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Thursday, September 15

Hain rejects Orange Order's riot claims: Daily Telegraph
Tom Peterkin

Government too slow to act against loyalists, says Durkan: UTV Internet

NI secretary set to meet parties: BBC

Unionist leaders urged to condemn violence: UTV Internet

DUP launches verbal attack on US envoy: IrelandOnline

Revealed – the horrific tally from loyalist riots: Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

Police stand back while roadblocks cause chaos: (from the Irish News)
Catherine Morrison

Protests cause rush-hour gridlock: BBC

Protestants Say Anger and Alienation Are Fueling Riots in Belfast: New York Times
Brian Lavery

Time To Tackle This Injustice: The News Letter
Stephen Dempster

Deprivation claim refuted: Daily Ireland
Ciarán Barnes

Down – but defiant – on the Shankill Road: The Times
David Sharrock

Loyalist tensions 'are now at crisis point': Belfast Telegraph
Michael McHugh

Destroying Ulster, not loving it: Daily Ireland
Danny Morrison

We could watch the fiddling as Belfast burned: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Walker

Loyalist anger fuelled by a cocktail of social decline and sectarianism: Irish Examiner
Noel Whelan

Yes, enough is enough and blair must bear the blame: Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

The last writhings of a society left beached by history: The Guardian
Max Hastings

Loyalist electoral experiment has failed: (from the Irish News)
Brian Feeney

Orange disorder: The Times

Getting to grips with the issues: Belfast Telegraph

Mob rule in Belfast: Irish Echo

'Critical' talks in bid to quell violence: Belfast Telegraph
Brendan McDaid

Churches Targeted In Graffiti Attacks: The News Letter
Johnny Caldwell

Catholic school principal praises Paisley: Belfast Telegraph

UDA truce is still intact says Hain: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Colombia asks for return of IRA-linked fugitives: The Herald
Cesar Garcia

Extradition request for Colombia Three: Irish Examiner
Harry McGee

For IRA Critics, No Peace in Belfast: Washington Post
Kevin Sullivan

Pickets at McCartney home after police report: The Guardian
Angelique Chrisafis

Unease at British-US plan for policing conference: (from the Irish News)
Sharon O'Neill

Proposal Of Policing Conference Unwanted: The News Letter

Lisa's body may be dumped in water: UTV Internet

Irish population growth Europe's highest: The Irish Times
Joe Humphreys

Wednesday, September 14

Riots rattle peace process in N. Ireland: Christian Science Monitor
James Brandon

UDA calls for 'end to violence': UTV Internet

Quieter night after days of riots: BBC

Police arrest 63 after violence: UTV Internet

UVF has breached ceasefire, says Hain: Daily Telegraph
Tom Peterkin

Republicans 'must reach out to unionists': UTV Internet

Order due to give riot response: BBC

Riots Must Stop: The News Letter
Simon Hunter

"I'm not condemning anything..."
Conor McMorrow

A veteran of Orange Order war of words: (from the Irish News)
Bimpe Fatogun

Orangeman fears protest walk-outs: Irish Independent
Dominic Cunningham

Shankill inquiry planned: Belfast Telegraph

What will emerge out of the ashes?: Daily Ireland
Alan Erwin and Eamonn Houston

Protestant fears and loyalist anger: BBC
Dominic Casciani

Sectarian hurricane rips through city: Daily Ireland
Jarlath Kearney

Let's have less talk and more action, Sir Hugh: Belfast Telegraph
Gail Walker

Unionists lack someone to lead them into peace: (from the Irish News)
Susan McKay


  • Marching away from trouble: Los Angeles Times
  • Ulster divide: Boston Globe
  • Riots Hitting Working Class Protestants The Hardest: The News Letter
  • Leaders keeping unionists in fear: Daily Ireland
  • Trouble fears over teen memorial march: Belfast Telegraph
    Marie Foy

    NI policing conference is planned: BBC (Sep 12)

    Sinn Fein welcomes plan for policing review: Irish Independent
    Dominic Cunningham

    IRA arms move may take weeks: (from the Irish News)
    William Graham

    Family of murdered man accuse IRA of attack on best friend: The Guardian
    Angelique Chrisafis

