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This archive contains references to articles from September 16-30, 1998. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Wednesday, September 30

Border posts next to go: Belfast Telegraph

The hidden South Armagh: The Irish Times

Our nightmare will end, peace winner predicts: Irish Independent

Attitudes harden in both camps: The Irish Times

RIR soldiers 'asked to give up weapons': Belfast Telegraph

Adams tells Blair to pull out of Ulster: The Guardian

Mallon calls for weapons gesture: Irish News

Bravery in urgent need: Irish News (Editorial)

Blair to meet Adams on arms: The Independent

Adams urges inquiry into ‘state killings’: Irish News

Keep up with the class is the European lesson: Irish News

Anti-Orange groups ‘successful strategy’: Irish News

Council to print guide in Ullans: Irish News

Tuesday, September 29

Mowlam may acknowledge LVF ceasefire: The Times

Trouble looms over junior posts: Belfast Telegraph

Power-sharing on hold: BBC

Sinn Fein 'close to pay- back time', says Quinn: The Irish Times

There is no turning back Ingram warns the parties: Irish News

Blair meeting unlikely to resolve arms rift: The Irish Times

We can’t give up IRA arms says Sinn Fein: Irish News

SF accuses Smyth of encouraging protests: The Irish Times

£200,000 raised for bomb victims: Irish News

Celebrating 25 years of Ballymascanlon: The Irish Times

Monday, September 28

DUP demands sack for Ingram: Belfast Telegraph

Timetable for guns may calm Trimble: Sunday Business Post

'Lift fatwa from Ulster exiles': Belfast Telegraph

Time to banish those opposed to compromise: Irish News

Mallon warns of trouble ahead in Northern Ireland: BBC

Decommissioning legal guns is still a issue: The Irish Times

An emblematic act ends history of flag trouble: Irish News

War of words over arms must not halt executive: Irish News

Orangemen in Portadown seek to step up protests: The Irish Times

Call off these futile rallies: Irish News (Editorial)

Nationalists with a friendly face: The Times (about Scotlant)

Sunday, September 27

Split in Orange Order looming: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Maze prison to be demolished: The Sunday Times

Portadown skirmishes: police injured: BBC

Found: renegade soldier wanted for IRA bombings: The Sunday Times

Crackdown on CIRA has begun: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Gardai fear new splinter group: The Sunday Times

End Irish fatwas: The Observer

Gap found in RUC tape of alleged police assault: The Sunday Times

LVF to begin disarming "in hours": by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Ireland moves to drop God in oath: The Sunday Times

Pursuing the odd pearls of wisdom in Orangeland: The Sunday Times

Saturday, September 26

Play the game: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Blair in bid to resolve 'stalemate': Belfast Telegraph

Trimble on a tightrope: Belfast Telegraph

The Agreement - is it legal?: by Austen Morgan (Belfast Telegraph)

Saturday Interview: David Ervine: Belfast Telegraph

Ahern in talks on arms issue: Irish Independent

Leaders must display unity: Irish News (Editorial)

A march to the beat of an Orange drum: The Irish Times

Bishop tells of Drumcree 'pain': The Irish Times

DUP bid to bar SF from its seats in executive: Irish Independent

End ‘terror’ ­ Adams asked by ex-IRA man: Irish News

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

PM to meet party chiefs: Irish News

Friday, September 25

War is over for good: RIRA : Irish News

Arms row becoming a 'soap opera': BBC

Accord ‘is in spirit of United Irishmen: Irish News

No North-South council before executive is formed: The Irish Times

Traders face ruin as order marches: Irish News

UUP upset by McCartney view on Trimble incident: The Irish Times

MoD to probe use of office for guardsmen: Irish News

Bishops issue joint statement on marriage: The Irish Times

Thursday, September 24

Drumcree dilemma: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

'There is no longer a need for the RUC': Belfast Telegraph

Talks on Disarming I.R.A. Fail to Reach Compromise: New York Times

Growing sense of crisis on decommissioning: The Irish Times

Orange Order sees reality: Irish News (Editorial)

