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Uncertainty and anxiety now rule US politics

(Peter Kelly, Ulster Herald)

It was the outcome no-one expected, Or can barely come to terms with.

America wakes up in disbelief at the global event that unfolded from within its election booths around the country. And one which will have far reaching consequences around the world. American election fever did not just dominate the US, but also towards Europe and further afield to the southern hemisphere.

Yet few regions can claim such an intimate relationship with Oval Office decisions than Northern Ireland. From Jimmy Carter's intervention into British-Irish relations in 1977 to President Obama's Waterfront Hall speech encouraging us towards political normality. We've been on the Washington radar for almost 40 years.

Yet America's breakdown of faith in progressive, informed and fact-based politics signals entry to a new era which is potentially worse for the global community than the Bush-Cheney years. Unprecedented uncertainty and anxiety now rule the day.

The policies, practices and personalities involved in the new administration will likely generate yet more division and controversy. A clean Republican sweep across the board – the Presidency, Congress and next Supreme Court is potentially very dangerous to unchecked policies going forward. The effects will be global.

So what to do?

A regrouping of Democrats and progressives to monitor, challenge and expose excessive Republican policies and conduct can still be the constructive way forward. Mid-term elections for Congress are built into the system every two years to make it balanced. They offer a chance for legitimate protest and a way to constrain a Trump administration determined to have a pro-war or anti-climate change agenda.

Here in the North we have learned the hard way the necessity of designing constructive and partnership politics from division. In population-percentage numbers, the US remains as almost evenly divided about the Trump administration as the UK's Brexit debate.

The urgent challenge remains for the victors as well as the vanquished to find a common path to operate government and reconcile to common ground. Without doing so, this US election will have only produced continued gridlock for all, and an anti-climax as its legacy.

November 20, 2016

Former Dromore Journalist Peter Kelly has written for 15 publications including the Ulster Herald. Media-accredited with both the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump campaigns, he is covering the US election both in Washington DC and New York.

This article appeared in the November 10, 2016 edition of the Ulster Herald.

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