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Friday, October 31

Tension on streets as high noon draws near: Belfast Telegraph
Lesley-Anne Henry

Parades Commission stand firm on homecoming decision: The News Letter

Troops urged by military to act with 'dignity and respect': Irish News

Orange Order calls for support of controversial Army parade: Belfast Telegraph

SF accused of 'protest dishonesty': The News Letter

SDLP urges all nationalists to avoid the city: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Hymns replace regimental marches: Belfast Telegraph
Matthew McCreary

Website messages branded 'inciteful': Ulster Herald
Conor Sharkey

First RIR march in Ballymena: Irish News

No man's land – Is the parade and protest too close for comfort?: Belfast Telegraph
Lesley-Anne Henry

Idea that Sinn Fein could ignore march is absurd: Irish News
Jim Gibney

Is this the right time to protest?: Irish News

Dissident threat has Omagh police on high alert: Ulster Herald
Mark McKelvey

Fire station employee asked to remove poppy: The News Letter

Morrison trial is another case of British dirty tricks: Belfast Media

Troubles soldiers seek help: UTV Internet

Coroner to reopen RUC mine death case: Irish News
Barry McCaffrey

Irish America Splits Prez Vote: Irish Voice/
April Drew

It's Ohireland!: Irish Echo
Ray O'Hanlon

American Mayor welcomes Dr. Wilson: Ballymoney Times

Unionists must build links with US poll winner: The News Letter

Government 'broke schools agreement': Irish Independent (Oct 30)
John Cooney

Why Irish protestants are hungry for a voice: The Independent
David McKittrick

Comptroller recommends ending Troubles-era bonus: The Irish Times
Ronan McGreevy

Rangers warn fans of police action in bid to break 'famine': The Herald (Oct 30)
Martin McMillan

Thursday, October 30

Fears grow of major violence at parade: Irish News
Barry McCaffrey

PM calls for calm during Sunday parade: UTV Internet

Parade protests spark security concerns: The News Letter

SDLP calls for rethink on British Army march in Belfast: Belfast Telegraph

Bomb alert at Parades Commission a hoax: The News Letter

Gerry Adams blames Woodward over RIR parade row: Belfast Telegraph

Abandon parade protest – cleric: The News Letter

Sinn Fein anti-parade stance obscene – MLA: The News Letter

Tension on the streets heightened by hoax bomb calls: Belfast Telegraph
Emily Moulton and Matthew McCreary

Belfast marches' permit may be reviewed: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

Church enters forces' parade row: BBC

Protest against parade: Lurgan Mail

Hard to estimate stupidity of unionist councillors: Irish News
Brian Feeney

Parade in Belfast has to go ahead: The News Letter

Campbell backs army museum: Londonderry Sentinel

Row over X Factor star's 'troops snub': The News Letter

DUP to attend talks on a blueprint they wanted withdrawn: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

London and Dublin may soon be forced to bail out Stormont: Irish News
William Graham

Aren't we entitled to government that works?: Derry Journal
Norman Hamill

'Threats' aimed at justice scheme: BBC

Dissident groups unite: Irish News
Seamus McKinney

War of words over riot claim: Lurgan Mail

Pipe-bomb target previously shot by RIRA: Irish News

Confess now!: Newry Democrat
Donal O'Reilly

'Witness A' to have identity protected: Lurgan Mail

Hoey lawyer defends £2.5 million trial fees: Irish News
Bimpe Fatogun

Man beaten in paramilitary style attack: The News Letter

'I was target of RUC witch-hunt': The News Letter

RUC murders to be re-examined: UTV Internet

Irish rugby league team runs into anthem row: The News Letter

Wednesday, October 29

Sinn Fein dismisses DUP boss's 'excuses': Irish News
Barry McCaffrey

Sinn Fein protest to target Army homecoming parade in Belfast: The Independent
David McKittrick

SF plans to protest RIR parade branded 'reckless and irresponsible': Belfast Telegraph

