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The hypocrisy of the Drumcree rabble


Decent people won’t be surprised at the violent scenes witnessed at Drumcree on Sunday.

For the reality is that a considerable number of those who assemble at Drumcree each year are interested only in confrontation.

Unable to win the argument over their manic desire to march through nationalist Garvaghy Road, the bigoted hardliners are all too ready to vent their anger on the PSNI and British Army.

And these are the people who refuse to speak to the goodhearted and tolerant community along the Garvaghy Road because they - in a torturous leap of ludicrous logic by the Orange brethren - support violence. The mind boggles!

What utter hypocrisy and nonsense.

The rabble which wishes to turn Drumcree into a battleground should be given short shrift in the days and weeks ahead.

They should certainly not be appeased by the PSNI or by unionist politicians.

In fact, any unionist worth his salt should be at Drumcree this morning telling the zealots to go home...peacefully.

But then unionist leaders are too busy trying to throw the Sinn Féin ministers out of government to face down the Orange bullies.

Live and let live!

What a strange world we live in!

Protesters linked to the Free Presbyterian Chuch took to the streets on Friday to peacefully picket a lap dancing club in Belfast.

And the following day, protesters linked to the Free Presbyterian Church decried - peacefully it must be said - the refusal of the Parades Commission to allow the Orange Order to march down the Garvaghy Road.

Which is more offensive? The stand-off at Drumcree or lap dancing?

The former will cost us millions in lost tourist revenue and in security costs, not to mention the risk to life and limb. The latter will raise a few bob for its owner....and a few temperatures.

At Drumcree or on Botanic Avenue, live and let live might be the best advice for the Free Ps.

July 13, 2002

This article appeared first on the web site on July 11, 2002.