    SF urged to clarify IRA role in murder: Irish Independent
    Tom Felle

    Police give estate '24/7 cover': BBC

    Services return to Harryville church: Belfast Telegraph
    Nevin Farrell

    Graves damaged in church attack: BBC

    Stevens tells of Ulster 'lies and treachery': Belfast Telegraph
    Chris Thornton

    Tuesday, September 13

    Riots Rage in Belfast With 60 Now Injured: Washington Post
    Kevin Sullivan

    Belfast Riots – Desperate Acts: Hartfod Courant
    Todd Richissin

    Loyalist streets in the grip of violence spawned by resentment and bloody feud: The Guardian
    Angelique Chrisafis

    Springfield siege: Daily Ireland
    Francesca Ryan

    SF chief in appeal to nationalists: Belfast Telegraph
    Deborah McAleese

    Pipe bombs in playground endangered 140 children: Irish Independent
    Nevin Farrell

    How trouble unfolded: Belfast Telegraph
    Clare Weir and Deborah McAleese

    Hain accuses loyalist paramilitaries of breaking ceasefire: Daily Telegraph
    Tom Peterkin

    Leaders must 'back forces of law': BBC

    US accuses unionists of abdicating responsibility: Financial Times
    John Murray Brown

    Unionists play blame game with Commission: Belfast Telegraph
    Deborah McAleese

    Petrol bombers and roadblocks take Belfast back to darkest days: The Times
    David Sharrock

    Pent-up rage boils over in Ulster: The Herald
    Graham Hunter

    Parade riots point to deeper unrest: BBC
    Mark Devenport

    Left without a political voice, loyalists resort to violence: Irish Independent

    This is the real threat to peace: Daily Ireland
    Francesca Ryan

    Hype is a serious recipe for disaster: (from the Irish News)
    Roy Garland

    What are the Unionists cross about this time?: The Guardian
    Newton Emerson


  • Ulster on edge: The Times
  • Too little loyalist leadership: The Guardian
  • Wanted – true leaders: Irish Independent
  • Pulling back from the brink: Belfast Telegraph
  • Ulster marches back to the past: Daily Mail
  • British need to get serious on loyalists: Daily Ireland
  • Paramilitary Violence A Throwback To Dark Days: The News Letter
  • Leaders bear responsibility: (from the Irish News)
  • Pressure on IRA to disarm as riots threaten process: Irish Examiner
    Shaun Connolly

    IRA disarmament 'must not be squandered': UTV Internet

    Real danger is that attacks could delay IRA moves to decommission its weapons: Irish Independent
    David McKittrick

    PSNI ignores incitement to race hatred: Daily Ireland
    Damien Kiberd

    Loyalists hindering economy: Belfast Telegraph
    Maureen Coleman

    'Sectarian attack' on two houses: BBC

    Councillor calls for strong government response: Belfast Telegraph
    Clare Weir

    Colombia Three must not hurt Irish-US relations, says envoy: Irish Examiner
    Senan Hogan

    Attacked man part of McCartney campaign: (from the Irish News)
    Diana Rusk

    Monday, September 12

    Protestants Riot for 2nd Night in Belfast, Injuring 30 Police Officers: New York Times
    Brian Lavery

    Return of the gun and the bomb: The Guardian
    Angelique Chrisafis

    Fresh riots in Belfast after Orde blames Orangemen: The Irish Times
    Dan Keenan and Mark Brennock

    Police find bomb factory after night of rioting: The Independent
    David McKittrick

    Rioters intended to kill officers, says Orde: Irish Independent
    Dominic Cunningham

    Loyalists lay blame on secret deals with the IRA: The Times
    David Sharrock

    Ahern warns violence a dangerous development: Irish Independent
    Gene McKenna and Dominic Cunningham

    Loyalist violence 'is appalling': BBC

    Ahern warns 'new generation being blooded in sectarian hatred': UTV Internet

    Hain and Orde discuss NI violence: BBC

    Echoes of 1970s as growing tensions finally boil over: The Scotsman
    Gethin Chamberlain

    Drumcree manifesting itself in tension-filled Whiterock parade: (from the Irish News, Sep 10)
    Barry McCaffrey