SF rally will be 'peaceful' – Chivers: Derry Journal

Call march off RIR, urge relatives of those killed by British soldiers: Belfast Telegraph

Sinn Fein calls for RIR parade to be cancelled: UTV Internet

Belfast's SF mayor avoids Army parade and protest: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

March won't celebrate war, it will honour armed forces: Belfast Telegraph
Michael Copeland

Adams stays silent ahead of protests: The News Letter
Liam Clarke

An opportunity for moderates to step up: Irish News (Oct 27)
Tom Kelly

PSNI wearing poppies in West Belfast for political reasons – RFJ: Belfast Media
Roisin McManus

Robber was part of dissident plot: Belfast Media
Ciarán Barnes

A lingering undercurrent of evil: Belfast Telegraph

'A set-up from the beginning': Belfast Media
Ciarán Barnes

Nelson inquiry – soldiers fear lives: Irish News

Gaeilgeoiri say18th century ban discriminates against language: Irish News
Bimpe Fatogun

Ban on Irish in North's courts tested: The Irish Times

Trial linked to Northern bank raid could last 16 weeks: Irish Examiner
Liam Heylin

Preparations start for North's 11 super-councils: The Irish Times (Oct 28)
Dan Keenan

Concern stalemate will delay councils scheme: The News Letter

Troubled tales but a brighter future: The Herald
Martin Greig

Steve McQueen – I just wanted to tell Bobby Sands' story in Hunger: Daily Telegraph
David Gritten

Friends Forever brings teens from Ireland, Israel together: Salem News
Ethan Forman

Israel must learn from North, says Corrigan: The Irish Times
Michael Jansen

Tuesday, October 28

SF parade protest a recipe for disaster, says Robinson: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

SF parade protest is a threat to relationships – unionists: The News Letter

Army chaplain opposed to parade: BBC

Right or wrong, acknowledge sacrifice: Irish News
Roy Garland

I believe the Royal Irish march is divisive and sectarian: Belfast Telegraph
Mark Thompson

Sinn Fein remains trapped in the past: The News Letter
Alex Kane

'No business' as Assembly breaks: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Judiciary in Northern Ireland 'interested': Irish News

The impasse in Northern Ireland: The Irish Times

I've always been open about compensation says Maskey: Irish News
James Stinson

Civilians targeted by dissident republicans: Belfast Telegraph

Orange bonfires go green as DUP backs eco-friendly beacon: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

Bonfire beacons have some potential: The News Letter

£2.5m fees for Omagh defence team: BBC

On a Hyde-ing to nothing over the language debate: Belfast Telegraph
Pól Ó Muirí

Protestant schools ready for class war: Irish Independent
John Walshe

Nationalists urged to back Ulster rugby: The News Letter

SFA president warns Rangers over Famine Song: The Times
Graham Spiers

GAA patriot games are raising new tensions: Belfast Telegraph
Ed Curran

This is no time for heroes with bad causes: The Times
David Aaronovitch

Bobby Sands and 007 united in martyrdom: The Independent
Tom Sutcliffe

Monday, October 27

Maskey warns 'patience will run out' in Sinn Féin Devolution row deepens as DUP and Sinn Féin clash: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan & Gerry Moriarty

Council tests bonfire alternative: BBC

It didn't work for Paisley and it isn't going to work for us today: Belfast Media (Oct 24)

More Ulster collusion fears as new cases uncovered: The Guardian
Owen Bowcott

Binding the wounds of the nation: Belfast Media (Oct 24)
Des Wilson

Arrest author of McGurk's book call: Belfast Media
Áine McEntee

Republican held in 'appalling conditions' in Lithuania: Sunday Tribune (Oct 26)
Suzanne Breen

Opinion – SDLP MLA Pat Ramsey: Derry Journal (Oct 24)
Pat Ramsey

IRSP urge West Belfast GAA club to honour Crip McWilliams booking: Belfast Media (Oct 24)
Ciarán Barnes

Gordon Brown's plans for a Britishness day are dropped: Daily Telegraph

I was so fascinated by the Loyalist gangs, so i was!: Sunday Life (Oct 26)
Ciaran McGuigan

