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Monday, September 15

Ahern-Trimble talks seeking 'roadmap' to North election: Irish Independent
Bernard Purcell

Ahern on election hopes: UTV Internet

Obstacles still hold up progress in North: Irish Examiner
Fionnán Sheahan

Sinn Fein dismisses threat report: Sunday Life (Sep 14)

SDLP chair vows to go on: UTV Internet

Probe into Garda/IRA collusion' set to get under way: Sunday Life (Sep 14)

TDs pictured with Provos in prison: Sunday Independent (Sep 14)
Jim Cusack

Family seeks son IRA `disappeared': Boston Herald
Jim Dee

Media buries Jean McConville yet again: Sunday Independent (Sep 14)
Eoghan Harris

The betrayal of the North's Disappeared: Sunday Independent (Sep 14)
Austen Morgan

Ex-Handler Claims UVF is Riddled with Agents: The News Letter (Sep 5)
Gemma Murray

IRA prisoners move after death threat: Irish Independent
Alan Murray

Reward - Comfy cells for the republicans who threatened to kill Shoukri: Sunday Life (Sep 14)

IRA to hold Maze prison escape reunion: The Times
David Lister

Fury over Sinn Fein Claudy 'hypocrisy': Belfast Telegraph (Sep 2)

Why Have Police Never Asked Me About Omagh?: The News Letter (Sep 5)

Omagh families to build media archive: Belfast Telegraph (Sep 5)
Sean O'Driscoll

Violence after graveyard protest: BBC

Blair delivers sucker punch: Sunday Life (Sep 14)
Lynda Gilby

Pilger warns on terror laws: Irish World
Paul Donovan

You can't make a deal with the dead: The Guardian (Sep 10)
Kevin Toolis

How Ireland did it - and Scotland failed: The Scotsman (Sep 5)
Bill Jamieson

Sunday, September 14

Sinn Fein hints at arms deal: The Sunday Times
Liam Clarke

Campbell in warning on vote pledge: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

SF man callson Trimble to trust voters: Sunday Business Post
Paul T Colgan

Unionist motion may end divisions: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Ahern Blair talks end in Buckinghamshire: RTE

So many hurdles and escape routes ...: Belfast Telegraph
Barry White

No sign yet of an end to the Cold War: The Blanket
Anthony McIntyre

Revealed - warnings were given of jail plot to kill terror leader Billy Wright: Sunday Herald
Neil Mackay

Date with death: Belfast Telegraph
David Gordon

Scots court's seizure of £70,000 from UDA signals start of bid to halt terrorist funding: Scotland on Sunday
Frank Hurley

Prisoners to continue dirty protest until separated: Sunday Business Post
Anton McCabe

Newspapers drop ban on PSNI adverts: The Sunday Times
Liam Clarke

Three arrested in dissidents probe: RTE

Missing man's dad describes cash crisis: (from the Irish News, Sep 5)
William Scholes

The Shinners have been housecleaning again: Sunday Telegraph
Kevin Myers

Dig could last another week: BBC

Libya 'should pay IRA victims': BBC (Sep 11)

Politicians call press pack to heel: (from the Irish News, Sep 11)
Jude Collins

When the grass is always greener on the other side: (from, Sep 8)
Anthony Neeson

Sectarianism 'the silent killer of ecumenism': Irish Independent (Aug 29)
Eugene Moloney

New commission doubts as members ‘withdraw’: (from the Irish News)
Barry McCaffrey

Ireland under fire over increased levels of racism and intolerance: Irish Examiner (Aug 30)
Michael O’Farrell

Race motive is behind closure move, says Irish pub owner: The Herald (Aug 29)
William Tinning

Saturday, September 13

Ahern and Blair push for fresh elections in North: The Irish Times
Frank Millar

Monitoring body move to restore NI Assembly: UTV Internet

Trimble in warning over election date: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Blair Must Set Date for Assembly Poll: Derry Journal

Hurdles still block route to elections: Irish Echo
Jack Holland

US call for Ulster elections delayed: Belfast Telegraph
Sean O'Driscoll

Democracy Demands a Ballot, Tony: The News Letter

Rebel MP action deferred: BBC

Trimble's treadmill: Irish Echo

Airbrushing grim reality out of scenes of horror: Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