    Disarm the loyalists too: The Guardian
    Jonathan Freedland

    Disgraced: Irish Independent

    Anarchy on our streets: Sunday Life (Sep 11)

    Orange Order needs to take a different route: Daily Telegraph

    Riots 'will not deter IRA from giving up arms: Financial Times
    Jimmy Burns

    Rooting for England: (from the Sunday Journal, Sep 11)
    Eamonn McCann

    We have a sporting chance to gain peace: (from the Irish News, Sep 10)

    Adams to meet special envoy Reiss: BBC

    Arms and the big man: Sunday Life (Sep 11)
    Lynda Gilby

    Colombia to serve extradition papers: RTE

    Top Loyalists lock horns in village clash: Sunday Life (Sep 11)
    Stephen Breen

    Cops' bomb sweep after big match kicked off: Sunday Life (Sep 11)
    Ciaran McGuigan

    Harryville priest calls off Mass: BBC

    Loyalist feud victim's family launch website: Sunday Life (Sep 11)
    Stephen Breen

    Equality at the heart of review: (from the Irish News, Sep 7)
    William Graham

    Prison Service call to women and Catholics: Belfast Telegraph (Sep 6)
    Debra Douglas

    Revealed – True oil wealth hidden to stop independence: The Herald
    Douglas Fraser

    Sunday, September 11

    IRA has started its destruction of arms: Sunday Business Post
    Paul T Colgan

    IRA starts to decommission: The Sunday Times
    Dipesh Gadher

    SF fears it will be undermined: Sunday Business Post
    Paul T Colgan

    Belfast rattled by violent clashes: Independent on Sunday
    David McKittrick

    Orde rage at Orange 'riot plot': The Sunday Times
    Liam Clarke and Jason Johnston

    Loyalists shoot at police as riot hits Belfast: The Observer
    Henry McDonald

    Peace needs leadership: The Sunday Times

    Commission Is Out Of The Loop On Life's Realities: The News Letter

    Minister pays visit to Belfast as fears rise over loyalist violence: Sunday Independent
    Alan Murray

    'Harmless'?: Daily Ireland
    Ciarán Barnes

    Hain urges both sides to work with police: UTV Internet

    'Pull back from edge' call after gun attack: Belfast Telegraph
    Andrea Clements

    Shot loyalist served time for teen killing: Belfast Telegraph
    Maureen Coleman and Andrea Clements

    UVF 'to wind up, but no decommissioning': Sunday Business Post
    Colm Heatley

    PUP's ex-hard men make a soft target: (from the Irish News, Jul 25)
    Roy Garland

    Butchery, lies: sound familiar?: Sunday Independent & Part II
    Jim Cusack

    Hoax alert 'was set up to lure security forces into ambush': Belfast Telegraph
    Brendan McDaid

    Man critical after attack by gang: BBC

    Mary Lou for electoral head-to-head with Bertie: Sunday Independent
    John Drennan

    Let assembly limit the NIO: Belfast Telegraph
    Barry White

    Top lawyer calls for repeal of Inquiries Act: (from the Irish Post)
    Paul Donovan

    Fat Cat Celtic Tiger Needs Norn Iron: Sunday Independent
    Eoghan Harris

    We won – and I know why you didn't: Sunday Telegraph
    Jenny McCartney

    Finding a little spot in our hearts to be happy for Northern Ireland: Sunday Independent
    John Smith

    Immigrants see a land of hope, but all we see is hell: The Sunday Times
    Liam Clarke

    One more battle to win: The Observer
    Henry McDonald

    Saturday, September 10

    Unionists Will Not Believe IRA, Warns Paisley: The News Letter
    Stephen Dempster

    Time to bow the knee to inevitability of reality: (from the Irish News)
    Denis Bradley

    Garda inquiries in Bogota to be concluded tomorrow: Irish Independent
    Tom Brady

    Colombian V-P to vist Ireland: UTV Internet

    Hayes wants party pledge to exclude SF from government: Irish Independent
    Gene McKenna

    Parties Voice Parade Fears: The News Letter
    Stephen Dempster And Gemma Murray

