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This archive contains references to articles from October 1996. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


October 31

Freeing loyalists would give a signal to the IRA: Irish News

Paisley marks anniversary with pledge to fight on: The Irish Times

IRA finds 'have saved London': The Times

SDLP-Sinn Fein pact is put on agenda: Irish News

October 30

Sectarianism endemic with politics in streets: Irish News

Party over if Paisley goes: Irish News (Editorial)

Killing of loyalist linked to criminal vendetta: The Irish Times

RUC Catholic calls for bias probe: Irish News

October 29

Tourist board expects 100,000 fewer visitors: The Irish Times

October 28

Evangelicals convinced Catholics not Christian: Irish News

Loyalists warn of rights protest over marches: The Irish Times

October 27

Mayhew Pushes for extradition of IRA bomber: The Sunday Times

October 26

Peace is high on Clinton agenda: Irish News

Loyalists denounce Order's rally as provocative: Irish News

A dangerous gap opens up: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Policy of denying solicitor upheld: The Irish Times

Unionist's 'Nazi' remarks out of order: The Irish Times

October 25

Frantic Efforts to Rebuild the Peace: Irish News

Gore says SF should be at talks table: The Irish Times

Spring insists 'SF can join talks in weeks': Irish News

October 24

Dublin moves to speed Sinn Fein entry into talks: The Times

UUP rejects comments by archbishop concerning violence in North: The Irish Times

Rector turns on critic of Drumcree role: Irish News

October 23

Church of Ireland leader deplores Drumcree: The Irish Times

Mo sends Santa Claus a letter full of wishes: Irish News

Progress possible without SF, says Mitchel: The Irish Times

October 22

Need for a new consciousness within politics: by Peter Kelly & Sarah Coles (Irish News)

Dublin's double standard over 'northern problem': Irish News

Referendum on negotiated settlement urged: The Irish Times

Massive call for a new IRA ceasefire: Irish News

October 21

Trimble's analysis ignores nationalism: The Irish Times

RUC chief predicts IRA ceasefire after period of violence: The Times

C of I Bishop speaks of the pain of Drumcree: The Irish Times

October 20

IRA fugitive flaunts his freedom: The Sunday Times

October 19

Will white house on hill just be a white elephant?: Irish News

Trimble leadership an issue at conference: The Irish Times

Ervine points way in rise of working-class loyalists: The Irish Times

October 18

Loyalist prisoners invite Hume to meeting in Maze: The Irish Times

Frenchman held over suspected IRA link: The Irish Times

October 17

Sinn Fein must travel the extra mile to peace: Irish News

Depressing message in response to the bomb: The Irish Times

Ceasefire may not be enough to get SF into talks: The Irish Times

October 16

Flicker of light at talks illuminates pitfalls: The Irish Times

Black Hole vision of McCartney: Irish News (Editorial)

A little leadership: The Irish Times (Editorial)

October 15

Ulster parties edge towards agreement on talks agenda: The Times

Adams hints at second ceasefire: The Irish Times

Stone and Adair join Mowlam injail talks: Irish News

October 14

Catholics Embrace a New Confidence: Boston Globe

Making politics work is the only way ahead: The Irish Times

PUP calls for shared North government: The Irish Times

Violent republicanism an exercies in futility: Irish News

October 13

Subtle shifts in a troubled land: Boston Globe

October 12

Timeless absolutes of moral fanatics: The Irish Times

Short-sighted party politics: Irish News (Editorial)

Sinn Fein Must Think Again: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Fanatics ruling the roost with Trimble cock-a-hoop: Irish News

Adams is blamed for death of Army victim: The Times

Cause to kill for: Sydney Morning Herald

October 11

Hotseat getting hotter for Mitchell after blast: Irish News

Gains from a new ceasefire: Irish News (Editorial)

Decommissioning is still the key to talks: The Irish Times

SF admits credibility problem after Lisburn: The Irish Times

October 10

IRA Violence is Wrong: Irish News (Editorial)

Why it is still worth going the extra mile for peace: The Irish Times

IRA Bomb Planned Over 4 Months: The Irish Times

Students threaten to quit Belfast if violence escalates: The Times

October 9

Back to war in Northern Ireland?: Boston Globe (Editorial)

Acts of Evil Men do Nothing for People of Ireland: Irish News (Editorial)

Basis for Resumtpion of IRA Ceasefire Still There: The Irish Times

With IRA claim, loyalist cease-fire at risk: Boston Globe

Loyalists Ready to Return to Violence after IRA bombing: The Times

Tone Must be Spinning in His Grave, says Loyalist: The Irish Times

Barracks Bombs Carry Grim Message: The Irish Times

IRA Admits Planting Bomb: The Irish Times

'Republicans at helm of Catholic heirarchy': Irish News

October 8

Security sources say only the IRA could have mounted bomb attack: The Irish Times

Loyalist ceasefires may go up in smoke of bombing: The Irish Times

Drivers of car bombs 'must have had passes: The Times

Army Chiefs Poised for High Level Probe: Irish News

Courage is the Answer: Irish News (Editorial)

October 7

Irsh Hopes on Clinton after Dole Outburst: Irish News

Unionists open door for serious talks, says Trimble: The Irish Times

October 6

IRA plot to kill three Tory MPs: Sunday Times

Tunnel Safe: Letter to the Editor, Sunday Times

October 5

Be honest, Loyalist Smyth tells the unionists: Irish News

Dole chooses wrong issue: Irish News (Editorial)

Paisley says Dublin role is similar to Hitler's: The Irish Times

'Dynamic Dublin' goes unnoticed by John Bull: Irish News

October 4

Dole Attacks Clinton for Adams Links: The Times

October 3

Loyalist Leader Predicts Collapse of Peace Process: The Irish Times

The Time Has Come to Look for Help from Outside: The Irish Times

Reviving the Peace Process: The Irish Times (Editorial)

October 1

Loyalist Ceasefire Strained: The Irish Times