Catholics Still More Likely to be Jobless: Derry Journal

Colombia 3 await verdict: Irish Echo
Stephen McKinley

PSNI to lose prosecution role in shake-up: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Threats must not succeed: (from the Irish News)

Journalist 'faces death threat': BBC

'Mission' couple's home hit: Irish Independent
John Devine

'Threat to 'Republicans' Slammed': Derry Journal

Scottish court seizes £70,000 linked to Adair's UDA: The Scotsman
Craig McDonald

IRA dissident appeals for news of missing man: Belfast Telegraph
Mary Fitzgerald

Hope meeting will move probe forward: (from the Irish News, Sep 5)
William Scholes

Search for McVeigh body to go on: RTE

Go-ahead for loyalist march: (from the Irish News)
Barry McCaffrey

Nesbitt Keeps Heat on Equality Body: The News Letter

Officer and an Ulsterman: Daily Telegraph (Sep 2)

Friday, September 12

Trimble and Adams hold face-to-face talks: UTV Internet

Secret talks spark hopes for election date in North: Irish Independent
Dominic Cunningham

'Fast progress needed' for elections: BBC

Republicans to blame for stalemate': Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Taoiseach plays down talk of early vote for Assembly: Irish Independent
Alison O'Connor

Unionists Warned of SF Confidence Trick: The News Letter

Majority not for deal, says DUP: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Return to ‘chicken and egg’ politics: (from the Irish News)
William Graham

Foot-draggers may have left it too late: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Walker

Northern Ireland legal system to be transformed: RTE

Death threat against police board figure condemned: Irish Independent
Dominic Cunningham

Why no-one's reading the Libya dossier: BBC
Mark Devenport

'Biased Orde must resign' say loyalists: (from the Irish News, Sep 10)

Written in Steele: (from

Mother prays bog will yield grisly secret: The Guardian
Rosie Cowan

IRA and riddle of those bodies in the sand: Belfast Telegraph
Jim Cusack

More Questions than Answers: The Blanket
Mick Hall

Political pressure on human rights body: (from the Irish News)
Steven McCaffery

Loyalist refused bail again: BBC

Unions oppose Labour organising in Northern Ireland: Irish World (Sep 5)
Paul Donovan

Irish in Britain can help peace: Irish Post/
Jon Myles

Labour split over McBride: Irish World
Paul Donovan

Ahern hails re-opening of bombing inquest: Irish Examiner (Sep 4)
Fionnán Sheahan

--------- Bloody Sunday News ---------

Officer never saw soldiers shooting: Belfast Telegraph
Sarah Brett

Thursday, September 11

PM holds talks with Sinn Fein: BBC

McGuinness - 'fresh momentum needed': UTV Internet

SF playing slow game of political tennis - SDLP: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

DUP steps up campaign: UTV Internet

North to vote 'before end of the year': Irish Independent

Good Friday Agreement: Show goes on and on...: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Attention turns to autumn breakthrough: BBC
Brian Rowan

Another case of emperor’s new clothes: (from the Irish News)
Brian Feeney

No Let-up in Hunt for Nelson Killers: The News Letter
Alan Erwin

Questions won’t go away: (from the Irish News)
Steven McCaffery

Cory findings awaited with interest: Belfast Telegraph
Steven King

Lawyers slam delay in case of IRA 'spies': Belfast Telegraph

Pining for Pearse: Irish Echo
Ray O'Hanlon

Prison protest proves pressure pays: Belfast Telegraph
Eric Waugh

Provos blamed for brutal paramilitary-style shooting: (from the Irish News)
William Scholes

Drug baron's assets frozen: The Guardian
Rosie Cowan

Holy Cross protest 'like 60s Alabama': Belfast Telegraph

The History of the Troubles According to the Provisionals: The Blanket (Sep 4)
John Nixon

A cruel forgetfulnes: The Observer (Sep 7)
Henry McDonald

--------- Bloody Sunday News ---------

McGuinness 'armed IRA' on Bloody Sunday: The Times
Christopher Walker

Ex-soldier - 'I saw Para shoot unarmed man': Belfast Telegraph
Sarah Brett

Nailbombs 'given to shot youth': BBC

Wednesday, September 10

'Time to Move on' - McLaughlin: Derry Journal

No initiatives until election date set – SF: (from the Irish News)
William Graham