    Whiterock parade tension volatile – DUP: Belfast Telegraph
    Chris Thornton

    Order urges support for parade protest: UTV Internet

    Security tight for Orange Order march: RTE

    'Shrugging Your Shoulders Not Good Enough': Derry Journal

    Two men hurt in 'feud shootings': BBC

    Loyalists discussed sawing up Catholic: (from the Irish News)
    Barry McCaffrey and Sharon O'Neill

    Sectarian graffiti daubed on Catholic churches: Irish Examiner
    Dan McGinn

    Catholic taxi driver attacked with bricks: Belfast Telegraph (Sep 8)
    Brendan McDaid

    Different strokes: Daily Ireland (Sep 8)

    Beware of the trail leading back to '69: Belfast Telegraph
    Eric Waugh

    A callous Dublin killing: Irish Independent

    No choice but to put visit on ice: Belfast Telegraph

    McCartney accused bailed: Irish Independent

    Sacked warder denies LVF link: Belfast Telegraph
    Linda McKee

    Organised crime 'a serious problem in Northern Ireland': UTV Internet

    Job ad ban challenged: Daily Ireland (Sep 8)

    British payout to Omagh bomb victim families was 'unlawful': Irish Independent
    Ivan McMichael

    Ahern to raise issue of Ludlow murder: Irish Examiner
    John Breslin

    Bloody Sunday Drama Is 100% Accurate – Victim's Brother: Derry Journal

    One Irish side better than two: (from the Irish News)

    All the latest on . . . suicide & the Troubles: Irish Independent (Sep 6)
    Eilish O'Regan

    Politicians let us down on suicide: Daily Ireland (Sep 8)

    Friday, September 9

    Weapons gesture 'would ease tension': Irish Independent
    Dominic Cunningham

    Ahern hopes for speedy IRA moves: BBC

    McGuinness signals 'powerful' move by IRA is in the offing: (from the Irish News)
    William Graham

    DUP will talk to republicans SF: (from
    Jarlath Kearney

    Arms move won't stop Colombia Three probe, says McDowell: Irish Independent
    Bernard Purcell

    Colombia Will Officially Seek Return Of Three: The News Letter
    Stephen Dempster

    Farc-IRA link 'cannot be ignored': BBC

    DUP Colombia 'stunt' slammed: Daily Ireland
    Áine McEntee

    Further Police Reform A Grave Cause For Concern: The News Letter

    Durkan calls for DUP co-operation: Daily Ireland
    Jarlath Kearney

    Roads Blocked In Protest At Re-Routing Of Orange March: The News Letter

    Loyalists ready to escalate blockades: Daily Ireland
    Ciarán Barnes

    Unionists meet police over parade: BBC

    Here we go again: (from

    Loyalists Urged To End Poster Campaign: The News Letter
    Elinor Glynn

    Green paint thrown at church hall: BBC

    Cushendall 'resorts' to Saturday night mayhem: (from the Irish News)
    Newton Emerson

    Victory stems Ulster violence: The Guardian
    Angelique Chrisafis

    Executive 'failing' homeless Catholics: (from the Irish News)
    Barry McCaffrey and Catherine Morrison

    President wants Belfast children to grow up in peace: Irish Examiner
    Dan McGinn

    As the UDA Brigadier said to the 'Free State' President . . .: Irish Independent

    Appeal to President: Daily Ireland
    Connla Young

    President meets PSNI chief Hugh Orde: RTE

    Loyalist's hopes over Shankill visit: UTV Internet

    Controversy is disappointing: (from the Irish News)

    No SF or Provo link to Dublin murder, insists TD: Irish Independent
    Fionnán Sheahan

    'Get out' leaflet circulates as violent feud flares up again: (from

    'Little Irelanders' lack vision of the nation: (from the Irish News)
    Jim Gibney

