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This archive contains references to articles from October 1-15, 1998. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Thursday, October 15

'Old Firm' ready to aid Omagh: Belfast Telegraph

Running out of time: Irish Independent

Civil rights or anti-Catholic bigotry?: Belfast Telegraph

RUC needs new name and uniform, Alliance tells Patten: Belfast Telegraph

Return to the bad old days looks unthinkable: The Irish Times

'Shock' over IRA man's release: The Guardian

RUC cutback is inevitable: Irish News (Editorial)

Paramilitary groups cling to arsenals: The Independent

Protests at route taken by Orange parade: The Irish Times

Devolution was ‘key to change in Ireland’ ­ Mo: Irish News

Loyalists express policing concerns to Patten: The Irish Times

Wednesday, October 14

UUP calls for 'fruitful' links: Belfast Telegraph

What about the guns, Gerry?: Albany Times Union

Albany gives Adams a celebrity's welcome: Albany Times Union

Support parade for Drumcree 'will not help cause': Belfast Telegraph

‘New Stormont’ depends on assent of nationalists: Irish News

New move to end arms stalemate: BBC

Council deadline ‘will be missed’: Irish News

DUP supports rector's stand on Drumcree service: The Irish Times

Eames to plead for Drumcree resolution: Irish News

Ulster 'high on list' for Nobel Peace Prize: The Times

Hume deserves Nobel honour: Irish News (Editorial)

Mitchell is confident for future of NI agreement: The Irish Times

Andrews to check military activity: Irish News

Tuesday, October 13

Patten to hear Shankill views on RUC: Belfast Telegraph

Sinn Fein's Adams hopes to profit by visiting Albany: Albany Times Union

Foreign donations to SF 'cannot be stopped': Belfast Telegraph

At Duquesne, Adams talks of hope, challenge: Pittsburgh Tribune Review

With friends like these who needs ...?: Irish Independent

Businessmen back all-island approach: Irish Independent

Unionists condemn 'farcical' dissidents: Electronic Telegraph

UUP rebels should quit: Irish News (Editorial)

Prince gives print for Omagh appeal: The Times

Nobel prize seems destined for the north: Irish News

Prisoner releases unlock the door to past horrors: The Irish Times

Drumcree clergyman refuses to halt service: Irish News

Republicans give Bill a big slap on the back: Irish News

Decommissioning stalemate can be resolved: The Irish Times

Document intended to promote understanding: The Irish Times

Monday, October 12

The Tories at home: Sunday Business Post

PUPs use conference stage to bark back at critics: Belfast Telegraph

Northern prison officers consider moving south: Sunday Business Post

Andrews admits deadline may be broken: Belfast Telegraph

No move before Chastelain report -- SF: Sunday Business Post

Fifth column unionists have not gone away: Irish News

US orders inquiry into Catholic 'bias' in Ulster courts: Electronic Telegraph

Sinn Féin Must Give: The Irish Times (Editorial)

PUP: Trimble must take on malcontents: Irish News

Cosmopolitan signs prove a step too far: The Irish Times

Church ban bid dismissed by Jones: Irish News

Some remain aloof from the spirit of compromise: The Irish Times

Pope to complete ‘unfinished visit’: Irish News

Britain says farewell to Irish splendour: The Times

Sunday, October 11

Eames to ban Orangemen from Drumcree: The Sunday Times

Row over Ulster arms handover threatens to derail peace process: Electronic Telegraph

Principles of little use without the power: The Sunday Times

SDLP and UUP differ over cross-border bodies moves: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Trimble in row over new adviser: The Sunday Times

Anger as IRA jail breakers stay in the US: Electronic Telegraph

McAleese to discuss Irish visit with Queen: The Sunday Times

RUC celebrates peace with a jig: The Sunday Times

Omagh appeal tops £1m: BBC

How Hornblower and Hogan solved an authority-anarchy problem: The Sunday Times

Saturday, October 10

All on Board: by Gary Kent (Tribune)

Case of the bland leading the bland: Irish Independent

IRA men can challenge extradition: BBC

Token arms move predicted by UKUP: Irish News

Ahern and SF signal breakthrough: Irish Independent

Nobody has to surrender: Irish News (Editorial)

Adams sues RUC over 'unlawful' detention: The Times

Rebel threat for Trimble: Irish News

Police criticised over handling of Moore case: The Irish Times

Friday, October 9

Trimble faces poll pressure: Belfast Telegraph

Four-month nightmare ends at last for Elaine: Irish Independent

Taylor attacks clergy over Drumcree letter: Belfast Telegraph

Civil rights for all - Mowlam: BBC

Stark choice for order: Irish News

Discord over IRA man's reburial: The Times

RUC pledge to queen removed: Irish News

Approval likely for 'peace' visas: The Irish Times

Moves to thwart Ulster poll abuse: Electronic Telegraph

Trimble avoids anthems in NY: The Irish Times

Killers merit no applause: Irish News (Editorial)

