simon Carswell

Scrap the Irish border backstop, Boris Johnson urges prime minister in News Letter article: The News Letter

Theresa May steps back from sorting out the Brexit Irish backstop – and the Government hasn't decided what to do next: The Sun
James Forsyth

Irish foreign minister says open-ended backstop is a 'deal-breaker' in Brexit negotiations: ITV

Future of £1 billion DUP-Tory deal hangs in the balance amid growing Brexit rift: Irish News
Claire Simpson

Former Northern Ireland Secretary warns 'Irish border must not block Brexit': Belfast Telegraph
Gareth Cross

Brexit day of action on Derry-Donegal border tomorrow: Derry Journal

Theresa May could dump the DUP to break Brexit deadlock: The Times
Sam Coates

What is the DUP playing at on Brexit?: New Statesman
Patrick Maguire

The Irish question need not stop us chucking Chequers to pursue the free trade deal on offer: Daily Telegraph
Owen Paterson

DUP give new meaning to 'hell week' (Oct 11): The Spectator
Katy Balls

Great headlines but no foundation – Sammy Wilson says Arlene Foster has DUP backing: Belfast Telegraph

PSNI brand dissident republican group 'drug dealers' after it encourages attacks on police: Belfast Telegraph

No answer on whether 'forgotten' terrorist arms haul was forensically tested: The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

Legacy Scandal – 'The IRA tried to murder me twice but the HIU will ignore such cases,' says ex UDR man: The News Letter
Glen Espie

'Ballymurphy Massacre' inquest asks 119 ex-soldiers to provide statements: Belfast Telegraph
Rebecca Black

Businessman was attacked while trying to negotiate with RUC during civil rights march (Oct 4): Irish News
Seamus McKinney

Claims of anti Catholic bias by the old Stormont regime are hugely exaggerated: The News Letter
Graham Gudgin

PM hails Northern Ireland media for the underpinning of democratic values: Belfast Telegraph

Assembly members paid £275,000 travel expenses since Stormont shut down: Irish News

Top civil servant defends DUP-SF Spad secrecy: The News Letter
Sam McBride

DUP MP among group using immigration enforcement hotline: Belfast Telegraph
Michael Sheils McNamee

Could U.S. corporate pressure bring marriage equality to North?: Irish Voice/
Cahir O'Doherty

'BBC should introduce GAA highlights programme' – Ennis: Newry Times

The remote Irish border spot once seen as the end of the world (Sep 24): The News Letter

Garda reform ideas are good, but will they ever happen? (Sep 19): The Irish Times
Conor Lally

Lodge Life – Five-star TripAdvisor recognition for Orange museum (Oct 11): The News Letter

John Waters launches campaign to keep blasphemy in constitution: The Times
Ellen Coyne

Hillary's tribute has left me overwhelmed, says SDLP councillor Sharon: Belfast Telegraph
Claire Williamson

Belfast honor for Boston's James Rooney: Irish Echo
Maria McCourt

Liberal Irish-America is not dead and gone: The Irish Times
Ted Smyth

Ireland's history of emigration makes fascism "less likely": Irish World
Colin Gannon

Scotland 'could rejoin EU two years after independence': The Times
Mark McLaughlin

Friday, October 12

GFA must be protected as Brexit talks reach critical point – McCallion: Derry Journal

Clinton urges North's politicians to form 'unity government' (Oct 10): The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Dublin to 'think again' about who its friends are ahead of Brexit: Irish News
Nick Lester and Trevor Mason

Arlene Foster warns of 'significant days for Northern Ireland' as Brexit talks intensify: Irish News
Claire Simpson

Talk to DUP over Brexit threat, Coveney is urged: The Times
Ellen Coyne

McDonald pours scorn on time-limited Brexit backstop option: Irish Examiner

Brexit bullies behaving intolerably – Sir John Major: Belfast Telegraph

DUP's Foster says May 'cannot in good conscience' recommend Brexit backstop: Belfast Telegraph

Theresa May might have to be replaced to ensure DUP deal 'stays in place', party's Brexit spokesman warns: The Independent
Shehab Khan

Brexit – Trapped inside a fatal metaphor for UK departure: The Irish Times
Denis Staunton

Brexit – The NI border checks already in place: BBC
John Campbell

DUP – EU Irish border claim is 'astonishing confidence trick': The Guardian
Lisa O'Carroll

Shape of backstop begins to emerge as Brexit talks inch forward: The Irish Times
Patrick Smyth

The DUP has its 'blood-red' line. Does Theresa May dare cross it?: The Guardian
Polly Toynbee

The DUP is showing that its Brexit threats aren't a bluff: The Spectator
James Forsyth

I'm an ex-Northern Ireland secretary. The border must not block Brexit: The Guardian
Owen Paterson

Ireland signs up to French version of the Commonwealth in bid to wield more clout after Brexit: Daily Telegraph
Henry Samuel

DUP – Tory pact 'will end in tears' – O'Neill: Derry Journal
Brendan McDaid

We are not scared of an election – DUP ups ante in Brexit division with Prime Minister: Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan Bell

Why the DUP could risk toppling Theresa May's government: The Spectator
Robert Peston

To survive the Budget, Theresa May must realise where the DUP's priorities lie: New Statesman
Stephen Bush

The arranged marriage between Theresa May and the DUP could be heading for divorce: Daily Telegraph
Tom Harris

DUP trying to hold Theresa May to ransom: Irish News

The coming days are critical for NI's status within UK: The News Letter

Are we really polls apart over the Good Friday Agreement?: Belfast Telegraph
Eilis O'Hanlon

Victims' group SEFF to meet BBC NI over 'grossly insensitive' commentators: The News Letter
Mark Rainey