    Man 'confessed to sectarian murders': UTV Internet

    McCord Inquiry 'May See Officers In The Dock': The News Letter
    Gemma Murray

    O'Loan had concerns over Ludlow probe: (from the Irish News)
    Sharon O'Neill

    Belfast's non-jury court tries Islamist suspect: The Times
    David Sharrock

    Thursday, September 8

    McCrea – 'IRA delivered nothing': UTV Internet

    Hain 'won't be rushed' on UVF ceasefire: UTV Internet

    IMC report bound to be meaningless: Daily Ireland

    Paramilitaries can't join police – Hain: UTV Internet

    Dermot Ahern's politics stop at border: (from the Irish News)
    Brian Feeney

    Churchmen condemn North attacks: Irish Independent
    Dominic Cunningham

    Ministers Hit Back At Priest's Claims: The News Letter
    Billy Kennedy

    Bullets sent to home: Daily Ireland
    Connla Young

    Rioter, 5, Is Caught: The News Letter
    Gemma Murray

    Loyalists road blocks continue: UTV Internet

    Paramilitary Rioting Hurts Law-abiding Citizens: The News Letter

    Leading loyalist denies intimidation charge: Belfast Telegraph (Sep 6)
    Jonathan McCambridge

    Scotsman ordered out of Northern Ireland: UTV Internet

    Flags violence is inexcusable: (from the Irish News, Sep 3)

    Jeffrey's home from home... Colombia: Daily Ireland
    Danny Morrison

    PSNI insist McAleese visit is 'courtesy call': Belfast Telegraph
    Brian Hutton

    McAleese shelves Shankill visit after gang riots: Irish Independent
    Martha Kearns & Dominic Cunningham

    UUP's £200k Debt 'Manageable' Says Chief Executive: The News Letter
    Stephen Dempster

    McBrides find backing in battle against MoD: (from the Irish News)
    Barry McCaffrey

    Taoiseach urged to publish Ludlow murder report: UTV Internet

    Lessons London learned from the IRA's campaign: Belfast Telegraph
    Brian Walker

    De Chastelain's controversial past: (from the Sunday Tribune, Sep 4)
    Suzanne Breen

    Stand up for the Ulstermen: Belfast Telegraph
    David Gordon

    Chimps surrender to police after Belfast zoo break-out: The Guardian
    Angelique Chrisafis

    How the republicans are out to get Charles: Sunday Telegraph (Jul 31)
    Quentin Letts

    Wednesday, September 7

    Commission report blames UVF for four recent killings: Irish Independent
    Dominic Cunningham

    'Turn A Blind Eye' Approach Encouraging UVF – Durkan: Derry Journal

    UVF accused of trying to seize city streets: Belfast Telegraph
    Jonathan McCambridge

    Double trouble – PSNI fails to confront Loyalists who rioted for four hours: Daily Ireland
    Connla Young

    Loyalist rioters recruit children by text: UTV Internet

    Talks to focus on UVF and rioting: BBC

    PSNI Deny North Of City Is Lawless: The News Letter
    Alistair Bushe

    Police chief hits back at critics: UTV Internet

    Police must act on all violence: (from the Irish News)

    Appeal for calm in Belfast ahead of parade: RTE

    DUP 'No Part' In Sinn Fein Motion: The News Letter
    Elinor Glynn

    Bann Drive Attacks 'Becoming More Sinister': Derry Journal

    Shame sectarianism into silence: Daily Ireland
    Anne Cadwallader

    Guns must go on both sides now: Belfast Telegraph

    DUP Warns On Policing Debate: The News Letter

    Troubles over but the strife lingers on: The Guardian
    Michael Walker

    Unionist leader tells of 'IRA legacy' in Colombia: IrelandOnline

    DUP and Sinn Fein clash in European Parliament: Belfast Telegraph
    Chris Thornton

    DUP woman met UVF: Daily Ireland
    Ciarán Barnes

    The sooner Love Ulster disappears the better: (from the Irish News)
    Susan McKay

    Unionism in decline: Daily Ireland
    Tommy McKearney

    Campbell Accuses Government Of Betrayal Over RIR Disbandment: Derry Journal

    Law on army killers slammed: Belfast Telegraph

    McAleese-Orde meeting 'political': BBC

    Shankill 'is not ready to greet Irish president': Belfast Telegraph
    Debra Douglas

    Protest at FF meeting: Daily Ireland
    Connla Young

    'Punishment Beatings Not The Way Forward' – Say IRSP: Derry Journal

    Murder revolt could sink SF election plans: Irish Independent
    Sam Smyth

    DUP rejects Irish street naming: (from the Irish News)

