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Northern Ireland Archive

This archive contains references to articles from October 16-31, 1999. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Sunday, October 31

Real IRA boss may control Provo arms: Sunday Independent

Gardai target the `Real' IRA units: Sunday Business Post

Mitchell edges closer to a deal: The Sunday Times

What will political life in Northern Ireland be like if George Mitchell clnches a deal?: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

The best thing Bertie and Blair can do is to stay away: Sunday Independent

An end to the longest journey?: Sunday Business Post

What's happened to the SDLP?: Sunday Independent

A Dissenting View on Jack Lynch: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

Forget the weapons and learn to trust Sinn Fein: The Sunday Times

Companionship a prelude to peace: Sunday Independent

Famous victory for press freedom: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Adams builds dream home on the republican riviera: The Sunday Times

Saturday, October 30

Review talks may continue into next week: BBC

Sinn Fein and UUP remain in deadlock: The Irish Times

UUP dissidents' path `leads into wilderness': Irish Independent

End game: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Real IRA damaged by gun range find: The Guardian

Priest deplores Patten failure to 'honour' officers: The Irish Times

Robinson hits out at IRA’s ‘police work’: Irish News

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Man is jailed over firebomb murders of young brothers: Electronic Telegraph

Pastor says LVF will not hand over any more weapons: The Irish Times

Royal toast angers tycoons: Irish News

Blair rules out 'anti-Catholic' law reform: BBC

Scots seek closer links with Ireland: The Irish Times

Friday, October 29

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Thursday, October 28

Seven 'terrorists caught red-handed with guns': The Times

Real IRA ‘has anti-aircraft gun’: Irish News

Mitchell's final push for peace: Electronic Telegraph

Ulster Unionists accused of hypocrisy over RUC: Irish News

A sense something is happening in North: The Irish Times

RUC and Garda deserve praise: Irish News (Editorial)

Patten report finishes what IRA started: The Times (by Robert McCartney)

Journalist's notes denied to police: The Guardian

Moloney victory 'great day': The Irish Times

Stevens is wasting time: Irish News (Editorial)

Who are the British?: The Times

Order denies links with loyalist group: Irish News

Wednesday, October 27

Mitchell returns for the final push: Irish News

'White smoke' still eludes in Mitchell review : The Irish Times

South African helps revive progress in Ulster talks: Boston Globe

The Senator Returns: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Real negotiations prove deal is just a matter of time: Irish Independent

Collapse of Mitchell Review would bring pressure to SF leadership: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune 24 Oct.)

Real IRA leader escaped arrest: Irish News

Battle against time to crush the Real IRA: Irish News

Adams Lays it on the Line: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday 24 Oct.)

Moloney confident on judicial review: The Irish Times

RUC reforms are mad, says Mason: Electronic Telegraph

More compensation sought for 'UDR Four' member: The Irish Times

RUC families' handcuff protest at gates of No 10: Electronic Telegraph

The RUC in chains: Electronic Telegraph

Lynch partly responsible for the 1970 arms crisis: The Irish Times

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

IRA man’s family orders DNA tests: Irish News

Tuesday, October 26

Trimble urges paramilitaries to change: BBC

65% still for deal: Belfast Telegraph

Russian rockets find is linked to Real IRA: Electronic Telegraph

Renegade bombers open new arms trail: Irish Independent

New weapons and old hatred: The Guardian

Real IRA has no mandate: Irish News (Editorial)

Mallon issue not gone away : The Irish Times

Success possible - Adams: Irish News

Mowlam 'did not follow law' on IRA: Electronic Telegraph

How narrow minds never get the picture : Belfast Telegraph

Meet IRA, Mandelson advised: The Irish Times

Business chiefs urge parties to agree pact: Irish News

Trust creeping in with SF, says UUP negotiator : The Irish Times

Still all to play for in game of peace : Irish Independent

Curiosity aroused by two questions: Irish News

Monday, October 25

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Sunday, October 24

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Saturday, October 23

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Friday, October 22

Mitchell attempt to save peace process: BBC

10 are held at Real IRA weapons camp: Electronic Telegraph

Garda chief pledges to halt the Real IRA: Irish Independent

Raid is serious blow to plans to relaunch campaign : The Irish Times

Garda fears Real IRA backlash: Irish News

Arms deadline will be met - de Chastelain: BBC

Cold comfort from SF leader in New York: Irish News

Orange pessimism increases: The Irish Times

Time politicians on all sides appreciated the value of peace deal that's on offer: Irish Independent

