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This archive contains references to articles from September 1-15, 2000. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Friday, September 15

Loyalist feuding forces hundreds to flee homes: The Times

Women march to end feud: BBC

The writing is on the wall: (Sep. 14)

NI society still 'deeply divided': BBC

Bush commits to strong U.S. role in North: Irish Echo

Cowen calls for 'new beginning' at UN: The Irish Times

US politicians urged to step in over RUC reform plans: Belfast Telegraph

Mandelson Makes Major Mistakes: Irish Voice

The 21st century Troubles: terror turns high tech: Irish Echo

Omagh blast was so severe that mostvictims had no chance of being saved: The Independent

How Spanish boy, 12, died at Omagh: The Guardian

Surgeon tells of scenes like battlefield: Irish Examiner

Securing floating vote will be key to poll success: Belfast Telegraph

McCrea preaches to voting converted: The Irish Times

Why I'm backing David Burnside: Belfast Telegraph

SDLP seeks to fend off SF challenge: The Irish Times

California H-Block trio in limbo: Irish Echo

Focusing on the origins of troubles: Irish News

Section 31 airtime ban law set to be removed: Irish Independent

State Department says no to Down artist: Irish Echo

Thursday, September 14

Two bomb attacks bring warning of another Ulster tragedy: Electronic Telegraph

No warning over bomb attack on RUC station: The Guardian

Process will not be set back by attack - Mandelson: The Irish Times

Security base bombings part of renewed war by dissidents: Irish Examiner

No excuse for RIRA outrage: Irish News (Editorial)

Security sources believe dissident republicans pose increasing threat: The Irish Times

Time for Real IRA leaders to be rounded up: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Real IRA attack worsens pain of Omagh inquest: The Times

Omagh inquest to turn to victims: BBC

Desperate efforts in midst of 'pandemonium': The Irish Times

Woman tells of bid to save blast baby: Irish Independent

Strains between Trimble, Mallon on reform surface: The Irish Times

The ideal base for US investment: Irish News

Clinton return visit 'likely': BBC

Keeping faith in political process: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Non-voting unionists could lose peace pact: The Irish Times

Ulster has found a kind of peace, but has it lost something in the process?: The Times (by David Burnsided)

Burnside best option for agreement: Belfast Telegraph

Fluttering to reflect our identity: Irish News

Bloody Sunday, what really happened.....:

Wednesday, September 13

Mortar attack on RUC station

Renewed violence hits Belfast: BBC

Loyalist predicts faction war: The Irish Times

Clinton to meet NI ministers: BBC

Burnside's articulation of unionism praised at rally: The Irish Times

Alliance vote 'the only sure way' for agreement: The Irish Times

Unionist unity: Belfast Telegraph (by Ian Paisley - Sep. 12)

Mandelson hope on IRA arms: BBC

Sinn Fein and DUP smell a council plot: Irish News

British government must deliver on demilitarisation:

Inquest visits Omagh bomb scene: BBC

People carried on shopping thinking bomb threat a hoax: Irish Examiner

Description of bodies wrapped in sheets, curtains: The Irish Times

Omagh inquest to examine Hillsborough tragedy: Irish Examiner

Victims' families express gratitude to RUC: The Irish Times

Relatives of blasts’ victims get British pledge of assistance for inquiry: Irish Examiner

Tuesday, September 12

Dissidents blamed for attacks: BBC

Unionist assembly member is arrested: The Guardian

Adair’s wife ejected from North assembly: Irish Examiner

McGuinness concern over 'tragedy' of feud: Belfast Telegraph

DUP backs larger flags committee: The Irish Times

`Everyone was hysterical and smothered in blood': Irish Independent

Omagh blast officer 'felt debris flying': The Guardian

Call for greater sensitivity towards RUC witnesses: The Irish Times

New tans but the same old shades of opinion: The Irish Times

Ingram to meet bomb victim families: BBC

IRA's "great courage and good faith" unmatched by Brits - US Congress: (Sep. 11)

Racism in Ireland: Belfast Telegraph (by Gerry Adams)

