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This archive contains references to articles from September 16-30, 1999. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Thursday, September 30

Hope stirs: Irish Independent (Editorial)

More to worry about than ‘the black north’: Irish News

Sense of movement in the air at last: Irish Independent

RUC face no charges over Hamill: Belfast Telegraph

Tories heed McGuinness meeting call: Irish News

More Protestants in mixed marriages: Irish Independent

Trimble hints at softer stance: The Guardian

North close to deal, says Ahern: The Examiner

Tory spokesman on North to have meeting with SF: The Irish Times


10,000 supporters 'inundate' RUC defence campaign: Electronic Telegraph

IRA will never overthrow the government or drive out Brits: The Examiner

Threat to Saville inquiry challenge for Blair: The Irish Times

Killings a festering sore which refuses to heal: The Examiner

Soldier 'threatened life of journalist': The Irish Times

Bombings investigations but no public inquiry: The Examiner

Wednesday, September 29

A lesson of compromise: Irish News (Editorial)

Sectarianism is alive and well - south of the border: Irish Independent

Unionists don’t want IRA bogeyman to go bogeyman: Irish News

Why unionism must awaken to an uncomfortable reality: Belfast Telegraph

Unionists furious over Sinn Fein’s IRA picture: Irish News

The Battle of Culloden over terrorist time: Belfast Telegraph

Trimble urges halt to loyalist violence: The Times

Sinn Fein hints at softer stance on arms surrender: The Guardian

Tories urged to help peace process: The Examiner

Wright says he has new evidence on son's murder: The Irish Times

Soldiers will ask to testify in London: Electronic Telegraph

MI5 'incompetent' in operations against IRA: The Irish Times

Judgment reserved in Moloney notes case: The Examiner

Tuesday, September 28

Save the RUC: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

A desire to govern or just a clash of symbols?: Belfast Telegraph

Crime spurs RUC reform: Irish News (Editorial)

Concern over crime: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Bishop asks unionists to back massacre inquiry: Irish News

Saville takes slow road to the truth of Bloody Sunday: Irish Independent

Ex-PM used Provo bomb for own gain says Lamont: Belfast Telegraph

Victims of violence to receive £4 million: Irish News

Standing up to Paisley: Belfast Telegraph

IRISH FEST: Chicago Tribune

Saville urged to extend anonymity: Electronic Telegraph


RUC changes 'won't boost Catholic recruits': BBC

Campaign will attack Patten report on RUC: Electronic Telegraph

Acknowledging The RUC: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Blair may attack Tories over NI policy breach: The Irish Times

Mowlam says process still working: The Examiner

Trimble adviser queries claims Catholics faced discrimination: The Irish Times

IRSP pact proposed to loyalists: The Irish Times

Monday, September 27

Making political ground out of a human tragedy: Irish News

RUC at risk warns Authority: Belfast Telegraph

Review may fail says Andrews: Irish News

Dissident republicans link up in new group: The Irish Times

Trimble is warned not to give in over arms: Electronic Telegraph

Unionist rules out policy change: BBC

Donaldson, master of doom: The Examiner (Editorial)

Trimble to resign if IRA fails to hand over arms: The Examiner

Trimble, Adams still need each other: The Irish Times

Sinn Féin drive to boost party coffers: The Examiner

IRA can afford to play both sides of alley with impunity: The Irish Times

Protestant marchers defy ban: The Examiner

Bloody Sunday hearings begin this morning: The Irish Times

Sunday, September 26

Political survival of Trimble is in hands of the IRA: Sunday Business Post

IRA's `seismic shift' is off the table ­ for now: Sunday Business Post

Executive for North 'in weeks': The Sunday Times

Trimble risks future to set up Assembly: Sunday Independent

Parties discuss peace process strategy: BBC

Exiled vicar is terror group peace broker: The Sunday Times

Trimble blocks portrait with Adams and Mowlam: The Sunday Times

Patten Does Very Well in America: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

Patten's reforms for the RUC to go nationwide: Electronic Telegraph

IRA chief wields more power than most ministers: The Sunday Times

Stevens' Team considering a gagging order on Stobie's interviews with RUC: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Finucane family in Maginnis libel battle: The Sunday Times

North's Director of Public Prosecutions under a harsh spotlight in Stobie affair: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Britain sought to aid Libya despite Gadaffi's IRA arms: The Sunday Times

IRA informer to sue police: The Observer

Galvin backs new Irish terror: The Sunday Times

Saturday, September 25

Unionists consider next steps: BBC

Taylor skips Unionist strategy session: Irish Independent

Patten defends the RUC reforms: Electronic Telegraph

Unionists keep up the politics of high farce: Irish News

Loyalists urged to protest at role of Sinn Fein: Irish Independent

British devolution ‘outpacing north’: Irish News

IRA vigilantes tell Protestant to leave or die: The Times

IRA tells nine alleged drug dealers to get out or die: The Guardian

Friday, September 24

Patten's greatest mistake of all: Electronic Telegraph

DUP support for RUC 'is an act of cynicism': Belfast Telegraph

Deadlock can be broken - Mitchell: BBC

Sinn Fein says July proposals still on table: The Irish Times

Mowlam condemns 'unforgivable' Tories: The Times

New Finucane cover-up claims in Moloney case: Irish News

Judicial review final challenge: The Irish Times

Groups simply must disband: Irish News (Editorial)

New police force must not be a political icon: The Irish Times

Security forces ‘raising tensions’: Irish News

Patten stresses importance of reforms: The Irish Times

Adams to miss out on Tory conference: Irish News

Mrs Clinton praised for supporting Northern women: The Irish Times

Nairac girlfriend to campaign for ‘killer’: Irish News

Thursday, September 23

Weapons challenge: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Blair's Ulster platform for the party conference faithful: Belfast Telegraph