    Family in Ludlow killing renew plea for public inquiry: Irish Independent
    Tom Felle

    'End Bloody Sunday Inquiry': UTV Internet

    Tuesday, September 6

    All parties want IRA to move on dumping arms: Irish Independent

    Parties await IRA arms move: Belfast Telegraph
    Brian Walker

    Evidence found in Colombia can be used by gardaí: Irish Examiner
    Cormac O'Keeffe

    MP meets Colombian vice president: BBC

    Colombia three fugitive tracked down: Belfast Telegraph

    In a corner of Antrim another generation grows up on a diet of sectarian hatred: The Guardian
    Angelique Chrisafis

    SF and DUP clash over riot in Cushendall: Belfast Telegraph
    Debra Douglas

    Protestant Clergy Condemn Attacks: The News Letter
    Richard Sherriff

    Moderator attack stance 'lacking': BBC

    'DUP's mask slips' over condemning all violence: Belfast Telegraph (Sep 3)
    Debra Douglas

    Deeds not words: (from

    Fundamentalist Holyman – The Singing Bigot: The Blanket
    Anthony McIntyre

    Primate confirms he's ready to meet Paisley: Irish Independent
    David Quinn

    Loyalist concept of justice is misshapen: (from the Irish News)
    Tom Kelly

    Loyalist rioters attack police again: UTV Internet

    Shipyard worker gunned down as feud erupted, inquest told: UTV Internet

    Gray's 'canary revenge' fears: Sunday Life (Sep 4)
    Stephen Breen

    Loyalists Are Linked With Race Crimes: The News Letter
    Gemma Murray

    Parade body under fire for ruling: Belfast Telegraph
    Chris Thornton

    Woman cleared of IRA bullet charge: UTV Internet

    Sinn Féin birthday: (from

    Garda chiefs 'sat on murder report': Irish Independent
    Tom Felle

    McNab tells of killing IRA man in 1979 gun battle: (from the Irish News, Aug 1)
    James Stinson

    McAleese To Visit Shankill On Thursday: The News Letter

    Talking can uncover shared humanity: (from the Irish News)
    Roy Garland

    SDLP representatives to attend FF party: Sunday Business Post (Sep 4)
    Pat Leahy and Emmet Ryan

    Monday, September 5

    McDonnell tells IRA to hurry up: UTV Internet

    IRA's rigidity will make decommissioning easier: Sunday Business Post (Sep 4)
    Paul T Colgan

    Adams and McGuinness 'on IRA council by proxy': Sunday Life (Sep 4)

    Fianna Fáil will not enter coalition with Sinn Féin: Irish Examiner
    Paul O'Brien

    'Grandstanding' on Colombia Three slated: Sunday Business Post (Sep 4)
    Alison O'Connor

    Audience is tired waiting for Papa Doc's epiphany: (from the Irish News, Sep 3)
    James Kelly

    Paisley condemns sectarian attacks: RTE

    UDA boss dismisses feud claim: Sunday Life (Sep 4)

    Church group mounts loyalist feud 'patrol': (from the Irish News, Sep 3)
    Barry McCaffrey

    Terrible toll reaped by loyalist feud: (from, Sep 2)

    'Spy file' targets UVF chiefs: Sunday Life (Sep 4)
    Alan Murray

    Ombudsman is asked to probe riot: BBC

    Sinn Féin slam police over attacks: (from the Irish News, Sep 3)

    Twelfth riots prompt plastic bullet review: Sunday Life (Sep 4)
    Alan Murray

    DUP meet minister over city march: BBC

    Unionist politicians and paramilitaries unite: Sunday Business Post (Sep 4)
    Colm Heatley

    Red fright... and blue: Sunday Life (Sep 4)
    Joe Oliver

    Elusive Mary: Sunday Business Post (Sep 4)
    Alison O'Connor

    Spy-busters reveal more Dublin-based agents online: Sunday Life (Sep 4)
    Ciaran McGuigan

    Call for inquiry to clear SF member's name: Sunday Business Post (Sep 4)