SDLP MLA calls for the term 'paramilitaries' to be ditched: Belfast Telegraph

Christy Robinson Adrian Ismay murder trial played CCTV footage of explosion: Belfast Live
Michael Donnelly

Decommissioning 'hinders Troubles investigations' says PSNI chief: BBC
Vincent Kearney

Orange Order – New thinking required on legacy (Oct 5): The News Letter

Ballymurphy inquest – 119 former soldiers asked to give statements: Irish News
Rebecca Black

Equality Commission boss defends £500,000 legal bill for Ashers gay cake case: Belfast Telegraph
Lauren Harte

Naomi Long – Judgment does not provide an excuse for discrimination: Belfast Telegraph

The gay cake row verdict is a victory for common sense – finally: The Spectator
Ross Clark

'Gay cake' bakery cleared – Bitter for some? (Oct 11): Irish Examiner

Ashers ruling will have far-reaching implications (Oct 11): Irish News

A surprise victory for Ashers, that vindicates their determination: The News Letter

Motorway signs a little bit too Irish: Connacht Tribune
Declan Tierney

A hundred years ago a ship sunk in the Irish Sea, causing more than 500 deaths – here's what its legacy can teach us about Brexit: The Independent
Robert Fisk

The English Tories who care more about Brexit than Union: The Scotsman
Tom Peterkin

Wednesday, October 10

Brexit – DUP leader Arlene Foster meets EU officials in Brussels for 'extensive' talks: The Independent
Jon Stone

DUP boss Arlene Foster threatens to block Brexit deal if Theresa May gives in to EU demands on Irish border: The Sun
Natasha Clark

Irish Sea border 'as bad as hard Brexit': Belfast Telegraph
Lauren Harte

DUP chief signals to EU there can be no barrier to NI-UK trade: The Irish Times
Patrick Smyth

Dutch and DUP strike double blow to May's Brexit plans: The Guardian
Jennifer Rankin, Daniel Boffey and Lisa O'Carroll

British Brexit Secretary rules out indefinite customs union to resolve issues over Irish border: Irish Examiner

DUP MEP brilliantly explains to Barnier WHY Northern Ireland needs UK 'more than EU': Daily Express
Darren Hunt

Unionists not representing majority view on Brexit, Sinn Féin claims: The News Letter
Rebecca Black

May accused of trying to "annex Donegal": Impartial Reporter

Northern Ireland 'has been smart in absorbing EU funds' say Brussels officials: The News Letter
Gary McDonald

DUP 'blood red lines' do not represent the north: Irish News
John Manley

Brexit analysis – Tory benches feel withering effect of DUP resolve: The Irish Times
Denis Staunton

When will Theresa May realise that the DUP is not for turning?: New Statesman
Patrick Maguire

The DUP trolls 'Michelle Barnier': The Spectator

Brexit crunch period approaches: Irish News

If unionists are destroyed, it will be by their own hand: The Times
Alex Kane

Church leaders encouraged to continue talks with NI politicians: Belfast Telegraph
Lauren Harte

No sign of Stormont return any time soon: Belfast Telegraph

Reports link gun victim to Gerry Adams' car attack: The News Letter

Adrian Ismay murder trial – Bomb shrapnel 'major factor' in prison officer's delayed death: The News Letter

Woman shot by paramilitaries wins award after turning life around with beauty business: ITV

British Intelligence – North Derry man accuses police and MI5 of 'continual harassment' over refusal to become informer: Derry Now
Eamon Sweeney

SDLP Councillor accuses Sinn Féin of dishonesty over Newry play park: Newry Times

Belfast City Council appoints Irish language officer: BBC
Robbie Meredith

Councillor Declan O'Loan to make complaint over Anne Donaghy's apology snub: Irish News
Brendan Hughes

NI Secretary urged to prioritise victims of the Troubles over historical probes: RTE
Brendan Wright

Legacy Scandal – 'The IRA campaign diminished our appetite in the south for Irish unity': The News Letter
Brendan Cafferty

Catholic widow questions £625,000 award to Bloody Sunday family: The News Letter

Widow of man shot dead by a British soldier begins High Court bid: Irish News

Garda investigation failings could spark new probe into Tom Oliver murder: The News Letter
Mark Rainey

Jemma McGrath – 'I was shot nine times but now I have turned my life around and have my own business': Belfast Telegraph
Leona O'Neill

Sharing works – Reflections on shared education in Northern Ireland: Irish News
Barbara Ward

May facing DUP clash on Northern Ireland abortions: The Times
Sam Coates

Most in UK want to decriminalise abortion in N Ireland, polls show: The Irish Times

Leinster's sinking is part of our story too: The Times
Eamon Delaney

Defence Forces veterans claim lack of respect being shown: The Irish Times
Peter Murtagh

Poll – Unionists would accept Scottish independence to get Brexit: The Scotsman

Tuesday, October 9

Shock poll finds 87% of Northern Ireland leave voters say peace process collapse price worth paying for Brexit: Belfast Telegraph
Gareth Cross

May seeks frictionless trade in return for deal on Irish border: Financial Times
George Parker, Mehreen Khan and Alex Barker

Foster warns of 'catastrophic' impact of Brexit barrier: Irish Examiner

EU's Brexit vision plan likely to be delayed over doubts at No 10: The Guardian
Daniel Boffey, Jennifer Rankin and Lisa O'Carroll

Have the DUP just softened their Brexit position?: The Spectator
James Forsyth

Unionist betrayal, nationalist alienation – ghosts from the past that stalk the Brexit talks:
Matthew O'Toole

I believe Ireland, both North and South, is better off outside the European Union: Belfast Telegraph
Hermann Kelly

