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Articles from daily newspapers relevant to the debate on Irish history. Click here for articles that appeared before March 2001. For more information or comments e-mail Newshound.


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Date posted
Céide Fields may be 2,500 years younger than thought: The Irish Times
Mar. 26
Newgrange sun trap may be only 50 years old, says archaeologist: The Irish Times
Dec. 27
Digs funded at 'lost kingdoms' sites in Scotland and Ireland: BBC
Dec. 19
Boy died 'alone in the cold' 500 years ago: Irish Examiner
Dec. 19
Scottish bard Ossian 'fabricated' from Irish mythology: The Irish Times
Oct. 23
Spanish princess 'buried on Louth mountain top' offered new resting place by Ireland's only Leprechaun Whisperer: Irish Mirror
Oct. 18
'Fingal Roman fort could become as big an attraction as Newgrange': Herald.ie
Oct. 18
St. Louis professor's 'Irish Dig' becoming historical treasure trove: St. Louis Post Dispatch
Oct. 1
This Kerry peninsula shows how the Irish have communicated for thousands of years: TheJournal.ie
Oct. 1
Hillsborough Castle – Skeleton which could be 1,000 years old found in grounds: BBC
Aug. 22
Buried Treasure – Sword that lay in farmyard barn for 50 years is rare Bronze Age discovery: BBC
Aug. 3
Bear bone discovery pushes back date of human existence in Ireland by 2,500 years: Irish Independent
Jun. 21
4,800-year-old Newgrange bone leads to theory of dog origins: Irish Independent
Jun. 5
Burren mountain-top settlement excavated by archaeologists: The Irish Times
May 5
St Patrick revealed as lean, mean preaching machine: The Irish Times
Apr. 3
St Patrick left his mark in Ireland's mythological landscape: Irish Examiner
Mar. 20
Londonderry's walls – Ancient building predates siege: BBC, January 22, 2015
Mar. 4
Cultural vandalism on Devenish Island – Police probe as arsonists hit grave at ancient site: Belfast Telegraph, November 28, 2014
Mar. 2
Dunluce archaeological dig reveals 15th century ruins: The News Letter
1 Feb 16
A 'Celtic Curse' Has Roots Stretching Back To The Bronze Age: NPR.org
Jan. 20
Tomb thought to be more than 5,000 years old discovered: The Irish Times
Dec. 9
Cork's virtuous, nearly topless women caught visitor's eyes in 1518: Irish Examiner
Dec. 7
Archaeological remains of five children found as council construct cylce lane: The Irish Times
Oct. 17
Archaeologists find bones of man killed about 1,000 years ago: The Irish Times
Oct. 12
Remains of 6,000-year-old first settlers found: Irish Examiner
Oct. 7
Bronze Age road in Midlands turned into potting compost: The Irish Times
Oct. 5
Columbanus – Champion of Irish Identity: Boston College Chronicle, March 12, 2015
Aug. 15
St Columbanus, patron of a united Europe: Irish News, July 30, 2015
Aug. 15
War of The Three Kings – Scotland's invasion of Ireland: BBC
Aug. 15
One tiger economy helps understand collapse of another: The Irish Times, November 17, 2014
Aug. 15
Vikings settled near Waterford 50 years before city founded: The Irish Times, November 4, 2014
Jul. 9
Mountsandel – where Irish history started: Coleraine Times
Jul. 8
Irish Crafters Preferred British Gold over Irish gold According to a Study: Empire State Tribunev
Jul. 8
Co Tyrone dig uncovers 700-year-old house foundations: UTV Internet
Jun. 30
6th-century bell returns to Donegal: Irish News
Jun. 21
BBC to recreate failed Scots invasion of Ireland: Scotland on Sunday, November 2, 2014
May 13
Death of Brian Boru: New Historian
May 6
The Book of Kells: 'The most purely Irish thing we have' – James Joyce: The Irish Times
Apr. 2
DNA study shows Celts are not a unique genetic group: BBC
Mar. 20
Untrue to state that St Patrick brought misery to Ireland: The Irish Times
Mar. 20
Ireland May Have Been Inhabited Since Before 5,000 BCE: New Historian
Feb. 25