Republicans must break the impasse: Irish News (Editorial)

Moment of truth nears: The Irish Times (Editorial)

My super peace plan: The Guardian

Scottish MEP lauds Council of Isles concept : The Irish Times

Thatcher backs RUC campaign: Electronic Telegraph

Drunken British soldiers were 'told off': The Irish Times

Thursday, October 21

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Wednesday, October 20

Parties still locked in talks: BBC

I believe Adams and McGuinness are sincere: Electronic Telegraph

Doubt over SF remaining at Stormont: The Irish Times

'No alternative' as peace deal nears collapse: The Times

White heat of July turns into a chill: The Irish Times

Mitchell will need more time: The Examiner

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Mandelson follows well travelled road in quest for lasting Northern peace: The Examiner

Intermarriages 'surprisingly low': The Irish Times

Tuesday, October 19

Malachi O'Doherty: Belfast Telegraph

Coat-trailing isn’t alluring: Irish News (Editorial)

UUP negotiators warn of policy commitment: Belfast Telegraph

Trust in RUC ‘dropping’: Irish News

Patten's challenge: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Mallon calls for new thinking on guns: Irish News

Major and the quest for peace: Belfast Telegraph

Trimble given arms warning by UUP hardliners: Electronic Telegraph

Mitchell begins London talks: The Times

Doubt cast on Mitchell review: The Irish Times

A Critical Week For The North: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Fighting a secret war of words: The Times

Republicans edge towards movement on guns: The Irish Times

Pro-accord group calls for respect for majority: The Irish Times

'Fun' parades can become tourist attractions, says Trimble: The Times

Video of Gervaghy march criticised: The Irish Times

Nightmare of the child victims: The Times

Monday, October 18

IRA recruits students for new war: The Times

Trimble warned on deal: The Irish Times

Adams calls for unionist 'flexibility': BBC

Mandelson unity remarks queried: The Guardian

Show courage, says Ahern: BBC

Bertie manages balance at republican shrine: The Irish Times

Does the IRA want a deal?: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Party of law and disorder: Irish News (Editorial)

Closing the gap: Irish Independent (Editorial)

‘Felons’ have a unique wisdom for our benefit: Irish News

Wright says Ahern shows contempt: The Irish Times

Why Ulster deadlock is end of the world for Zoe: The Guardian

Loyalists rip down street names: Irish News

PfP step from independence: The Irish Times

Sunday, October 17

Enter stage right: Peter the Prince of Darkness: Sunday Business Post

`Defenders' of RUC are making a stand: Sunday Business Post

Book of the dead: Sunday Business Post

Mandelson in Irish gaffe row: The Sunday Times

Garvaghy Road is Mandelson's first hurdle: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

The expert at `pass the parcel': Sunday Independent

Agreement the only way, says Ervine: BBC

Call for PUP to acknowledge republican effort: BBC

Mandelson's Mission is to Protect Blair: Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

PRINCE OF PEACE?: The Sunday Times

A cold mind enters the Northern hothouse: Sunday Independent

The all-or-nothing ride of Captain Mandelson: The Sunday Times

INLA ceasefire will remain despite battle with drug gang: by Henry McDonald (The Observer)

INLA provided `protection' to drug gang that killed its member: Sunday Independent

Tories rejected disabled RUC officers parade: The Sunday Times

One in the eye for Kelly: The Observer

Happiness is . . . talking peace at a UUP annual conference: The Sunday Times

North's DPP has decided not to charge Loyalists arrested in connection with Ludlow killing: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Thatcher's dealings with IRA go back to hunger strikes: by Henry McDonald (The Observer)

Breaking up is hard to do if you're British: The Sunday Times

Saturday, October 16

Negotiators brief UUP on Mitchell talks: The Irish Times

A capital idea George but the gap’s still there: Irish News

Agree or face stagnation - Mandelson: The Irish Times

We will not rush laws to reform RUC, says minister: Electronic Telegraph

Patten’s police plans are ‘criminal’: Irish News

Mandelson moves up: The Times

Test of loyalties: The Guardian

Goodbye Mo, now to see what Mandelson can do: Irish Independent

Grand site of feasts, frolics and follies: The Times


Catholic pupils are target of nail attack: The Times

Loyalists told SDLP of nail plot: Irish News

Thatcher gave approval to talks with IRA: The Guardian