McGuinness Accepts UUP Challenge: The News Letter
Ciaran McKeown

We must stay in loop - Trimble: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Empey Sees 'Window of Opportunity': The News Letter

SDLP call for clarification on future role of MI5: (from the Irish News)
Sharon O'Neill

Bush, Coke-a-Cola, and the Nazis: The Blanket (Sep 7)
Eamonn McCann

Agent lived out his secret life in Cardiff: Belfast Telegraph (Sep 3)

U.S. State Department denies knowledge of Nelson presence: Irish Echo (Sep 5)
Ray O'Hanlon

Solution to problem or new mini-Maze?: Belfast Telegraph (Sep 8)
Chris Thornton

Sense over segregation is welcome: The News Letter

Common Sense Move: Derry Journal

Remember Peter McBride?: The Guardian
Roy Greenslade

I don't want to win - McBride sister: Belfast Telegraph (Sep 5)
Peter Cardwell

Justice for Peter McBride: Irish World
Paul Donovan

Lord Mayor’s stance: (from, Sep 4)

Pray silence as Mr Mad Dog barks: Belfast Telegraph
Gail Walker

Fulton did not kill himself, family tell inquest: Belfast Telegraph
Marie Foy

Omagh families' call for bomb alert probe rejected: Irish Independent
Tom Brady

Minister Angers Omagh Families: The News Letter
Chris Parkin

Derry Victims' Families Appeal for Answers: Derry Journal

--------- Bloody Sunday News ---------

Ex-soldier 'saw gunman shot': BBC

Tuesday, September 9

Unionist chief urged to show his strength: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Tricky Time Ahead for Trimble to Bolster Win: The News Letter
Ciaran McKeown

Time for UUP to move past the rhetoric: (from the Irish News)
Roy Garland

Trimble’s troubles just go on and on: (from
Danny Morrison

Trimble still the biggest fish in the unionist pond: Irish Independent

Need for a United Party is Crucial: The News Letter

Party reforms beckon for UU: (from the Irish News)

Stormont sanctions plan: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Walker

North election date vital say SF sources: RTE

Taoiseach warns of a political 'paralysis': (from the Irish News)
Aeneas Bonner

Adair outrage - Now Loyalist godfather signed up as an after-dinner speaker: Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan McCambridge

UDA turn the sectarian screw: (from

Sectarian inmates to be parted: The Guardian
Rosie Cowan

Prisoners segregated to defuse jail protest: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Omagh relatives criticise Minister over report delay: Irish Examiner
John Breslin

The pain that time doesn't heal...: Belfast Telegraph
Gail Walker

Police resume Disappeared search: BBC

Time Sinn Féin helped to heal pain: Irish Examiner

Kelly overwhelmed by Election support: (from
Andrea McKernon

General faces Saville recall: Belfast Telegraph
Sarah Brett

Orde takes a pop at Tribunal lawyers: (from The People, Aug 31)
Sinead King

'I Believe I Was Being Sacrificed': The News Letter (Sep 4)

NI electorate to be registered: BBC (Sep 1)

Tweed angry over GAA 'bias': Belfast Telegraph

Monday, September 8

Governments still hoping for autumn elections in North: Irish Independent
Ralph Riegel

Compromise foreign to three 'rebels': Boston Herald
Jim Dee

Trimble celebrates another victory over dissidents: Irish Examiner
Ian Graham, Dan McGinn and Kieran McDaid

Trimble banishes phantoms... for now: BBC
Mark Devenport

Empey the loser as Trimble support holds firm: UTV Internet

Real price of UUP failure: Sunday Life (Sep 7)

Trimble survival - Unionism remains factionalised: Irish Examiner

Loyalists protest outside prison: BBC

McCabe relative demands Adams' apology: Irish Independent
Eugene Hogan

Two nationalist MEPs for Strasbourg, says Adams: Belfast Telegraph (Sep 3)
Noel McAdam

The disappeared: So many yet to be found: Sunday Life (Sep 7)

Gardai to dig Monaghan bog for McVeigh remains: RTE

Final stages for Bloody Sunday Inquiry: UTV Internet

Equality Body Lacks Focus Says Nesbitt: The News Letter (Sep 3)

