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Monday, September 15

DUP warns SF it will trigger crisis if Executive fails to meet this week: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

O'Dowd warns not enough progress: BBC

Durkan – SDLP is a rigorous defender of power-sharing: Irish News (Sep 13)

Concern as Assembly reconvenes: UTV Internet

Local government stands at threshold: BBC
Jim Fitzpatrick

'Bombers' were tracked across border by GCHQ on their way to Omagh: The Guardian
Robert Booth

Explainer – GCHQ monitoring: The Guardian
Richard Norton-Taylor

'Phone-tap lapse' adds to Omagh inquiry demands: The Times
David Sharrock

Police chief rejects republican's letter claim: Irish News (Sep 13)
Liz Trainor

Bomb discovered in border village: BBC

Morrison slams secret acquittal: Irish News (Sep 13)
Barry McCaffrey

Stamp out sectarianism: Scotland on Sunday

Sunday, September 14

SDLP feels untimely wrath of big brother: The Sunday Times
Liam Clarke

DUP and Sinn Fein bicker while public suffers: Belfast Media
Anna Lo

Suspect in O'Hagan murder flees south: The Observer
Henry McDonald

GCHQ recorded Omagh bombers, TV show to claim: Sunday Independent
Alasdair Palmer

The words that might have saved Omagh: Sunday Telegraph
John Ware

The Informers: Sunday Tribune
Suzanne Breen

Louth man faces extradition over arms link: The Sunday Times
Brendan McGuigan

Parades forum severs ties with Commission: The News Letter

Defiant marchers vow to ignore parade ruling: Belfast Media
Ciarán Barnes

Unionists see red in Tyrone flags row: The News Letter
Derek Hussey & Barry McElduff

I'm sorry, but I have to go, says Fr Troy: Belfast Media
Áine McEntee

Holy Cross dismay at loss of riot priest: The Sunday Times
June Caldwell

British Euro-sceptics are directing Ireland's political agenda: Sunday Business Post

Saturday, September 13

Foyle MP Mark Durkan says his comments in a speech in Oxford last week have been misquoted and misrepresented, and he certainly did not call for an end to power-sharing.: Derry Journal

'Executive has to get back to business': The News Letter

DUP defector joins TUV: The News Letter

Legal challenge to use of taser guns: UTV Internet

Car-bombers aimed to kill: Irish News

Sectarian attacks at east Belfast interface: The News Letter

Legal history made as family 'invited' to appeal cases: Irish News

Civil servant forced to remove GAA flag: The News Letter

City council to tackle hate crime: BBC (Sep 8)

Have faith in our schools' future: Belfast Telegraph (Sep 9)

Dodds promotes cross-border trade: Derry Journal

Putting their Troubles behind them: Minneapolis Star Tribune
Sue Doyle

Green, white and orange has changed to a rainbow state: Irish Examiner (Sep 10)
Shaun Connolly

Friday, September 12

Robinson snub in Executive row: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Agreement and nothing less: Ulster Herald

Threats to DUP leadership coming from fringes: Irish News
Jim Gibney

Redressing cooperation imbalance: The News Letter

Minister playing to grass roots: Irish News

New restrictions placed on Newcastle parade: Down Democrat
Joanne Crozier

Dissidents' attack was a case of mistaken identity: Belfast Telegraph
Matthew McCreary

Woman 'felt bomb drop from car': BBC

UVF gang 'held me and bit my face': Irish News
Allison Morris

Five held over journalist Martin O'Hagan murder: Belfast Telegraph
Matthew McCreary

UUP accused of sexist campaign against Foster: The News Letter

Maginness may stand for European seat: Irish News
William Graham

£26.5m robbery trial 'ludicrous': BBC

Accused's phone records should be 'inadmissible': Irish News

Army kept chaos at bay in the north says bishop: Irish News

Victory in battle for peace: The Gazette (Colchester)
Gareth Palmer

Soldiers paved the way to peace: Belfast Telegraph

Wilson had NI 'doomsday' plan: BBC

Fury as actress tells film festival 'I would have joined the IRA': The Independent
Amol Rajan

