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This archive contains references to articles from October 16-31, 1997. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


October 31

CIRA fanatics act for nobody: Irish News (Editorial)

Ban on terrorist suspects to end: Electronic Telegraph

Debate must accept united Ireland question: The Irish Times (by Mitchel McLoughlin)

Civil servants undermining peace says Mo: Irish News

Trimble wants end to 'claim' on North: The Irish Times

Talks an historic opportunity: Irish News

First Lady traces her heroine's path, 55 years on: The Times

October 30

Trimble sure of deal as unionists meet: The Irish Times

Poppy day marred by petty dispute: Irish News (Editorial)

Poppy Day row set to worsen: Irish News

Attempting to reshape deeply divided society: The Irish Times (by Lord Alderdice)

Loyalist feud fears amid UVF/UFF rift: Irish News

Bishop cites shift in allegiances as hopeful: The Irish Times

October 29

Belfast woman would be Irish president: Philadelphia Inquirer

Special branch thickies enforce stereotyping: Irish News

SDLP's plea over north/south structures: Irish News

Government and UUP teams clash: The Irish Times

Factory workers sent home for wearing poppies: Irish News

Sinn Fein denies softer line over RUC liaison: Irish News

October 28

Poll shows majority of unionists oppose talks: The Irish Times

Churchman offers to mediate between loyalists: The Irish Times

McAleese cannot build bridges to unionists: The Irish Times

Taylor praised over remarks: Irish News

Trimble urged to rise above 'politics of past': Irish News

October 27

John Bruton's Other Island: Sunday Business Post

Why you should go out and vote for Mary McAleese: Sunday Business Post (Editorial)

Mr Trimble Does Well: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Nationalists urged to outline identity terms: The Irish Times

RUC on the agenda in talks with Sinn Fein: Electronic Telegraph

McAleese heads for tarnished triumph: The Times

UUP man endorses McAleese for Park: Irish News

McAleese victory would send positive signals: The Irish Times

Bruton warns of risk in IRA truce: Irish News

October 26

Loyalist feud cited in Northern Ireland bomb death: Boston Globe

Nationalist unity only widens the divisions: The Sunday Times

Trimble bid to calm his critics: Electronic Telegraph

RUC calls in nun to recruit Catholics: The Sunday Times

Ulster blast kills driver: The Sunday Times

October 25

A terible reality is born: Irish News

They talk of peace; the deeds are dirty: The Times

Legion protest not necessary: Irish News (Editorial)

Trimble's task is to find a squared circle: The Irish Times

UUP knows delay breeds dissent: The Irish Times

Memorial welcomed but DUP demands IRA exclusion: The Irish Times

Allegations of Sinn Fein Leanings Plague Irish Presidential Hopeful: Washington Post

CBI accused of following a pan-nationalist agenda: The Irish Times

Leaks reveal Achilles heel in Republic: Irish News

October 24

Why Mary McAleese must be stopped: The Irish Times

Fine Gael has not exploited leaked memos: Irish News (by John Bruton)

Adams met by walkouts on Question Time: The Times

Residents' parade talks with British Legion: Irish News

D-day for McAliskey: Electronic Telegraph

Efforts continue to reduce British army posts: The Irish Times

October 23

McAleese's new nationalism attacked by jealous sniping: Irish News

Squalid poll has opened tribal splits: The Irish Times

McAleese an unlikely bridge-builder: The Irish Times (by Ken Maginnis)

Time for a real debate on real issues: Irish News (by Gerry Adams)

Molyneaux says security files passed to the IRA: The Irish Times

IRA murderer faces extradition hearing: Electronic Telegraph

My stand on north is misunderstood: Bruton: Irish News

Bruton failed as taoiseach: Irish News (Editorial)

Loyalists criticise US decision on deportees: The Irish Times

IRA unit left Semtex in rented locker, jury told: The Times

October 22

IRA divided over future of ceasefire: Electronic Telegraph

The Paras have no place in civvy streets: Irish News

Protestant clergy defend Redemptorists: Irish News

Helms criticises delisting IRA, SF: The Irish Times

IRA bomb gang leader shot dead as police raided hideout, jury told: The Times

Unionists 'have a key role in united Ireland': Irish News

Lifting of GAA ban on RUC members favoured: The Irish Times

October 21

A cold shoulder divides Ireland: Boston Globe

Blair's other handshake could be a key to Irish peace: Boston Globe

Ireland agrees to reconsider Ulster claim: Electronic Telegraph

McAleese vote would be a vote for peace: The Irish Times

McAleese rejects Sinn Fein charges: The Times

McAleese the victim of southern McCarthyism: Irish News

DUP anger at French invitation to Adams: Irish News

Trying to escape words of prejudice: The Irish Times

Northern machismo: The Irish Times

October 20

Welcome to post-Robinson Ireland: Sunday Business Post

No nationalists need apply: Sunday Business Post

Insight, foresight, hindsight: Sunday Business Post

Southern leadership void hands agenda to the Provos: Irish News

Differences cited as obstacle to peace: The Irish Times

Carryduff Carsonites are on the wrong trail: Irish News

Contacts damaged says unionist: Irish News

Church establishes network of peace agents: The Irish Times

October 19

Charm offensive hides questions of morality: The Sunday Times

SDLP linked McAleese to Sinn Fein: The Sunday Times

McGuinness the poet under fire: The Sunday Times

October 18

Archaic Paisleyite zealots can't put a spanner in talks: Irish News

Adams lashes Bruton comment: Irish News

Loyalists attack Bill to tackle Ulster parades: The Times

DUP calls for end of talks in favour of a new NI parliament: Irish News

Ervine, McMichael lead delegations on US visit: The Irish Times

Loyalist picket runs out of steam: Irish News

October 17

Time to End `The Troubles': Washington Post

Anti-Stormont Unionists warn on united Ireland: The Irish Times

Congressman in call for free trade zone: Irish News

Adams backing for McAleese causes row: The Irish Times

Conflicting views on Prof Mary McAleese: The Irish Times

RUC allows cameras at Castlereagh centre: Irish News

October 16

A HANDSHAKE ACROSS HISTORY: Chicago Tribune (Editorial)

Stakes high in Blair's brush with Irish Question: The Irish Times

Unionists 'won't demonise GAA': Irish News

Anti-talks activists reach out to grassroots: The Irish Times

British ministers 'still treating Sinn Fein like lepers': Irish News

Leak does untold damage to NI links: The Irish Times

Clinton administration steps up interest in north: Irish News