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This archive contains references to articles from September 16-30, 2000. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Saturday, September 30

MP calls for UUP to quit Stormont: BBC

No lifeline from Ahern to help Trimble survive: Irish Independent

Latest instalment of David and the no men: Irish News

Trimble's troubles: Boston Globe (Editorial)

The threat to Trimble: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Anger at 'amnesty' for IRA fugitives: Electronic Telegraph

Fugitive gangster 'murdered IRA man': The Times

Loyalist drug feud forces 200 families to quit homes: The Independent

Report of loyalist gangs' ceasefire contradicted: The Irish Times

Gore calls for full implementation of Patten:

INLA to extend its truce: Belfast Telegraph

Unionist fury over IRA gunrunning revelations: UTV Internet

Army unit and loyalist killers 'in collusion': The Guardian

Stevens knew Finucane killers:

5,500 troops will pull out of Ulster: Electronic Telegraph

Major army bases to be demolished: Irish News

Prison officers leave the Maze: BBC

Belfast club won't stand for chairs' confiscation: Boston Herald

Trimble urges 'sensible' North, South cooperation: The Irish Times

Law is a new beginning — Mgr Faul: Irish News

Constitution changes mutual, says President: The Irish Times

Judge frees man who confessed to four murders: Electronic Telegraph

McIlroy crosses, football scores: Irish News (Editorial)

Inquiry will hear `Army voices' tape: Irish Independent

‘We’ve had a pretty good bloodbath here this evening’: Irish Examiner

Friday, September 29

IRA dissident groups double membership: The Times

Nationwide alert for bomb attacks: The Guardian

New skills put Real IRA in top terror class: The Times

Trimble `won't be sidetracked': Irish Independent

Guarantees on IRA arms and policing sought by Trimble: Irish Examiner

Trimble and Mallon reject threat to deal: The Irish Times

Wilson attacks DUP electioneering: UTV Internet

Ahern insists on Patten: The Irish Times

Unionists hit the panic button: The Scotsman

David Trimble on the edge: Washington Times (Editorial)

No coalition with Sinn Féin while link to IRA maintained: Irish Examiner

Agreement is under threat warns Ervine: Irish News

Last prisoners leave Maze: Electronic Telegraph

Omagh murder case plea for unborn twins: The Scotsman

Lessons can be learned from Omagh, but we must not lose sight of the real issues: Belfast Telegraph

Challenge to north of human rights law: Irish News

Army tape reveals 'joy' over Bloody Sunday: The Guardian

IRA 'taped Bloody Sunday': The Times

Controversy over Londonderry landmark: UTV Internet

Thursday, September 28

Unionists pile the pressure on Trimble: The Guardian

Donaldson: 'Party must change policy': BBC

Disbandment of IRA `a must' if SF to share power with FF: Irish Independent

Call for action on demilitarisation: BBC

Ahern is willing to help Trimble: The Irish Times

Trimble creating diversion SF: Irish Examiner

Group in bid to bolster Trimble: Belfast Telegraph

Trimble must deliver to stymie the No camp: The Irish Times

Mandelson must face reality says Taylor: Irish Examiner

Rebuilding confidence the priority: The Irish Times

American politicians 'dubious' at Patten reforms: Belfast Telegraph

Truce hopes in loyalist feud: BBC

No quick fix as bid to find loyalist feud resolution goes on: Belfast Telegraph

US vote calls for Patten to be enforced: The Irish Times

DUP bid for another Westminster seat: UTV Internet

Bailing out unionism:

Rail line bombers beneath contempt: Irish News (Editorial)

US jails IRA gun-runners: BBC

Gunrunners dodge bullet in sentencing: Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel

'Examine reaction to bomb warnings' - QC: Irish Examiner

Omagh victim’s husband warns atrocity could happen again: Irish Examiner

Wednesday, September 27

Trimble faces hardline threat: The Times

Trimble facing revolt in party: The Scotsman

UUP review group 'unhappy' with disarming: The Irish Times

Ahern and Trimble downplay differences: Irish Independent

Council judged success by both leaders: The Irish Times

Shadow of history keeps Trimble in the dark: Irish Independent

Trimble in Dublin looking for a lifeline: The Irish Times

Brunside makes claims over election defeat: UTV Internet

Unionism, like the shipyard, has no future: Irish News

Belfast rail blast blamed on IRA dissidents: The Times

The tale of Top Gun:

Protest calls for anti-feud security: BBC

Paramilitaries assets legislation due in 2001: The Irish Times

Mowlam on the day I made tea for Clinton: The Times

Tuesday, September 26

RUC reforms may wreck Ulster peace: The Times

Reform of police threat to agreement: Irish Examiner

‘Policing changes are underestimated by all’: Irish News

Trimble challenge: The Times

SF plans to brief foreign diplomats: Irish News

Tension surrounds ministerial meeting: BBC

Loyalist’s death may have been drugs-related: Irish Examiner

We will seize terrorist assets, says Mandelson: The Guardian

Mandelson calls for help to ease pressure on Trimble: The Irish Times

Blair to back Mandelson role: Belfast Telegraph

2000 Election Scorecard:

Enlightened Few show the dark side that threatens all of us: Belfast Telegraph

'Border Fox' O'Hare seeks release under Agreement: Electronic Telegraph

Unionists critical of some forum nominations: The Irish Times

Civic forum appointments announced: UTV Internet

Forum seat for loyalist politician: BBC

Forum is 'another plank' in peace agreement: The Irish Times

Garda rebuff to bombing inquest: The Times

Garda chief feared testimony would compromise case against bomb suspect: Irish Examiner

Omagh bomb fitted with safety light: UTV Internet

Bomb allowed for two-hour warning: Irish Examiner

Monday, September 25

A victory for opponents of Northern Ireland accord: Christian Science Monitor

Trimble warns of Stormont collapse: The Times

Heave against Trimble planned for next month: The Irish Times

Blair: People still back peace accord: BBC

Mallon urges continued RUC reform despite UUP defeat: Irish Examiner

The DUP needs Trimble as its whipping boy: Irish News


Two possible gloomy scenarios for GFA after S. Antrim vote: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune - Sep. 23)

Willie Wonky:

Dangerous to tamper with Patten report: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

A new beginning needs Patten at the forefront: Irish News

Mandelson: arms must be dealt with: Irish News


Unionist phone tapping claim: The Times

Was an IRA informer so valuable that murder was committed to protect him?: The Guardian

Body sparks loyalist feud fears: BBC

Children targeted in sinister loyalist feud letters: Irish Examiner

Loyalist violence 'out of control': BBC

Reports of feud 'pact' rejected: The Irish Times

Gagging writ sign of dirty war - SF: Irish News

Break-up of UK by 2007, says new SNP leader: Electronic Telegraph

Sunday, September 24

RUC reform puts peace `on the line': Boston Herald

RUC reforms on hold after Unionist defeat: The Sunday Times

Peace ship is sailing into the perfect storm: Ireland on Sunday

Trimble: 'Accord at risk over policing': BBC

Anyone for the blame game?: Sunday Independent

IRA-MI6 relationship protected spy HQ: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

MI6 blast sends tremors into Trimble's heartlands: The Observer

MI6 rocket hits peace process: Ireland on Sunday

Croat general 'armed Real IRA terrorists': The Observer

Double blow exposes a very fragile peace: The Sunday Times

Nightmare for peace process: Ireland on Sunday

UVF threatens Dublin with bombings: The Observer

March calls for end to violent feud: BBC

Pact may end loyalist feud: The Sunday Times

Unionism crisis continues with rifts in groups: Boston Herald

Anti-agreement politicians 'bugged': UTV Internet

The day when the Orange arch came crashing down: Ireland on Sunday

Moderate unionists just fade away: Sunday Independent

JOHN LLOYD: Scotland on Sunday

FF/PD's 'excessive' nationalism is lashed: Ireland on Sunday

DUP threatens protests if local government elections are postponed: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Hoon steps in to protect IRA mole: Electronic Telegraph

Gore goes Feurth on the Irish issues: Ireland on Sunday

Gore and Hillary score with Irish: Ireland on Sunday

Mother's plea for ban on march turned down: The Observer

Eames is urged to condemn Drumcree: The Sunday Times

The pain of raising Omagh's ghosts: Ireland on Sunday

Justice and Omagh's disposable people: Sunday Independent

Ballymurphy: The place that they love so well: Ireland on Sunday

Play spotlights Scots bigotry: The Sunday Times

Saturday, September 23

Election win by peace pact foes shocks Ulster Unionist Party: Boston Herald

Trimble urged to resign as UUP loses safe seat: Electronic Telegraph

Trimble defiant as poll defeat casts shadow over peace process: The Independent

Trimble vows to persevere: The Irish Times

Trimble could face election wipe-out: Irish Independent

Winter of discontent looms for unionism: Irish News

DUP gospel singer is in tune with electorate: Electronic Telegraph

30 years as a fervent minister and politician: Irish News

Trimble's defeat at polls puts heat on Governments: The Irish Times

Voters strike mortal blow to peace process: Irish Independent

Mortally wounded: Irish Examiner

Where now for David Trimble?: BBC

Apathy the real winner in election shock: Irish Independent

Unionists exact price for arms deal failure: The Times

Not too late to open up to the real world: Irish News

McCrea win leaves Trimble down, but not out: The Irish Times

Blair, Trimble's bane: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

A warning shot to Mr Trimble: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Just say no: The Guardian (Editorial)