Will our freedom be at stake after Brexit?: Impartial Reporter
Shona Morrison

Nicola Sturgeon wants same Northern Ireland backstop Brexit deal for Scotland to stop Glasgow and Belfast competing for investment: Daily Mirror
Nicola Bartlett

Why the Northern Ireland abortion question puts the SNP in an awkward position: New Statesman
Julia Rampen

Stormont goes through another day of talks about talks: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Government's draft proposals on decision-making at Stormont 'need more work': The News Letter

Church leaders say trust important to restore Stormont: RTE

Altering Good Friday Agreement not the way forward (Oct 3): Belfast Telegraph

Racial hate crime has overtaken sectarian hate crime for the first time in Northern Ireland: Belfast Live
Ciara Colhoun

So, fewer young people believe that community relations are improving ... it's a wonder anyone at all thinks they're getting better: Belfast Telegraph
Fionola Meredith

Sinn Féin office shot at in West Belfast: Belfast Live
Ryan Smith

Police appeal for information following 'paramilitary style attack' in Turf Lodge: Belfast Media
Caoimhe Quinn

Two men charged over murder of Real IRA chief Aidan O'Driscoll: The News Letter

Sinn Féin challenging council sale of Raymond McCreesh Park: Belfast Telegraph

Sinn Féin's 'moral bankruptcy' with challenge to McCreesh Park sell-off: The News Letter
Stephen Gamble

McCreesh Park decision prompts further spat amongst councillors: The Cross Examiner

Legacy Scandal – 'Sentencing and bail policy for dissident terror is far too lenient,' says Kyle Black: The News Letter
Kyle Black

Legacy investigation time 'may not be achievable' – PPS chief: Irish News
Bimpe Archer

DUP's fingerprints all over flawed legacy proposals on past, insists Beattie: Belfast Telegraph

Northern Ireland veterans hold protest calling for more Government support: Glasgow Evening Times
Holly Lennon

Civil rights – Sinn Féin event celebrated IRA's suspension of human rights, says ex-bomber: The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

Those who commemorate the IRA are no champions of civil rights in my eyes: Irish News
Leona O'Neill

Legacy cannot be solved while the past is still before us: The News Letter
Alex Kane

Apologists in Sinn Féin need to be reminded that the IRA were killers, not victims: Belfast Telegraph
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Adrian Ismay murder – Prison officer joked with wife after booby-trap bomb: The News Letter

Police failures around 'Good Samaritan' IRA bombing are 'crying out' for new inquest, court hears: Irish News

Chris Donnelly – remove memorial to Narrow Water soldiers: The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

Will proposals on policing help to solve more crime? (Sep 23): Sunday Independent
Maeve Sheehan

Hell no – Blasphemy vote is facile: The Irish Times
Column Kenny

Irish leaders should boycott the White House on St Patrick's Day in protest at Trump's treatment of immigrants: Irish Mirror
Paddy Clancy

Southern players paid the price in the interests of hockey unity (Oct 5): The Irish Times
Johnny Watterson

Wales-Ireland tunnel no pipe dream, says Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price: The Times
Daniel Sanderson

Bridge to Scotland 'about as feasible as building a bridge to the moon': Irish News

Almost half of English Tory voters think Scots should not sit in UK Cabinet: The National (Scotland)
Andrew Learmonth

Monday, October 8

Coveney to meet Bradley for Stormont restoration talks: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Secretary of State Karen Bradley to meet main Stormont parties in 'clear plan' to get Stormont back up and running: Irish News
Michael McHugh

Arlene Foster should banish Boris and back Theresa May (Sep 30): Sunday Independent
Eoghan Harris

Leo Varadkar 'hopeful of decisive progress' on Brexit deal: Irish Examiner
Fiachra O Cionnaith

Varadkar enforces united Ireland stance ahead of crunch Brexit summit (Sep 30): Sunday Independent
Kevin Doyle

Brexit – Lot of respect in Ireland for Theresa May facing down those who don't prioritise Northern Ireland, says Simon Coveney: Belfast Telegraph

Has EU BACKED DOWN? Ireland signals huge Brexit BREAKTHROUGH with talks '90% complete': Daily Express
Oli Smith

Customs posts to be filled before UK leaves: Irish Independent
Anne-Marie Walsh

Brexiteers will back EU officials at ports to avoid hard Border: Irish Independent
Edward Malnick

Northern Ireland 'facing exclusion from future trade deals' after Brexit: Irish News
Bimpe Archer

Brexit, Blockchain And The Irish Border:
Stephen Pope

Businesses in North run shy of political feuding over Brexit: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Brexit is putting the North's fragile peace in jeopardy: The Times
Katy Hayward

Northern Ireland needs to get tough on the sort of terrorists who killed dad, says son of David Black: The News Letter

PSNI outlines 'truth' over dissidents 'brake light stop claim' while helping homeless: Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan Bell

DUP calls for legal definition of 'collusion': The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

Families of IRA victims slam Government plans to shelve probe into Troubles murders as Army heroes still hounded: The Sun
Jake Ryan and David Willetts

Legacy Scandal – 'The Army kept good records but terrorists didn't, so historic probes are uneven,' says Lord Dannatt (Oct 5): The News Letter
Lord Dannatt

The time limit on Troubles legacy is 'impossible', says former police ombudswoman:
David Woode

Northern Ireland legacy – 'The fabric of our life was torn apart by shrapnel, never to be whole again' (Oct 5): Belfast Telegraph
Mark Bain

The Irish Times view on the legacy of the Troubles – Sinn Féin's evasions: The Irish Times

Symmetry of history offers a NI warning (Oct 6): Irish Examiner

President Michael Higgins' emotional tribute to Ivan Cooper: Irish News
Seamus McKinney