Priceless manuscripts from fifth century to be digitalised and put on display alongside Book of Kells: Sunday Independent
Feb. 11
An Irishman's Diary on St Brigid: The Irish Times
Feb. 6
Ancient remains of five people uncovered outside Trinity: The Irish Times, August 14, 2014
Jan. 20
Dig at Halloween ritual site to get under way: Irish Examiner, May 19, 2014
Jan. 18
When medieval merchants traded in slaves to buy wines and spices: Irish Independent
Dec. 9
Historian casts doubts over Battle of Clontarf: Irish Examiner
Dec. 3
The Vikings beneath modern Dublin: The Irish Times, July 17, 2014
Dec. 3
Ancient oak structure from Connemara coast excavated and taken into State care: The Irish Times
Sep. 9
National Museum of Ireland to assess Connemara trackway: Connacht Tribune
Aug. 27
Guidebook by Aran expert explores mysteries of Dún Aonghasa's past: The Irish Times
Jul. 27
1,000 year-old lump of 'bog butter' in Fermanagh bog: The News Letter
Jul. 22
Athboy discovery could be 3,000 year old baby: Meath Chronicle
Jun. 12
The famous standing stone on the Hill of Tara was vandalised last night: TheJournal.ie
Jun. 11
Dublin 1014 - built on water and commerce: The Irish Times
Jun. 11
Skeleton found on Scottish archaeological dig may be that of Irish Viking king: Scottish Daily Record
Jun. 4
Burren remains are 1,500 years old: Irish Examiner
May 4
Cross starts its journey to new resting place: The News Letter
May 4
The Battle of Clontarf - How a bloody conflict becomes entertainment: The Irish Times
Apr. 27
The genetic imprint of Niall of the Nine Hostages: The Irish Times
Apr. 27
Shedding light on winter solstice at Newgrange: The Irish Times
Apr. 27
Archaeological find shines light on ancient religious rituals: The Irish Times
Apr. 27
Brian Boru descendant to enlist Pope's help in finding High King's original crown: Irish Independent
Apr. 20
Clontarf service to mark death of Brian Boru: The Irish Times
Apr. 20
How the Battle of Clontarf unfolded: The Irish Times
Apr. 12
Brain Boru - The man behind the legend: Irish Independent
Apr. 12
No weapons, no battlefield, no bodies: The Irish Times
Apr. 12
Brian Boru is back ashore for 1,000th anniversary: Irish Independent
Mar. 24
Brian Lacey lifts the lid on city's absorbing medieval past: Derry Journal
Mar. 24
Fort's restoration 'could make it tourist attraction': Irish News
Mar. 14
Reign of the house of Tudor and its effects on Ireland: Carlow Nationalist
Mar. 14
Archaeologists found bones of a Stone Age child and an adult in tiny cave: Irish Mirror
Mar. 11
Evidence of Bronze Age life at Tullaghoge Fort: Mid Ulster Mail
Feb. 24
Brian Boru memorial events to bring king-sized celebrations: The Irish Times
Feb. 7
Part of Iron Age fort at Dúnbeg in Dingle falls into sea: The Irish Times
Feb. 7
Hunting axe up to 5,000 years old thrown up by storms: The Irish Times
Jan. 27
Settlers 'ethnically cleansed' in Lee Valley: Irish Examiner
Jan. 21
Storms expose archaeology on Omey island off Connemara: The Irish Times
Jan. 14
New survey finds further evidence of Rathcroghan as a "Tara of the west": The Irish Times
Jan. 8
Study reveals Stone Age gourmets favoured spicy food: The Irish Times, August 23, 2013
Dec. 2
Irish bog bodies 'may have been victims of climate change': The Irish Times
Nov. 29
How Ireland defended itself and its native communities: Irish Examiner
Nov. 18
Intrigue, magic, rebels and royalty – a battle for the ages: The Irish Times, June 4, 2013
Nov. 6
'Roman' roads were actually built by the Celts, new book claims: Daily Telegraph
Oct. 21
Burren archaeological discovery of woman and two children 'very significant': The Irish Times
Sep. 27
New tomb and passage found at Newgrange: Evening Herald
Sep. 16
Man urged by wife to bin Viking treasure: UTV Internet
Sep. 16
Is this the world's oldest body found in a bog? 4,000-year-old remains found in Ireland predates Tutankhamun: Daily Mail
Sep. 8