    Mo Mowlam: The Blanket (Aug 7)
    David Adams

    Northern Ireland visit strikes blow for peace: San Francisco Chronicle (Sep 4)
    Arthur Frommer

    The myth of media impartiality: Daily Ireland (Aug 18)
    Jude Collins

    Sunday, September 4

    IRA starts to decommission: The Sunday Times
    Liam Clarke

    Ahern denies he used Flynn as conduit to Sinn Fein/IRA: Sunday Independent
    Jody Corcoran

    Sinn Féin invites DUP to talks: Daily Ireland
    Connla Young

    No more IRA deals until we see evidence of change: The Sunday Times
    Liam Clarke

    Process Has Done Little To Earn Trust Of Unionists: The News Letter

    Bordering on reckless: Irish Echo

    Donaldson in new call over RIR: BBC

    Colombia Three A Damning Case: (from Daily Ireland, Sep 2)
    Danny Morrison

    Donaldson campaigns for Colombia three's extradition: The Sunday Times
    Liam Clarke and Stephen O'Brien

    Talks Begin For Farc Victims To Confront Ahern: The News Letter
    Stephen Dempster

    Plea for action to end disorder: Belfast Telegraph

    Unionist Anger As Marches Banned: The News Letter
    Alistair Bushe

    MLA Hits Out At Ineffective Area Policing: The News Letter

    After IRA failure, Adams eyes Cabinet posts: Sunday Independent (Jul 31)
    Joseph O'Malley

    Unity (or Not) Campaigns Promoted: Irish Voice/
    Brendan Anderson

    Integrated Schooling Should Be Prioritised: The News Letter (Jul 26)
    Richard Sherriff

    Here's hoping England give Norn Iron a good spanking: Daily Ireland
    Robin Livingstone

    The way I see it – Year of the Blitz: Belfast Telegraph
    Janet Devlin

    Touched for a tenner: Sunday Independent
    Jim Cusack

    A small step for N. Ireland peace: Philadelphia Inquirer (Jul 24)
    Valerie Reed

    Saturday, September 3

    IRA ready to scrap weapons 'in days': The Guardian
    Angelique Chrisafis

    'No approach' to weapons witness: BBC

    Ex-SDLP leader calls for end to paramilitary groups: UTV Internet

    IMC 'must act on UVF ceasefire': BBC

    Silence On IRA: The News Letter
    Gemma Murray

    DUP witness 'waits in the wings': BBC
    Mark Devenport

    Reid Warned Over RIR Disbandment: The News Letter
    Alistair Bushe

    Orde to stop former Provos joining PSNI: Belfast Telegraph

    Ulster faces 'gangster state' threat, warns Empey: UTV Internet

    'Tit For Tat' Sectarian Attacks Must Stop Say Community Leaders: Derry Journal

    Family 'lucky to survive attack': BBC

    Devlin murder Catholic was held: (from the Irish News)
    Sharon O'Neill

    Gardai flying out to probe Colombia Three file: Irish Independent
    Tom Brady

    The Big Picture in Colombia: The Blanket (Aug 21)
    Mick Hall

    City parade re-routing criticised: BBC

    'Provo fugitives should face the courts': Belfast Telegraph
    Chris Thornton

    Trial for Omagh Suspect in Northern Ireland: New York Times
    Brian Lavery

    Suspected Real IRA bomb-maker to stand trial in Belfast accused of Omagh massacre: The Independent
    Ian Graham

    Omagh victim's father criticises Government: Irish Examiner
    John Breslin and Ian Graham

    McCartney accused freed on bail: BBC

    Sinn Féin threatens to picket home of alleged drug dealer: Irish Examiner
    Donal Hickey

    Mum stored IRA bullets in fear for her life, court told: Irish Independent
    Paul Higgins

    MI6 'man in Republic' exposed on Internet: Sunday Life (Aug 28)
    Ciaran McGuigan

    Top marks for our local Irish language schools: (from, Sep 1)

    Fitt cried libel to distort the truth and shake down those who told it: Irish Examiner
    Ryle Dwyer

    Memorial to former IRA chief unveiled: (from the Irish News, Aug 22)
    Margaret Canning