Eamonn McCann – The long march to Stormont: BBC

Duke Street in Londonderry, where the RUC baton-charged civil rights protesters 50 years ago today, is widely seen as the crucible of the Troubles... (Oct 5): Belfast Telegraph
Ed Curran

Fifty years ago there was little sense of Northern Ireland being on the brink (Oct 6): The News Letter
Ben Lowry

Different responses to civil rights reflected in weekend events: The News Letter

Man paralysed in Troubles hit with £30k care bill (Oct 2): BBC
Kevin Magee

'I got £500, a week's wage, for the murder of my father ... mum couldn't afford to keep the farm' (Oct 6): Belfast Telegraph
Brett Campbell

British government faces calls to confirm if MI5 agents carry out crimes like torture and murder: Irish News
Connla Young

Ulster Unionist peer had to walk through Sinn Féin rally: Irish News
Seamus McKinney

Voting rights for Irish emigrants – Give 'exiled children' their say (Oct 4): Irish Examiner

Teachers warn removal of 'baptism barrier' will cause chaos for schools (Oct 3): The Irish Times
Carl O'Brien

No place in modern Ireland for sham offence of blasphemy: Irish Independent
Andrea Martin

The Guardian view on the SNP – Nicola Sturgeon's balancing act: The Guardian

Sunday, October 7

Brexit – Jean-Claude Juncker says chance of deal has increased: BBC

EU 'STOKING TROUBLE' on Northern Ireland border in bid to 'KEEP OUR MONEY', MEP blasts: Daily Express
Matthew Robinson

DUP intransigence could yet scupper Brexit, says Miller: Belfast Telegraph
Brett Campbell

Listen to the people of Northern Ireland – Patrick Kielty's plea to Theresa May: Belfast Telegraph

Brexit news – Irish border row 'like reopening wound', says Northern Ireland expert: Daily Express
Ciaran McGrath

Brexiteers put forward good solutions to Irish problem: Sunday Telegraph

Brexit may break up Northern Ireland's union with the UK: Irish Voice/
Cahir O'Doherty

Beware the hidden costs of any reunification with the north for the Republic: The Sunday Times
Cormac Lacey

It remains hard to see a way forward on Brexit (Oct 3): The Irish Times
Cliff Taylor

PSNI offers early promotion in desperate bid to fill posts in troubled Northern Ireland district: Belfast Telegraph
Claire Williamson

Community relations need to be fostered (Oct 5): Belfast Telegraph

Derry shooting sees man injured in 'brutal attack': Belfast Live
Ryan Smith

Narrow Water memorial vandalised again for second time this week: The News Letter
Valerie Martin

DUP calls for definition of 'victim' shift that excludes perpetrators: Belfast Telegraph
Michael McHugh

Ulster Unionists put pressure on DUP to 'come clean' on legacy proposals: The News Letter

Despite the pieties, Sinn Féin still laughs in IRA victims' faces: Belfast Telegraph
Eilis O'Hanlon

What's the price of a life? Troubles relatives on the inequalities of compensation: Belfast Telegraph
Leona O'Neill

Empey hits back at Arab Parliament over Libya-IRA move: The News Letter

Disappeared victim's brother slams 'double standards' of SF's Kelly over Troubles crimes: Belfast Telegraph
Claire McNeilly

Garda could have protected Tom Oliver, farmer killed by the IRA: The Sunday Times
John Mooney

Widow of slain Limerick garda Ann McCabe to give 'searing testimony' in new series (Oct 2): Limerick Leader
Jess Casey

Thousands descend on Derry to mark Civil Rights movement march 50 years on: Belfast Telegraph

Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald tells huge Derry October 5 rally 'we shall overcome' civil rights opponents: Derry Journal

Former People's Democracy leader Michael Farrell on October 5, 1968: Derry Journal

The little school on the front line in 1970s Londonderry: BBC
Paul Doran

October 5, 1968: 'We didn't end sectarianism. It's a huge failure and there's no point hiding it'- Eamonn McCann (Oct 4): Derry Now
Eamon Sweeney

Gregory Campbell – Working-class Protestants feared what civil rights movement would become: The News Letter

I wasn't talking big in oil deal email, it was just an effort to help out – Paisley: Belfast Telegraph
Victoria Leonard

Liadh Ní Riada – I would visit Orange lodges in Northern Ireland: The Sunday Times
Justine McCarthy

Stormont does not have freedom to diverge from London on Trade, says Foster: The Irish Times
Sorcha Pollak

Twitter produces overreaction every day – Alliance split over Foster's Brexit 'blood red lines' (Oct 5): Belfast Telegraph

Cabinet minister 'on collision course' with Government over cross border power lines: Irish Independent
Kevin Doyle

Peace but no prosperity – the North's ailing economy (Sep 18): The Irish Times

Pressure rises on Ireland to grant votes to citizens abroad: RTE
Edel McAllister

Irish may become compulsory for students from abroad (Oct 1): The Irish Times
Carl O'Brien

Funding for Gaelic 'discriminates against Muslims' (Oct 6): The Times
Daniel Sanderson

Scottish independence supporters rally in Edinburgh: The Guardian
Libby Brooks and Mattha Busby

No-deal Brexit pushes Scots to break from the UK, shows poll: The Sunday Times
Jason Allardyce

Saturday, October 6

George Mitchell urges politicians to avoid hard border in Ireland: Irish Examiner

Ireland will never agree to physical border in Brexit deal, says Tanaiste Simon Coveney: Irish Mirror
Pat Flanagan

'Lock yourselves in a room until a deal is reached' – Coveney tells Brexit negotiators: Irish Independent
Ralph Riegel

It's all about Arlene's 'blood red lines' in this battle of unions: Irish Independent
John Downing

