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Friday, September 15

Parties turn up the heat over Scottish 'hothouse' meeting: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Ministers 'are tired of North deadlines': Irish Independent
Gene McKenna

Dermot Ahern warns against failure: UTV Internet

Main parties parade wares at TUC: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Premiers review devolution plan: BBC

Call my bluff: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Minds focus on devolution deadine: BBC
Martina Purdy

The future will not be Orange or Green but shared by all: Belfast Telegraph
Duncan Morrow

DUP call for repentant paramilitaries to join police welcomed by McElduff: Ulster Herald
Adrian Mullan

Party clarifies MP's ex-prisoners in police remarks: (from the Irish News)
William Graham

Campbell remark provokes storm: The News Letter

Top DUP man sparks party row on police: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

From prisoner to peace officer?: BBC
Brendan Anderson

Home attacks self-inflicted – DUP: BBC

Difficult to know whether dissidents attacked Catholic Church police say: (from the Irish News)
Maeve Connolly

Church attack prompts united clean-up effort: Belfast Telegraph
Nevin Farrell

Further rows in Castlederg over Saturday night's loyalist parade: Ulster Herald
Mark McKelvey

Newcastle traders urged to go public: Down Democrat

The trials of Orlando: Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan McCambridge

Cold case team 'has traced killings records': The News Letter

Revelations over files 'no surprise': (from the Irish News)
Barry McCaffrey

Three parties right, one party 'left': (from the Belfast Telegraph)
Eamonn McCann

Victims' group hits out at the PSNI's GAA game: The News Letter

A neighbourly way of doing things: Andersonstown News
Des Wilson

DUP's Wilkinson leads NI victims visit to New York: Balllymena News

So What's changed: Andersonstown News

Thursday, September 14

Ahern and Blair prepare for North talks: Irish Examiner
Harry McGee

Time running out for Blair on North deadline, says Paisley: Irish Independent
Bernard Purcell

PUP stays quiet over talks with arms body: Belfast Telegraph
Lesley-Anne Henry

Angry Sir Reg to go on with loyalist strategy: The News Letter

Ex-prisoners 'could join police': BBC

DUP MP sparks policing row: UTV Internet

Police Federation slams O'Loan: UTV Internet

Ministers have lost interest in north-south links: (from the Irish News)
Brian Feeney

Hain – I'll keep my eye on ball: The News Letter

Hain in a rush to leave it all behind: Belfast Telegraph

Decision Time: Irish Echo
Ray O'Hanlon

If You Cannot Organise a Meeting, How Can You Expect to Organise a Revolution?: The Blanket (Sep 3)
Liam O Comain

Attack on Catholic church is blamed on republicans: (from the Irish News)
Maeve Connolly

Gang forces halt to youth match: BBC

SDLP to give 'stark warning' on parades: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Ex-soldier sentenced over rioting: BBC

RIR soldiers' passions running high: BBC

Poorest 'worse off despite peace process': Irish Examiner

RUC files missing for 1,000 murders: (from the Irish News)
Barry McCaffrey

Anne leads the way on victims: The News Letter

Primate of All Ireland Urges Christians to Rebuild Trust In Northern Ireland: Christian Today (Sep 13)
Maria Mackay

More Britons applying for Irish passports: The Guardian (Sep 13)
Owen Bowcott

Wednesday, September 13

Credibility of UUP 'lies in tatters': The News Letter

Ervine to challenge UUP pact verdict: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Assembly's firm ruling lets Empey off the hook: The News Letter

Unionists hit out at Sinn Fein for stalling progress: The News Letter

Derry will 'lose out' – warns Hain: Derry Journal

Parties can kiss peace bonus goodbye if they don't do deal: (from the Irish News)
Michael McKernan

