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This archive contains references to articles from September 1-15, 1997. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


September 15

'NY Times' focus on North talks: The Irish Times

So who will sit down with Adams?: Irish News

IRA nervousness fails to dishearten unionists: Irish News

Unionists will call for Sinn Fein's expulsion from 'new era' of talks: Daily Telegraph

Long march to the negotiating table: The Times

Window of Opportunity: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Majority voting fails to get the measure of consent: Irish News

Stark building is perfect place for plain speaking: The Times

September 14

Unity in peril: The Sunday Times (Editorial)

Ulster Unionists 'ready to enter peace talks': Sunday Telegraph

Ulster Unionists to attend peace talks: Boston Globe

Vast IRA arsenal can last a decade: The Sunday Times

Armalites were smuggled into country on QE2: The Sunday Times

September 13

Scotland's EU interests can diverge from England's: The Irish Times

How to make the all-party talks 'a defining moment in Irish history': Boston Globe

Ulster Unionist talks boycott likely to spread: Daily Telegraph

Blair warns Sinn Fein over ceasefire breach: The Times

Revamped IRA may see ceasefire as temporary: The Irish Times

Business plea for all parties to join talks in spite of growing cynicism: Irish News

Smiling faces and soft words: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Sinn Fein will honour commitment to Mitchell: The Irish Times (by Gerry Adams)

Scottish trail blazers have unionists in a terrible tizzy: Irish News

Independent Scotland on way - Ross: Irish News

Welsh are urged to follow same path: The Times

September 12

Where does Gerry Adams fit into talks on Ireland?: Philadelphia Inquirer

Need to wage peace with warlike intensity: The Irish Times

IRA repudiates Sinn Fein stance on peace talks: Boston Globe

IRA threatens peace talks: The Times

IRA in bid to scupper talks: Irish News (Editorial)

Unionists fear IRA move is aimed at them: The Times

The high road for Scotland: Boston Globe (Editorial)

September 11

Unionists need fear nothing but fear itself: The Irish Times

Trimble takes Blair to task over 'IRA concessions': The Times

Unionists divided over talks says poll: Irish News

Unionists ready to boycott talks: Daily Telegraph

Decision day for Scots: Irish News (Editorial)

September 10

Sinn Fein renounces violence as talks near: Boston Globe

Unionists walk out as Sinn Fein joins talks: Daily Telegraph

Better in than out: The Times (Editorial)

Political childer and the riddle of the strands: Irish News

Historic event a quiet, almost staid, affair: The Irish Times

America halts IRA men's deportation: Irish News

Equal treatment of prisoners: Irish News (Editorial)

Weapons stockpiles pose continuing threat to peace: The Times

September 9

Unionism must realise that the union is about to change: Irish News

Marches comment was an intolerant call for tolerance: The Irish Times

Hume puts peace process before Irish presidency: The Times

Peace is top of Hume's agenda: Irish News (Editorial)

UUP to boycott Adams signing up to principles: The Irish Times

Dining with friends at the Ballroom of Finance: Irish News

September 8

Shrewd young king of liberal unionism: Irish News

Blinkered leaders have failed their community: The Irish Times

Interests of unionism are best served in talks: Irish News

Reynolds's strike may have knocked Hume out: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein is expected to sign non-violence pledge: Daily Telegraph

LVF threatens to launch campaign in Republic: The Irish Times

Let Maze escapers stay McGuinness asks USA: Irish News

Two identities must be recognised: Irish News

Adams returns from US with £250,000 gifts: The Times

September 7

IRA gives two-month ceasefire deadline: The Sunday Times

Gaelic games - GAA lowers the Tricolour and raises its standards: The Sunday Times

Adams and a death plot that can't be denied: The Sunday Times

September 6

Adams confident of SF's ability in talks process: Irish News

Adams savours his rehabilitation as leader: The Irish Times

Neal gives Adams pundits for dinner: Boston Globe

Bigots' insult to princess: Irish News (Editorial)

Crash had surprising impact on peace process: The Irish Times

November date set for new Clegg appeal: Daily Telegraph

September 5

In Ireland, Hope Blooms Again for Peace Talks: New York Newsday (Editorial)

Adams Is Ready To Give to Get: New York Daily News (Editorial)

Flanagan unsure of IRA's peace pledge: Irish News

Adams gets tumultous welcome at reception: The Irish Times

September 4

Irish flags to fly at half mast for funeral of princess: The Irish Times

SF attitudes must change: Irish News (Editorial)

Sinn Fein Won't Settle for Tie: New York Daily News

Adams takes soothing tack in U.S. visit: Philadelphia Inquirer

A warm welcome for Adams in D.C.: Boston Globe

Should we think the unthinkable for peace?: The Irish Times

Adams pledges a united Ireland 'in our lifetime': Irish News

Adams wants US to back agreement: The Irish Times

SF rejects police offer of meeting: Irish News

Smyth sees proximity talks as way forward: The Irish Times

Mitchell 'hopeful' North talks will succeed: The Irish Times

Scotland not so brave in push for home rule: The Irish Times

September 3

A Welcome to the IRA: Washington Post (Editorial)

IRA Didn't Target Di - Adams: New York Daily News

Adams, in NYC, seeks support for Sinn Fein: Boston Globe

Sinn Fein split over tributes to Diana: Irish News

What penalty is there if unionists don't talk?: Irish News

Continuity IRA aims to step up violence: The Irish Times

Televise talks suggests Lord Alderdice: Irish News

Adams to meet Clinton's security adviser today: The Irish Times

Unionist in 'direct contact' with SF: Irish News

Home rule will open the door for own rule: The Irish Times

September 2

Trimble consults prelate on Sinn Fein talks: The Times

Beating fuels fears of republican feud: Irish News

Unionists in disarray over talks: Irish News

Ireland united in grief for Diana: Irish News (Editorial)

Martin and Gerry's excellent adventure: Irish News

Scottish home rule dream is close to reality: The Irish Times

September 1

What if talking doesn't work?: Irish News

Consent is last refuge - a tool to keep union: Irish News (by Gerry Adams)

Trimble starts vital week for peace: The Times

Loyalists warn on definition of consent: The Irish Times

Ending the dark night of enmity and sorrow: Irish News

SF goes in search of US government recognition: The Irish Times