    Sectarianism trial collapses after polo shirt fails to appear: The Scotsman
    Grant McCabe

    Army deployed in London: (from the Irish Post)
    Paul Donovan

    Friday, September 2

    Garda visit to Colombia still undecided - commissioner: The Irish Times
    Mark Brennock

    McDowell under fire for 'steering' Colombia probe: Irish Examiner
    Cormac O'Keeffe

    Hyde Wants 3 Extradited: Irish Voice/
    Sean O'Driscoll

    Coalition rift over response to Colombia Three denied: Irish Independent
    Tom Brady

    Paisley warns Ahern over Colombia 3: UTV Internet

    A Question for Henry Hyde: Irish Voice/

    IMC Mustn't Be Manipulated: The News Letter
    Stephen Dempster

    Teens 'behind sectarian attacks': BBC

    Wilson Condemns Sectarian Attack: The News Letter
    Gemma Murray

    Lessons in hate: Daily Ireland
    Connla Young

    Disturbances reported in south Belfast: RTE

    Putting Catholics out of their homes: (from
    Des Wilson

    'Motiveless' is no reason for no action: (from the Irish News)
    Jim Gibney

    Ex-terrorists 'will not be involved in policing': UTV Internet

    Meeting on policing cancelled over protest: Belfast Telegraph
    Nevin Farrell

    Five devices thrown at car park: BBC

    New paper starts up war of words: Belfast Telegraph
    Clare Weir

    Growing up with the IRA means it's good enough for me: Daily Ireland (Jul 29)
    Robin Livingstone

    Delegation To Show RIR Decision Is A Nonsense: The News Letter

    Woman on trial over 'IRA bullets': UTV Internet

    Parades body blamed for 'Derg clash: Ulster Herald
    Nigel McDonagh

    Poll cost one-seat UUP £250,000: BBC

    Employees asked about flag flying: (from
    Francesca Ryan

    Court to rule on Omagh trial: UTV Internet

    Bogeyman of the left who presided over the Maguire Seven case: Financial Times
    Sue Cameron

    Conroy letter on Garda monitor: Daily Ireland
    Eamonn Houston

    Rangers are beating bigots, says Murray: The Herald
    Graham Spiers

    Thursday, September 1

    Gardai heading to Colombia as probe into trio's moves gears up: Irish Independent
    Tom Brady & Brian Dowling

    Garda cast doubt on visit to Colombia: The Irish Times
    Mark Brennock

    IRA arms move within days?: Irish Echo
    Paul Colgan

    Action on IRA arms is needed: Belfast Telegraph

    Morrow – Save Border Police Stations: The News Letter

    Ever get the feeling no-one's in charge?: (from the Irish News)
    Brian Feeney

    DUP Will Fight RIRs Case In Reid Meeting: The News Letter
    Stephen Dempster

    Covert PSNI moves to combat eruption of sectarian attacks: Irish Independent
    Dominic Cunningham

    Another school torched by bigots: Belfast Telegraph
    Marie Foy

    Paisley condemns loyalist attacks: (from the Irish News)
    Maeve Connolly

    Bishop appeals for unity in Ballymena: Belfast Telegraph
    Marie Foy and Nevin Farrell

    Turn attackers over to police: (from the Irish News)

    PUP plays down talk of UVF activity halt: Belfast Telegraph
    David Gordon

    Prayer walk aims to end loyalist feud: Belfast Telegraph
    Ashleigh Wallace

    Loyalist druglord beats 'E' rap: Sunday Life (Aug 28)
    Ciaran McGuigan

    LVF after legally held arms: Daily Ireland (Aug 10)
    Ciarán Barnes

    Victims' Group – We Still Support Ulster Campaign: The News Letter

    Omagh suspect linked to warning call: Irish Examiner
    Ian Graham

    McCartney murder pub up for sale: The Guardian
    Angelique Chrisafis

    Devoted Fitt's life and death full of irony: Belfast Telegraph
    Brian Walker

    A Snapshot of Gerry Fitt: The Blanket (Aug 23)
    Sean Mac Manus

    Destination Belfast? Tourists flood in.: Christian Science Monitor
    Ron DePasquale


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