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Gunrunner Logan won't co-operate with inquiry

(Suzanne Breen, Sunday Life)

Mike Logan says he won't co-operate with the PSNI investigation into the IRA's Florida gun-running operation.

He believes the re-opening of the case is "a PR exercise" which he doubts will ever lead to the prosecution of Sean 'Spike' Murray.

"My gut instinct is that it's one big charade," Logan says. "My non-co-operation is irrelevant anyway as I believe the British authorities will never prosecute any Sinn Féin leader.

"They won't want to jeopardise the peace process and their relationship with the party. Why would they prosecute Spike now when they chose not to do so 15 years ago when the evidence was fresh? That would be totally illogical.

"I feel that this re-investigation into the Florida gun-running is all bulls***. If the PSNI question me, all I will say during interview is 'No comment'. There is nothing I could tell them anyway that I didn't tell the FBI over a decade ago.

"I co-operated with the FBI and they passed the information onto the British authorities so the PSNI already have all that material from me in their files. They don't need to talk to me."

Earlier this month, Logan was interviewed in a BBC Spotlight programme which suggested that the British authorities at the highest level knew the full details of Spike Murray's involvement in the arms' importation but turned a blind eye in order to protect the peace process.

The day after the programme, the DUP met the PSNI to raise concerns and, hours later, it was announced that police were re-investigating the Florida gun-running operation.

Logan was given immunity from prosecution by the US authorities in 2002 in return for giving them information about the weapons he had bought for the IRA.

"I could still be extradited to the UK," he says. "My immunity agreement doesn't say the US can stop my extradition, it states only that it will do everything in its ability to fight me being extradited.

"But I think that's highly unlikely given that this whole case is going nowhere." Logan said he wasn't a police informer: "I've never ratted on anybody in my life and nobody ever got arrested as a result of anything I said.

"I told the FBI mostly what they already knew from their own intelligence and from Conor Claxton. The only area I expanded on was my own role. I still consider myself a republican although I no longer support the Provisional IRA."

April 29, 2014

This article appeared in the April 27, 2014 edition of the Sunday Life.

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