NI pro-remain parties to meet EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier: ITV

Juncker confident of Brexit deal 'within weeks': Irish Independent
John Downing and Ralph Riegel

GFA requires Stormont input on Brexit, says MP: The News Letter

Brexit – Sinn Féin and SDLP reject Stormont backstop role: BBC
Gareth Gordon

Ireland the 'Achilles heel' of Brexit, says former UK government minister: The Irish Times
Pat Leahy

British soldiers back on Belfast streets 'within weeks of Brexit,' says prominent Northern Irish priest: Scottish Catholic Observer
Daniel Harkins

Bishop – "Brexit is a strange mix of exaggeration and complacency": Impartial Reporter
Jessica Campbell

Contingency plans in train for no-deal Brexit: The Irish Times
Simon Carswell

The 'border issue' isn't about Northern Ireland, it's about keeping us in the EU: Daily Telegraph
Charles Moore

Whatever the Brexit outcome, it will be bad news for the DUP: The Guardian
Edward Burke

The EU must understand that Northern Ireland is not some pawn in a power game: Daily Telegraph

The Irish Times view on Brexit – a second vote remains in play: The Irish Times

John Humphrys attacks Sinn Féin politician for 'turning back on Westminster': Daily Express
Aurora Bosotti

Haters will hate but I work to deliver for all – North Antrim MP Paisley addresses Commons Sri Lanka report: Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan Bell

DUP donation – Electoral Commission challenged over decision not to investigate: BBC
Mark Devenport

Bryson 'corruption' blog went straight to DUP finance minister: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Sentences challenge rejected for men jailed for destroying car used in UDA boss's murder: Belfast Telegraph
Alan Erwin

The main parties outline their position on the legacy consultation as deadline closes: The News Letter
Mark Rainey

UK Government has hung us out to dry, says Northern Ireland veteran: Irish Examiner

Lord Dannatt reveals he was questioned by HET on his last day in uniform: Irish News
Allison Morris

DUP councillor – The need to expose Sinn Féin's blatant untruths on legacy has never been greater: The News Letter
Trevor Clarke

Why was Mike Nesbitt moved to utter republican slogan?: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Police Federation chief: A shambles and a disgrace – we reject these legacy plans: The News Letter
Mark Lindsay

Police Federation legacy comments appalling, says Sinn Féin: Belfast Telegraph

Northern Ireland legacy – 'The fabric of our life was torn apart by shrapnel, never to be whole again': Belfast Telegraph
Mark Bain

Presbyterians – terrorism was never justified: The News Letter

Son of McGurk's bomb victims launches legal fight over inquest refusal: Belfast Telegraph
Gillian Halliday

Guildford bombing anniversary – Paul Hill remembers Gerry Conlon: Irish Voice/
Paul Hill

Police misconduct plan should not have reached legacy draft: The News Letter

Dennis Hutchings joins Troubles inquiry protest: The Times
Sam Blewett

Eamonn McCann on Civil Rights movement 'There was no logistical reason for attacking the march, it was an attempt to put manners on the civil rights troublemakers, as the authorities would have seen them ... it was very chaotic, but also very uplifting i: Belfast Telegraph
Ivan Little

Civil Rights anniversary – Sinn Féin trying to hijack history, says Eamonn McCann: The News Letter
Eamonn McCann

Learning the lessons of 50 years ago: Irish News

British and Irish chambers make joint plea to London and Brussels: Belfast Telegraph
Ryan McAleer

Court to rule on man's challenge to UK extradition on Brexit grounds: The Irish Times
Mary Carolan

Sinn Féin MLA says British army camp 'disrupting residents' because of late night shooting practice: Belfast Telegraph
Gareth Cross

Friday, October 5

Trimble warns Arlene Foster changing Belfast Agreement would be 'huge mistake' for unionists: Belfast Telegraph
Victoria Leonard

EU tells UK to stop 'wasting time' and find Irish border solution within two weeks: The Independent
Rob Merrick

Brexit talks – 'It's time to get down to business', Tusk and Varadkar warn British government: Irish Independent
Cormac McQuinn

Nigel Dodds – We'll vote against any Brexit deal that crosses our red line: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Irish government boost for May – 'but it's not Brexit,' says Northern Ireland MLA: Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan Bell

UK won't be allowed the best of both worlds – Taoiseach: Irish Independent
Cormac McQuinn

Ireland border compromise 'to be agreed within weeks': The Times
John Walsh, Oliver Wright and Niamh Lyons

Irish PM urges May to publish border plan 'as soon as possible': The Guardian
Jennifer Rankin

Sammy Wilson – Theresa May would be foolish not to share Brexit backstop plans with DUP: The News Letter
Stephen Gamble

Reality Check – Red lines on the Irish border: BBC
Chris Morris

Brexit – What is an ALL-UK customs union? Have Ireland agreed to Theresa May's plan: Daily Express
Liam Doyle

No-Brexit Brexit's looking better all the time (Sep 30): Sunday Independent
Declan Lynch

Unionists could retain British citizenship in united Ireland says Sinn Féin's McDonald: Belfast Telegraph
Gareth Cross

My top ten list of existential "threats to the Union": The Irish Times
Alex Kane

DUP wrong to shun border in the Irish Sea: The Times
Eoin O'Malley

Sinn Féin wants return of 50:50 recruitment in PSNI... reason enough not to reintroduce it: Belfast Telegraph
Nelson McCausland

Victims' campaigner Andree Murphy says Troubles legacy compensation 'disparity' should be addressed: Irish News
Allison Morris

Past injustices are being inherited by next generation, victims' group warns: Belfast Telegraph

Narrow Water memorial to 18 murdered soldiers attacked again – 'show some respect,' says councillor: Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan Bell