Mitchell talks session 'honest and straight': BBC

As Province's Political Leaders Squabble, Protestants and Catholics Work Together to Bridge Their Differences and Improve Their Lives: Washington Post

Agreement stands if review fails - Minister: The Irish Times

Trimble defends SF talks following court bid: Irish News

Mr Trimble And The Agreement: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Paisley to make landmark visit to Dublin: The Guardian

Talking can’t hurt Paisley: Irish News (Editorial)

Only fresh start can ease pain and anger: The Irish Times

Priest urges Catholics to join NI police: The Irish Times

Maze prison officers to sue jail governors: The Examiner

Wright ‘killing conspiracy proof’: Irish News

NUJ to place picket at Moloney hearing: The Irish Times

Finucane probe request denied: The Examiner

Standards slip as sham flag rocks rugby: Irish News

Wednesday, September 22

Accusations fly amid crucial NI talks: BBC

Mitchell speeds peace process: The Guardian

Sinn Fein leadership ‘best bet’ says Adams: Irish News

'Process will not fail for want of effort on our part': The Irish Times (by David Trimble)

Paisley’s shock request to meet with taoiseach: Irish News

President upbeat on peace and economic prospects: The Irish Times

Moloney suffers new legal setback: Irish News

Tuesday, September 21

Map for New Policing in Ulster: Los Angeles Times (Editorial)

Facing up to reality: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Why the UUP is to blame: Belfast Telegraph

IRA ceasefire challenge: BBC

'All I ever wanted was justice for innocent people': Electronic Telegraph

NIO ‘will fight’ bid to reverse Mo ruling: Irish News

Victims angered by counselling for killers: The Irish Times

Republicans speak out against IRA punishment attacks: The Times

Irish-American jury still out on ‘Patten’s peelers’: Irish News

Enemy lines must die out: Irish News (Editorial)

Secrets charges against author condemned: The Irish Times

The day the music stopped for Deal: Irish News

Monday, September 20

No magic formula as make or break time draws near: Irish Independent

Help us find lawyer's killers: police: Belfast Telegraph

IRA gangs feud after members kidnapped: Irish News

Bomb victim's daughter in court fight over ceasefire: Electronic Telegraph

Paramilitaries step up kangaroo court rule: The Times

Rally to defy 'premature' reform of RUC: The Irish Times

Unionists rally round symbols of RUC: The Irish Times

The Boyne flows fresh for tomorrow’s Ireland: Irish News

New branch of 32-county group opened in Derry: The Irish Times

Derry killings ‘indefensible’ lawyer told government: Irish News

Taylor defends Stormont: Irish News

Sunday, Septemer 19

Para's claim of Bloody Sunday murder backed: Sunday Business Post

Stevens has known Finucane killer's identity for 5 years: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Bloody Sunday truth 'was known 25 years ago': The Observer

Hysterical Trimble ignores amoral low ground: Sunday Indpendent

Hunches that could lead to peace: The Sunday Times

Joint Authority is Next Move for Nationalists: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday

MAD DOG AT BAY: The Sunday Times

Bloody past of the 'peace convert': The Sunday Times

The North is addicted to violence: Sunday Independent

IRA socialist questions validity of armed struggle: The Sunday Times

Mitchell must call shots with parties: Sunday Independent

IRA victim's court battle over peace: The Sunday Times

Man Utd join fight to end bigotry on Irish terraces: The Sunday Times

Saturday, September 18

Gerry, try and say sorry: Belfast Telegraph

Patten...finding the gems in the detail: Belfast Telegraph

Trimble threatened by plan to unite Unionists: Electronic Telegraph

UUP should have stayed out of review warns Taylor: Irish Independent

'Dangerous unrest' if agreement fails - Mallon: The Irish Times

Shooting the Irish: The Guardian


Tories will raise issue of violence against children: The Times: The Times

Beatings: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Group to assess support for IRA: The Times

Pied Pipers of disaster were wrong last time: Irish News

Our failure to understand Unionism: Irish Independent

Orangemen reject Garvaghy talks appeal: The Irish Times

Court date for editor in Finucane trial probe: Irish News

Friday, September 17

THE NAILED HANDLE: The Times (Editorial)

Has Mo's brand of GirlPower faded?: Belfast Telegraph

Mitchell more confident about deal: BBC

Unionists could lose the right to rule says Mallon: Irish News

RUC reform will bring ‘bloody revolution’: Irish News

A shared policing service for a new, sharing society: Irish News

Victims' innocence confirmed - families: The Irish Times

Bloody Sunday revelation: The Guardian

Forensic test discredited: Irish News (Editorial)

Bullets used to shoot informer linked to IRA: Electronic Telegraph

Thursday, September 16

Why is Patten at odds with Ulster opinion?: Belfast Telegraph

Bullets link McGartland, Fegan attacks: Belfast Telegraph

Soviet arms smuggled to Official IRA, spy files reveal: Irish Independent

Why the Agreement may fail: Belfast Telegraph

New Bloody Sunday twist: Belfast Telegraph

Mainland is 'target for IRA rebels': Electronic Telegraph

Renewed bomb attacks put peace process at risk: The Times

Bombers are enemies of all: Irish News (Editorial)

Plan B likely to be as unpalatable to unionists as plan A: The Irish Times

Patten’s police quotas ‘illegal’: Irish News

Patten's neutrality principle must be supported: The Irish Times

State passes MacBride principles: Irish News

Trimble deplores Parade Commission talks stance: The Irish Times

Suspicion cast over hundreds of trials: Irish News