Supporters drag Rangers through the mud again: The Times
Phil Gordon

Sunday, October 26

Stormont built on solid rock of trust – Paisley: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Councillors debate Agreement: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Eastwood welcomes progress on North-South Forum: Derry Journal

Sinn Fein's behaviour immoral – Robinson: The News Letter

SF launches poster campaign against British army homecoming parade: Irish News
Maeve Connolly

Complex issue turning into another sectarian squabble: Irish News
Patrick Murphy

Why Sinn Fein has shot itself in the foot: Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

Payout for an attack that never was: The Guardian
Malachi O'Doherty

Death of hero who prevented massacre: Irish News
Maeve Connolly

INLA warned it would kill Wright: The Sunday Times
June Caldwell

Tour guide to republican past: Irish News (Oct 23)
Barry McCaffrey

Do Northern Ireland's murals still serve a purpose?: The Independent (Oct 22)
Hannah Bills

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times (Oct 24)
Walter Ellis

Ex-IRA man says 9/11 a turning point in support: Irish News
Seamus McKinney

Support for young singing sensation crossing all divides says principal: Irish News
Seamus McKinney

Church and nation: The Times (Oct 22)

Saturday, October 25

DUP head's new attack on Sinn Féin: RTE

Good and bad news for the police: Belfast Telegraph

Dissident threat has Omagh police on high alert: Ulster Herald
Mark McKelvey

'Sinister' dissidents accused of training youths as decoy rioters: Irish News
Barry McCaffrey

Dissidents harming own communities: Irish News

Republican splinter parade plan warning: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Security to be tight for RIR march and protest: Irish News
Barry McCaffrey

Drumcree Orange chiefs re-elected: The News Letter

Law should apply to all halls – McCartney: Derry Journal (Oct 17)

Quinn murder witnesses 'intimidated': Irish News

DUP rejects bomb motion criticism: Ulster Herald
Mark McKelvey

Derry loyalist Mitchell gets new PUP post: Derry Journal (Oct 22)

Former Sinn Fein director Danny Morrison cleared:
Owen Bowcott

Conviction for falsely holding informer quashed: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Shankill bombing victims remembered: The News Letter

The first casualty: Sunday Journal (Oct 19)
Mary Nelis

Poots still hopeful for Maze: Belfast Telegraph (Oct 23)
David Gordon

Minister accused of bias against Protestants by school principal: Irish Independent
Anita Guidera

Gaddafi visit proposals slammed in Parliament: The News Letter (Oct 23)

Friday, October 24

Tories call for an end to Stormont logjam: Belfast Telegraph
Sam Lister

Ministerial clash may keep DUP away from conference: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Stand off continues as economies collapse: Belfast Media
Carmel Hanna

Belfast survey finds dissatisfaction with PSNI:

Claim that PSNI protecting dissidents 'an insult': Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

Dissidents blamed for violence: Irish News
Claire Simpson

Gardaí bring Quinn murder probe north of the border: Irish Examiner
Cormac O'Keeffe

Sinn Féin parade protest gets approval: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Parades body puts restriction on SF protest: Belfast Telegraph

SF urged to respect parade decision: The News Letter

Our troops must not get hostile reception: The News Letter

Cut in grants to Protestant faith schools sparks debate: The Irish Times
Marie O'Halloran

Appeal court expected to overturn Morrison conviction:

Haddock must face judge in bid for publicity ban: Irish News

Dramatic twist in McIlveen trial: The News Letter

Shankill victims mark atrocity: Irish News

'Murph Massacre families to meet Ahern: Belfast Media
Roisin McManus

Ulster Scots phone line has had no calls since 2004: Belfast Telegraph
David Gordon

SDLP councillor defends his vote against bilingual signs: Belfast Media
Alana Fearon