50 Years Later, Troubles Still Cast 'Huge Shadow' Over Northern Ireland: New York Times
Alan Cowell

Police officers urge Government to scrap 'unfair' N Ireland legacy proposals: Belfast Telegraph

Gerry Kelly slammed over 'main protaganist' clarification: The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

IRA 'was a Troubles protagonist' – Kelly: BBC
Mark Simpson

IRA victim's son slams SF claim Britain was chief aggressor of the Troubles: Belfast Telegraph
Gillian Halliday and Steven Alexander

Sinn Féin have learned nothing but forgotten nothing from legacy debate: The News Letter
Cillian McGrattan

British government receives thousands of submissions on legacy of Troubles: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Legacy consultation – Sinn Féin's response 'work of fantasy and delusion': The News Letter
Mark Rainey

October 5, 1968: 'I am more concerned with today and tomorrow, not yesterday'- Bernadette McAliskey: Derry Now
Eamon Sweeney

Relative launches legal challenge after McGurk's Bar bombing inquest refused: Belfast Telegraph

Search for 'Disappeared' teenager Columba McVeigh 'one of most challenging': Irish Examiner

There is a need for Spads, not all of whom behaved the same way: The News Letter
David Ford

Demand for passport hub: Derry Journal

Alliance rep launches libel action action against DUP's Graham Craig (Oct 4): Irish News

A5 must take priority over Boris Johnson's fantasy bridge – MP (Oct 3): Derry Journal

Fifth of Northern Ireland farm employees are EU migrants (Oct 2): BBC
John Campbell

Peter Casey – 'America is the key to Ireland's success': The Irish Times
Harry McGee

'Baptism barrier' lifted as schools can't choose pupils based on religion (Oct 3): Irish Independent
Kathryn Donnelly

The Irish Times view on the presidential election – blurred lines at the Áras (Oct 4): The Irish Times

Rod Stewart sings Easter Rising song Grace on the BBC: Irish News
Connla Young

Richard Leonard – Labour will deliver federal UK and oppose Indyref2 (Sep 24): The Scotsman
Paris Gourtsoyannis

Thursday, October 4

Ireland backs May's plan for all-UK customs union with EU: Financial Times
Arthur Beesley and George Parker

Theresa May says Brexit deal 'cannot carve off NI': BBC
Enda McClafferty

Brexit warning: Irish border is EU priority – NOT trade, declares Czech Republic: Daily Express

Brexit – DUP's Arlene Foster stirs hornets' nest with claim Good Friday accord 'is not sacrosanct': Belfast Telegraph
Brett Campbell

'There's never been a hard border in Ireland' – Boris Johnson's father on Brexit: Irish Independent
David Fleming

Brexit – Dublin expects Britain to make new backstop proposals: The Irish Times
Pat Leahy

May pulls out all the steps in hunt for Brexit solution: Irish Independent
John Downing

From SOS to Dancing Queen, Theresa May says Take a Chance on Chequers: The Irish Times
Denis Staunton

Citizens' rights should be protected after Brexit (Oct 3): Irish News
Michelle O'Neill

How to resolve Irish border issue in a no deal Brexit: The News Letter
Andrew Lilico

Theresa May facing enormous challenge as Brexit deadline looms: Irish News

Move to put RoI and NI hour apart is 'madcap': The News Letter
Duncan Elder

SDLP MLA calls for Arlene Foster to resign over Good Friday Agreement comments: Belfast Telegraph

Is the Good Friday Agreement even still alive: Belfast Telegraph
Jon Tonge

Ex-IRA hunger striker McKearney to launch GFA critique in Derry (Oct 2): Derry Journal

Why are there still so few Catholics in the PSNI?: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Industrial bins ablaze and trees flung – PSNI under attack in republican stronghold: The News Letter

Man arrested under Terrorism Act after stop and search in West Belfast: Belfast Live
Sarah Scott

MLA's anger after department failed to report painted kerbstones to police: Belfast Telegraph
Gareth Cross

Concern at bonfire bill: Irish News

Deep in the heart of political unionism lies a great fear of betrayal by London: The Irish Times
Pat Leahy

Dancing Queen must soon spin around Foster's 'blood red lines': Irish Independent
John Downing

Police quiz TUV man over Ian Paisley election complaints: Belfast Telegraph
Victoria Leonard

Jim Allister writes to PM over 'shocking disparity' in victim compensation following £625,000 Bloody Sunday claim: Belfast Telegraph

Sinn Féin launches response to Legacy consultation: The News Letter
Mark Rainey

Sinn Féin defends claim that UK Government was main Troubles protagonist: Irish Examiner

Arlene Foster – Sinn Féin 'trying to distort truth' in legacy submission: The News Letter

Presbyterian Church responds to British government's legacy consultation: Irish News

'I still regret persuading my brother to return to barracks, his death broke up the family': Belfast Telegraph
Claire McNeilly

Legacy Scandal – 'London and Dublin must not let IRA snatch victory from jaws of defeat,' says Ruth Dudley Edwards: The News Letter
Ruth Dudley Edwards

The real legacy of Northern Ireland Troubles? The pain never goes away ...: Belfast Telegraph
George Larmour

Police 'should take action after broadcast of Birmingham bombing documentary': The News Letter

PPS to investigate New Lodge Six killings: Belfast Media
Conor McParland

President Michael D Higgins to address civil rights commemoration: Irish News
Seamus McKinney

Raymond McCreesh park: Council say it is a 'surplus asset': BBC
Cormac Campbell

DUP's Foster confronted by gay journalist Owen Jones about same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland: Belfast Telegraph
Mark Edwards

Let's have a public vote on abortion and same sex marriage (Oct 3): Irish News
David McNarry

