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This archive contains references to articles from October 16-31, 2000. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Tuesday, October 31

Ulster power-sharing faces collapse: The Times

Ulster's hopes turn on Blair and Ahern: The Guardian

North-South ministerial talks in doubt: Irish Examiner

Mallon fears for NI peace process: BBC

Dublin questions Trimble’s legal right to ban SF from cross-Border bodies: Irish Examiner

Adams urged to ‘lead from front’: Irish News

Trimble returns to Sinn Fein anger: UTV Internet

Sinn Fein demands meeting over proposed ban: The Irish Times

'No second chance if agreement collapses': Irish Independent

It’s time for closure on arms issue: Irish News

It’s now or never for the Good Friday Agreement: Irish Examiner

Trimble's wrong turn: The Guardian (Editorial)

Sanctions and semtex: The Times (Editorial)

Trimble’s game of brinkmanship could backfire: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Belfast fears return to Loyalist feud: Irish Examiner

Omagh case refusal: The Scotsman

Spain, terror - and Ulster: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Monday, October 30

Premiers to discuss NI sanctions rift: BBC

Trimble's gambit: Seemingly tough line on IRA: Boston Globe

Trimble buys more time for IRA to act on weapons: Electronic Telegraph

Ghosts of Glengall Street will go on haunting Trimble: Irish Examiner

Trimble gets 'one more chance': The Irish Times

Trimble’s U-turn likely breach of Agreement: Irish Examiner

Trimble ties up votes in procedural knots: Irish Independent

Adams fury as deal falters: The Guardian

Peace crisis looms as Adams pledges to ignore Unionist sanctions on Sinn Féin: Irish Examiner

Trimble only buys time, but that's progress of sorts: The Irish Times

Trimble’s win could cost us dearly yet: Irish News

Donaldson to `wait and see' over UUP arms sanctions plan: Irish Independent

Trimble's sanctions against SF threaten peace pact: The Irish Times

Showdown looms on plan to bar Sinn Fein: The Guardian

Republicans have to pay for reneging on pledges: The Irish Times

UUP leader's victory a relief to Blair: Irish Independent

Robinson accuses Trimble of letting IRA off the hook: The Irish Times

Is this your exit strategy Mr Trimble?: Irish News

Heavy price: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Mr Trimble Survives Again: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Sinn Féin must prove their commitment to peace: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Storm as AG calls for united Ireland: Irish News

Regional police forces can square Patten circle: The Irish Times

Man shot dead was in UDA: Irish Examiner

Mandelson asked to back Omagh legal action: UTV Internet

Paramilitary prints lead to Loyalist arrests: Irish Examiner

Sunday, October 29

Ulster Protestant Leader Wins a Key Vote: New York Times

Unionists issue a deadline to IRA: Boston Globe

Trimble saves cabinet, but tensions still high: Boston Herald

Trimble rises from the ashes: The Sunday Times

Trimble's victory may prove too costly for GFA: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Cunning plan by wily David wins the day: Ireland on Sunday

Adams slams Unionist demands as "stupid and unattainable": Independent on Sunday

Mallon criticises unionist plans: UTV Internet

Cowen in move to save deal: Ireland on Sunday

Sinn Fein meet to consider sanctions: UTV Internet

Unionists must know that this is as good as it gets: Sunday Independent

IRA opts for minimalist approach to decommissioning: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Finding the formula for hope: Ireland on Sunday

Adams: IRA already bent, won't break: Boston Herald

Adams article fuels Republican dispute: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Who governs: The people or the UUC?: Ireland on Sunday

Rights Act puts paid to politically incorrect 'touts': The Observer

Revealed: A-G's plan for a united Ireland: Sunday Independent

Man shot dead in Belfast: BBC

Gardai suspected of selling secrets to MI5 : The Sunday Times

Clinton advanced N. Ireland's peace: Boston Herald

Listen to the victims: The Observer

US and Britain clash over Patten report: Ireland on Sunday

Patten report: Authors criticise implementation: Ireland on Sunday

Escape from the anthill mentality: The Sunday Times

New company to boost tourism: BBC (Oct. 27)

Bomb victim families ready for court fight: The Observer

Killers are free but the bereaved are still paying: The Sunday Times

Hearing could link RUC to Lurgan shooting: Ireland on Sunday

Sinn Fein to cultivate a softer image: The Sunday Times

Paper payday for IRA target: The Observer

Orange Order to vote on ending parade talks ban: The Sunday Times

Police now admit destruction of vital evidence: Ireland on Sunday

Flagging defiance: Electronic Telegraph

Saturday, October 28

Warring Unionists meet over IRA arms: Electronic Telegraph

Poll reveals Unionists' lack of confidence in peace plan: The Independent

Trimble struggles to defuse hardliners: The Guardian

We vote for Trimble and it's time to say 'enough': The Irish Times

McGuinness warns of Mid East scenario: Irish Independent

Donaldson to deliver KO?: Irish News

There is so much to lose if peace deal is derailed: Irish Independent

Tripping Trimble: Washington Times (Editorial)