DUP miss partner for political dance: BBC
Martina Purdy

'Blair's expertise won't be matched': (from the Irish News)
William Graham

Memorial to victims of IRA is vandalised: The News Letter

Calm urged as clashes erupt: (from the Irish News)
Barry McCaffrey

Families challenge SF over extradition: Derry Journal

It's Good to Talk: The Blanket (Sep 5)
John Coulter

New date set for Omagh bomb trial: BBC

RIR soldiers take tribunal cases: BBC

Racist Ulster: Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

McGuinness to address TUC fringe: UTV Internet

Hain throws hat in ring for deputy leadership: The Herald
Catherine MacLeod

Progressive move: The News Letter

Blair's troubles increase as Scots want to go it alone: Irish Independent

Tuesday, September 12

Hain urges North's political leaders to seize the day: Irish Independent
Gene McKenna

IRA is going away... at its own pace: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Unionists angry at 'threats' by Dublin: The News Letter

IMC dismissed as 'irrelevant': Daily Ireland
Andersonstown News

Hain – unionism needs to shed its fears: The News Letter
Stephen Dempster

UUP-PUP link 'against the rules': BBC

Secretary of State's bid to reach out is overdue: The News Letter

Change of opinion for anti-PSNI priest: (from the Irish News)
Marie Louise McCrory

PSNI Need More Help from Catholic Community: The Universe

Concern after PSNI confirms the use of child informers: (from the Irish News, Sep 2)

Catholic police officer claims discrimination: UTV Internet

Peelers Give You Trouble: The Blanket (Sep 9)
Martin Galvin

Injured officers deserve apology: (from the Irish News, Sep 6)

Orange hall targeted by arsonists: BBC

Arson lodge aims to rise from ashes: The News Letter

Partner of innocent loyalist feud victim speaks out for the first time: Sunday Life (Sep 10)

Quieter times mean no further progress for Sinn Fein in poll: Sunday Tribune (Sep 10)
Kevin Rafter

Unionists must not be allowed to scuttle Gaeltacht Quarter: Andersonstown News

Wave of gratitude: Sunday Life (Sep 10)
John McGurk

Outspoken justice minister to be Ireland's deputy leader: The Guardian
Owen Bowcott

Hain throws hat in the ring to be the 'new Prescott': Daily Telegraph
Toby Helm and George Jones

Very angry Bhoys!: Sunday Life (Sep 10)
Stephen Breen

Monday, September 11

Leaders to meet as North deadline looms: Irish Independent
Bernard Purcell

Peter Hain's deadline warning: UTV Internet

DPP to receive Northern Bank file: Irish Examiner
Cormac O'Keeffe

Welsh leader in devolution talk: BBC

Big Ian's right: Sunday Life (Sep 10)
Lynda Gilby

Nightmarish time lies ahead at No 10 bunker: (from the Irish News, Sep 9)
James Kelly

The Devolution Debate – Local power MUST be in local hands: Sunday Life (Sep 10)
Peter Bunting

Previous attack on murder victim was 'overlooked': (from the Irish News, Sep 9)
Marie Louise McCrory

Fr. Mc Manus on His Visit to Garnerville PSNI Training Center: The Blanket (Sep 7)
Sean Mc Manus

Sinn Féin to raise issue of Taser weapon: Daily Ireland (Sep 7)
Mick Hall

Wean north off need for public purse – economist: (from the Irish News, Sep 7)
Gary McDonald

DUP gets invite to march with fascists: Daily Ireland (Sep 6)
Ciarán Barnes

FBI pays price for backing mob killer: Sunday Business Post (Sep 10)
Kevin Cullen

Scotland buries sectarian past: The Sunday Times (Sep 10)
Camillo Fracassini

Balance of opinion tips dramatically towards independence for Scotland: The Scotsman
Hamish MacDonell

Sunday, September 10

Hain tells DUP 'the siege has been lifted': The Sunday Times
Liam Clarke

Warning on NI devolution deadline: BBC

Paisley woos Britain with Labour conference speech: The Observer
Henry McDonald

The DUP holds a strong hand, but is it prepared to gamble?: The Sunday Times
Liam Clarke