Skogland strikes deal with subject of IRA biopic: Toronto Globe and Mail (Sep 10)
James Adams

Ireland to dash French treaty hopes: Financial Times (Sep 11)
John Murray Brown

O'Dea opposes any talk of EU defence opt-outs: The Irish Times
Stephen Collins & Barry Roche

Thursday, September 11

Call to end political stand-off in North: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Durkan ensured SDLP will never share power: Irish News
Brian Feeney

Talk of removing Stormont's 'ugly scaffolding' is premature: The Irish Times
Frank Millar

Northern Ireland conflict remembered: The Guardian
Stephen Bates

Baroness Thatcher pays tribute to troops who died in Northern Ireland: Daily Telegraph
Andrew Pierce and Thomas Harding

'We were proud to serve this wee country of ours': The News Letter

An IRA bullet in the spine at 19: The Times

Irish recruits sign up for British Army in cross-border revolution: The Times
David Sharrock

Why the Troubles are gone but never forgotten: BBC
Mark Simpson

We owe the Army a debt of gratitude: The News Letter

Dissidents 'wanted officer dead': BBC

Envoy scrap: Irish Echo
Susan Garraty

Troubles survivor says past won't ruin her life: Newry Democrat
Brendan Breen

Republic's officials banned by Wilson: Irish News
Claire Simpson

Green party slams DUP ban on advisor from Republic: Belfast Telegraph

Anger over DUP minister's ban on Dublin officials: Irish Independent
Steven McCaffery

Dual mandate row continues on Fermanagh campaign trail: The News Letter

SDLP leader says Flanagan vote will warn DUP and Sinn Fein: Fermanagh Herald

Five held over journalist's murder: RTE

Real IRA man's phone records should be inadmissible, Omagh case told: Evening Herald

Omagh bomb accused wanted England attacked: Belfast Telegraph

Northern raid – full details of the opening statement by the prosecution: Belfast Telegraph

Sectarian abuse 'preceded murder': BBC

Republicans 'painting post boxes green': The News Letter

'Fifty Dead Men' touched a nerve for its star: Hollywood Reporter
Etan Vlessing

Wednesday, September 10

Brown to focus minds with North visit: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

IRA Army Council must go – Campbell: Derry Journal

SF fury at Durkan call to scrap power-sharing: The News Letter

Talks to focus on Maze Stadium: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

The Stormont Show is our very own soap: Derry Journal
Norman Hamill

Policing and justice keystone: The News Letter
Liam Clarke

North's been airbrushed out of all things British: Irish News
Breidge Gadd

'Signage needed to mark border' – Allister: The News Letter

Parties rally support for Fermanagh election: Belfast Telegraph
Steven McCaffery

Bomb factory swoop halts gang bloodbath: Irish Independent
Tom Brady

Man jailed after UDA rehearsal: UTV Internet

Ex-prisoners are not common criminals: Belfast Media

Almost 700 loyalist flags removed: Derry Journal

Joint faith schools backed by 67%: Belfast Telegraph
Kathryn Torney

Parishioners plead with Passionists: Belfast Media
Áine McEntee

Northern Bank accused made late change to staff rota, trial hears: Irish Examiner
Ian Graham

McIlveen murder case opens to packed court: Irish News
Maeve Connolly

Commemoration service for Operation Banner: The News Letter

IRA mole lifts legal threat to movie: The Irish Times
Michael Dwyer

In conversation with an international observer: The Island (Sri Lanka)
Kath Noble

Tuesday, September 9

Talks set to continue at Stormont: BBC

Unionists welcome Durkan comments: Irish News

Bill of rights hot topic: Irish News
Margaret Canning

Durkan's plan is 'fantasy politics' – Anderson: Derry Journal

Last opportunity for the paramilitaries to deliver: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

