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This archive contains references to articles from October 1-15, 1999. (Oct 14 and 15 are lost.) If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Wednesday, October 13

New man for Northern Ireland: Boston Globe (Editorial)

Brian Feeney: Irish News

What now for Mandy?: Belfast Telegraph

Why the Big K is already a big fan of Mandy: Irish Independent

Mo: My regrets: Belfast Telegraph

Families call for inquiry into loyalist murders: Irish News

Gardai arrest six men in US gun smuggling probe: Irish Independent


Mo bids farewell after handing over reins: The Examiner

Belfast content to put its faith in Mandelson: The Times

Mandelson plunges cooly in at the deep end end: The Irish Times

Ulster's doomed: The Guardian

Critics of report on RUC are 'out of touch': The Times

Adams urges UUP to move forward: The Irish Times

Tuesday, October 12

Mandelson regains seat in British cabinet: Toronto Globe and Mail

Blair moves top Ulster aide: Boston Globe

Mandelson moves house: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Mo is a tough act to follow: Irish News (Editorial)

Sidelined by leaders who sought top prize: Irish Independent

Malachi O'Doherty: Belfast Telegraph

'Drunks' threaten Clinton's place in history: Irish News

INLA victim son of top Provo: Irish News

Blair Gives Ulster Job to Aide Brushed by Scandal: New York Times

Mandelson seeks 'deal that sticks': BBC


King of spin goes over the water: The Times

Tough test for myth of Mandelson: The Irish Times

Mandelson moves Ulster to the heart of government: The Guardian


Mandelson Moves In: The Irish Times (Editorial)

The Good Friday peace challenge: The Guardian

Can Mandelson break the deadlock?: BBC

Time ran out when Mo lost influence with parties: The Examiner

Mowlam took realistic view of impossible Ulster mission: Electronic Telegraph

Assured of her place in history: The Irish Times

Mowlam leaves with honour and will be missed: The Examiner

Concern over proposed police bodies' role: BBC

Adams calls on Trimble to make Belfast accord work: The Irish Times

Monday, October 11

Mowlam out, Mandelson in: Belfast Telegraph

Taylor urges unity over 'no guns no government': Irish News

Defending Agreement: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Do Unionists know what they really, really want?: Belfast Telegraph

Now for the endgame: Irish Independent

The RUC's signs and sacrifices: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Bar-room jibe close to truth: Irish News (Editorial)

Trimble dismisses 'peace deal' survey: BBC

Mitchell wants talks moved out of North: The Irish Times

Confident Trimble shows how to lead: The Irish Times

RUC supporters seek a million names across divide: Electronic Telegraph

Constant fear that invades an officer's home: Electronic Telegraph

Sinn Fein is a hate-driven organisation, chairman says: The Irish Times

'Ewan' and Dolly lend their support: The Irish Times

INLA drug feud prompts red alert for armed police: The Examiner

Ireland and US seemed to 'overlook' unionists: The Irish Times

Sunday, October 10

Tories still want to waive the rules of Irish democracy: Sunday Business Post

Conflicting signals from Trimble as new compromise formula looks set to fail: Sunday Business Post

Trimble firm on power-sharing: The Observer

Trimble triumph over party critics: Sunday Independent

Trimble losing battle to sell peace to split party: The Sunday Times

Governments on the run from the IRA: Sunday Independent

Former IRA terrorist tells Provos to disarm: The Observer

Scot is linked to IRA attack: The Sunday Times

A chink of light after decades of dancing in the dark: Sunday Independent

Time for unionists to seize high ground: The Sunday Times

Five injured in wave of INLA terror: The Sunday Times

Clinton's `drunks' reveal impatience: Sunday Independent (Editorial)

Stobie's bail intensifies pressure on DPP, RUC and Stevens team in Finucane case: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Remebering the Emigrants: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

Why Scots Tories fear English nationalism: The Sunday Times

Saturday, October 9

Unionists will expect Trimble to be firm: Electronic Telegraph

UUP must take share of blame: Irish News (Editorial)

Trimble seeks the limits: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Clinton Offers Regret For 'Drunks' Remark: Washington Post

Ulster addicted to a cycle of violence, says Clinton: Electronic Telegraph

A gaffe - or an attempt to kick-start the peace?: Irish Independent

Unionists 'ignoring' real issues of Patten report: The Irish Times

New lobby group attacks police reform: Irish News

Parades chairman to step down: BBC

Bravery wins through 54 years on, Belfast statue for Catholic awarded VC: The Guardian

Friday, October 8

Deal 'on verge of collapse': Belfast Telegraph

Trimble faces his party's toughest test: Irish Independent

Trimble's challenge: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Real IRA touting for recruits warn gardai: Irish Independent