Women’s GAA team backed with DUP cash in All-Ireland final: Irish Examiner

Monday, September 11

Adair 'to serve remainder of term': BBC

Army intelligence officers face questioning in Finucane inquiry: The Guardian

Fear over 'lost' IRA terrorist: The Times

Mandelson's edicts 'wrecking the peace': (Sep. 10)

Further arms inspections urged: BBC

Omagh inquest asks the families of victims to endure the unendurable: Irish Examiner

DUP machine out for McCrea: The Irish Times

Burnside tries to appeal to divided UUP: The Irish Times

Trimble posse rolls into town: The Irish Times

We must all realise our own hypocrisy: Irish News

Mowlam 'sidelined by Blair': BBC

Mandelson dismisses Blair-Mowlam rift claim: Irish Examiner

Beatings endanger the peace process: Irish News (Editorial)

Order reaffirms Drumcree support: The Irish Times

Assembly's 'secrecy' policy criticised: BBC

Sunday, September 10

RUC officers resist redundancy: Electronic Telegraph

Dublin enters fray over changes to Patten report: The Observer

Loyalists accused of petrol attack: Independent on Sunday

RUC in Adair 'drug cash' investigation: The Observer

Parties review feud talks: BBC

Bomb families rocked once more: Ireland on Sunday

A glimpse of the hell that was once a small town: Sunday Independent

Some relatives are more equal than others: Ireland on Sunday

Failed rhetoric: Sunday Independent

Dublin and Monaghan bomb victims' relatives request to meet the British government: Ireland on Sunday

Slaying probe could reach top levels of Brit government: Boston Herald

Brigadier heads 30 men facing arrest in murder probe: The Sunday Times

As case against Stobie unravels a full scale inquiry into Fincuane killing looms: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Army's web of Ulster intrigue torn apart: The Sunday Times

RTE shrouds Brighton bomber in darkness: Sunday Independent

Nationalists 'must fly union flag': Ireland on Sunday

Even Sinn Fein will be flying the flag for peace: The Sunday Times

Mandy and McGuinness in a war of silence: Ireland on Sunday

Ulster to offer tourists a bloody history lesson: The Sunday Times

Six cases for Europe on North harassment: Ireland on Sunday

Church of Ireland Primate fears Dominus Iesus could affect peace process: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Conference focus on language issue: BBC

Mo Mowlam to be offered UN post to buy her silence: Electronic Telegraph

Blair offers to make a lady of Mowlam: The Sunday Times

Lecture bonanza in US awaits Mowlam: Scotland on Sunday

Just a mo, Mo: Sunday Independent

Blair's witch project - and why Mo just had to go: Ireland on Sunday

How Mandy replaced Mo: The Observer

Clinton may be Irish special envoy: Ireland on Sunday

Reynolds in libel case settlement: The Sunday Times

Saturday, September 9

RUC reform still threat to peace, warns Mandelson: Electronic Telegraph

Adams hails US input into debate: Irish News

'Greed and stupidity' reign: Belfast Telegraph

Garda 'to be allowed to join Ulster police': The Times

Garda organisations welcome Mandelson's policing proposal: The Irish Times

More to policing than the bill: Irish News

Unionist politicians claim proposal is 'patronising': The Irish Times

THE BOYS IN GREEN: The Times (Editorial)

Mandelson offers deal over Union flag: The Independent

Flags move ‘is flying in the face of agreement’: Irish News

Let’s make flags equal or neutral: Irish News

Talks take place over loyalist feud: BBC

Lethal feud weakens belief in peace pact: Irish Independent

Feud is risking peace process: Irish News (Editorial)

Fears that ex-IRA leader has joined 'Real IRA': The Irish Times

Thank God for Mo and a bit of sense: Irish News

Lost boys: The Guardian

Blair makes promise to Finucane family: (Sep. 8)

Catholic barristers become Queen's Counsel: The Irish Times

Orangemen back for day 800: Belfast Telegraph

Clinton to visit in his final days of presidency: Irish Independent

We could build walls and lock up bigots: Irish News

Omagh relatives hear bomb that killed loved ones: Electronic Telegraph

Omagh coroner rejects evidence call: BBC

Events replayed on tape as police prepare challenge: The Irish Times

Recalling the Maidstone: (Sep. 7)