Did Irish monks beat the Vikings to the Faroes? Settlers were living on the remote islands 400 years before Norse colonists: Daily Mail
Aug. 26
Laois 'bog body' said to be world's oldest: The Irish Times
Aug. 5
President honours 'Dove of Church' who took flight: Sunday Independent
Jul. 22
Rare 3,000-year-old golden torc unveiled to the public in Belfast: Irish Examiner
Jul. 22
Body find sparks murder mystery: Belfast Telegraph
Jul. 17
Crowdsourcing the search for some missing royalty: The Irish Times, April 4, 2013
Jul. 12
Medieval skull found in Strangford Lough: The News Letter
Jul. 4
'No plans' to excavate ancient boat in Boyne: Drogheda Independent
Jun. 20
Do medieval Irish monks hold key to cold weather?: The Irish Times, June 6, 2013
Jun. 10
Experts believe they may have found largest medieval building in Ireland: Impartial Reporter, February 7, 2013
Jun. 3
Study finds numbers add up in Irish epic: The Irish Times, July 26, 2012
May 11
Bronze Age Ireland – the country's golden era: The Irish Times, March 21, 2013
May 3
Derry Stone Age village sheds new light on life 6,000 years ago: Belfast Telegraph
Apr. 25
Late medieval south Galway seaweed farm indicates advanced husbanding techniques: The Irish Times
Mar. 26
Saltire link to St Patrick: Dumbarton and Vale of Leven Reporter
Mar. 17
Patrick Wasn't Irish – He Was British. Deal with It.: First Things
Mar. 17
St Oran's Cross from Iona put back together in Selkirk: BBC, March 7, 2013
Mar. 15
Unearthing the mystery of what lies beneath the ancient Mound of Down: Belfast Telegraph, March 19, 2012
Mar. 9
Tour to mark 50 years of Knowth discoveries: Irish Examiner, June 20, 2012
Mar. 3
Fermanagh Crannóg in crisis as deadline for motorway construction looms: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com
Mar. 3
Brendan voyager to re-rig famous boat: Irish Examiner
Mar. 1
St. Malachy predicted Pope Benedict's successor will be last pope: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com
Feb. 19
Historians save O'Neill's lost inauguration seat and its secrets from disruption: Tyrone Times
Jan. 24
Digging up new chapter in Ulster's history: The News Letter
Jan. 21
Columban, the patron saint of a united Europe: The Irish Times
Jan. 18
History uncovered in Fermanagh crannog: BBC, November 29, 2012
Dec. 18
Museum to examine remains found in Co Meath bog: The Irish Times, December 10, 2012
Dec. 11
Archaeologists bowled over by Fermanagh bog finds: Belfast Telegraph, December 1, 2012
Dec. 3
Minister delays road to allow time for dig on North's most important crannóg: The Irish Times, December 1, 2012
Dec. 3
Skeleton found of man killed by arrowhead 1,000 years ago: The Irish Times, November 24, 2012
Nov. 9
Ground-breaking technology shows no second chamber at Newgrange: Meath Chronicle, November 9, 2011
Oct. 29
Enclosures discovered near Knowth: The Irish Times, November 23, 2011
Oct. 29
Find hints at early medieval monastery: Irish Independent, September 3, 2012
Oct. 14
Historic cross comes in from the cold: Irish Independent, May 1, 2012
Jun. 27
Minister condemns attack on Tara stone: The Irish Times, June 14, 2012
Jun. 15
6,000-year-old settlement poses tsunami mystery: Irish Examiner, May 9, 2012
May 15
3,000-year-old treasure found in Fermanagh bog: BBC, March 30, 2012
May 5
Is legend of St Patrick just a bit of blarney? He was a runaway tax collector turned slave trader, says expert: Daily Mail, March 17, 2012
Mar. 24
St. Patrick was an extraordinary man whose legacy lives on: Impartial Reporter, March 15, 2012
Mar. 16
The Story of Saint Patrick: Alameda Sun, March 9, 2012
Mar. 10
Thieves steal preserved heart of St Laurence O'Toole: Sunday Independent, March 5, 2012
Mar. 5
Neolithic handbag, 3800-2500 BC: The Irish Times, March 12, 2011
Mar. 5
Medieval discovery – pottery and leather shoes found in dig: The Irish Times, March 15, 2011
Feb. 29
A history of Ireland in 100 objects: The Irish Times, March 5, 2011