UK agents 'did have role in IRA bomb atrocities': The Observer
Henry McDonald

Daily Ireland bows out: Daily Ireland (Sep 8)

So farewell then, 'Daily Ireland': Sunday Independent
Liam Collins

Clash over cash looms at venue of 'Bloody Sunday': Daily Telegraph (Sep 6)
John Inverdale

UDR probe requested: Daily Ireland (Sep 7)
Ciarán Barnes

Support doubles for Scottish independence: The Sunday Times
Jason Allardyce

SNLA threat to poison water supply: The Sunday Times
Mark Macaskill and Jason Allardyce

Saturday, September 9

Parties get 11 weeks to agree new North deal: Irish Independent
Bernard Purcell

Blair and Ahern expected to meet: BBC

Ahern warns parties time is running out: RTE

Paisley – talks don't need Scottish jaunt: The News Letter

Unionists 'must face up to violence': (from the Irish News)
William Graham

The trouble about command structures: Belfast Telegraph

True Faith: The Blanket (Sep 3)
Eamon Sweeney

They didn't go away, you know...: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Police take fresh look at election dirty tricks case: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

"I want to look Hoey in the face" – Omagh victim's mum: Derry Journal

Inquest into McGurk death: UTV Internet

Sinn Féin vows to double Dáil tally: Irish Examiner
Shaun Connolly

'Sunday' families support search for truth about Annette McGavigan: Derry Journal

Treasury anger at the high price of inquiries in Ulster: Belfast Telegraph
David Gordon

US gangsters and Irish republicans: bloody lesson for our law enforcers: Irish Examiner
Ryle Dwyer

Time for Justice to admit errors: Boston Herald (Sep 7)

Teenage IRA conviction overturned: BBC

Parents urged to demand Catholic education for kids: Irish Independent
John Walshe

Catholics' indifference to faith poses greatest threat: (from the Irish News, Sep 4)
Tom Kelly

Twenty years of talking back: BBC (Sep 4)

Pundits ask if there's a role for Talkback in fast-changing north: (from the Irish News, Sep 7)
Marie Louise McCrory

Race concerns as schoolchildren's attitudes towards English revealed: The Scotsman
Louise Gray

Friday, September 8

DUP still wary of Provisionals despite IMC reports: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Paisley – security cuts will be surrender: The News Letter

Move away for crucial talks a waste of money – Sir Reg: Belfast Telegraph
Brendan McDaid

Ahern hopes Blair is part of talks: UTV Internet

Honestly, you do want to keep us: Belfast Telegraph
Reg Empey

Ombudsman's report delayed: UTV Internet

Only one cop on beat in quarter of PSNI patrols: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Irishman Loses Deportation Battle: Irish Voice/
Georgina Brennan

Inquiry lesson we can all learn, now, for free: (from the Irish News)
Newton Emerson

Election 'dirty tricks' investigation dropped: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Fight for unity will continue after poll: Daily Ireland

Army invite 'a total insult': Impartial Reporter

Move to halt UDR honour: Andersonstown News
Damian McCarney

Contrasting views of weekend band parade: Ballymena News

Hain's approach will take some beating: Belfast Telegraph
Eamonn McCann

Public Commitment or Public Relations: The Blanket (Aug 27)
Martin Galvin

Nationalist paper closes in Belfast: Irish Independent
Samantha McCaughren

DUP accused of double standards over soccer pitch: Down Democrat

Council 'must give cash to GAA club': The News Letter

Hunger strike row avoidable: (from the Irish News)

Adams' Mideast visit 'a PR stunt': The News Letter

Reiss sets record straight over Adams visit to Middle East: Daily Ireland
Jim Dee

Irish process is template for peace worldwide: (from the Irish News)
Jim Gibney

SF leader in sordid publicity exercise: The News Letter

Thursday, September 7

Provos are finally 'steering a path towards peace': Irish Independent
Tom Brady and Dominic Cunningham

Positive assessment of IRA clears path for all-party talks: Irish Examiner
Harry McGee