DUP dialogue a positive move: Irish News

Garda warn of dissident threat: Belfast Telegraph

Republicans 'living in dangerous age' – dissidents told: Derry Journal

Typical Belfast greeting after a summer of rest: Irish News (Sep 6)
James Kelly

Haddock wants 'media black-out': BBC

Rethink parade policy, Sir Reg urges objectors: The News Letter

Real needs suffer in electoral worries: Irish News
Roy Garland

Protest over soccer match on Sunday: The News Letter

Parents' backing for joint faith schools: Belfast Telegraph
Kathryn Torney

Schools reaping rewards of cultural appreciation: Irish News
Simon Doyle

Trial of Northern Bank raid accused to begin:

Six go on trial for Antrim boy's murder: RTE

DUP support for GAA pitch in North: Evening Herald
Steven McCaffery

Monday, September 8

Straw urges devolution of justice: Irish News (Sep 6)

McGimpsey says no to Tory merger: BBC

SDLP calls for end to cross-party coalition: Irish News (Sep 6)
William Graham

Durkan says bill of rights could end need to 'designate': The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

Ineptness casts doubt on DUP's political sanity: Irish News (Sep 5)
Denis Bradley

Let army council wither or peace could die on the vine: Irish Independent
Maurice Hayes

Criminal justice inspector named: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

Republicans name alleged drug dealers on Bebo: (from the Sunday Tribune, Sep 7)
Suzanne Breen

Young people joining RIRA and CIRA worry Woodward: Irish News (Sep 5)
William Graham

Gangs arming for war: Derry Journal
Ian Cullen

INLA and UDA guns 'linked to Holland': Irish News (Sep 5)
Liz Trainor

Shootings never the answer: Belfast Media (Sep 4)

Clergy call for senior Royal to attend synod: The News Letter (Sep 3)

Grand master 'not hampered' by controversial Catholic rule: Irish News (Sep 5)
Rebecca Black

Northern Ireland's troubled generation: United Church Observer
Kevin Spurgaitis

State may consider EU defence opt-out to pass Lisbon Treaty: The Irish Times
Jamie Smythmark Hennessy

Conservative win would 'fuel support for independence': The Herald
Robbie Dinwoodie

Sunday, September 7

Stormont deadlock 'can be broken': BBC

Frightening men haven't gone away: Sunday Independent
Emer O'Kelly

SDLP says bill would free parties: The Observer
Henry McDonald

Dissident IRA gangs 'a threat': Sunday Independent
Bernard Purcell

DUP tell loyalists to lay down their guns: The News Letter

'Good policing' helped avert sectarian attacks: The News Letter

IRA intelligence 'passed to MI5': The Sunday Times
June Caldwell

Maze escapee Brennan faces US residency hearing: (from the Belfast Telegraph)
Jim Dee

'I'll quit if UUP merges with Tories': The Observer
Henry McDonald

A union that adds up for Cameron, but not for the people: The Observer
Christopher McGimpsey

Man questioned over Quinn murder released: RTE

Irish website removes 'unsuitable' soldier comments: The News Letter

Leaders of Ulster Project decide time to move on: New Orleans Times-Picayune
Hope Mazzeno

Obama's VP choice names Wolfe Tone as his hero: Belfast Telegraph (Sep 4)

Why do we tolerate this bile?: The Times (Sep 4)
Graham Spiers

Say yes to the union of Scotland and England: Sunday Telegraph
Iain Martin

Saturday, September 6

UUP leader hits out at deadlocked Executive: The News Letter

Sinn Fein acting like children – McCrea: The News Letter

Is there enough goodwill left to get Stormont running again?: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Transfer of justice powers would help stability in the North, says Mansergh: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

If you've finished posturing, can we get on with politics, please?: Belfast Telegraph
Laurence White

DUP delegation has talks with loyalist paramilitaries: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

Sinn Fein councillor warned of paramilitary death threat: Antrim Times
Lorna McKay

Guns could have ended up with 'dissident republicans': Irish Examiner
Cormac O'Keeffe

