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Only Empire can save the South ... before Shinners control Dáil

(John Coulter, Irish Daily Star)

Biffo and Robbo must immediately use the cross-border and British-Irish bodies to get the entire island back on an even keel.

With the Brits pumping around £6 billion into the bail-out package, the South has effectively got one foot back in the Empire.

You donít need a doctorate in economics to know the only way to save the South is for it to rejoin the Union.

In reality, if Biffo and his bunch of useless gobshites lack the balls to run the Irish economy, then they donít have the common sense to bring the Republic back into the Union.

Southern voters are so disillusioned with their politicians, it should not be assumed a Fine Gael/Irish Labour coalition in the Dáil will make any more impact than Biffoís current Fianna Fail/Green Party government.

Like Britain, the next Southern General Election could well throw up a hung Dáil.

This would suit the Shinners who are cock-a-hoop over their impressive Donegal by-election showing.

At face value, it now seems Shinner boss Gerry Adamsí Louth venture makes common sense.

In a hung Dáil, 10 to a dozen republican TDs could hold the balance of power. But the ghost of Tom Oliver will come back to haunt Gerry and his Provo cronies.

Just as the late former Belfast IRA boss Brendan Hughes made some serious allegations about Sinn Féin's links to the Provo murder of widow Jean McConville, so too, Sinn Féin has some crucial questions to answer about the brutal murder of the 37-year-old Co Louth farmer.

Mr Oliver had been accused by the Provos of being a spy. In July 1991, he was abducted by the IRA, horribly tortured and then killed with six shots to the head.

Although he was from the Cooley peninsula, the body of the Catholic father of seven was found in south Armaghís bandit country.

Such was the outrage at what the IRA did to Mr Oliver, Louth locals formed a group called STOP – Stop Terrorism, Oppression and Pain. Some 5,000 people attended a protest rally.

Like Mrs McConville, Shinners across Ireland – but especially in Louth – just hope Tom Oliverís ghost would just vanish.

Perhaps the Louth voters will ask Gerry how much he knows about the torture and murder of Mr Oliver.

Sinn Féin voters, however, have one electoral gift. They can conveniently switch off their consciences and vote for a movement which has slaughtered thousands in its lifetime.

The Shinners are on course to remain the largest Northern party at Stormont. If they canít have a major influence in the Dáil, they can get to power through the back door of the cross-border and British-Irish bodies.

But republicans need to asset their authority over these bodies as soon as possible before Unionists catch on what the British-Irish Council and British-Irish Inter Parliamentary Body really now represent – step one to bringing the Republic back into the New Empire.

December 1, 2010

This article appeared in the November 29, 2010 edition of the Irish Daily Star.



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