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This archive contains references to articles from October 16-31, 1998. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Saturday, October 31

Eleventh-hour deadlock on IRA arms: The Times

Ahern steps in to ease deadlock: BBC

LVF proposals merit caution: Irish News (Editorial)

First major Good Friday deadline on arms missed: The Independent

Patton defies ‘vendetta’ by liberals: Irish News

Time to end the wishing and the waiting: The Irish Times (by Seamus Mallon)

`I regret only one thing': Irish Independent

Cruiser abandons ship: Irish News

You ignore the Cruiser at your peril: Irish Independent

Writer saw blood in the streets: Irish News

Anti-royal protesters to march on palace: The Guardian

Friday, October 30

Ulster talks close to breaking IRA arms deadlock: Electronic Telegraph

Dangerous Brinkmanship: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Mowlam accentuates positive: Irish News

Loyalist terror group pledges war is over: The Times

Ahern sees confederate potential in council: The Irish Times

GAA misses golden chance: Irish News (Editorial)

Irish considered in developing co-operation: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein slams ‘negative signals’ over Scots guards: Irish News

Thursday, October 29

Trimble and parties in last ditch talks on pact deadline: Irish Independent

Same old arguments, but party opens up to future: The Irish Times

‘Community policing’ must come to a halt: Irish News (Editorial)

Unionists remain wedded to unworkable status quo: The Irish Times (by Martin McGuinness)

Respect: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Clinton ‘prays for Ireland’: Irish News

Inattention to amendment details could be costly: The Irish Times (by Kevin McNamara)

North has united front on EU structural funding: The Irish Times

Who is Patrick Pearse? What is Wolfe Tone?: The Independent

Pope welcomes ‘new era’ of peace: Irish News

Wednesday, October 28

'I regret not quitting earlier' - O'Brien: Belfast Telegraph

Sinn Fein anger at 'breach of trust': Belfast Telegraph

Obstacles remain to Irish peace: Boston Globe

Trimble’s partnership is the only one in town: Irish News

Difficulty for McCartney forces O'Brien resignation: The Irish Times

McCartney mourns resignation of `Union champion': Irish Independent

'The Cruiser': still stirring things up: The Irish Times

Battle `Cruiser' changing tack as storm clouds gather: Irish Independent

RUC must be accountable: Irish News (Editorial)

'Tragic' if arms became an obstacle, warns Hume: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein’s new Ireland: Irish News

Lottery grant to restore Omagh: The Independent

Belfast nun is Teacher of the Year: The Guardian

Tuesday, October 27

Deadline for Ulster 'will not be met': Electronic Telegraph

Formation of executive not dependent on Trimble: The Irish Times

IRA arms issue puts growing pressure on peace process: The Independent

SF hopes for cabinet seat: Irish News (Editorial)

Last-ditch bid to break arms impasse: BBC

McCartney backs SF view on decommissioning: The Irish Times

Trimble told lies about arms handover - DUP: Irish Independent

Plan to close army base in Belfast is welcomed: The Irish Times

McAliskey angry as new GOC takes over: Irish News

Monday, October 26

Ahern says Irish arms deadline will not be met: Electronic Telegraph

Leaders to tackle deadlock in Ulster: The Independent

Support for unity denied by UK Unionists: The Irish Times

Pundit who never stays too far from controversy: Irish News

Leverage and Folk Memory Keep I.R.A. Armed: New York Times

Time to solve arms impasse: Irish News (Editorial)

Trimble's conference bark most probably far worse than his bite: Irish Independent

Radio words cause waves amid the tough talking: The Irish Times

Soldier with no gun waits for zero hour: The Times

Call for `room to manoeuvre' alienates the party faithful: Irish Independent

Healing can only start where we are now: Irish News

O'Brien's 'Irish unity' is a gift for Trimble: The Irish Times

Seven days of death: Irish News

Ross accuses leaders of surrendering principles: The Irish Times

Sunday, October 25

O'Brien tilts to united Ireland: The Sunday Times

Trimble will extend IRA's arms deadline: Electronic Telegraph

Setback for Ulster talks: Independent on Sunday

'Mad Dog' Adair among 80 terrorists set for release: The Sunday Times

Freed Maze terrorists to get £10,000: The Observer

Pinochet sent killer to Ulster: Independent on Sunday

IRA holds party for Mountbatten killer: The Sunday Times

Saturday, October 24

Arms deadlock delays start of North executive: Irish Independent

It may not be moral, but we may have to fudge the Irish arms issue: The Independent

Decommissioning crisis deepens: The Irish Times

Decommissioning crux threatens Trimble's future: Irish Independent

Punishment shooting 'by IRA': The Guardian

Different attitudes to walking up the Walls: Irish News

Time now for quiet mediation not megaphone diplomacy Dr Eames: Irish Independent

Jones saga is yet another Orange twist: Irish News

UUP dissidents wary of being thought too shrill: The Irish Times

Mother in plea to halt shootings: Irish News

Friday, October 23

Changing times: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Order lifts ban on Jones: Belfast Telegraph

Hume tackles deadlock: The Guardian

October deadline possible but arms gesture needed: The Irish Times

Blair invited to address Oireachtas: Irish Independent

Mayor shows a mature attitude: Irish News (Editorial)