Friday, September 8

Talks due over loyalist feud: BBC

Gardai can join new NI police force - Mandelson: The Irish Times

US committee discuss RUC reform

Mandelson open to changes in legislation for new police service: The Irish Times

Facing the challenge of tackling organised crime: The Irish Times

Ministers to visit Clinton next week: Irish News

Amateur videos capture Omagh horror: Electronic Telegraph

Relatives weep over the horror of Omagh: The Guardian

RUC angry at 'hostile tone' of questioning: The Times

RIRA warnings on bomb site fell short: Irish Examiner

Plea to call 32-County member to blast probe: Irish Independent

Coroner to decide on calling councillor: The Irish Times

CIRA ‘behind bank kidnap’: Irish News

The republican debate: GFA a victory or defeat?: Irish Echo

Committee to discuss flag flying: BBC

Seventh arrest in just 3 years: Irish News

Thursday, September 7

Talks over loyalist feud postponed: BBC

Loyalists to meet to discuss Belfast feud: The Irish Times

Feud talks will start in days: PUP: Belfast Telegraph

RUC chief wants changes embraced: The Irish Times

Patten reform storm hits US politics: Belfast Telegraph

Influence of women is so sadly lacking: Irish News

The Hume effect on Ulster's power base: Belfast Telegraph

Cry for justice from families of Omagh: Electronic Telegraph

Quietly, as though going to church, Omagh's victims prepared to relive that terrible day: The Independent

Unborn girls make Omagh's true toll 31: The Times

RUC role on bomb needed scrutiny: The Irish Times

'The biggest part of me died that day, and what is left behind is very different': The Guardian

Bombers urged to clear their consciences: Irish Examiner

TV station received warning phone calls: Electronic Telegraph

Cynical ploy by dissidents: Irish News (Editorial)

Omagh bombers must be brought to trial: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Mowlam's exit will diminish politics: The Irish Times

Family urges soldiers' discharge: BBC


Hunger striker’s film to go into production: Irish News

£3 million Clinton peace park given official veto: The Irish Times

Anger at students’ ‘snub’ for army stall: Irish News

Dearth of originality leaves Ireland in cultural desert: The Irish Times

Wednesday, September 6

Mandelson meets loyalist politicians: BBC

Terror stalks the Shankill in loyalist turf war: Irish Examiner

Mallon says overhaul of justice system is too slow: The Irish Times

Garvaghy solicitor on LVF death list:

CIRA behind Lifford bank robbery: Belfast Telegraph

Church condemns Drumcree violence: BBC

Brighton bomb comments anger RTÉ listeners: The Irish Times

RTE sells its soul to a bomber: The Irish Times

Search for answers over Omagh bomb: BBC

Relatives braced for bomb inquest: The Times

Republican leader not summonsed by inquest: The Irish Times

Dissident republicans claim they’re being made scapegoats for atrocity: Irish Examiner

So it was Mo: Belfast Telegraph

In all, a sorry tale with the pre-ordained doom of Greek tragedy: Belfast Telegraph

Exploring the effects of 30 years of the troubles: Irish News

Judge, 70, joins panel on Bloody Sunday: The Times

Hopefully the CRC’s days are numbered: Irish News

Paisley digs deep to help out GAA: Irish Examiner

Tuesday, September 5

Cautious welcome for UFF statement: BBC

UFF backs Adair and scuppers hopes of end to Belfast feud: The Guardian

Parade is sickening: brother of UVF victim: Irish News

'Pledge' to Finucane widow: Electronic Telegraph

Inquiry into Finucane murder long overdue: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Wright's father complains of nationalist favouritism: The Irish Times

Time for good to stand up against evil: Irish News

Why human rights belong to everyone: Belfast Telegraph

Deputy mayor escapes censure motion: BBC

Hunt for INLA gang after £10,000 bank kidnap raid: Irish Independent

‘No more tolerance’ for order parades: Irish News

McBride family letter to PM: Belfast Telegraph

Mowlam tells Blair: I've had enough: Electronic Telegraph

The people loved her unorthodox style, but the old guard of Unionism did not: The Independent

Touchy-feely approach made Mowlam friends: The Irish Times

A good all rounder prepared to take risks for peace: Irish Examiner (by Albert Reynolds)

A risk-taker who was ‘decisive and daring’: Irish News

Mo Steps Down: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Brad Pitt claim angers Unionists: The Times