RUC should be axed - Sinn Fein: BBC

British redesigning Army presence: The Irish Times

Daddy's coming home: The Independent

Loyalists lash out at ‘traitor’ Trimble: Irish News

Progress in Armagh could ease arms issue: The Irish Times

Fait wins backing on ‘halt releases’ call: Irish News

Wednesday, September 23

Moves to head off arms row: Belfast Telegraph

Time to act on weapons: Irish Independent (Editorial)

The fudging has to stop: Belfast Telegraph

Guns seized as seven quizzed on Continuity IRA: Irish Independent

Unionists need to know where they are going?: Irish News

Trimble insists IRA must disarm: BBC

UUP, SDLP disagree on weapons: The Irish Times

IRA could take lead: Irish News (Editorial)

Trimble holds talks with SF leader at Stormont: The Irish Times

400 more soldiers pull out of Ulster: The Independent

Structures 'should be in place' by end of October: The Irish Times

Patton claims LOL set Omagh ‘trap’: Irish News

Tuesday, September 22

Adams criticises delay in process: Belfast Telegraph

Dozen held over Omagh bombing: BBC

‘32 County’ to sell paper in Omagh: Irish News

Issue of removing arms a cul-de-sac Adams: The Irish Times

Decommissioning is not an easy option: Irish News

Trimble: I'm not resigning: The Times

All change in the Irish American stronghold: Irish News

The folly of repatriation: Irish News (Editorial)

Monday, September 21

The RUC and my father 's murder: Sunday Business Post

Bishop claims Church hurt by parade: Belfast Telegraph

When politicians ignore the nature of killing: Sunday Business Post

Arms a 'dead-end issue': Belfast Telegraph

Tribunal call over Dublin, Monaghan bombings: Sunday Business Post

SF warns of 'crisis', UUP remains firm on arms: The Irish Times

Minister upbeat on arms: Irish News

Activity behind scenes for months on weapons: The Irish Times

Thinking About The Abyss: The Irish Times (Editorial)

We are one community sharing two traditions: Irish News

Ervine in executive call: Irish News

Why not tea and scones for Catholics at the House of Orange?: Irish News

Europe Adams urges ETA towards peace: BBC

Going political without handing over any guns: The Irish Times

Sunday, September 20

Trimble threatens to resign: The Sunday Times

Rising violence widens Ulster's sectarian divide: Electronic Telegraph

The guns could go - McGuinness: BBC

Paisley makes a mistake: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Hume plea to IRA on arms: The Sunday Times

Belfast's walls lose their tribal warpaint: The Observer

Trimble and Adams should follow Shackleton's route: The Sunday Times

First Minister stands firm on decommissioning: The Observer

Thatcher 'wanted to repatriate nationalists': The Sunday Times

Saturday, September 19

Deal with unionist fears says Brady: Belfast Telegraph

IRA men to share in jail payout: The Guardian

£76,000 for IRA prisoners scandalous, says Robinson: The Irish Times

Sensitivity is crucial: Irish News (Editorial)

A tortuous path led to co-operation on North: The Irish Times

We must turn our faces to Europe and 1999: Irish News

Strong police presence expected for loyalist protest: The Irish Times

Alban will address Orange seminar: Irish News

Friday, September 18

Disband the RUC? They should be given a medal: Electronic Telegraph

Cash for Shankill bomber: Belfast Telegraph

Influential Adams: The Guardian

Flanagan: finish the Drumcree protesting: Irish News

Skirmishing has roots in decommissioning: The Irish Times

President to meet queen at war dead ceremony: The Irish Times

Unionists told to get house into fair order: Irish News

Republicans must make next move: The Irish Times

Man who shot SF leader reoffends: Irish News

Thursday, September 17

SF signals willingness to influence IRA on arms: The Irish Times

SF hitting back over arms and executive: Irish News

Intimidation rules in town riven by hate: The Irish Times

Loyalist threats make RUC men move house: Electronic Telegraph

Formula needed to surmount latest peace hurdle: The Irish Times

GAA must be force for unity: Irish News (Editorial)

Living in separate universes over decommissioning: The Irish Times

Living a life sentence of anger and grief: The Irish Times

Informer’s family say RUC have ‘hostage’: Irish News

Government, Trimble differ on new bodies time scale: The Irish Times

Wednesday, September 16

Republicans committed to making peace process work: Irish Independent

Tightening the rein on Britain’s dogs of war: Irish News

Unionist leader makes heartfelt confession: Irish Independent