Club cancels INLA killer function: BBC

David Healy furious at death threats: Belfast Telegraph

Setting the 'free Derry' record straight: Sunday Journal (Oct 19)
Eamonn McCann

True-to-life film is epic tale of human endurance: Irish News
Jim Gibney

Finucane son to speak at rights event: Irish News
Barry McCaffrey

Obama Forum Snub Looming?: Irish Voice/
Cahir O'Doherty

Thursday, October 23

Robinson and McGuinness clash again: UTV Internet

SDLP says 'rabbit out of hat' over justice ministry: Irish News
William Graham

An election won't solve anything for DUP: Irish News
Brian Feeney

Robinson warns of violence at Army march: The News Letter

Commission delay Army parade verdict: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Nationalist councillors accused of hypocrisy over MOD rebate: Londonderry Sentinel

Police supported over human rights compliance: The News Letter

Human rights fears must not deter police: The News Letter

PSNI 'under pressure' to avoid rifts with collusion inquiries:

Parades Commission mistake lists UDA march application: Irish News
Allison Morris

Call over INLA killer club event: BBC

'I was tortured' Omagh suspect's ex-wife says: Irish News

Republican 'moved to English jail': Irish News
Allison Morris

Time for council name change – Campbell: Derry Journal (Oct 22)

SF worry over poor Protestant pupils is rich: Belfast Telegraph
Robert McCartney

Campbell rejects group'sproposals on the past: Londonderry Sentinel

Work on civil rights not finished – Keaveney: Derry Journal (Oct 7)

'Why we said no to the Civil Rights Campaign': Londonderry Sentinel

Scottish independence: the dream that just melted away: The Independent
Mary Dejevsky

Wednesday, October 22

Policing issue still deadlocked as parties squabble over small print: Belfast Telegraph

'Clarity needed over issue of intelligence': The News Letter

DUP must stop stalling – Anderson: Derry Journal (Oct 17)

Intelligence world must remain a secret: The News Letter

DUP turning blind eye to murder says Allister: Irish News
Rebecca Black

SF's protest plans 'harming fragile community relations': Irish News
Allison Morris

Dissident republicans' protest 'can't be banned': The News Letter

Shinners again show they are bitter infants: Irish Independent
Kevin Myers

Young republicans protest at Magee: Derry Journal (Oct 17)

Why this man answered the call to serve: Belfast Telegraph (Oct 18)
Lindy McDowell

PSNI 'needs more rights training': BBC

'No loyalist link' to gun cache suicide: Irish News
Allison Morris

Truth process won't work – senior loyalist: The News Letter

Is any side in the Troubles really prepared to confess all?: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

No terrorist amnesty, say Troubles victims: The News Letter

NI truth process will not include amnesty: The Irish Times
Renagh Holohan

Eames – Troubles commission leaks unhelpful: RTE

Relatives must have final verdict: Belfast Telegraph

Soldiers' identities to be concealed in trial: Irish News
Barry McCaffrey

Pressure increases for Finucane inquiry:

Omagh trial legal bills 'scandalous': The News Letter

Governor knew of jail murder plan: BBC

INLA have no authority to police communities: Derry Journal (Oct 17)

Former hunger striker McCartney praises 'powerful' new film: Derry Journal

Life and death in Long Kesh: The Guardian
Ronan Bennett

The Queen has visited more than 120 countries, and all without a passport: The Times
Alan Hamilton

Tuesday, October 21

SF 'must have no say in selection of judges': Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Woodward – Political vacuum fuelling dissidents: Belfast Telegraph

Unionists attend British-Irish gathering: The News Letter

Lost Lord fails to turn up on Tyne: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Unionists hope for Stormont breakthrough: (from the Sunday Times, Oct 19)
Liam Clarke

Shinner Shuffle can tie up Robbo: (from the Irish Daily Star)
John Coulter

Time the penny dropped in this economic storm: Irish News
Tom Kelly

Look behind you! Stormont is set for performance of the year: Belfast Telegraph
Ed Curran

It's vital that parties talk to one another: The News Letter
Alex Kane

UUP adrift as Empey changes tack again: (from the Sunday Times, Oct 19)
Liam Clarke