Talks to be taken outside of Ulster: The News Letter

Blocks to devolution can all be resolved, says Ahern: Irish Independent
Gene McKenna

Extend deadline and lose credibility: Daily Ireland

PSNI received almost 4,000 job applications from the Republic: Irish Examiner
Colm Heatley

Paisley – put up 'wanted' posters for fugitives: The News Letter

Police warn of dissident threat: UTV Internet

Orde to discuss estate agent case: BBC

Anger as 'armed' loyalists walk free: (from the Irish News)
Maeve Connolly

Loyalist beating victim defies 'Beast': Sunday Life (Sep 3)
Ciaran McGuigan

Hain avoids questions over 'dozing off': Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

When one doesn't mind being called a Provo: Daily Ireland
Danny Morrison

Media confirms worst fears about politicians: (from the Irish News)
Brian Feeney

QC's illness delays start of Omagh bombing trial: The Times
David Sharrock

UVF 'left bombs in graves': Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan McCambridge

Public inquiry into massacre needed: Daily Ireland (Sep 4)

Unionism's Favourite Nationalist: The Blanket (Aug 28)
John Coulter

IRA smuggler's family awarded €2.4m in US: Irish Independent

FBI found liable for Bulger, Flemmi: Boston Globe
Shelley Murphy and Maria Cramer

Adams calls on US to adopt role played in Irish process: (from the Irish News)
William Graham

Suppression is not the way, says Adams: Daily Ireland
Mick Hall

VIP treatment for Sinn Fein leader: BBC
Gareth Gordon

Gerry and the peacemakers: Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

Wednesday, September 6

Stately home talks aimed at striking deal on devolution: Daily Telegraph
Tom Peterkin

PMs will attend 'critical' talks: BBC

Hain warns: 'no going back': UTV Internet

Monitoring body to issue report: BBC

Army base in Bandit Country is demolished: Daily Telegraph
Tom Peterkin

British army withdrawal from North security role on track, say monitors: Irish Independent
Tom Brady and Dominic Cunningham

PUP to meet ceasefire watchdog: UTV Internet

Task force turns focus on the economy, policing and justice: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Hain urges SF on policing: UTV Internet

Who cares if apathy wins on November 24?: Belfast Telegraph
Barry White

Tony Blair's optimism must not blind reality: The News Letter

United front needed in rates reform battle: Belfast Telegraph

Catholic police recruitment review: UTV Internet

Praise for cross-border policing work: Belfast Telegraph
Kevin Myers

No beauty contest here please: Daily Ireland
Tommy McKearney

Seven police officers still off work a year after Whiterock: (from the Irish News)
Catherine Morrison

Sir Reg's Party Games: The Blanket
Anthony McIntyre

Protest's end a positive move: (from the Irish News)

Sun, sea, sand and sectarian abuse: Sunday Life (Sep 3)
Stephen Breen

Omagh trial in video link to town: Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan McCambridge

Relatives of bomb victims need to know truth: Daily Ireland
Patricia McKenna

Ex-soldier jailed for killing UVF man: The Scotsman
Arnot McWhinnie

DUP's critical GAA motion fails: Daily Ireland

Funding fears over integrated schools: The News Letter

Bloody Sunday banner row ends: Derry Journal

Sinn Fein president to meet Hamas: BBC

Israelis boycott Gerry Adams' visit to the Middle East: Irish Independent

Gerry Adams urges two-state solution: Jerusalem Post (Sep 5)
Davod Horovitz

Adams on junket: The News Letter

Welcome trip to encourage peace: Daily Ireland

Tuesday, September 5

Sinn Fein seeks key meeting: Irish Independent
Dominic Cunningham

McGuinness calls for Stormont action plan: Irish Examiner

Blair defends 'genuine progress' in NI: UTV Internet

I can't go on governing Ulster.. That's the MLAs' job: Daily Mirror
Peter Hain

The moronic era of the cretinous period: Daily Ireland
Colin O'Carroll

Paisley 'not quitting politics': Belfast Telegraph
Lisa Smyth

Cleared man 'financially ruined': BBC

Johnston 'terrified of Gray': Daily Mirror
Alan Erwin

McCord wants to meet UVF face to face: Belfast Telegraph
David Gordon

AK47s to P45s?: Sunday Life (Sep 3)
Alan Murray

UDA denies claims of end to terror unit: The News Letter

High time for UVF to disarm: (from the Irish News)