Latest police attacks on press freedoms: The Blanket
Mike Browne

Scappaticci - The Man Who Asked the Questions: The News Letter (Sep 4)

Conspiracies and power acted like a drug for him: Belfast Telegraph (Sep 3)

Victim's family lawyer seeking confirmation of spy's death: Sunday Life (Sep 7)

Ex-UDR spook from IRA heartland slams republican 'whispering campaign': Sunday Life (Sep 7)
Stephen Breen

SF Euro-hopeful commemorates Nazi collaborator: Sunday Independent (Aug 31)
Jim Cusack

New war of words in Mosque row: Sunday Life (Aug 31)
Chris Anderson

Republicans cheer 'pacifist' who wrecked US bomber at Shannon: Sunday Independent (Aug 31)
Paddy Clancy

State putting our neutrality at grave risk: Irish Examiner (Sep 3)

Sunday, September 7

Durkan calls to move GFA forward: UTV Internet

Trimble wins ... but rebels still defiant: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton & Noel McAdam

'Dream ticket' is revoked by UUP: Sunday Independent
Paul Bew

Trimble's narrow win keeps split fears alive: The Sunday Times
Liam Clarke

Trimble to face new challenges: Sunday Business Post
Paul T Colgan

David or Jeffrey ... but who is listening?: Belfast Telegraph
Barry White

Another night with cannibals of the Union: Sunday Business Post
Tom McGurk

Neroesque fiddling is boring us to death: (from the Irish News)
James Kelly

Drive the peace, Mr Blair: The Sunday Times

Irish men in Colombia await judgement: RTE

Omagh bombing court date: Scotland on Sunday
Nicholas Christian

Police study DNA link to Omagh bombing: Sunday Telegraph
David Bamber and Alasdair Palmer

Forest park 'to be dug up for IRA body': The Observer
Henry McDonald

Gardai to dig for body of teenager killed by IRA: The Sunday Times
Liam Clarke

IRA times information on bodies for PR spin: Sunday Independent
Jim Cusack

Digging for the truth — literally: The Sunday Times
Maeve Sheehan

In the media, the truth has Disappeared: Sunday Independent
Eilis O'Hanlon

Common sense in all communities: (from The People, Aug 31)

Travels in the pursuit of peace: (from the Irish News, Sep 1)
Roy Garland

Horses for Courses: The Blanket (Sep 1)
Eamon Sweeney

MI5 set to take over all intelligence gathering in Northern Ireland: The Sunday Times
Liam Clarke

Anti-army rally at Forkhill: Belfast Telegraph

Question: Limerick Leader (Sep 6)

Republicans the ones rewriting history: Sunday Independent
John A. Murphy

Bloody Sunday Inquiry resumes: BBC
Paul McCauley

The INLA contact: (from The People, Aug 31)
Liz Trainor

Saturday, September 6

Still hope for political progress, says Adams: Irish Examiner
Dan McGinn

Too close to call: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam & Chris Thornton

Action against rebels 'divisive': BBC

Donaldson and Empey get talking: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Trimble hopeful split can be avoided at crunch meeting: Irish Independent
Louise McCall

United, we stand: Belfast Telegraph
Ken Maginnis

Trimble facing another showdown: BBC
Mark Devenport

Stop the bickering and focus on crunch questions: Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

Flurry to Check Who Has a Valid UUC Vote: The News Letter (Sep 4)

Unionists must hold their nerve: Belfast Telegraph

Victim's dad hits at talks with loyalists: Belfast Telegraph
David Gordon

Unionist in warning over racist parties rise: UTV Internet

Seeking Justice in Colombia: Irish Voice/
Niall O'Dowd

Airbrushing history is not the answer: (from the Irish News, Sep 2)
Briege Gadd

Walter Mitty to Some - But an A1 Information Source to Others: The News Letter

Jail report opts for 'separation': BBC
Brian Rowan

PSNI increases patrols after north Belfast attacks: Belfast Telegraph

Man held in Omagh hunt faces terror charges: The Guardian
Catriona Davies

Ferry awaits fate after asylum plea: Irish Echo
Ray O'Hanlon

Ferry Lines Up Supporters: Irish Voice/
Sean O'Driscoll

In The Name of Security: The Blanket (Sep 4)
Jim J Kane

King an inspiration to northern civil rights: (from the Irish News, Aug 27)
Brian Campbell

