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This archive contains references to articles from October 1-15, 1997. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


October 15

Adams: IRA won't return to violence: Irish News

US lawyer backs campaign to release McAliskey: The Irish Times

Monumental mistakes of Widgery's whitewash: Irish News

GAA move would be 'very offensive': The Irish Times

An Apology Due, Mr Nally: The Irish Times

Bishop welcomes bicentenary approach: The Irish Times

October 14

Angry loyalists jostle Blair: Daily Telegraph

Historic Belfast Talks Anger Protestants: Washington Post

Mr Blair Shakes Hands: The Irish Times

Gesture politics: The Times (Editorial)

Many unionists unsettled by speed of events: The Irish Times

SF ears to the White House: Irish News

Nally questions McAleese on SF: The Irish Times

Dublin fears Mowlam's Bill means new fudge: The Irish Times

CLMC split does not bode well: Irish News (Editorial)

October 13

Moderates on both sides of Algerian (sic) conflict may hold key to peace: Boston Globe (use of Algerian seems to be a mistake: NEWSHOUND)

Dear Mary Banotti: Sunday Business Post

Who dares face risks for peace will reap rewards: Irish News

Commitment to work towards a lasting settlement: Irish News

Loyalist prisoners criticise Paisley, McCartney: The Irish Times

Adams plays the democrat and ditches pariah past: The Times

Loyalists trying to block march confront RUC: The Irish Times

Rap for plans to probe GAA under parades law: Irish News

British 'won't grant a Bloody Sunday probe': Irish News

October 12

Don't shake hands with Adams yet, Blair warned: Sunday Telegraph

Gael force: The Sunday Times

October 11

Wouldn't it be great if it was all over by Christmas: Irish News

Britain has to clean up her own mess: Irish News

Reappraisal of Bloody Sunday evidence likely: The Irish Times

United Irishmen ideals still as relevant - Hume: Irish News

No united Ireland in my time - Andrews: The Irish Times

Dewar blocks move by killer who cheated the peace process: The Times

Fact visit 'most disappointing' on RUC: The Irish Times

October 10

A brave bid to bolster peace: Irish News (Editorial)

Why Clinton fought tough over change to terror list: Irish News

McAliskey case may be heard in hospital: Daily Telegraph

Conservative threat to ditch northern policy: Irish News

Loyalist group threatens to block parade: The Irish Times

Apology move over Bloody Sunday: The Times

Black Bush too green for the Mayor: The Irish Times

October 9

US drops IRA from blacklist: The Times

SF has a role in policing debate: Irish News (Editorial)

Loyalist attitude is slowly changing, says Primate: The Irish Times

Unionists urged to drop tag of SF/IRA: Irish News

DUP councillor endorses Clark's 'kill 600' remark: The Irish Times

October 8

N. Ireland talks start, with a dose of good will: Boston Globe

We need democratic alternative to RUC: Irish News (by Gerry Adams)

Core issues to emerge quickly at Stormont: The Irish Times

Ulster talks are hit as Burke quits: Daily Telegraph

Burke should not quit Dail: Irish News (Editorial)

Divisions stark on all-Ireland dimension: The Irish Times

Irish prepared for change: The Irish Times

Trimble meets Clinton: Irish News

Is hanging too good for the unionists to resist?: Irish News

Anger at killer's move to Ulster: The Times

October 7

Irish order extradition of IRA man to Britain: Boston Globe

Why Unionists find republican charm offensive: The Times

Officials 'block Irish access to US markets': Irish News

IRA suspect will be flown to Britain: Daily Telegraph

Approaching Contested Ground: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Battle lines are drawn as talks get under way: The Irish Times

Peace talks - Sinn Fein to confirm democratic intent: The Times

Legislation aims to destroy RUC, - Robinson: The Irish Times

October 6

Nationalists must have clear identity in new state: Sunday Business Post

Injustice in the making: Sunday Business Post

Those false gods of Ulster, British and Irish nationalism: Irish News

Consent paves way for stable future in north: Irish News (by Seamus Mallon)

UUP seeks inquiry into 1970 arms crisis: The Irish Times

Saulters slams Labour MP over Klan remarks: Irish News

Decisions lie with the people: Irish News (Editorial)

Leaders of SF vow to 'smash Union': The Irish Times

October 5

'Pro-IRA' Lennon spied on by FBI: The Sunday Times

Short likened Orangemen to Ku Klux Klan: Sunday Telegraph

A faith tested on the front line: The Sunday Times

Brixton fugitive arrested in Ireland: Sunday Telegraph

October 4

Same old bigoted story at Paisley's Nuremberg rally: Irish News

Man charged with RUC murders walks free: Daily Telegraph

Time to stop blaming others, says Dr Daly: The Irish Times

H-Block escapers 'abused in US': Irish News

Claim to North like Berlin Wall - Paisley: The Irish Times

October 3

Hope in the air but also fear of disaster: The Irish Times

Trimble shows little faith in talks success: The Times

Duffy scandal exposes law: Irish News (Editorial)

SF moves to end sectarian violence: Irish News

Panel meets officials on decommissioning: The Irish Times

October 2

Republicans' quest for peace in a divided land: Irish News

Compelling reasons for Burke to stand aside: The Irish Times

Taylor calls on Republic to join Commonwealth: Irish News

Donations ban threatens to block Sinn Fein's US funds: The Times

Loyalists deny threat to assassinate Paisley: Irish News

October 1

Unionist leadership trembles on the brink: Irish News

Illness delays McAliskey's extradition: Daily Telegraph

Unionist leaders launch strategy to wreck peace process: The Times

Internment will go says Mowlam: The Times

British Bloody Sunday move expected: The Irish Times

Adams launches campaign to build Irish business centre: Irish News