Monday, September 4

Church leader's warning over feud: BBC

Censure for McCoubrey: Irish News

End of feud dependent on Adair - UVF: The Irish Times

Policing Bill is a sell out - Attwood: Irish News

Intelligence officer named in Finucane murder: The Independent

Let’s promote the march of democracy: Irish News

Loyalists threaten Union: Sunday Business Post (September 3)

Trimble squares up to face another onslaught: The Irish Times

Sincerity test for Orangeism: Irish News (Editorial)

Mum-of-three flees home after ‘CIRA’ eviction order: Irish News

Plea to postpone Omagh bomb inquest: Irish Examiner

Witness claims his statement on Dublin bombing was altered: Sunday Business Post (September 3)

British promoting pain in north - Pitt: Irish News

Mowlam may quit at next election: Electronic Telegraphq

Sunday, September 3

Warring Protestant gangs spark new violence in N. Ireland: Dallas Morning News

RUC parts feuding loyalists: The Observer

Belfast parade brings tight security: BBC

Loyalist feud is a drug war says UVF: Scotland on Sunday

Firebomb attack linked to feud: BBC

UDA killer to join English neo-Nazis: The Observer

Weapons body in row over hotel bugging: The Sunday Times

Omagh bomb probe opens old wounds: Boston Herald

Bruton calls for Ahern action in Omagh hunt: The Observer

South Antrim by-election serious test for Trimble: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Police step up cross-border co-operation: The Sunday Times

New evidence of calculated shooting: Ireland on Sunday

Hume's leaving is just too late: Sunday Independent

For ever and ever armed men: The Sunday Times

Plea deal rejected by key RUC informer: Ireland on Sunday

Smurfit staff 'stay silent' in murder case: The Sunday Times

Barristers who refused to swear oath to Queen to be sworn in on Friday: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

MI5 had mole in Gardai claim leads to new row: Ireland on Sunday

Border Fox begins court battle for freedom: The Sunday Times

Human Rights Act 'held up': The Observer

Summer in Province à la Northern Ireland: Ireland on Sunday

Saturday, September 2

Tight security for Belfast parade: BBC

IRA rebels in arms import conspiracy: Electronic Telegraph

Four in court on Ulster girl shooting: The Guardian

Father of the bride defies feud to escort daughter on big day: Irish Examiner

Why John Hume has decided to leave Assembly: Irish Independent

Hume the evolutionary: Belfast Telegraph

Hume is fired by European integration ideal: Irish Examiner

US concerns about efforts 'water down' Patten report: The Irish Times

Election hopefuls attack Burnside: Irish News

Sinn Fein by-election hope: Belfast Telegraph

Inquest to hear voices of Omagh bombers: Irish Independent

32 County witness at Omagh inquest: Irish News

Racism rife in Ulster schools: The Times

Community marks 25-year-old atrocity: BBC

Friday, September 1

Balkans arms link to rebel IRA chiefs: Irish Independent

Tracing a new arms trail from the bloody Balkans: Irish Independent

Arms link: Irish Independent (Editorial)

'Cig smuggling more lucrative than drugs': BBC

Trimble in attempt to end loyalist feud: Irish Examiner

Trimble urges RUC to fight 'mafia subculture ': The Irish Times

North's nationalists cast wary eye on loyalist feud: Irish Echo

A loyalist perspective:

Police appeal for Nelson murder lead: BBC

Pastor's house searched: The Irish Times

'I support new probe into death of lawyer': Belfast Telegraph

Republicans clash in Derry: Irish Examiner

$1m to jail Kevin Artt for two months:

Debate on policing is far from over - Attwood: Irish News

Nationalist hero who never wavered from a long and lonely path to peace: The Independent

Unionists put on a show of unity: Irish Examiner

DUP concerned over Keady attacks: The Irish Times

Loyalists linked to church fire: Irish Examiner

McBride family to press British: Irish News

Solicitor's widow to meet Blair: BBC

A 'mole' in Gardai: Irish Post

A new kind of politics - or just deeper into mire?: Belfast Telegraph

Troubles at the box office: The Irish Times

The ‘Ulster’ problem that Scotland shelved: The Scotsman