Orangemen segment in power struggle: Irish Independent

SF praises unionists involved in forum: Irish News

Thursday, October 22

Political endgame: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Sinn Fein and Unionists join schools lobby: BBC

Blair increases pressure on Sinn Fein over arms: The Irish Times

Breaking the impasse on arms: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Archbishop’s worthy words: Irish News (Editorial)

Nobel award is grand, but peace remains the real prize: The Irish Times

MacBride adopted in the US: Irish News

The long road to US accepting principles: Irish News

Trimble needs his 'halo effect': The Irish Times

Union First 'chocolate soldiers' are out of step: The Irish Times

President points to new ways: Irish News

Problem of authoritarian Catholic Church cited: The Irish Times

Patton in snub to loyalist marchers: Irish News

Wright's killer boasts as he receives second sentence: The Irish Times

Wednesday, October 21

Well said: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Billy Wright's killers got life yesterday. But they'll probably go free in two years: The Guardian

IRSP says killers will go free: Irish News

SDLP position paper seeks 'stocktaking' of arms: The Irish Times

Bloody Sunday hearings delayed: Irish News

Derry disco bombers are freed: The Times

Dr Eames sets terms for Orangemen at Drumcree: The Irish Times

Drumcree minister says march goes on: Irish News

C of I told of 'respected place' in Republic: The Irish Times

Molyneaux must produce evidence: Irish News (Editorial)

Saint Rose honors Mitchell: Albany Times Union

What peace dividend can the poor expect?: Irish News

Tuesday, October 20

Northern Ireland hopes peace will lure jobs: Minneapolis Star Tribune


Push for Trimble to relent on arms: Irish Independent

Ahern, Blair to hold urgent talks on North: The Irish Times

Blair fails to end arms deadlock in first round of talks: The Guardian

Crunch for Trimble on IRA arms: The Independent

32 County body hits out over 'slur' bid: Irish News

The execution of 'King Rat': The Guardian

Progress can still be made: Irish News (Editorial)

DUP mayor will meet President: The Irish Times

Finding solutions: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Compromise is the only way forward: Irish Independent

President will Czech out the north: Irish News

Thompson warns Trimble on decommissioning: The Irish Times

Monday, October 19

Visionary Hume recognised at last: Sunday Business Post

New relationships can heal hurt of the past: Irish News

Deadlock over arms issue may be broken shortly: The Irish Times

Civil rights campaigner lashes academic: Irish News

Unionists not ready to come to Trimble's party: The Irish Times

Trimble advisor’s stance alarming: Irish News (Editorial)

Sunday, October 18

Republicans shocked by Adams Nobel snub: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

A Nobel for Peace-in-Progress: New York Times

Can the Irish peace process survive the Peace Prize?: Independent on Sunday

Sober delight: The Observer (Editorial)

Trimble's tribute to Northern Ireland: BBC

An odd couple of peacemongers: The Sunday Times

Americans must `keep focused, keep watching': Philadelphia Inquirer (by Gerry Adams)

Gudgin's book says Nationalist claims of discrimination were exaggerated: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Peace process stalls over IRA weapons: The Observer

Sleaze allegations surround Feeney's decision to cut off SF funding: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Rebel MI5 man 'risked IRA informers' lives': Electronic Telegraph

Civil service suspends Orange 'bigot': The Sunday Times

3 Irish Nationalists Are Again Freed on Bail: New York Times

`Northern Ireland is back in business': Philadelphia Inquirer (by David Trimble - September '98)

If not a utopia, at least a `safer, fairer' Ireland: Philadelphia Inquirer (by John Hume - 1986)

Devolution Revolution: Washington Post

Saturday, October 17

Nobel peacemakers: Boston Globe (Editorial)

Peace is the Real Prize: New York Daily News (Editorial)

N. Ireland Negotiators Share Nobel Peace Prize: Washington Post

Message of Peace: Times of India (Editorial)

THE PEOPLE'S PRIZE: The Times (Editorial)

Keeping the peace is the real prize: Irish Independent

Honour the peacemakers and goodbye to vain lords: Irish News

Trimble in Colorado as Award Is Announced: New York Times

Hume's role was pivotal, says Adams: The Irish Times

Prize Has Little Effect on Hume's Workday: New York Times

Peace prize brothers take it in their stride: The Guardian

Nobel winner Hume soothes unionists: BBC

THE PEACEMAKERS: Irish Independent

'Brilliant' former teacher looks on with pride: The Times

Bogside statesman earns place among the greats: Irish News

'Better by far to be scorned by the world . . .': The Irish Times

Scarred Omagh sees little to celebrate: Nando Times

Hardline unionists hit back: Irish News

28 more terrorists freed under the Good Friday deal: Electronic Telegraph

Irish media in US come out swinging at Talese: The Irish Times

Friday, October 16

Prize of peace: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

The perpetual pacifist: Belfast Telegraph

Leader who is looking ahead: Belfast Telegraph

Ex-bomber's charm offensive: The Times

Orange event insulted dead: Irish News (Editorial)

Ulster GC: The Guardian (Editorial)

Decommissioning a litmus test, says Trimble: The Irish Times

Smuggling drives oil firms out of Ulster: The Times

Trimble taxed by tough US question: Irish News

Patten considering policing responsibility: The Irish Times