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This archive contains references to articles from September 1-15, 1998. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Tuesday, September 15

Dull civility marks dawn of assembly: The Guardian

Sinn Fein insists on seats before arms: BBC

McCartney objects to changing of designations: The Irish Times

It's time to be friends, Adams tells Paisley: Electronic Telegraph

Devil's Buttermilk with Irish and Scotch: The Irish Times

Ireland's 'El Paso' renounces its past: Minneapolis Star Tribune

'Suspicion about Catholicism runs deep': The Irish Times

Family’s Bloody Sunday justice bid: Irish News

Monday, September 14

Noraid's Galvin has doubts on RIRA ceasefire: Sunday Business Post

UUP set to split if Sinn Fein sits in Assembly executive: Sunday Business Post

A new political dawn: BBC

Making the dream of bread and butter politics come true: Irish News

Developing Democracy: The Irish Times (Editorial)

The poison of Portadown: The Guardian

There’s nothing sacred about Drumcree parade: Irish News

North's peace process would survive Clinton's departure: The Irish Times

500 soldiers soon to leave Ulster: The Times

Sunday, September 13

Irish Rebel Sings Different Tune: New York Daily News

Omagh, not law changes, brought about RIRA cease-fire: by Ed Moloney (RIRA Interview - Sunday Tribune)

Troops leave streets of Belfast: Electronic Telegraph

Fine Gael ups pressure over decommissioning: The Sunday Times

Informer rescue threatens INLA truce: The Observer

Still under siege: The Sunday Times

British make Portadown forum dependent on Orangemen getting down Garvaghy Road: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Trimble delays executive until IRA moves on arms: The Sunday Times

Police reform to aid Ulster's peace: BBC

RUC fears old terror cases will be shelved: The Observer

Protestants face the final blow: The Sunday Times

Saturday, September 12

Flags and cheers as terrorist prisoners walk from the Maze: Electronic Telegraph

Irish eyes smiling still on sponsor of peace process: The Irish Times

Belfast army patrols end: BBC

Shadows from the past haunt assembly halls: Irish News

All change in North's corridors of power: The Irish Times

Ulster's figure of peace stays in shadows: The Guardian

Ahern calls for 'major reform' of the RUC: The Times

IRA diehards dodge barrage of hope and optimism: Irish Independent

Saoirse denies ‘triumphalism’ over first Good Friday Maze releases: Irish News

Ex-internees urged to file reports on RUC: The Irish Times

All-island tourism strategy planned: Irish News

Friday, September 11

For Adams and Trimble: first steps: Boston Globe

First-name terms as Adams and Trimble meet: Electronic Telegraph

Echoes from history as Trimble meets Adams: The Independent

Decisive step along the way: Irish News (Editorial)

Now three cheers for peace are in order: The Independent (Editorial)

Trimble and Adams cross the Rubicon: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein calls for immediate executive: Irish News

Paramilitary prisoners walk free: BBC

Victims of the state deserve justice too: Irish News

Thursday, September 10

Police link up to hunt Omagh bombing gang: Irish Independent

Crooked lines in Northern Ireland: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Trimble to face Adams in historic meeting: BBC

Sinn Fein must move to create trust says Trimble: Irish News

Handshakes follow with respect for each other: The Irish Times

Provisionals’ threat to RIRA ‘still stands’: Irish News

RUC is facing a major period of change: The Irish Times

Victim not the picket: Irish News (Editorial)

Fine Gael rallies around leader: The Irish Times

Wednesday, September 9

A MOMENTOUS MEETING IN BELFAST: Chicago Tribune (Editorial)

BC helping to prepare Ulster for self-rule: Boston Globe

The Last Bloodbath in Ireland: Washington Post (Editorial)

How Real IRA were pushed into ceasefire: The Guardian

Militants may rally to Continuity IRA: The Irish Times

It’s time the media put Paisley in the hot seat: Irish News

Ceasefire is no escape for Real IRA bombers: Electronic Telegraph

Politicians hail ceasefire call from Real IRA: The Times

Shadow jobs are needed to make Agreement real: The Irish Times

Rapid changes to the RUC are ‘inevitable’: Irish News

Trimble calls for end to Drumcree protest: BBC

Tuesday, September 8

Real IRA declares a total ceasefire: Electronic Telegraph

No ceasefire, says Continuity IRA: The Irish Times

Relatives' anguish over 'disappeared': BBC

Lingering residue of Section 31 mentality: The Irish Times

Order ‘will not back down over Drumcree’: Irish News

Trimble makes his peace with Adams: The Independent

Dissident MP opposes Adams talks: The Irish Times

Exclusive: the blueprint for future government: Irish News

Whole world in their hands: The Guardian

Monday, September 7

Republic's 'grey skies' look bluer: Sunday Business Post

Shake on it: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Handshake that didn't happen: Sunday Business Post

Verbal Impressionism paints confusing political picture: Irish Independent

IRA 'can destroy its own weapons': Electronic Telegraph

Not just another historic meeting: Irish News

Adams says he can't guarantee IRA disarmament: Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Inglorious summer will help the seeds of peace: Irish News