Giving up on shared future is defeatist: Irish News
Roy Garland

Retreat on UDA funding denied: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Mystery surrounds seizure of weapons: The News Letter (Oct 18)

Agreement to cash handover given verbally and in writing: Irish News (Oct 18)

No reason to keep weapons: Irish News (Oct 18)

Troubles commission – Proposal a slap in the face for families, says victim's son: Belfast Telegraph

New commission proposed to inquire into unsolved NI deaths: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

Troubles body offers immunity: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Troubles commission – Heartbroken father fears killers could be rewarded: Belfast Telegraph

Suffering of Troubles continues: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

A murky world where the truth may never be fully revealed: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Victims' rights must be the priority: The News Letter

'Omagh files could set dangerous precedent' – UUP peer: The News Letter

Omagh lawyers paid more than £1m: BBC

Parliamentary body backs Omagh call: RTE

Court reserves judgment in Omagh case: The Irish Times

Quinns tell of pain that son's killers remain free: Irish News
Barry McCaffrey

War of words then apology after killing: Irish News
Barry McCaffrey

Friend of murdered Michael who claimed he was threatened is accused of lying to court: Belfast Telegraph

Is Scottish independence stone dead?: The Sunday Times (Oct 19)
Jason Allardyce and Iain Harrison

Monday, October 20

Unionists at Parliamentary body: RTE

Big house unionism gone mad: Irish News (Oct 18)
Newton Emerson

O'Loan expresses concern over political impasse in North: The Irish Times
Lorna Siggins

Informer files to be kept from Sinn Féin: The Guardian
Henry McDonald

SF criticised over soldiers parade plan: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Coverage of North fostering 'spoilt' attitude in politicians: The Irish Times
Ronan McGreevy

Parliamentarians in Omagh motion: BBC

Omagh counselling 'of no value': Irish News (Oct 18)

Row over removal of art works at the Maze: The Irish Times
Bryan Coll

Find follows PSNI's disruption of international crime network: Irish News (Oct 18)
Allison Morris

Belfast still traumatised by Troubles – study:

Abortion bill intruding on peace process bishops warn: Irish News (Oct 18)
Diana Rusk

'Last chance' to legalise abortions in Northern Ireland: The Observer (Oct 19)
Henry McDonald

Rangers manager hits out at web comments: The Herald
Darryl Broadfoot

Labour councillor who branded the Queen a 'sectarian racist' faces censure: Scotland on Sunday (Oct 19)
Marc Horne

Stand-alone Scotland could look after itself: The Times
Alex Salmond

Sunday, October 19

Policing problems in North a new headache for Cowen: Irish Independent (Oct 18)
Senan Molony

Sinn Fein 'must drop its self-serving agenda': The News Letter

No sign of panic in loyalist circles after weapons raid: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Sinn Fein defends anti-RIR protest: Irish News
Barry McCaffrey

Provos pledge revenge as INLA rule the roost in Dublin jail: Belfast Telegraph

Government plans for secret inquests in north dropped: Irish News (Oct 15)
Barry McCaffrey

The 'good republican' who has become lord of bandit country: Sunday Independent
Jim Cusack

The 'great Belfast bank robbery': Belfast Media
Des Wilson

DUP MP in city name change call: BBC

Hunger film 'ignores Protestants': The News Letter

Hunger – The real maze men speak: The Guardian
Sean O'Hagan

The moral Maze of filming The Troubles: Irish Independent (Oct 18)
Paul Whitington

GAA investigates brawl and alleged sectarian abuse during minor match: The Irish Times (Oct 17)
Brian Jaffray

Foreign post for Sir Ronnie Flanagan: Belfast Telegraph (Oct 17)
Noel McAdam

Belfast Regains Its Voice: New York Times
Joshua Hammer

Saturday, October 18

No obligation to agree policing powers – DUP: The News Letter

DUP 'at one' on policing, justice: BBC

Lenihan and Dodds to meet on joint approach: The Irish Times
Harry McGee

No going back as the march for civil rights continues: Belfast Media
Gerry Kelly

Devolution 'hindering NI economy': BBC
Jim Fitzpatrick

Sinn Fein parade move blasted: The News Letter

Unionist anger as Sinn Fein calls for removal of Queen's portrait: Portadown Times
Victor Gordon