Unionists to discuss Orange link: Belfast Telegraph

Call to amend peace accord: The Guardian

Agreement review success unlikely - Trimble: BBC

UUP conference test for fired-up Trimble: The Irish Times

Conservatives clinging on to Little England: Irish News

UUP man offers arms plan: The Irish Times

Patten reforms 'are a dangerous folly': Electronic Telegraph

Paisley rallies faithful to defence of the RUC: Irish News

Royal patron gives RUC her 'silent support': Electronic Telegraph

Commission must remain: Irish News

DUP drops voting deal with UUP for Belfast seat: The Irish Times

Book is memorial to Ulster's dead: The Times


Thursday, October 7

Blair accused of Ulster betrayal: Belfast Telegraph

People must reclaim the proud names of history: Irish News

Patten under fire from Tories: Belfast Telegraph

Date fixed for legal challenge to Mowlam: Irish News

'Patten is ready to sell me out to IRA murderers': Electronic Telegraph

Tories to oppose RUC reforms: The Guardian

NIUP says IRA got 160 guns: The Irish Times

Trimble seeks to reassure Tories: BBC

Taylor predicts doom for peace and Mitchell: The Irish Times

Trimble urged to drop veto on 'peace' portrait: Electronic Telegraph

Trimble has to convince party it has nothing to fear: The Irish Times

Four questioned about 'Real IRA': The Irish Times

Alleged Finucane killer freed on bail: The Examiner

Wednesday, October 6

Mitchell can’t do it all alone: Irish News (Editorial)

Mortar find points to Real IRA's top bomb maker: Irish Independent

UUP to insist on weapons handover: Irish News

Unionists create their own worst nightmares: Irish News

Right and the RUC: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Neutrality buried with full military honours: Irish Independent

The harvest of hatred: Belfast Telegraph

Finucane trial death suspect granted bail: Irish News

Mitchell admits his Ulster peace mission may fail: The Times

Trimble to defend pact at UUP conference: The Irish Times

Peace process may collapse 'within weeks': BBC

Legal gun-smuggling accusation denied: The Irish Times

Just society will be born of respect: The Irish Times

Tebbit launches bitter attack on Patten's proposals for RUC: Electronic Telegraph

Low Catholic earnings unjust, says SF: The Irish Times

Bail for lawyer murder accused: BBC

Tuesday, October 5

Peace process facing real threat - Mitchell: Belfast Telegraph

Grappling towards a sequencing solution: Belfast Telegraph

Mo says no comment to RUC badge: Irish News

Courage of police is praised: Belfast Telegraph

Florida arms plot IRA man sought permit: Irish Independent

Catholic families earn £200 a month less than Protestants: Irish News

Remand for man held in anti-terror raids: Electronic Telegraph

Irish police make 'significant' arms find: BBC

Deadlock as Adams, Trimble talks end: The Examiner

Sectarian Hatred: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Ulster appeal court to reconsider case of schoolboy murderer: The Guardian

Hume amazed at Major's attack on him: The Irish Times

Monday, October 4

Loyalists have helped to build peace process: Irish News

Molyneaux’s stuck in past: Irish News (Editorial)

Hume hits back at Major ‘slur’: Irish News

Rebel IRA group targets Dome for new terror: The Times

Dissident republican bombers face deadly IRA discipline: The Examiner

UUP Assembly members plan to rebuke Taylor: The Irish Times

Adams urges Trimble to take courage in his hands: The Examiner

Peace pact is in danger of dying of inertia: The Irish Times (by Gerry Adams)

Paramiltaries may fill vacuum: The Examiner (Editorial)

Choosing Democracy: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Garda and RUC co-operation 'in the dark ages': The Irish Times

Patten Commission member urges imposition of reforms on gardaí: The Examiner

SF's youth wing rejects Patten report: The Irish Times

Human rights group closes down: The Irish Times

Sunday, October 3

Changes in north make return to chaos unlikely: Sunday Business Post

Real IRA ready for bloodshed: The Observer

Six still held in Irish terror probe: BBC

Trimble will hold his nerve - let's hope his party follows suit: The Sunday Times

Drumcree success crucial for Trimble to be able to sell deal: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

NIE delays plans to remove Union Jacks: The Sunday Times

Don't chicken out of peace, unions tell politicians: The Observer

Mitchell will leave if stalemate continues through November: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Armalite peace threatens us with gangster rule: The Observer

The Scotch Irish Presidential Contender: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

Celtic rock star set to be mayor of Baltimore: The Sunday Times

Jackson to testify on Bloody Sunday: Electronic Telegraph

RUC officers face disciplinary action over storming of inn: The Sunday Times

No orange in the House for Ian Paisley: Sunday Independent

INLA reveals location of grave: The Sunday Times

Private inquiries into Ludlow affair may weaken government's hands dealings with British: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Major 'was locked in cupboard': Electronic Telegraph

Major: Hume hindered peace drive: The Sunday Times

Saturday, October 2

Suspected terrorists held in Ireland: The Times

SF and Unionists plan further meeting: BBC

Last chance for peace: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Agreement is the North’s best chance for peace: The Examiner (Editorial)

Time to make crucial moves: Irish News (Editorial)

RUC chief hints at resignation: Electronic Telegraph

New terror group holds summit: Irish News

Hamill family may take legal action against RUC: The Examiner

No guns, no government must remain the demand: Irish Independent

There’s just a wee bit of sense in the gallivanting: Irish News

Attacks on churches vandals or sectarians?: The Irish Times

Reporter could face charges, warns Saville: Electronic Telegraph

Paras must return to Derry - Saville: Irish News

Friday, October 1

Flanagan in warning of new atrocity: Belfast Telegraph


Paisley meeting ignites hopes for future: Irish Independent

Stooping to plumb new depths of hypocrisy: Irish Independent

Outrage at decision not to prosecute policemen: Irish News

Anti-Patten poster drive launched: Belfast Telegraph

Trimble, Adams to meet today on peace agreement: The Examiner

Trimble is warned about 'secret' deals with SF: The Irish Times


Bill of Rights a priority: The Irish Times

British intercept calls: The Examiner

Call for release of informers' reports: The Irish Times