Antrim cannot be allowed to upset the peace process: The Independent (Editorial)

Trimble was on to a loser: Irish News (Editorial)

Trimble's blow: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Johnny Adair to spend 11 years behind bars:

Tank buster used in attack on MI6: The Guardian

Missile launcher in MI6 attack was new to UK: The Independent

'Twenty more' terror missiles: The Times

'Evil' of Omagh bomb alerts: Electronic Telegraph

Treatment of police angers victim's relatives: UTV Internet

Bomb killed youth as he told mother it was a hoax: Irish Examiner

Friday, September 22

Ulster Unionists lose safest seat to DUP: Electronic Telegraph

The gospel-singing MP: BBC

By election a test of Trimble’s leadership: Irish Examiner

Shock vote primes potical timebomb: Belfast Telegraph

Impact of the victory: BBC

'We're facing meltdown': Belfast Telegraph

Real IRA may be behind Ml6 strike: Irish Examiner

Missile attack rattles Londoners: Toronto Globe and Mail

UK facing new wave of terror attacks: Irish Independent

Anti-tank weapon in IRA hands for years`: Electronic Telegraph

Tank-buster too feeble to do much damage: The Times

Renegade republicans step up their campaign: Irish Independent

Myth without mandate: The Scotsman

Morale of "Real IRA" bolstered by "spectacular": The Irish Times

How the rocket attack could explode the Ulster deal: Electronic Telegraph

DAMAGE AND DISRUPTION: The Times (Editorial)

No effort must be spared to track down bombers: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

A grim reminder: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Crane driver was standing closest to bomb car: Irish Examiner

Brave Omagh man 'in need of support': UTV Internet

Teenagers had `all of life in front of them' inquest told: Irish Independent

Patten plan crucial to stop republican dissidents: The Irish Times

Mallon Shouts Stop: Irish Voice

No excuse for violence now: Irish News (Editorial)

North now firmly on White House agenda: Irish Echo

NIO to deal with Shankill housing crisis: UTV Internet

Blair to meet Hamill family: Irish News

H-Block 3 judge seeks clarification from British: Irish Echo

Learning our lessons the hard way: Irish News

Man questioned in Nelson's Pillar case: Electronic Telegraph

‘Border Fox’ takes steps for freedom: Irish News

Thursday, September 21

Explosion rocks MI6 spy headquarters: Electronic Telegraph

Hallmarks and methods of IRA well known to scientists: The Times

Mortar bomb attack that nearly killed the Cabinet: The Times

Hardliner with a past in battle for Ulster: The Independent

Trimble issues last-ditch plea to Ulster voters: The Times

Result of by-election battle is too close to call: The Irish Times

Big by-election test for Trimble and Agreement: Irish Examiner

Election fight for the heart of unionism: Irish Independent

Burnside, the better Unionist: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Critical contest: Irish Independent (Editorial)

SDLP threatens policing boycott: BBC

Dual name for police service again ruled out: The Irish Times

Policing the old and the new: Belfast Telegraph

Policing changes must start at the top:

Problems cannot undo peace deal achievement: The Irish Times

Loyalists wrangle over van bomb: BBC

UDA blamed for bomb in Bangor: The Irish Times

Weapons highlight vicious feuding: The Times

Loyalist feud forces Shankill residents to flee homes: Irish Examiner

A dangerous road to travel: (Editorial)

Adams is top of popularity ratings: Belfast Telegraph

Pillar bomber says police want to see him today: The Irish Times

Ireland begs its exiles to return: The Guardian

Wednesday, September 20

Trimble on knife edge between two rivals: The Irish Times

Paisley's man gets support from two Tories: The Times

Big guns to fire last shots of campaign: The Irish Times

The vote in South Antrim: The Irish Times

Body urges Police Bill rethink: BBC

SF calls for change of approach to Patten report: The Irish Times

Policing the new police service: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Euro cash cut after Shankill weapons find: UTV Internet

Family unharmed in attack linked to loyalists: The Irish Times

Prayers for peace on the Shankill: UTV Internet

Trimble turned to Mandelson and said: "You've been conned": Belfast Telegraph

Majority report from flags issue committee unlikely: The Irish Times

Drumcree costs RUC £6m: Belfast Telegraph

Coroner expresses outrage at atrocity: Irish Examiner

'Never again' plead Omagh family: BBC

Plea for unborn twins to be on list of dead: Irish Independent

Musical premiere boosts Omagh fund: BBC

The inside story of the battle for devolution: Belfast Telegraph

Tributes to former church leader: BBC

Death of an elusive `fence' for godfathers of crime: Irish Independent

EU damaging to Irish identity, says minister: Electronic Telegraph

Tuesday, September 19

Drug dealers blamed for Ulster van bomb: Electronic Telegraph

Loyalists bomb rival group's offices: The Independent

Loyalist feud is affecting local schools, claims McGuinness: Belfast Telegraph

Adams calls for focus on feud: UTV Internet

A street divided by its loyalties: The Scotsman

Deadly feuding threatens Good Friday Agreement: Irish Independent

United front needed to end bloody loyalist feud: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Feud weakens political process: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Mandelson warns against NI cynicism: BBC