Armoury found with dead ex-terrorist: The News Letter

UVF denies guns cache is part of its arsenal: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Man arrested over O' Hagan murder: Belfast Telegraph

Ritchie failed to block funds for UDA-linked conflict body: Belfast Media
Ciarán Barnes

How the State will hide its dirty laundry: Belfast Telegraph
Laurence White

Politicians demand release of secret Omagh bomb files: Belfast Telegraph

Ward case inspired by political motives: Belfast Media
Áine McEntee

Mark Haddock granted media ban: UTV Internet

Top republican loses seized cash: BBC

Seizure part of wider inquiry into family business dealings: The Irish Times
Conor Lally

Murder 'was overlooked': The News Letter

Campbell not impressed with Homer's humour: Londonderry Sentinel

McQueen wins plaudits for 'humanity': The Irish Times (Oct 17)
Gerry Moriarty

Sands mural in city centre: Belfast Media
Roisin McManus

Inside the Irish mob: Evening Herald
Gareth Murphy

Friday, October 17

Confidence call 'can't be excuse': BBC (Oct 15)

Executive fails to meet as hopes for progress fade: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Leaders' separate Taoiseach talks: BBC

Robinson and Adams have to show leadership: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Northern executive proves to be hindrance say bosses: Irish News

SF accuses Ahern of 'gutter politics': The Irish Times
Marie O'Halloran

UUP and Conservatives rubbish claims of split: The News Letter

DUP accused of going solo in Euro election: The News Letter

70 guns discovered in city house: BBC

Accountability could only help failing PPS: Irish News
Newton Emerson

DUP rejects bomb motion criticism: Ulster Herald
Mark McKelvey

MOD rates row: Londonderry Sentinel

Sinn Fein to march on day of RIR parade: UTV Internet

I'm proud to have the Royal Irish in my constituency: Belfast Telegraph
Owen Patterson

TD in move to halt closure of border bases: Irish News
Seamus McKinney

Blair brought army to heel – FitzGerald: The Irish Times
Patsy McGarry

Massive interest in 'Troubles' website: Londonderry Sentinel

Salmond bullish on independence despite economy: The Irish Times
Frank Millar

Thursday, October 16

Police powers timeframe 'is unrealistic': The News Letter

How Irish can be a language we all share: Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

UUP has become the runaway bride – MLA: The News Letter

Tory concerns over prospects of successful UUP merger: The Irish Times
Frank Millar

Is this snatching defeat from the jaws of victory?: The News Letter
NR Greer

SF challenged on alleged €250m in US: The Irish Times
Marie O'Halloran

Sacking may end plans for Maze: Irish News

INLA seize deadly weapons: Derry Journal
Michael McMonagle

Republicans confined to cell after chamber pot jail protest: Irish Independent
Tom Brady

He was a Catholic from Poleglass: Belfast Media
Niall Murphy

Bank heist led to dismantling of IRA structure: Irish News
Brian Feeney

Yet another case collapses: Belfast Media

Alliance motion on Omagh bomb fails: UTV Internet

British army 'kept off Omagh streets on day of atrocity': Irish News

Lords to debate victims' lawsuit: The News Letter

Family 'tried to save schoolboy': BBC

Obama Speaks On Irish Issues: Irish Voice/
Cahir O'Doherty

Linen Hall marks 40 years of rare Troubles collection: Irish News (Oct 14)
Margaret Canning

Troubles archive tells story of conflict: The Irish Times
Fionnuala O'Connor

President praises role of Nobel Prize in peace process: The Irish Times
Johanna Leahy

We must give troops excellent welcome: The News Letter

Questioning the wisdom of 'all-island' economic model: The News Letter
NR Greer


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