Unionist ranks united on decommissioning: The Irish Times

Assembly leaders debate future: BBC

Families plead for return of terror victims' bodies: The Times

Adams warns against ‘stalling’: Irish News

Greening of Irish Americans finally in place: The Irish Times

RUC officer fighting for his life after blast: The Guardian

Sunday, September 6

Choreographed dance leading to decommissioning has begun: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribue)

Garda surveillance hinders RIRA's move to complete cessation: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Irish Eyes Are Smiling for Clinton: Los Angeles Times

Arms top agenda at Trimble talks with Adams: Electronic Telegraph

Police injured in bomb attack: BBC

Deep mistrust dogs US-UK dealings on Ireland: The Observer

Forget Monica Lewinsky, remember Ireland: Independent on Sunday

Martin McGuinness is well equipped for his vital new role: The Observer

Clinton saves his best for Belfast: The Sunday Times

Trimble sticks to his guns on all-sides decommissioning: The Observer

Delay over Real IRA arrests: The Sunday Times

A frantic race from horror to hope: The Observer

The peace broker searches for allies: The Sunday Times

Thanks for nothing, Michael Flatley: The Observer

Saturday, September 5

From Dublin, jokes and subdued praise: Boston Globe

In Irish eyes, Clinton is a grand peacemaker: Baltimore Sun

Clinton Lauds Ireland's Economy, Progress Toward Peace: Los Angeles Times

Visit the culmination of evolution in US policy: The Irish Times

Bill's healing presence: The Guardian (Editorial)

Top loyalist backs Sinn Fein talks: The Independent

Briefing given on British-Irish strategy: The Irish Times

Clinton Praises Irish Economy: Minneapolis Star-Tribune

A president driven by unimpeachable motives: Irish News

Clinton pledge on Ireland: The Guardian

Irish swoon as Clinton pumps the flesh and woos them: Times of India

Trimble consults his party on face-to-face meeting with Adams: The Times

Realistic to foresee more challenges to peace: The Irish Times

Australian republicans boosted by President: The Irish Times

Friday, September 4

Arms hand-up issue still deadlocks whole deal: Irish Independent

OUT OF VIOLENCE, A NEW ALLEGIANCE: Chicago Tribune (Editorial)

Watching history being made: Irish Independent

Clinton's prestige endures in N. Ireland: Baltimore Sun

Trimble set to meet Adams face to face: Electronic Telegraph

SMOKE SIGNALS: The Times (Editorial)

Mr Clinton's Return: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Time for peace on Inis Fail: Irish News

Trimble provides a sour note on the celebrations: The Irish Times

He's still loved somewhere . . . : The Guardian

How President has forced the pace of change: The Times

A new day with new laws: BBC

Clinton says get rid of all weapons: The Independent

Adams doesn’t get the shakes: Irish News

Sombre president tries to ease the grief of Omagh: The Irish Times

IRA tells rebels to disband or else: The Times

Movement urges IRA to lift threats against dissidents: The Irish Times

In Belfast -- The Clintons' impressive teamwork: Minneapolis Star-Tribune (Editorial)

Thursday, September 3

Bill Steered Enemies From Violent Path: New York Daily News

Gerry Adams's armistice: Boston Globe (Editorial)

Clinton and democracy: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Women in N. Ireland hail Hillary Clinton as survivor: Baltimore Sun

Tough laws may be needed to keep the Irish peace: Boston Globe

N. Ireland Edges Toward Peace: Washington Post

Trimble to consult colleagues on Adams: The Irish Times

McGuinness joins international body on arms handover: Electronic Telegraph

McGuinness faces his thorniest test: The Independent

Clinton's efforts still vital for North peace: The Irish Times

Let's now start to take the gun out of Irish politics: The Independent (Editorial)

New laws are wrong: Irish News (by Gerry Adams)

Blair is right to join Dublin in an anti-terror crackdown: The Independent

Soldiers’ release a gross mistake: Irish News (Editorial)

Freed Scots Guards look ahead to uncertain future: The Times

Wednesday, September 2

Sinn Fein renounces violence: Chicago Tribune

It's over: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Trimble invites Sinn Féin leader to talks: The Irish Times

Adams: no more war: The Guardian

Let the war of words be over: Irish News (Editorial)

Clouds won’t clear till Trimble faces Adams: Irish News

Ulster's slow dance of death becomes a quickstep to peace: The Guardian

Omagh carnage produced a unity of purpose: The Irish Times (by Seamus Mallon)

Ulster's smoking guns: The Times

IRA bunkers hide tonnes of explosives: The Times

Ball now in Trimble's court: The Irish Times

Anti-terror Bill expands safeguards for suspects: Electronic Telegraph

Sinn Fein has gone as far as it can: The Irish Times

Tuesday, September 1

Violence must end - Sinn Fein: BBC

Gesture for peace must be made: Irish Independent

IRA 'starts own hunt for bodies of its victims': Electronic Telegraph

Return dead to families: Irish News (Editorial)

Unionists dismiss statement as IRA public relations ploy: The Times

Republicans consider ground-breaking move: Irish News

Optimism on decommissioning again shown as illusory: The Irish Times

Clinton expands Ireland itinerary: BBC

The presidential hero is only human after all: Irish News

Orange Order wants to tell Clinton of grievances: The Irish Times

President has played his part: Irish News (Editorial)

CoI confident of place in Irish society: The Irish Times

Confiscation rights in terror bill: The Guardian