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Send gardaí to deal with yobs

(John Coulter, Irish Daily Star)

Ardoyne, Armagh and Lurgan’s dissident yob gangs should face the wrath of the Garda Siochana’s elite riot cops.

It was painstakingly sick having to watch the PSNI having to crouch behind their quaintly painted vehicles as gangs of so-called dissident republican hooligans pelted them with anything they could throw.

The bitter medicine which nationalism has to swallow is that Sinn Fein has lost control of its traditional north Belfast and north Lurgan heartlands.

Shinner spin doctors and politicians can boast all they want that Sinn Fein still remains the number one nationalist party at the ballot box.

But on the streets, dissident yobs are equally giving a two-fingered salute to the Provisional leadership by unleashing their brand of anarchy.

Peeler bosses feared these rioting brats, some as young as 10, were merely cover to lure officers into side streets where dissident gunmen and bombers lay in ambush.

Crap! When dissident republicans went on the rampage in Dublin against the so-called Love Ulster supporters, the Garda chaps didn’t skulk about; they got stuck in and cleared main and side streets.

This is not Northern recreational rioting, or a dry run for the traditional republican street disturbances which accompany nationalist internment commemoration bonfires next month.

Cynical Unionists do not distinguish between dissident and mainstream republicans.

Such Unionists see all rebels as litter from the one sow.

They view the current spate of republican rioting as Shinners using the dissidents to wring more concessions from their DUP Stormont coalition buddies.

But this trouble bears no resemblance to the Hunger Strike riots of ’81, or the post Drumcree riots of ’97.

In those disturbances, the Shinners had the ability to turn the tap of street rioting on and off at will.

Judging by the words and expressions on Shinner elected representatives faces over the past week, the truth is that mainstream republicans have no control over the dissidents.

A new generation of young street republican has emerged since the ’94 Provo ceasefires which has no respect for the ageing Sinn Fein leadership.

And this dissident yob culture cannot be eliminated by having the PSNI riot squads stand behind their vehicles and hope the hooligans tire themselves out attacking peelers.

Given the fallout from the recent multi-million pound Saville Report, there’s no way top cop PC Baggie will risk another Bloody Sunday-type massacre by allowing his peelers to use live bullets against petrol bomb-chucking thugs.

A mountain of paper work has to be completed every time a plastic bullet is fired, and water cannons only have limited use.

But there is a workable solution – send in the Garda’s riot cops, who rank as being among the elite in Europe, next to the German and French riot units.

The Garda’s expertly trained riot cops are the best in the business at the baton charge and use of snatch squads to nab hooligans.

A joke currently doing the rounds of Northern Orange halls is that any thugs caught by the Garda riot squads will never suffer from constipation because they’ll have the shite kicked out of them!

And Garda riot cops in Ardoyne or Lurgan would not be politically contentious. Cross border co-operation is now at its highest since partiti