Feb. 27
The forgotten Mound of Down: BBC, January 27, 2012
Feb. 16
Ireland's 'earliest' timber framed dwelling unearthed: Belfast Telegraph, December 7, 2011
Dec. 21
'New' ancient monuments come to light at Knowth: Meath Chronicle, December 2, 2011
Dec. 17
The legacy of Columbanus is contagious: The News Letter, October 25, 2011
Nov. 25
The secret lives of our ancestors revealed: BBC, December 28, 2010
Nov. 19
Irish medieval 'lost town' opens its streets: Belfast Telegraph, November 10, 2011
Nov. 10
Flint tools found in 5,500-year-old tomb: The News Letter, November 15, 2010
Nov. 4
Mystery yellow stone found in Belfast hills: The News Letter
Nov. 1
Linn Duchaill – Ireland's unlikely Viking capital: BBC, October 24, 2011
Oct. 27
Gold hoard thrown in skip displayed: Belfast Telegraph, October 20, 2011
Oct. 27
What have the Vikings ever done for us?: The Irish Times, October 15, 2011
Oct. 22
Search begins for Newgrange hidden passages: Irish Examiner, October 18, 2011
Oct. 19
Normans in east Wicklow and the effect on the Irish: Wicklow People, October 12, 2011
Oct. 19
Viking settlement in top ten in the world: Drogheda Independent, October 12, 2011
Oct. 14
Tall cross at Monasterboice, ninth century: The Irish Times, October 8, 2011
Oct. 13
Artefacts stolen from Thurles abbey: RTE, October 12, 2011
Oct. 13
Joy as 'mythic' Viking village found: Irish Examiner, October 10, 2011
Oct. 10
Eirgrid unearths medieval burial ground in Dublin: Irish Examiner, October 1, 2011
Oct. 6
'Cashel Man' was given as sacrifice to the gods: Irish Independent, September 16, 2011
Sep. 28
Digging up the past: Irish Examiner, September 3, 2011
Sep. 19
Skeletons reveal our ancestors' fear of the undead: Irish Examiner, September 12, 2011
Sep. 12
Portlaoise bog body could be 3,000 years old: RTE, August 11, 2011
Aug. 12
Powerscourt and its castles – Arctic winters led to disaster for English colony: Bray People, August 10, 2011
Aug. 12
Big dig helps to uncover Trim's long-buried secrets: Meath Chronicle, July 20, 2011
Aug. 7
Medieval Book of Lismore returns to Cork: The Irish Times, July 27, 2011
Jul. 30
Strongbow rewarded loyalty: Bray People, July 27, 2011
Jul. 30
New evidence links Early Bronze Age Ireland to the Southeastern United States: Examiner.com, May 23, 2011
Jul. 16
Reconstructed face of medieval skeleton may reveal Ireland's 'Helen of Troy' (Jul 8): Tyrone Times
Jul. 10
A history of Ireland in 100 objects – Petrie Crown, second century: The Irish Times, July 2, 2011
Jul. 7
Time Team fan finds 4,000-year-old body in his back garden: Irish Examiner, February 25, 2011
Jul. 4
Maghera tomb – 5,000-year-old burial site to give up secrets: Belfast Telegraph, October 15, 2010
Jun. 26
Builders find Viking settlement in capital: Irish Independent, May 5, 2022
Jun. 21
Ancient remains found in Dublin: IrishTimes.com, Jume 19, 2011
Jun. 20
Cross of Cong leaves Mayo Museum: Mayo News, May 31, 2011
Jun. 13
Skellig Michael's first sea steps found: The Irish Times, September 14, 2010
May 29
Queen spoke language of Irish warlords: Irish Examiner, May 17, 2010
May 18
Belfast council spends £22,000 on Irish myths window: Belfast Telegraph, May 5, 2011
May 13
Butter in bog may be 2,500 years old: The Irish Times, May 12, 2011
May 13
Irish links to Mona Lisa painting: Irish Post, April 27, 2011
May 12
An Irishwoman's Diary – archaeologist Barry Raftery: The Irish Times, April 26, 2010
Apr. 12
Who aided Patrick's great escape?: Belfast Media, March 18, 2011
Mar. 22
Historian reveals the fifth-century diet fit for a saint: Irish Examiner, March 17, 2011
Mar. 21
The Jock's on us – our patron saint is really a Scot: Irish Independent, March 17, 2011
Mar. 18
Tyrone's historic fort saved: Belfast Telegraph, March 11, 2011
Mar. 11
Mediterranean link to north Kerry's archaeological finds: Irish Examiner, March 7, 2011
Mar. 8