Brexit a threat to Garda probes, says investigator who led double murder case (Oct 3): Irish Independent
Elaine Keogh

Seán Gallagher – People in the North 'would like to have right to vote in presidential election': Irish Examiner

Why did the Irish Government decide to boycott commemoration of the police who were murdered? (Oct 1): Belfast Telegraph
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Wednesday, October 3

Explosive Boris Johnson slams 'abominable' Irish backstop and tells May to ditch Brexit Chequers plan: Belfast Telegraph

Theresa May angry at Boris Johnson following speech – "He wants to tear up our guarantee to the people of Northern Ireland": Belfast Telegraph

Brexit – DUP threatens to pull plug on Theresa May's government: The Guardian
Lisa O'Carroll and Daniel Boffey

Brexit – DUP's Nigel Dodds says EU backstop must be 'time-limited' and include entire UK: Belfast Telegraph

Sinn Féin slams Foster's Good Friday Agreement Brexit remarks – Allister asks 'why can't it be changed?': Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan Bell

Arlene Foster 'strategically short-sighted' on Good Friday Agreement comments – Robin Swann: The News Letter

Government and DUP clash as Brexit tensions rise: The Irish Times
Denis Staunton and Pat Leahy

EU official says 'devil in the detail' of possible UK border plan: The Irish Times
Simon Carswell

DUP has 'concerns' over Chancellor's no-deal Irish border plan: The News Letter
Dan O'Donoghue

Brexit border plan step in right direction, says Pascal Lamy (Oct 3): The Times
John Walsh

Brexit supporters urged to respect Good Friday Agreement: RTE
Edel McAllister

No-deal Brexit could lead to two time zones on island of Ireland next year: Irish Examiner
Fiachra Ó Cionnaith

Brexit – Did DUP MP say 'build Irish border as high as you like'?: Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan Bell

Should the Good Friday Agreement be altered to make way for Brexit?: Derry Journal
Andrew Quinn

The truth about the Conservative party's history with the DUP is even worse than you think: The Independent
Steven McCaffery

On Brexit, Theresa May risks losing the DUP: New Statesman
Patrick Maguire

London must respect the Belfast Agreement: The Irish Times
Martin Donnelly

We must not risk a Brexit which could unleash Northern Ireland bloodbath: The Herald
Neil Mackay

Troubling Vision: The Times

Peace in Ireland is sacrosanct – Good Friday disagreement and the DUP: Irish Examiner

The Irish Times view on Arlene Foster and the Belfast Agreement – an ill-considered and risky strategy: The Irish Times

Core principles of Good Friday Agreement cannot be abandoned: Irish News

PSNI recruitment – 'Hard policing and major distrust deters Catholics from joining': The News Letter
Mark Rainey

PSNI urges Sinn Féin recruitment support: BBC

Arlene Foster – No return to 50/50 PSNI recruitment: The News Letter

Essential that PSNI is a fully balanced force: Belfast Telegraph

Woman loses challenge over courthouse Union flag: ITV

Equality is used to try to block state exercising basic powers: The News Letter

SDLP 'misleading people' over future of Raymond McCreesh Park: Newry Times

Belfast INLA probe leads to three men being charged: Belfast Live
Sarah Scott

Arlene Foster wants 'double jeopardy' rule for Troubles veterans – report: Belfast Telegraph

Victims group – Legacy proposals rejected by 90%: The News Letter

New Lodge killings – Attorney General seeks fresh investigation: BBC
Vincent Kearney

Campaigners' support for Civil Rights march: Derry Journal
Brendan McDaid

Sajid Javid urged to meet Birmingham pub bombs families as suspects named: Belfast Telegraph
Brett Campbell

Oration at Milltown by Gerry Adams at republican funeral of Tish Holland (Sep 28): Irish News
Bimpe Archer

Shoulder to Shoulder – How Irish rugby survived the Troubles: The Irish Times
Gavin Cummiskey

Brian O'Driscoll reveals how he changed his tune on Ireland's Call following advice from his mother: Belfast Live
Gareth Fullerton

Catholics will not defend 'obsolete' law on blasphemy: The Times
Ellen Coyne

Religious ethos and schools – 'It's time we stopped playing the pretend game': The Irish Times
Peter Gunning

Tuesday, October 2

Cabinet ministers issue new warning of Northern Ireland violence amid Brexit uncertainty: The Independent
Joe Watts

May has secret new plan for Irish 'backstop': Irish Independent
Kevin Doyle

Brexit Bombshell – Hammond admits hard Irish border INEVITABLE under no-deal Brexit: Daily Express
Simon Osborne

Is Theresa May's plan for a festival of Brexit just an appalling sop to the DUP?: The Guardian
Andrew Adonis

Poll – 60% of voters believe Theresa May will agree to Brexit border in Irish Sea: Belfast Telegraph

Brexit – Government considers NI-GB regulatory checks: BBC
Enda McClafferty

Boris Johnson's 'positive' Brexit vision gets thumbs up from DUP: The Times
Francis Elliott

Northern Ireland will not be Brexit 'sacrificial lamb' warns Swann after Prime Minister meeting: Belfast Telegraph

No serious discussion of how to break the Brexit deadlock: The Irish Times
Denis Staunton

People's Vote advocate is oddest oddity of Brexit: The News Letter
Alex Kane

Dark times lie ahead under a no-deal Brexit, but the lights won't go off (Oct 2): The Sunday Times
Newton Emerson

PSNI – Return to 50/50 recruitment may have to be considered: The News Letter

Four out of five PSNI recruits are from Protestant community: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

DUP's Campbell rejects return to 'institutionalised sectarianism' of 50/50 police recruitment: Belfast Telegraph
Gareth Cross

