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Liar Adams now plays the victim

(Suzanne Breen, Sunday Life)

Gerry Adams is a stranger to truth, decency and the milk of human kindness. On every single count he has failed from the moment Aine told him 26 years ago her father had raped her.

As his lies and disturbingly inadequate response to child sex abuse are exposed, he now plays the victim saying he's subject to a witch-hunt about a private family matter.

What utter nonsense. How is a very senior public representative withholding information from police for nine years in a sex abuse case a private matter?

How is lying about your paedophile brother's extensive involvement in the political party you lead not of public concern?

How is taking not one concrete step to stop your brother working with children for five years in the heart of your own political constituency not worthy of discussion?

Let's remember that for the first six weeks Liam Adams was employed in Clonard Youth Centre he stayed in his MP brother's home because he hadn't found his own place to live.

How with any justification can Gerry Adams say he's being unfairly quizzed by the media when last month Conall McDevitt was forced to resign over what was in comparison a minor matter?

How can he expect to escape censure for sipping champagne at the wedding of his child rapist brother when on his beat as an IRA leader women were tarred and feathered for simply dating British soldiers?

Where on earth is Gerry Adams' moral compass? How can he defend reporting Aine's mother to social services for having an "unhygienic home and children" – the kids had nits – but not report his brother's confession to rape?

Nobody blames the Sinn Féin president for his brother's paedophilia. His response to it is the issue.

"There's a lot of disinformation being flung about," Gerry Adams complained to reporters this week. He's right – and all by him. Lie after lie. From his phony "estrangement" from his brother to his claims to have done everything possible to help Aine who herself says he manipulated and abandoned her.

His arrogance, egoism and emotional autism are exposed in one vignette. After dropping 14-year-old Aine home from confronting Liam in Buncrana about his abuse, she didn't hear from her Uncle Gerry for years.

Not even a birthday or Christmas card for a child in a single-parent household struggling to cope with this huge trauma.

And then, years on, came a present. Gerry Adams sent his niece his autobiography, 'Before the Dawn', in which he thanked "our Liam", her rapist father, and referred to him positively 11 times.

Care and compassion, just like truth and transparency, are damningly absent in both the past and present of Gerry Adams.

October 14, 2013

This article appeared in the October 6, 2013 edition of the Sunday Life.

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