3,000 year old body found in Delvin: Westmeath Examiner, February 16, 2011
Feb. 28
A History of Ireland in 100 Objects – Neolithic bowl, c 3500 BC: The Irish Times, February 26, 2011
Feb. 28
Medieval fish trap 'will be washed away', warn experts: Irish Examiner, February 18, 2011
Feb. 19
State to dig up prison site at cost of €500,000: Irish Independent, February 7, 2011
Feb. 9
Ulster's ancient mass burial ground gives illness clues: Belfast Telegraph, January 28, 2011
Jan. 28
Study suggests tall tales of Irish giants had a grain of truth: The Irish Times, January 7, 2011
Jan. 13
McEntee to host meeting between archaeologist and Tara residents over conservation plan: Meath Chronicle, November 25, 2010
Dec. 15
Petition to re-inter ancient M3 remains: Meath Chronicle, November 10, 2010
Nov. 15
Megalithic tomb's secrets revealed after 5,500 years: Belfast Telegraph, November 4, 2010
Nov. 5
Irish Lives – Pretender who plotted against Henry VII: The Irish Times, September 11, 2010
Oct. 13
Fish trap may be Mesolithic find: The Irish Times, September 23, 2010
Sep. 23
One of Europe's best preserved Viking settlements found in Ireland: Belfast Telegraph, September 17, 2010
Sep. 18
Manuscript dug from bog rates among our top 10 biggest finds: Sunday Independent, September 5, 2010
Sep. 5
Handiwork through history: The Irish Times, August 29, 2009
Aug. 17
Skelligs settlement may predate monastery: The Irish Times, August 10, 2010
Aug. 10
The last free Chieftains of Ireland: Galway Advertiser, July 29, 2010
Jul. 31
Geophysical surveys to probe secrets of Hill of Tara: Irish Examiner, July 22, 2010
Jul. 24
'Celtic' myth exposed by DNA: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com, July 20, 2010
Jul. 22
Council to decide on plan for Hill of Tara: The Irish Times, June 21, 2010
Jul. 6
Priest who led campaign to save Viking site is honoured: Irish Independent, June 2, 2010
Jun. 3
Viking necklace in the dark for 1,150 years: Irish Independent, April 28, 2010
May 1
Second canoe find floats mayor's boat: Irish Independent, April, 23, 2020
Apr. 25
Neolithic remains delay bypass: The Irish Times, March 9, 2010
Apr. 11
Tight security for priceless Cross of Cong as it goes on display in Mayo: The Irish Times, March 31, 2010
Mar. 31
Government urged to commit to full excavation of archaeological site: The Irish Times, March 29, 2010
Mar. 29
Psalter to go on display in 2011: The Irish Times, March 20, 2010
Mar. 21
Days to get longer as spring officially begins: The Irish Times, March 20, 2010
Mar. 20
Monasterboice high crosses may be moved to visitor centre: The Irish Times, March 18, 2010
Mar. 19
Turning Green With Literacy: New York Times, March 17, 2010 (by Thomas Cahill)
Mar. 17
Ring fort may have held Bronze Age sports arena: The Irish Times, February 25, 2010
Mar. 17
Neolithic man puts major bypass on hold: Belfast Telegraph, March 2, 2010
Mar. 6
What kind of bow was used to kill King Harold?: The Times, February 24, 2010
Feb. 27
New deepwater port may be moved north to avoid tombs: The Irish Times, February 23, 2010
Feb. 23
Dig finds medieval monk was living it up in Kilkenny 'pad': The Irish Times, February 16, 2010
Feb. 16
Are these tunnels ancient?: The News Letter, February 5, 2010
Feb. 16
'The Secret of Kells' reopens ancient row: The Irish Times, February 8, 2010
Feb. 8
A grate discovery . . . ancient brooch is saved from the ashes: Irish Independent, February 4, 2010
Feb. 5
Slane bypass groups clash over Brú na Bóinne: The Irish Times, February 1, 2010
Feb. 1
Viking settlement unearthed by OPW: The Irish Times, January 27, 2010
Jan. 28
Slane bypass to run close to Boyne heritage sites: The Irish Times, January 22, 2010
Jan. 22
An Irishman's Diary – St Fechin: The Irish Times, January 20, 2010
Jan. 20
Artefacts uncovered during roadworks give fresh perspective on early Irish life: The Irish Times, August 28, 2009
Jan. 19