Destructive ambiguity: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

High noon in Ulster: The Guardian (Editorial)

Accentuating the positive: Irish Independent (Editorial)

The Unionist choice: The Times (Editorial)

Ulster Unionists should remember that peace can be lost as well as gained: The Independent (Editorial)

Attack best form of defence for Trimble: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

UUP should follow leader: Irish News (Editorial)

Ghostly goings-on, plots and whispers: The Irish Times

Feud for thought: Have republicans learned lessons?: Irish Echo

Silence over street execution of a terrorist: Electronic Telegraph

U.S. woman forced from Belfast home: Irish Echo

Man on Real IRA charge: BBC

Civil actions planned by bomb families: Electronic Telegraph

Brother of suspected Real IRA chief faces terrorist charges: Irish Independent

Mowlam receives peace award: UTV Internet

Hunger strikes remembered: Irish News

Friday, October 27

Blair visits N. Ireland to aid Trimble: Boston Globe

Opinion poll gives Trimble major boost: UTV Internet

IRA arms dumps re-visited: BBC

Taoiseach welcomes `helpful' IRA statement: Irish Independent

Trimble's attack on rival means showdown: Electronic Telegraph

Trimble hits back at party critics: The Guardian

Trimble goes on the offensive: The Times

DUP and Donaldson scathing about Blair: The Irish Times

The issue is policy and not personality: Belfast Telegraph (by Jeffrey Donaldson)

Mature decisions, not knee-jerk reactions needed: Belfast Telegraph (by David Trimble)

Trimble takes off kid gloves for showdown: The Irish Times

Why the IRA will be supporting the Ulster Unionist leader tomorrow: The Independent

Good Friday ... but about tomorrow?: Irish News

Vacuum warning by Blair as deal doubts escalate: Belfast Telegraph

Trimble’s instability threatens Agreement: Irish Examiner

Blunt Speaking From Blair: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Accord remains the way forward: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

More than hot air in the corridors of Stormont: Irish News

Dramatic weekend for Northern Ireland: The Guardian

SF mayor snubs Poppy launch: BBC

Drumcree options are still the same: Irish News

Bail refused for Omagh bomb suspect: BBC

U2 in song tribute to Omagh victims: Irish News

Real IRA attack is thwarted by find: Belfast Telegraph

Thursday, October 26

IRA offers second round of weapons inspection: Boston Herald

IRA will allow inspectors to check its arms dumps again: The Independent

Arms hand-in by next month — demand: Belfast Telegraph

Question now of honouring commitments: Irish Independent

Donaldson Defiant: UTV Internet

Future comes down finally to Trimble v. Donaldson: The Irish Times

Circling the wagons but still awaiting the cavalry: Irish Independent

UUP to steer a course for rough seas?: Irish News

Unionism faces its starkest choice: The Irish Times

IRA gesture was overdue: Irish News (Editorial)

Helping hand: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Small steps in the right direction: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Executive providing real hope: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein warning on future for peace process: UTV Internet

Adams urges unionists to look on bright side: The Irish Times

Blair to hold NI talks: BBC

Mr Trimble remounts a tightrope: The Guardian

Union flag 'not for one section': Belfast Telegraph

Protestants and Catholics still flagpoles apart in Northern Ireland: Toronto Globe and Mail

Human rights leaders call for O’Connor inquiry: Irish News

Pipe bomb under policeman's car: BBC

Wednesday, October 25

Mandelson angers Sinn Fein over Union flag ruling: Electric Telegraph

Sinn Fein will be told to fly the flag: The Guardian

Unionists to debate arms time-table: BBC

Trimble confident as talks loom on survival: Irish Independent

Trimble essential to government - Mandelson: The Irish Times

Arms deadlines will not persuade IRA, warns Adams: Irish Examiner

Trimble resists deadline for IRA decommissioning: The Irish Times

Sickened by the words of evil killers: Irish News

PM pressed for Wright killing inquiry: BBC

After 26 years, Ulster again sets own course: Electric Telegraph

A key step down road to normality: Irish News (Editorial)

Bomb alert ends Trimble debate: BBC

Paisley jnr suspended after 'liar' remark: The Irish Times

What, no fists? It must be a Sunningdale for quick learners: Irish News

'Odd Couple' confident of future together: The Irish Times

Anti-Catholic laws archaic: Irish News (Editorial)

Man jailed for transporting IRA arms: Irish Examiner

Finucane family angrily refutes IRA allegations: Irish News

Failure to resolve Drumcree deplored: The Irish Times

SF says order is like Ku Klux Klan: Irish News

Tuesday, October 24

No IRA 'lifeline' for Trimble: BBC

Trimble continues to tread a fine line: The Irish Times

Adams warns about issuing ultimatums:

Why Sinn Fein must be excluded: Belfast Telegraph

To survive, Trimble prepares to ask the audience: The Irish Times

The pain is shifting on to republicans. Isn't it time for UUC delegates to put up their feet and enjoy the spectacle?: Belfast Telegraph

Talks fail to unite dissidents: Irish Examiner

Peers say Ulster police should remain 'Royal': Electric Telegraph

Fitt opposes RUC name change: BBC

Adams's stance puzzled US officials, Lake says: The Irish Times

Plan for government – devolution has arrived: Irish News

Monarch could be Catholic says Charles: The Times

Reversal into pre-forum past is alienating many: The Irish Times

Finucane ‘was in the IRA’ claim rubbished: Irish News

Taskforce to tackle west Belfast deprivation: UTV Internet

SF mayor's poppy day 'duty to all in Derry': Belfast Telegraph

MPs elect first Catholic speaker: Irish News

Monday, October 23

UUP may unite around tougher line on arms: The Irish Times

Maginnis ‘for cooperation’: Irish News

Taylor urges timetable for a review of agreement: The Irish Times

Can Yes and No join to agree on words?: Belfast Telegraph

I’m no hardliner, but what’s in this deal for unionists...?: Irish News

Taking charge of the peace process: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Conservatives to renew Police Bill opposition in run up to UUC meeting: Irish Examiner

Warning on need for police reform: The Irish Times

There are issues which Paisley can't shrug off: Belfast Telegraph

Spiritual trip to other side of the border: Irish News

MoD wants former officer tried secretly over book revelations: The Guardian

Security 'priority' for community in North: The Irish Times

Sunday, October 22

Call to eject Sinn Fein from executive: BBC

Hardliners back down on Trimble: The Sunday Times

Donaldson call ahead of UUP meeting: BBC

Trimble will try to sell gradual disengagement strategy to UUC: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Gerry Adams' relative linked to murder gang: The Sunday Times

Joe O'Connor murder splits republican community: Ireland on Sunday

The peace pontificators: Electronic Telegraph

Need for Sinn Fein leaders to tell troops: Ireland on Sunday

Deadlock over RUC payoffs threaten to delay Patten reforms: The Sunday Times

In peace, truth dies: The Observer

Government fails to redress Omagh fallout: Sunday Independent

Time for justice has come, Bertie: Ireland on Sunday

`Real IRA' lays to rest first Belfast martyr: Boston Herald

Tackling terror with kid gloves: The Sunday Times

Motive for O'Connor killing remains a mystery: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Real IRA threat forces RUC into flak jackets: The Observer

Army whistleblower fears Bloody Sunday revenge: The Sunday Times

New York lawyer joins Bloody Sunday tribunal: Ireland on Sunday

Orangemen to challenge parades ban: The Observer

Saturday, October 21

NI devolution 'over by Christmas': BBC

Clinton tells all parties to stick by Agreement: The Independent

Trimble calls for control of police: Irish News

Taylor says failure on arms issue will kill Executive: The Irish Times

Taylor is ‘paranoid’: priest: Irish News

Why peace deals are now simply falling apart: Irish Independent

Lundies would rather be tied to Whitehall: Irish News

Billy Wright killers freed from jail: The Guardian

I have no regrets killing King Rat, claims terrorist: Electronic Telegraph

Gardaí believe Louth farmer is leading member of Real IRA: Irish Examiner

Provisionals try to assert control over dissidents: The Irish Times

Ulster is urged to heed way of Dalai Lama: The Times

Second day of Dalai Lama visit: UTV Internet

Anti-pact stance 'weakens' North economy: The Irish Times

Police warn of letter bombs: BBC

Radios 'find' at home of IRA suspect: Electronic Telegraph

Tobacco smuggler blames loyalists: Irish News

Proud of our ideology but slow to publicise it: The Irish Times

Friday, October 20

Trimble's 'divided' critics hit back: UTV Internet

Northern Ireland's Perilous Prospects: New York Times (Editorial)

Peace worth compromise: Irish News (Editorial)

Policing compromise devised by think-tank: UTV Internet

Labour whips up peers over RUC bill: The Guardian

Dalai Lama takes his message of goodwill to Belfast: The Independent

Unionists angered as Dalai Lama sees Adams: Electronic Telegraph

Dissident threat reviewed at talks: BBC

Spinning a dangerous line on terrorist threat: Irish Independent

'Split' on thwarting Real IRA: BBC

The Mafia culture: Irish Echo (Editorial)