War Stories: The Irish Times

Thursday, October 8

Relatives’ plea over forgotten atrocity: Irish News

David Trimble and the D-word: Belfast Telegraph

Former republican OC is released from Maze: Irish News

Push for US cash gets NY backing: Belfast Telegraph

IRA refuses to hand over any arms: Electronic Telegraph

Nationalists 'losing faith' in peace deal: BBC

We forget the lessons of the Northern conflict: The Irish Times

US money finds its way to IRA dissident group: Electronic Telegraph

C of I urged to cancel Drumcree Orange service: The Irish Times

Wednesday, October 7

It’s musical chairs time round the cabinet table: Irish News

Executive can go on hold: Trimble: Belfast Telegraph

Benn renews appeal on behalf of SF: Irish News

Time is fast running out: Irish Independent

Portadown still waiting for equality: Irish News

100 days of Trimble and Mallon: Belfast Telegraph

SF believes IRA will decommission - Ahern: The Irish Times

Trimble in new call for IRA arms: Electronic Telegraph

RUC officer dies from Drumcree riot wounds: The Times

Rector asked not to invite Orangemen: The Irish Times

Mowlam roadshow for US investment: BBC

Anger grows over IRA arms tactics: The Independent

Trimble foresees delay in formation of NI executive: The Irish Times

Tuesday, October 6

Thin-skinned religion: Belfast Telegraph

Drive to win US investment: Belfast Telegraph

Protestant 'peace march' on Garvaghy banned: The Irish Times

Rodgers speaks out over Drumcree deadlock: Irish News

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Sparks flying as the army moves in: Irish News

President told Canadians wish even more from peace: The Irish Times

Air strike plan ‘key to Bloody Sunday’: Irish News

Sinn Fein Discusses Basque Conflict: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Patten commission to hold meetings in both areas: The Irish Times

Colour controversy over school fixtures: Irish News

Monday, October 5

Still at the crossroads: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

All's changed but not the unionists: Sunday Business Post

'Garvaghy march for peace not sectarian': Belfast Telegraph

Nationalists dismayed by RUC presence on Patten secretariat: Sunday Business Post

Pressure mounts on Trimble: Belfast Telegraph

No threat in `take out' Mac Cionnaith - Orangeman: Sunday Business Post

Anger over memorial in honour of IRA killer: Electronic Telegraph

A new challenge from the same old Gospel: Irish News

A peace built on rewriting history: The Irish Times

Partnership is now the key: Irish News (Editorial)

Widow prays for a freed IRA gunman: The Times

Orange ‘showdown’ predicted: Irish News

Bishop calls for Drumcree committee: Irish News

Truth commission for NI urged: The Irish Times

New flag designed to unite all Ulster: The Times

Canadians thanked for helping the peace process: The Irish Times

Trimble accused of shifting blame: Irish News

Witnessing the birth of the Troubles: The Irish Times

RAF and Navy were ready to attack the IRA: The Independent

30 years and many deaths later, there may be hope: The Irish Times

Sunday, October 4

Clan na Gael split a worry for Sinn Féin: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Mowlam rules out Labour recruits in Ulster: Electronic Telegraph

Trimble to propose guns deal: The Sunday Times

de Chastelain key to solving decommissioning problem: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Time for Sinn Fein to get real: The Sunday Times (Editorial)

Hume's peace efforts likely to be rewarded with Nobel peace prize: The Examiner

Former terrorist gets grant to fight crime: Electronic Telegraph

Treading carefully in an ecumenical minefield: The Sunday Times

Saturday, October 3

History can be either a lesson or a liability: Irish News

Trimble faces Ross 'back to basics' call: Belfast Telegraph

IRA arms not for defence: Irish News (Editorial)

SF leader reaches personal milestone: Irish News

Omagh probe man freed in legal victory: BBC

Irish 'will take up weapons again': Electronic Telegraph

`Sham' RUC probe claim dismissed: Irish Independent

Avoiding The Catastrophe: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Bomber defends need for bullets: Electronic Telegraph

Crucial round begins: Irish Independent

Friday, October 2

Talks fail to break IRA stance over arms: Electronic Telegraph

Cross-Border co-operation 'at an all-time high': The Irish Times

Divided town where past hatreds still poison the future: The Times

De Chastelain may hold key to arms deadlock: The Irish Times

Ahern urges SF to back arms disposal: The Irish Times

Thursday, October 1

Trimble warned: Belfast Telegraph

Canadian set to lead bid for breakthrough on IRA arms: Irish Independent

No surrender!: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Britain Warns About IRA Arms Issue: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Blair bid to end deadlock: The Guardian

Courage required bring peace process forward: The Irish Times

THE ELEPHANT IN ULSTER: The Times (Editorial)

Adams defiant on decommissioning: BBC

Deadlock on arms 'no threat to peace': The Independent

Order should follow advice: Irish News (Editorial)

Integrated schools seen as essential: The Irish Times

Arch rivals to join forces for Omagh charity match: Irish News

Bishops' document reaffirms rules on taking Communion: The Irish Times

US call for lawyer death probe: Irish News