Hope grows that groups will vanish: The News Letter

Billy worked to change the mould of politics: (from the Irish News)
Roy Garland

Police Board members seek pay rise: UTV Internet

Deal fears over lack of ID for Tohill gang: (from the Irish News)
Bimpe Fatogun

RIR protest over redundancy offer: BBC

Anger at letter to victim: Daily Ireland
Mick Hall

Cemetery Sunday passes off peacefully: Belfast Telegraph
Victoria O'Hara

Bartender taken into custody: Long Beach Press Telegram (Sep 2)
David Rogers

Pivotal historic moment: The News Letter
Ian Starrett

Killing spree inquiry call: Daily Ireland
Damian McCarney

Not the Cathal Goulding I Knew: The Blanket (Aug 30)
Liam O Comain

Adams to 'share experience': The Guardian
Owen Bowcott

Israel talks snub for Sinn Fein: BBC

Praise for Murray and Rangers over sectarianism stance: The Herald
Tom Gordon

Monday, September 4

No UVF arms move before deadline: Sunday Life (Sep 3)
Brian Rowan

UDA deny disbandment report: UTV Internet

Welsh leader to address Stormont: BBC (Sep 2)

SF dismisses defections reports as 'balderdash': (from the Irish News, Sep 2)
William Graham

Return to Conflict No Alternative: The Blanket (Sep 1)
David Adams

Call for united front over rates: The News Letter (Sep 1)

Nothing new in using law in pursuit of the political: (from the Irish News, Sep 2)
Patrick Murphy

Disquiet over ousted bosses' arms caches: Sunday Life (Sep 3)
Alan Murray

Town march 'breaches' are probed: BBC

Protestant family forced out after fourth sectarian attack: (from the Irish News, Sep 2)
Nevin Farrell

Sectarian graffiti raises tensions in mixed community: Daily Ireland (Sep 1)
Connla Young

Warders hold their ground: Sunday Life (Sep 3)
Ciaran McGuigan

Love Ulster riots not organised, says top garda: Irish Independent
Alan O'Keeffe

Schools open despite funding snub: BBC

Derry's views sought on 'Troubles' museum: Derry Journal (Sep 1)

Gerry Adams on peace mission to Middle East: The Scotsman
Rhiannon Edward

Ethics code bans police from joining Orange Order: The Sunday Times (Sep 3)
Mark Macaskill

Sunday, September 3

Empey warns of DUP 'stalling': The Sunday Times
Liam Clarke

Empey heralds possible UVF move: BBC

Sinn Fein to decide on Assembly role: UTV Internet

SF 'sweating blood' to meet the November 24 deadline: Sunday Independent
Don Lavery

Sinn Féin rejects 'shadow' Assembly: RTE

US anger as Adams presses ahead with visit to Palestinian terror group: Sunday Telegraph
Toby Harnden

US government set to shun Adams over Palestine visit: Sunday Independent
Jim Cusack

Loyalist paramilitaries call for end to cemetery protest: UTV Internet

Paisley prepares to retire in style: The Sunday Times
Liam Clarke and Carissa Casey

Republican inmates go on 48-hour fast: Daily Ireland (Sep 1)

PSNI fury: Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan McCambridge

Costly – but necessary: Derry Journal (Sep 1)

The Price of Our Memory: The Blanket (Aug 26)
Anthony McIntyre

Builders foiled UVF bomb plot: Sunday Independent
Alan Murray

Murder victim's family makes cinema appeal for information: Irish Examiner (Sep 2)
Alan Erwin