Return of 50:50 PSNI recruitment must be given serious consideration: Irish News

Conservative conference – Arlene Foster to address Tory delegates: The News Letter
Mark Rainey

DUP leader – I would work with 'Prime Minister Boris': Irish Independent
Jack Maidment

Crash of Stormont blocks legislation to seize criminal assets in North: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Criminals extorting millions of pounds – and many are still linked to paramiltiaries: Irish News
Allison Morris

Sammy Wilson – Church leaders should call out Sinn Féin over Stormont deadlock: The News Letter
Niall Deeney

Shooting in Ardoyne following dissident threat: Irish News
Allison Morris

British soldiers 'won't be immune from prosecution for Troubles-related killings': Irish News

Arlene Foster prepared to compromise on Troubles amnesty for veterans, sources claim: Daily Telegraph
Harry Yorke and Robert Mendick

Legacy Scandal – 'An IRA bomb killed my son yet it was me who had to quit the victims forum while a boastful bomber stayed': The News Letter
Jackie Nicholl

Coroner may allow Kingsmills suspects to be named: The News Letter

Bloody Sunday victim Gerry McKinney's widow awarded £625,000 damages: Derry Journal

Documentary claims to have identified suspected IRA pub bombers: The News Letter
Richard Vernalls

West Belfast man Michael Patrick Reilly denies Birmingham bomb: Irish News
Allison Morris

BBC sorry for mistake over nationalist voting rights: The News Letter
Stephen Gamble

Sinn Féin still engaged in live cover-up says Cahill as rulebook discovered: Belfast Telegraph
Mark Edwards and Philip Ryan

Former Ireland rugby captain Brian O'Driscoll 'proud' after attending Twelfth event: Belfast Telegraph

Britain First Ballymena video condemned by DUP MLA Paul Frew: Belfast Live
Ryan Smith

If Arlene Foster doesn't survive RHI, who would replace her as DUP leader?: Belfast Telegraph
Alex Kane

SDLP host Civil Rights discussion featuring Labour MP who went viral last week for strong views about the effect of Brexit on Ireland: Derry Now

Trump administration dents traditional Irish pride in Irish-America: Irish News
Fionnuala O Connor

NI abortion laws to face fresh legal challenge: The News Letter
Rebecca Black

How Dr McAleese laid down canon law to her detractors in Vatican (Sep 30): Sunday Independent
Paddy Agnew

Boris Johnson's renewed call for bridge over Irish Sea branded 'an utter pipe dream': The News Letter
Duncan Elder

Ruth Davidson warns of risk to Union from second Brexit vote: The Scotsman
Paris Gourtsoyannis

Monday, October 1

Boris Johnson proposes building bridge to Ireland in Brexit broadside at Theresa May: Belfast Telegraph

Special status would be deal of the century for the North (Sep 30): Sunday Independent
Willie Kealy

Stephen Rea – 'No matter how much they enforce Brexit, British identity is dwindling': The Observer
Sean O'Hagan

Brexit – Delicate talks as high noon approaches: RTE
Tony Connelly

Northern Ireland voters fear May will betray them: The Times
Sam Coates

Departing US Consul General urges return to devolution (Jul 16): Irish News
Dan Lawton

I'll use Áras for a united Ireland, says Gallagher: The Times
Jennifer Bray

What do opinion polls really tell of unionist attitudes to a United Ireland?: The Irish Times
Bill White

Playing the green card is likely to leave us looking like the knave (Sep 30): Sunday Independent
Eoghan Harris

There will be no room to fly my flag in a united Ireland: The Times
Alex Kane

Ian Paisley jnr petition not equality screened: Irish News
Connla Young

Belfast INLA probe leads to four arrests: Belfast Live
Ryan Smith

Former IRA gunman calls on Theresa May to stop prosecution of elderly British veterans over Northern Ireland Troubles: The Sun
Tariq Tahir

80-year-old widow of Bloody Sunday victim Gerry McKinney to fight for compensation: Irish News
Seanín Graham

Doug Beattie – Troubles proposals unjust and 'structurally flawed': The News Letter
Mark Rainey

Convicted IRA bomber is tonight accused on ITV of role in Birmingham pub bombings – but can't be named in Northern Ireland on screen or online: Daily Mail
Andy Dolan

RUC officer Michael Ferguson, murdered by IRA in 1993, remembered at police memorial service: Irish News
John Monaghan

Victims' group SEFF in bid to curtail NIO Troubles legacy consultation: The News Letter
Mark Rainey

October 1968 – The birth of the Northern Ireland Troubles?: BBC
Dean McLaughlin, David Wilson & Una Kelly

Drew Harris makes first official appearance in Northern Ireland as Garda Commissioner: ITV

Sinn Féin kept log of its members at time of rape probe (Sep 30): Sunday Independent
Philip Ryan

Centenary of foundation of Northern Ireland omitted from list of anniversaries for official government festival: Irish News
John Monaghan

History of Scotch-Irish in US shows unionists have nothing to fear from equality (Sep 20): Belfast Telegraph
Nelson McCausland

DUP firmly in the RHI dock: Irish News

Compulsory Irish review shines light on 'sacred cow' of education: The Irish Times
Carl O'Brien

Theresa May announces Festival of Great Britain and NI plan: BBC
Mark Devenport

Boris Johnson mocked after he calls for a bridge between Britain and Northern Ireland: The Sun
Hugo Gye

It is time to let the people have their say on the Church's involvement in education (Sep 12): Irish Independent
Michael Barron

Atheist Ireland to launch campaign for the removal of blasphemy law: Irish Independent
Mícheál Ó Scannáil

Ruth Davidson – Tory Brexiteers risk forgetting about the Union that really matters: Daily Telegraph
Simon Johnson


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