Why Dublin will welcome the Queen: The Times
Eilis O'Hanlon

Queen determined to make historic visit here 'next year': Irish Independent
Andrew Pierce

Inquiry to hear from soldiers on the ground: (from the Irish News) — link repaired Sep. 7
Seamus McKinney

Friday, September 5

Northern Ireland monitors named: The Guardian
Rosie Cowan

Ceasefire watchdog condemned on both sides: Daily Telegraph
Thomas Harding

IRA crisis looms over ceasefire commission: Irish Independent
Tom Brady

Unionists urged to accept body: BBC

Trying to save North's politicians from themselves: Irish Independent

Monitoring make-up: Irish Independent

Monitoring Sinn Fein: Daily Telegraph

Price of democracy: Irish Independent

Trimble's 'olive branch' to critics: BBC

End the Feuding Message to Party Leaders: The News Letter
Ciaran McKeown

Jeffrey Donaldson - Which way now for the man who rattled Unionism?: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Elections to Assembly are facing more delays: Irish Independent
Bernard Purcell & Senan Molony

Blair - 'NI elections announcement soon': UTV Internet

Elections to restore stability vital: Irish Examiner

Many opt not to take a stand: Belfast Telegraph
Eamonn McCann

UDA blamed for campaign of intimidation in Deerpark: Belfast Telegraph
Maureen Coleman

Police have a duty to guard: (from the Irish News)

Revisiting the siege of Troy: (from The People, Aug 31)
Liz Trainor

I didn’t beat Danny McGurk and he had a pint with me after I told him so. Hours later he was dead: (from, Aug 28)
Aidan Crean

Was Charles really what the doctor ordered?: (from the Irish News)
Jude Collins

Widow Casts Doubt on Nelson's Death: The News Letter

Breaking the Law with Help from the Government: The News Letter (Sep 3)

I would not change paper’s stance — MP: (from the Irish News, Sep 3)
Seamus McKinney

Thursday, September 4

Ulster devolution 'must be revived': UTV Internet

Anti-terror head to sit on body: BBC

Trimble and Donaldson in new clashes over ceasefire monitors: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Loyalists seek end to UUP conflict: BBC

Infighting Turns to Rule-Book Warfare: The News Letter
Ciaran McKeown

Warped visions of a bygone age: Belfast Telegraph
Steven King

Where are the unionists on the left?: (from the Irish News)
Brian Feeney

The Trimble enigma - What is the man at the top really like?: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Loyalist mob forces Catholics to flee homes: Irish Examiner
Ted Oliver

Children in Firing Line: The News Letter
Gemma Murray

Belfast separation fences divide, but slow violence: Haaretz
Sharon Sadeh

Ex-prisoners want chance to join police: (from the Irish News)
William Scholes

Officers' unsolved murders call: BBC

Police Fears on Ombudsman Prove Unfounded: The News Letter

P O'Neill and his foreign cousin: (from the News Letter)
Suzanne Breen

The victims of the Troubles haven’t gone away, you know: Irish Examiner
Noel Whelan

Omagh bomb probe arrests condemned as ‘over the top’: Irish Examiner
John Breslin

Further questioning for Omagh couple: BBC

N Ireland agent confirmed dead: The Guardian
Rosie Cowan

Brian Nelson - How he really died: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Have key secrets died with Army spy?: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

I Will Name Names in Court in my Battle to Save my Life: The News Letter (Sep 1)

McBride sister to stand in election: BBC

'I'll stick by ban' pledges Lord Mayor in Spellar row: Belfast Telegraph
Andrea Clements

Wednesday, September 3

Alderdice may join monitoring body: BBC

Politicians lack faith in monitoring commission: (from the Irish News)
William Graham

Time to Stand Over the Agreement - Mitchel McLaughlin: Derry Journal

UUP feud appeal: UTV Internet

Reforms can breathe life into faltering Agreement: Belfast Telegraph
Robin Wilson

Disappeared talks confirmed: BBC

Discovery shows Provo hypocrisy in new light: Belfast Telegraph
Gail Walker

The War Crime of Secret Graves: The Blanket
Anthony McIntyre

Christian burial is the only end: (from the Irish News)

