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Rein them in


The weekend drive-by shootings on the Springfield and Antrim Roads, which could so easily have claimed the lives of innocent Catholics, must surely act as a spur to action over the murderous activities of the UFF.

Against a background of growing instability, which is being fed from all levels within unionism and loyalism, there is but one direction in which loyalist paramilitary actions are going: towards an escalating onslaught on the nationalist community.

Those in positions of power within the security and political establishments are well aware of the identities of the loyalist paramilitary chiefs who are behind the violence and who are hellbent on taking us all back to the bad old days of sectarian mayhem.

There is but one question that needs asking of those in positions of power and that is why these sectarian hatemongers are being given free rein to indulge their anti-Catholic bloodlust?

The two-year-old pogrom unleashed by those in the ranks of the UFF, masquerading under a variety of titles, has witnessed hundreds of pipebombings and cannot be dismissed as just so much letting-off of steam by frustrated and alienated loyalists.

These merchants of death have clear murderous intent and given the sharply upward swing in their activities it is only a matter of time before we are dealing with the aftermath of some appalling tragedy.

It will ill behove those in high places to indulge in the customary hand-wringing which will follow such an occurrence when all right-thinking members of this society know full well that these cowboys can be brought to book with relatively little effort.

If the new PSNI Chief Constable Hugh Orde is intent on showing that he won't, like all his predecessors, simply dance to the securocrats' tune, then he could make shutting down the UFF pogrom his top priority.

It's over to you Mr Orde.

September 17, 2002

This article appeared first on the web site on September 16, 2002.