Man killed in crash had claimed he was facing IRA death threat: Irish Examiner
Colm Kelpie and Linda McGrory

Gun victim vows to flee Twinbrook: Belfast Media
Ciarán Barnes

Peaceful marching season frees police to focus on burglars: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Ex-IRA member says bias behind belated deportation: San Antonio Express-News (Sep 3)
Hernán Rozemberg

Kennedy, Neal tapped for Obama Irish panel: Springfield Republican
Jo-Ann Moriarty

Next president must keep North in plain sight: Irish Echo
Robin Wilson

Lure of combat draws Irish men and women to British army: The Irish Times
Conor Lally

Mayor to boycott RIR city centre parade: Belfast Media

IRA t-shirts issue expected to be discussed: Ballymoney Times

Mayor and officials in row over Stoneyford funds form: Belfast Media
Ciarán Barnes

Friday, September 5

Pressure on Unionists to back down on IRA: Financial Times
John Murray Brown and Jimmy Burn

Adams says IRA left the stage some time ago: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

DUP – Talks to end summer of stalemate 'useful': Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

'IRA army council irrelevant' – Orde: The News Letter

DUP repeats call for 'end of IRA' statement: Belfast Telegraph

Tense times for Northern Ireland: BBC
Mark Simpson

The IRA is now sleeping and there's no need to wake it up: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

The IRA – nothing to worry about?:
Malachi O'Doherty

Fast talking: UTV Internet
Ken Reid

Time for DUP to observe the foundations of Agreement: Belfast Telegraph
Mitchel McLaughlin

How police power is crucial to Sinn Fein's state of mind: Belfast Telegraph
Eamonn McCann

In praise of ... the Independent Monitoring Commission: The Guardian

Is 'council' gone?: The News Letter

Devolution deadlock must end: Belfast Telegraph

It's peace, the IRA's dead: Daily Mirror (Sep 4)

Fresh arrest made in Quinn murder probe: Irish Independent
Shane Phelan

Councillors to meet again over Irish language officer: Impartial Reporter

Their bravery is a credit to our island of Ireland: The Irish Times
Paddy Bury

Chief constable denies trying to 'railroad' use of Taser guns in North: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Bands probe urged: Newry Democrat

Extortion threats 'unacceptable': Down Democrat
Joanne Crozier

Loyalist death threat condemned: Fermanagh Herald

Time real lessons were learned from Civil Rights era: Irish News
Eoin O'Broin

Obama makes U-turn on Northern Irish peace envoy: Belfast Telegraph
Jim Dee

Obama's New Irish Counsel: Irish Voice/

Obama urged to act on arms firm: Irish News (Sep 1)

Brown in defence of Union with strongest attack yet: The Herald
Michael Settle

McConnell attacks Salmond for ending anti-bigotry summits: The Scotsman (Sep 4)
David Maddox

Thursday, September 4

The IRA Is No Longer A Threat, Report Says: Washington Post
Kevin Sullivan

IRA no longer seen as a threat: Financial Times
John Murray Brown

IRA Army Council no longer a threat, says PUP: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

NI parties try to break deadlock: BBC

Sinn Fein 'denying SDLP ministry': The News Letter

The men who rule the IRA: The Guardian
Henry McDonald

No surprise in DUP's guarded response: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

The IRA war is over and old soldiers really do fade away: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

The North or Northern Ireland? Textual politics matter: The Irish Times
Fionnuala O'Connor

Political pipsqueak has DUP running scared: Irish News
Brian Feeney

Saving lives has to be the priority: The News Letter

Suspects say they are not involved in city shootings: Irish News
Barry McCaffrey and Alan Erwin

Controversial parade deemed a success: Newry Democrat

Loyalist flags scheme stemmed from threats: Derry Journal
Ian Cullen

Travelling down a one way street: The News Letter
N R Greer

Attack on Mayor over Hunger Strike event: Derry Journal

Obama Creates Irish 'Dream Team': Irish Voice/
Cahir O'Doherty

Mac attack: Irish Echo
Ray O'Hanlon

Banter 'can cross religious divide': BBC

'Bandit country' still no-go for tourists: Irish News
Diana Rusk

Time for truth on CR gas at Kesh: Belfast Media (Sep 1)