Arrests signal Omagh bomb breakthrough: The Guardian
Rosie Cowan

Omagh atrocity - man and woman arrested: The Independent
David McKittrick

Republican gangs take €50,000 off drug dealers: Irish Independent
Elaine Keogh

Faking it: Northern Ireland - a hot-bed for counterfeit goods: Belfast Telegraph
Mary Fitzgerald

In the US, Open Season on Irish Political Prisoners: Wild Geese
Tom Madigan

Maghaberry Prisoners Win Segregation: Derry Journal
Eamonn Houston

Finucane family meet Ahern: UTV Internet

Nelson may still be alive — ex-agent: (from the Irish News, Sep 1)
Barry McCaffrey

Prince opens memorial garden for RUC heroes: Daily Telegraph
Thomas Harding

Murder probes being sidelined: Belfast Telegraph
Michael McHugh

Council condemns ministerial boycott: BBC

Crime pays - Stone set to rake in $30,000 for talks in America: Belfast Telegraph (Aug 30)
Mary Fitzgerald

Tuesday, September 2

Trimble to put leadership on the line if critics win vote: The Irish Times
Frank Millar

Unionists warned of complete party split: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Appeal for unity ahead of Trimble showdown: Irish Independent
Dan McGinn

Unionist splits 'only aiding nationalist cause': UTV Internet

Mitchell meets NI leaders: BBC

Success of March Season Offers Hope: The News Letter

Opening doors for the lasting peace - Hugh Orde's first year: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Blow to Loyalist Drugs Racket: The News Letter
Lesley Walsh

Loyalist group behind school bomb hoax: RTE

Loyalists out to divide this city even further: (from

Not quite his day in court: (from the Boulder Weekly, Aug 21)
Pamela White

Reject bogus claims of Irish criminal: Rocky Mountain News (Aug 28)

Irish priest fires warning at film star Arnie's campaign: Belfast Telegraph
Sean O'Driscoll

Missing man killed by IRA 'over bid to collect debt': Irish Independent
Tom Brady

Missing man’s father rejects IRA statement: Irish Examiner
Ian Graham

McConville family - IRA 'didn't help find body': Belfast Telegraph
Maureen Coleman

IRA wants to help locate bodies, says Adams: RTE

A Dead Man Walking Who Just Can't Stop Talking: The News Letter

Grudge Theory - or Perhaps he Knows too Much: The News Letter

Government pressured over Omagh report: (from the Irish News, Aug 30)
Valerie Robinson

Belfast mayor faces fight over ministerial boycott: UTV Internet

Monday, September 1

Rebel MP cynical of ceasefire monitoring body: UTV Internet

Blair 'lifeline' for Trimble: Sunday Life (Aug 31)

Subdued marching season may lead to return of home rule: The Independent
David McKittrick

Judge knows identity of 'traitor' in Garda: Sunday Life (Aug 31)

Man accused of being double agent Stakeknife warned of threat to life: The Independent
Louise Nesbitt

'Don't worry... you're safe': Sunday Life (Aug 31)
Stephen Breen

Families demand IRA help find bodies: Irish Examiner
Dan McGinn

The victims whose families still wait for closure: Sunday Independent (Aug 31)
Jim Cusack

IRA - No more to say on 'Disappeared': BBC

Missing victims - Time for IRA to heed pleas of families: Irish Examiner

Nelson death riddle deepens: Sunday Life (Aug 31)
Stephen Breen

IRA ‘rewarded’ on-side media: The Sunday Times (Aug 31)
Breandan Morley

Before the Taliban, there was the IRA: Sunday Independent (Aug 31)
Jim Cusack

Vital clues 'not followed up' after Poppy Day bomb: Daily Telegraph
Thomas Harding

Sinn Fein call 'nauseating': Belfast Telegraph (Aug 30)

Jeffrey Donaldson defends stance on enquiries: (from, Aug 28)
Allison Morris

Mitchell returns for peace process meeting: UTV Internet

Seat me in St Louis: Sunday Life (Aug 31)

Fans insist on right to boo Rangers' foreign stars: The Observer (Aug 31)
Henry McDonald


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