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Valkyrie of the North planned — Plot afoot to topple DUP and Shinners from power

(John Coulter, Irish Daily Star)

Unionists are planning their own Operation Valkyrie to depose the present DUP-Sinn Féin politburo at Stormont.

Hollywood blockbuster Valkyrie stars screen heartthrob Tom Cruise, and features other top movie greats Kenneth Branagh and Bill Nighy.

It tells the harrowing tale of a group of German officers trying to overthrow Hitler in the July 1944 bomb plot.

However, there is a feeling in grassroots Unionism that Emperor Robbo and his Shinner counterparts are out of control politically and the time for a coup is right.

It's not a case of de-stabilising the Assembly in the teeth of a credit crunch – merely providing an alternative, accountable leadership.

The coup 'dream team' comprises wee Reggie Empey with his joint Ulster Unionist-Conservative coalition and ex-First Minister Davy Trimble at the Northern Office.

Religious fundamentalists in the DUP are still hurting over the dumping of Big Ian Paisley.

Ian Junior has youth on his side and if he holds daddy's Commons seat, the Paisley clique will stage a revolt.

The DUP Bible-bashers want another Paisley leading the party before an eventual merger with the UUP/Tory alliance.

This Unionist Valkyrie needs nationalist partners on both sides of the border to topple the Shinners.

Stage one is to replace the politically limping Mark Durkan as SDLP boss, preferably with Alban Maginness.

Stage two is to match unionist unity with an SDLP merge with Fianna Fail.

Unionists have considered pacts with Fine Gael and the Irish Labour Party, but reckon neither has the balls to restore the economic clout of the Celtic Tiger.

With the Greens widely scorned, that leaves Fianna Fail – but not with Biffo Cowen as Taioseach.

Unionists are hoping that as the South slides deeper into recession, Fianna Fail TDs will see the sense that part of the solution is dumping Biffo.

And before supporters of the DUP-Shinner government on the Hill accuse me of being a modern-day Claus von Stauffenberg who led the 1944 July plot, let's see how June's crucial Euro poll goes.

If Babs de Brun and the Robbo camp lose seats or see their vote slump, stand by for a real July plot.

But the real question Unionist Valkyrie has not answered – where does wee Jimmy Allister of the Traditional Unionist Voice fit into all of this? Watch this space.

Meanwhile, defrock any so-called Christian cleric who condemns Israel's war against Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

Shame on Church representatives and Christians who attend rallies where the Israeli flag is burned.

For any cleric to slam Israeli policy in Gaza amounts to heresy.

It is hypocritical to condemn the Holocaust on one hand, yet lambast Israel for defending its land using strong arm tactics.

Remember Goliath and his bunch who spent years butchering the Israelites? Have you ever read your Old Testament?

You might consider yourselves trendy Revs marching behind the Palestinian flag. But the Bible says Israel is God's Chosen Land.

February 3, 2009

This article appeared in the February 2, 2009 edition of the Irish Daily Star.



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