Delight at Belfast parade move: The News Letter

More people from Republic opting to join British army: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

Scots Secretary role consigned to history books after 305 years: The Scotsman
Ross Lydall

Wednesday, September 3

IRA ruling Army Council may be disbanded: The Independent
David McKittrick

Report due out on status of IRA: BBC

Commanders of IRA 'must disband to end impasse': Irish Independent
Tom Brady and Aine Kerr

McGuinness 'optimistic' of success with Robinson: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

The IRA – time for a decisive winding down?: Belfast Telegraph

Time for progress is now: The News Letter
Liam Clarke

Parishioners start petition urging order to rescind Fr Troy's transfer: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Police ombudsman defends spending at his former office: Belfast Telegraph

Nazi blunders bred by history of mutual distrust: Irish News (Sep 1)
Roy Garland

Paramilitary shooting investigated in Dunmurry: UTV Internet

Prison officer voices CR gas fears: Belfast Media
Ciarán Barnes

Belfast council disagrees over reception for returning troops: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

Army families get deserved tribute parade: The News Letter

Re-imaging the Shankill Road – painting out the paramilitaries: Irish News (Sep 1)

Boots pull union jack t-shirts after complaint: Belfast Media
Joe Diamond

Obama seeks help from top Irish-Americans: The Irish Times
Denis Staunton

Tuesday, September 2

IRA army council still exists but no longer a threat, watchdog to report: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan & Mark Hennessy

IMC to declare IRA have 'disappeared': Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Political stalemate – here we go again: The News Letter
Alex Kane

Assembly rows can be resolved: Irish News

Leadership would not be out of place: The Irish Times

A farewell to arms: Irish Independent

Unionism must be defined for impasse to be resolved: Irish News (Aug 30)
Patrick Murphy

Sinn Fein calls on Eirigi group to explain policy on policing: Irish News (Aug 29)

Orangemen hail new order in South: The Irish Times
Patsy McGarry

Loyalist march banned from mixed estates: Irish News (Aug 29)
Barry McCaffrey

A successful year for the Loyal Orders: The News Letter

SF condemns 'sick' loyalist death threats:

Man blames INLA for gun attack at his home: Irish News
Andrea McKernon

Civic honour for troops approved: Belfast Telegraph
Matthew McCreary

'I'm thankful that these men and women are home': The News Letter
Naomi Long

Police reform body expenses attacked: Belfast Telegraph
David Gordon

'I pray every day that no child will have to suffer that again': Irish News
Barry McCaffrey

Police told Fr Troy to flee across the border: Irish News
Barry McCaffrey

Ex-Celtic captain Lennon beaten unconscious in sectarian attack: The Independent
Lucy Christie

Talking to terrorists not always successful for peace: (from the Sunday Tribune, Aug 31)
Suzanne Breen

Monday, September 1

Provisional IRA defectors behind new Ulster violence: The Guardian
Henry McDonald

Report on IRA bosses expected to find no threat: Irish Independent
Sam Smyth

Northern Ireland – Peace process still in the balance: The Scotsman
Stephen McGinty

Compromise is the only way out of this: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Question of trust for Ulster: The News Letter (Aug 24)
James Dingley

PUP hits out at Sinn Fein in parade row: The News Letter (Aug 26)

Art of compromise on display: Irish Independent
David McKittrick

New book claims British Army colluded with loyalists: Belfast Telegraph (Aug 25)

IFA open to debate over new anthem: The News Letter (Aug 26)

Tour of plaques for IRA dead: Derry Journal (Aug 25)

Obama running mate has links with Province: The News Letter (Aug 25)

The road less travelled is not the one for us: The Irish Times (Aug 30)
Paul Gillespie


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