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This archive contains references to articles from September 16-30, 1997. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


September 30

Long and winding road to reconciliation: The Irish Times (by Seamus Mallon)

McCartney calls for campaign against talks: The Irish Times

Trimble attacks talks opponents: The Irish Times

A peaceline under siege: Irish News (Editorial)

September 29

A Good Day for the Irish: Washington Post (Editorial)

Peace finally gets a chance: Sunday Business Post

Where is McCartney's liberal unionism now?: Irish News

Mowlam aims for Ulster deal by Christmas: Daily Telegraph

Prime Minister likely to meet Adams at Stormont: The Times

The case for an inclusive republic: Irish News

Homes hit by petrol bombs: Irish News

September 28

Irish foes hail renewal of talks: Boston Globe

Birmingham Six want full apology: Daily Telegraph

Smile - you're on cameo camera: The Sunday Times

September 27

Consent underpins end to North violence: The Irish Times

A dire warning against the failure of peace talks: Irish News

Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Dublin frees five IRA men as 'reward' to Sinn Fein: The Times

Getting Ready For Peace: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Bombing victims memorial unveiled: The Irish Times

September 26

Formula allows both sides to claim victory: The Irish Times

Prime Ministers hail Ulster talks breakthrough: The Times

Trimble defends talks stance: The Irish Times

CIRA prisoner urges 'more Markethills': Irish News

September 25

Ulster talks breakthrough as Unionists drop arms demand: Daily Telegraph

Difficult times for Trimble: Irish News (Editorial)

Unionist suspicions centre on Mowlam: The Times

'Let he who is without sin cast the first stone': Irish News

Partitionists denying Northerners Presidency: The Irish Times

McAleese not seen as conciliator in North: The Irish Times

IRA searching for defector to Continuity group: The Irish Times

General with mission to take gun out of politics: The Irish Times

September 24

Ulster Unionist Leaders Denounce Sinn Fein: Washington Post

Consensus politics a la Blair won't work here: Irish News

Trimble attacks Adams as Sinn Fein joins talks: Daily Telegraph

Uncertainty over SF-UUP meeting: The Irish Times

NI proceedings 'a bit of an anti-climax': The Irish Times

Adams and McGuinness targeted in TV series: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein 'is a monstrous deceit': Irish News

Separatists to analyse North: The Irish Times

September 23

Religious and political ideology of Protestants: Irish News

Seize the challenge to find pluralistic solution: Irish News (by John Hume)

Provisionals caught in aftershock of bomb: The Irish Times

Trimble plots to discredit Adams at talks: The Times

Trimble faces split on confronting Adams: Daily Telegraph

Shamrock logo at root of inter-governmental row: Irish News

Tourism decision must be reversed: Irish News (Editorial)

Burke to brief Kennedy on talks today: The Irish Times

September 22

The need for 'equality of consent': Sunday Business Post

EMU is a serious issue for the North: The Irish Times

The same faith living still ... only different: Irish News

Trimble joining talks 'to expose' Adams: Daily Telegraph

Talks herald a new dawn of moderation: Irish News

UUP now set to sit down with Sinn Fein: The Irish Times

September 21

N. Ireland on Alert After Car-Bomb Blast: New York Daily News

Colleens of a different kidney: The Sunday Times

Youth rallies to English flag: The Sunday Times

September 20

Trimble to face Adams at talks: The Times

A win for silent majority as Trimble walks into the talks: The Irish Times

Who's still afraid to speak on the eve of '98: Irish News

IRA link to bomb not found - Burke: The Irish Times

Cross-Border deal on tourism at risk as NI shuns shamrock: The Irish Times

Harryville protest to resume this evening: Irish News

Lifting the lid on Provos: Irish News

Scots voted yes-yes but do they want independence?: Philadelphia Inquirer

September 19

SF object is too sublime: Irish News (Editorial)

TV series 'proves IRA link with Sinn Fein': The Times

UUP likely to be at talks for SF indictment: The Irish Times

Harryville spectre returns: Irish News

September 18

Some unionists end Ulster peace talks boycott: Boston Globe

Stay away from talks table and face political obscurity: The Irish Times

UUP has held its ground to counter threat to the union: The Irish Times

Unionists join talks 'to expose Sinn Fein': Daily Telegraph

Long rough road to peace talks: Irish News (Editorial)

Efforts to persuade UUP to talks distract from issues: The Irish Times

Unionists will talk with SF before end of month, says PUP: The Irish Times

Why trust can only come at the end of the negotiations: The Irish Times

McAleese the best candidate: Irish News (Editorial)

Government fights human rights violation ruling: The Times

September 17

Northern Ireland's disarming peace: Nando Times

Bomb aimed to 'embarrass SF': Irish News

Faction's bomb damages nationalist leaders' efforts: The Irish Times

Bomb shakes Northern Ireland market town: Boston Globe

IRA linked to bomb attack: Daily Telegraph

UUP uses bombing as a stick to beat Sinn Fein: The Irish Times

What a society of civil servants and cops costs: Irish News

Welsh likely to go marching to independence: The Irish Times

September 16

Ulster talks put off as party balks: Boston Globe

US's opposing trains of thought on 'deportees': Irish News

Attack by Robinson shows up unionist divisions: The Irish Times

Unionists refuse to talk before pledge on arms: Daily Telegraph

Governments close to talks breakthrough: Irish News