UUP needs progress on arms - Trimble: The Irish Times

Residents’ group under surveillance: Irish News

Seamus and the fate of the Executive: Belfast Telegraph

Drumcree rector condemns violence: BBC

By-election is too close to call as crucial poll looms: Irish News

Tory urges support for DUP: UTV Internet

Burnside talks up chances in by-election: The Irish Times

My challenge to the DUP: Belfast Telegraph (by David Trimble)

By-election is not referendum: Irish News (Editorial)

Omagh police chief weeps at inquest of bomb victims: Electronic Telegraph

RUC task at Omagh 'was impossible': The Guardian

Bid to force witnesses to attend inquiry: Irish Examiner

Blast destroyed two families, inquest told : The Independent

Teenager stayed to hold hand of dead girl: Irish Examiner

Continuity IRA named as bank official's kidnappers: The Irish Times

Queen 'should lose role as head of the Church': The Times

Amends are needed to forgotten Irish in UK: The Irish Times

Monday, September 18

Pipe bomb made safe by army team: Irish Independent

Explosion on Shankill Road: BBC

Questions to be raised over loyalist feud: Irish News

Shoppers experience hard sell from UUP: The Irish Times

Why I'm backing William McCrea: Belfast Telegraph

Non-unionist candidates with mountain to climb: The Irish Times

Unionists stand at the crossroads: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Crucial poll panics Trimble's party: The Guardian

Party woes and Patten could sweep Trimble away: The Irish Times

Sinn Féin in direct firing line as dissident republicans take aim: Irish Examiner

Adams warns on failure to fulfil Patten programme: The Irish Times

Blair must keep focus on Patten: Irish News (Editorial)

IRA may be on the verge of opening further arms dump to inspectors: Irish Examiner

IRA ‘halts one-way’ arms inspections: Irish News

Provos may have been behind assassination attempt on drug dealer: Irish Examiner

Mallon denies pressing for Mandelson to go: The Irish Times

RAF stages first march in Belfast for five years: Irish Examiner

Sunday, September 17

Adams urged to hand over IRA's Semtex: Electronic Telegraph

IRA tell Mandy where to get off: Ireland on Sunday

A deafening silence: Electronic Telegraph

Mallon raises stakes in RUC row: The Observer

Mallon refuses to mince words: Ireland on Sunday

'No rift' over policing issue: BBC

Trimble faces up to vital election: The Sunday Times

DUP confident of stunning victory in South Antrim: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Be righteous, vote for Burnside: The Sunday Times

Getting in on the political act: Ireland on Sunday

Adair 'tried to buy arms' ahead of bloody Belfast loyalist feud: The Sunday Times

White denies gunrunning with the 'Mad Dog' Adair: Ireland on Sunday

Man beaten as loyalists step up Shankill feuds: Independent on Sunday Loyalist feud forces 500 to flee homes: The Sunday Times

Sinn Fein's flying campaign is flagging: Ireland on Sunday

Omagh seeks meaning in the minutiae of death: The Sunday Times

The deadly reality that struck Omagh: Ireland on Sunday

The little boy cried `I Spanish' : Sunday Independent

Book: Brits involved in '74 bombings: Boston Herald

MoD sued for £15m over barrack defences contract: The Observer

McGuinness moves to reassure Unionists with new policy on school building: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Saturday, September 16

RUC denies order to lay off the IRA: Electronic Telegraph

Policing row 'may bring Ulster's institutions down', says Mallon: The Independent

Taylor warns against reducing security: Irish Examiner

Parties locked in a war of words: Irish News

After a bad week, the RUC chief shows his mettle: Electronic Telegraph

A fair eye on the police force: Irish Examiner

UDP warns feud may escalate after 'attack': Belfast Telegraph

Quiet war that is tearing loyalist community apart: Irish Independent

Stop the madness on the Shankill: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Trimble's followers suffer from split personality: The Irish Times

McCrea win would be powerful message: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Endorsement cuts no ice with McCrea: The Irish Times

Paisley faces legal action over naming: Irish News

Families flinch at Omagh toll: The Times

Families disappointed no gardaí will be called to give evidence: Irish Examiner

Setting the scene for the President: Irish News