Old Firm songs 'not sectarian' says MSP: The Sunday Times
Marc Horne

Sport paving the way for the future: Belfast Telegraph

Colonial baggage put aside as Irish men manage Britain: Irish Examiner (Sep 1)
Jim Morahan

Saturday, September 2

Government receives report on scale-down of British security in North: Irish Examiner
Dan McGinn and Paul O'Brien

UVF rejects talk of military standown: The News Letter

Stormont parties to 'move forward': Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Sinn Féin meeting to discuss Northern Assembly: RTE

Historic end for a valiant service: The News Letter

Empey may accentuate the positive: BBC
Mark Devenport

None of them has gone away, you know, nor has terrorism: Irish Independent
Lindy McDowell

Equality of identity is the key: (from the Irish News)
Denis Bradley

The Moore things change, the Moore things stay the same: Irish Independent

What the UVF thought over Haddock death bid: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Loyalist feuds are blighting children's lives – Cherie Blair: Belfast Telegraph
Claire Regan

Community remains divided by 'peacelines': (from the Irish News)
Barry McCaffrey

PSNI fear bomb attacks may spiral: BBC

Police fear 'tit for tat' violence: UTV Internet

Graves protest 'disgusting': Daily Ireland
Áine McEntee

Brown hits back at the Ombudsman: Belfast Telegraph
David Gordon

PSNI allowed to use child informers: UTV Internet

Republicans blamed for targeting DPP: (from the Irish News, Aug 31)
Keith Bourke

'I won't be Omagh bomb defence witness' – Former British spy tells 'Journal': Derry Journal

Concerns raised over upsurge in Real IRA activities: Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan McCambridge

Hamill anonymity request nonsense: Daily Ireland

Second claim of failed attack: Belfast Telegraph
Ben Lowry

GAA snub on SF over tickets is childish, says McGuinness: Irish Examiner
Paul O'Brien

PSNI wants GAA talks after historic fixture: Daily Ireland
Connla Young

Majority seeks support for integrated schools: The News Letter (Aug 31)

Vote – or lose your house: Daily Mirror
Maurice Fitzmaurice

DUP anger over Ahern speech at NI conference: The News Letter

Friday, September 1

Blair and Ahern in last attempt to end power-sharing crisis: The Guardian
Patrick Wintour

Why Hain is keen to upset the neighbours: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

DUP, Sinn Fein row means deal highly unlikely: The News Letter

UVF considers weapons body move: BBC

PSNI silent on loyalist arms finds says UPRG: (from the Irish News)
Barry McCaffrey

Royal Irish Regiment leaves Northern Ireland's streets: UTV Internet

Hothouse talks must be at Stormont: Belfast Telegraph

Sinn Féin now needs to pass policing test: (from the Irish News)
Newton Emerson

Republicans' stance over policing is appalling: The News Letter

Hey Joe, you're joking, aren't you?: Daily Ireland
Jude Collins

GAA in tickets snub to SF over rally: The Irish Times
Mark Brennock

Innocent: Belfast Telegraph
Lisa Smyth

Bid may be made for compensation: The News Letter

PSNI estate agent case examined: BBC

Embarrassing collapse of a high-profile case: Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan McCambridge

Loyalists claim Dublin bomb could have wiped out SF: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Mansion House plot 'to extinguish' Sinn Fein: Irish Independent
Gene McKenna

McDowell defends response to loyalist bomb scare: Irish Examiner
Cormac O'Keeffe

UVF has many other tales to tell if they are going to come clean: Irish Independent

Secret of the Mansion House: Irish Independent

Besieged residents to demand protection: The News Letter

Republican protest at NI jail: UTV Internet

Singing Irish Bartender Loses Deportation Ruling: Los Angeles Times
H. G. Raza

Officers 'in fear' over testimony: BBC

Another calculated insult to Catholic ratepayers: (from the Irish News)
Jim Gibney


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