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Carnmoney monsters are dupes of the DUP

(Susan McKay, Irish News)

"All I know is this kind of performance has to stop or else we are all in danger of losing our soul," Father Dan Whyte said on Sunday.

"We are getting to be beyond outrage."

The priest was speaking after Sunday's appalling 'protest' by loyalists at the municipal cemetery at Newtownabbey.

Catholics arriving for the annual blessing of the graves of their loved ones had to face roadblocks and then a rabble shouting "We'll dig them up" and "We'll piss on their graves", along with all the usual extremities of sectarian abuse.

Many of the 'protesters' covered their faces with placards. This well-symbolised their mental state. Heads filled with hate.

They couldn't spell 'sectarian' but that was all that was on display. Naked sectarianism, dressed up as protest. It was no surprise to note the message on some of the placards: "No Whiterock then no cemetery."

This protest began four years ago when unionist councillors delivered the same ultimatum over Drumcree.

It followed Harryville, which was supposedly about a parade at Dunloy.

This, then, was meant to be in defence of 'civil and religious liberty'.

Councillor Tommy Kirkham claimed in 2001 that holy water had been spilt on his car. This claim was repeated in 2003 by an indignant woman who claimed holy water had been spilt on her father's grave.

Was this so outrageous, she was asked?

Of course it was, she said furiously.

"My father was a loyalist."

Mr Kirkham, of the Ulster Political Research Group, was formerly a confidant of the late so-called brigadier John 'Grug' Gregg of the UDA.

This man's organisation is responsible for filling some of the Catholic graves in Carnmoney cemetery.

Among those buried there is Daniel McColgan, the young postman the UDA murdered in 2002. His grave has been vandalised three times.

Elsewhere in the graveyard, loyalist mass murderer Lenny Murphy is left to rest in peace.

After Gregg was murdered in the loyalist feud of 2002, it was Kirkham who launched the 'John Gregg Initiative' which was supposedly going to see UDA killers and drug dealers transforming themselves into community workers.

That has not happened. In fact, at the weekend, loyalist paramilitary sources were claiming that far from handing over their arms, they would be holding onto them to "keep the union safe".

So much for the claim that loyalist violence was entirely a reaction to IRA aggression.

It is mainstream unionism that has given loyalist paramilitaries this shot in the arm.

The DUP, the UUP and the Orange Order had no problem with their participation during the riots and roadblocks which followed the Whiterock parade.

On Sunday, the DUP mayor of Newtownabbey very properly said that the Catholic people had a right to hold their sacred ceremony.

However, he also said that he didn't know who the protesters were. Fr Whyte knows.

"Cannon fodder," he said.

"People who have lost their way."

These are the sort of people who punch a pregnant woman in the face and then say that they didn't and that they are being demonised. Who throw bags of urine at four-year-old girls and claim they are being victimised. Who shoot at the police and then claim that the police are heavy-handed when they make arrests.

No doubt exiled UDA leader Johnny Adair blamed his wife Gina for provoking his recent attack on her. Bullies are basically all the same – aggressors full of complaint and grievance.

The DUP excels at this sort of behaviour. On Sunday, while the morons were threatening the dead at Carnmoney, the MP for North Belfast, Nigel Dodds, was telling the British and Irish governments that his party would not be "pushed over".

It was touching to see the Reverend Harold Good and Father Alex Reid driving together into the car park at Stormont on their way to the meeting demanded by the Reverend Doctor Ian Paisley MP, assembly member. Reason was on their side, and decency, and the cause of peace but none of that mattered a whit to the grim-faced line of DUP leaders waiting for them inside. There would be no listening.

Sure enough, the grand interrogator emerged to reveal that what had been discovered was what had already been known. They'd been appointed by the IRA. "It's a cover up!"

In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, the monster appeals to its creator not to denounce it: "Remember that I am thy creature."

There is no point in the DUP claiming it doesn't know the rabble descending on the graveyard at Carnmoney.

These lost souls are its people.

October 5, 2005

This article appeared first in the October 4, 2005 edition of the Irish News.

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