Fourth arrest in Omagh bomb inquiry: Electronic Telegraph

Does 'Steak Knife' cut the mustard?: Irish Echo

Work begins on demolition of Fermanagh army bases: The Irish Times

Member of INLA squad that killed Wright set free: Irish Examiner

Orange losing its appeal?: Irish Post

Singer angry over UDA's use of song: Irish Echo

Thursday, October 19

Shots fired at funeral of Real IRA man: The Guardian

O'Connor killing splits Republicans: Irish Examiner

Let words replace guns:

Dealing with the shadow of the gun: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Appeal to Adams to stand up to hardliners: UTV Internet

Nationalists fear new terror attacks: Irish Examiner

Talks on security situation to be held in Belfast: The Irish Times

McGimpsey puts pressure on Sinn Fein: Irish News

Omagh interference reports 'a slur': BBC

South's dead cry out for justice: Irish News

Civil servants should reveal membership of 'secret societies', says SDLP : UTV Internet

Former bomber scorns Provos: The Times

Pledge kept secret as it threatens state security: Irish Examiner

Ulster-Scots may yet be part of all things Irish: The Irish Times

Funding bill could help Sinn Fein: UTV Internet

UTV 'is making Stone a hero': Irish News

Stone claims he received help for Milltown attack: The Irish Times

Wright's killers to be freed tomorrow: Irish News

Mandelson criticised for 'terror' remark: Electronic Telegraph

Wednesday, October 18

Trimble warns on decommissioning: The Irish Times

Cross-border summit to beat Festive terror: Irish Independent

Three men are held in Omagh bomb inquiry: Electronic Telegraph

Irish parliament debates Omagh inquiry: BBC

IRA issue denial over O'Connor murder: UTV Internet

Crowds cheer Belfast show of strength by 'Real IRA': The Irish Times

Time for calm heads: (Editorial)

Provos protect patch in cigarette war worth millions: Irish Examiner

UUP haven't a clue about UK identity: Irish News

Ex-PUP man hits out over conference tribute to UVF: Belfast Telegraph

Attack on children 'sectarian': BBC

Murder mother refuses to meet Adams: UTV Internet

Police Bill will not satisfy SF/ SDLP demands: The Irish Times

Row over RUC reform changes: Belfast Telegraph

Queen thanks Vatican for help in Ulster: The Times

Queen and Pope back unity: UTV Internet

Vatican visit by the queen 'hypocritical': Irish News

Wright's killer to flee North in fear for his life: Irish Examiner

Coming armed with a message of peace: Irish News

Assembly passes on flag issue arguments: The Irish Times

Tuesday, October 17

Resumed terrorist attacks aim to destabilise North: The Irish Times

Real IRA blames Provisionals for murder: The Guardian

Controversy over republican's murder: BBC

Ex-Provos hit out at murder of RIRA man: Irish News

O'Connor killing row rages on:

Real IRA vows to avenge shooting: Irish Examiner

Killing republicans – that was not our war: Irish News

SF refuses to condemn killing of 'Real IRA' man: The Irish Times

Trimble accused of cover-up over gunruning programme: UTV Internet

Trimble toughens up on issue of IRA arms: Irish News

Trimble pressed to expel SF pair from Executive: The Irish Times

Cowen meets Mandelson for talks on police reform: Irish Independent

Nationalists and Catholic church stand behind Patten:

Talk now is all about alternatives: Irish News

Et tu, Northern Ireland?: Philadelphia Inquirer (Editorial)

Time for IRA arms action: Irish News (Editorial)

Bombers of Omagh are not likely to go to prison: The Irish Times

Omagh father in plea to Dublin: Electronic Telegraph

O'Donoghue rejects claims: The Irish Times

Two questioned about feud murders: BBC

Hutchinson vows to leave if PUP if new UVF-UDA pact is agreed: by Anne Cadwallader and Barry McCaffrey (Ireland on Sunday, Oct. 15)

Queen and Pope will speak out for Ulster peace: The Guardian

British face US calls to withdraw: Irish News

Taylor wins reselection battle: BBC

Army intelligence warned of IRA plot: Irish Examiner

Monday, October 16

Protestant Leader's Slipping Hold Imperils Ulster Peace Agreement: New York Times

Poll challenge to Unionist deputy: Electronic Telegraph

PUP disappointment at SDLP 'hard line': The Irish Times

Ahern calls for new start on policing:

Who will bear the pain of RUC reform?: Irish News

IRA 'will move' on arms inspections: BBC

IRA blamed for republican's death: The Independent

Statement on O'Connor murder blames provisionals: UTV Internet

Time to strengthen resolve for peace: Irish News

Feud fears grow as IRA tensions rise: The Irish Times

Ahern pledges to tackle republican dissidents: Irish Independent

Inquiry call into paper murder claims: BBC

Northern security chiefs suggest no go areas for Dalai Lama in Belfast: Irish Examiner

Mandelson 'lied over home loan': Electronic Telegraph