4,000-year-old arrowhead found in Burren excavation: The Irish Times, September 16, 2009
Jan. 5
Going underground!: Londonderry Sentinel, December 22, 2009
Dec. 24
Ancient skeletons could help solve mystery of rare disease: Irish Independent, August 24, 2009
Dec. 18
Donegal brain surgeon at work in AD 800, burial site reveals: The Irish Times, November 10, 2009
Nov. 10
Meeting planned over Clonmacnoise project: RTE, October 16, 2009
Nov. 3
Very dark caves put spotlight on history: Irish News, October 13, 2009
Oct. 14
UK mammals have 'Celtic fringe': BBC, September 30, 2009
Oct. 13
Viking wall finally reveals its secrets to visitors: Evening Herald, October 9, 2009
Oct. 12
Hidden staircase discovered on Skellig: The Irish Times, September 27, 2009
Oct. 8
How did 2,000-year-old feet find their way to a Dublin attic?: The Irish Times, September 14, 2009
Sep. 14
I can't believe it's real butter – Workers find 3,000-year-old barrel of butter in Irish peat bog: Daily Mail, August 22, 2009
Aug. 23
Ancient gold traced to Mountains of Mourne: The Times, July 18, 2009
Jul. 26
History alive in Newbuildings: Londonderry Sentinel, July 8, 2009
Jul. 25
Medieval ring found in North: Irish World, June 2, 2009
Jun. 9
Dan Snow – How Britain nearly became the Irish Isles: Daily Telegraph, May 24, 2009
May 25
A fishy discovery excites experts on Plantation dig: Irish News, April 13, 2009
Apr. 14
Wood you believe it? Stonehenge find at tara: Irish Independent, April 11, 2009
Apr. 11
Irish activist aims for U.S. support to stop highway at Tara: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com, March 31, 2009
Apr. 7
Clues to ancient invasion in DNA: BBC, April 2, 2009
Apr. 2
The Ireland that Saint Patrick knew: Belfast Media, March 13, 2009
Mar. 14
Cornwall workers given an unofficial day off for St Piran's Day: The Times, March 6, 2009
Mar. 7
Smithsonian puts Hill of Tara on list of endangered must-sees: Irish Independent, February 28, 2009
Mar. 1
Hill of Tara nominated to be world heritage site: The Irish Times, January 31, 2009
Feb. 6
From goddess to saint and back again: The Irish Times, January 31, 2009
Feb. 4
Radiocarbon dates indicate early Irish were just visiting: The Times, January 9, 2009
Jan. 9
Newgrange got new lease of light and life in 1960s 'rebuild': The Irish Times, December 20, 2008
Dec. 26
Hopes north Cork dig could reveal settlement dating to iron age: Irish Examiner, November 3, 2008
Nov. 4
Celtic Tiger threatens 'very soul of historic Ireland': Toronto Star, October 7, 2008
Oct. 8
In Ireland, Clonmacnoise was a light in the Dark Ages: New York Daily News, September 14, 2008
Sep. 15
Heaney to head Tara celebrations: Irish News, August 15, 2008
Aug. 16
Troubled waters: North Shore News (Vancouver), August 3, 2008
Aug. 4
Flint hints at existence of Palaeolithic man in Ireland: The Sunday Times, July 27, 2008
Jul. 28
Irish Viking trade centre unearthed: BBC, May 6, 2008
Jul. 23
Top archaeologists urge protection of iconic Tara: Irish Independent, July 15, 2008
Jul. 16
Leading archaeologists to debate 'ethics' of Tara road: Irish Independent, June 7, 2008
Jun. 19
Pope hails Irish role in Europe: BBC, June 12, 2008
Jun. 13
Ancient manuscript to be restored: Ireland.com, June 1, 2008
Jun. 2
Gormley – Viking settlement artefacts to remain buried: Irish Examiner, May 5, 2008
May 5
The sounds of an ancient past: BBC, April 4, 2008
Apr. 9
On top of the world . . . campaign to give Rock of Cashel heritage status: Irish Independent, April 2, 2008
Apr. 6
Running an M3 through our heritage: Derry Journal, March 19, 2008
Mar. 20
St Patrick drove out the pagans – not the snakes: Sunday Independent, March 16, 2008
Mar. 16
Heaney hits at 'desecration' of sacred Tara: The Observer, March 2, 2008
Mar. 2
Museum patron brings ancient relic back to its rightful home: The News Letter, January 1, 2008
Jan. 12
Tara site named in top 10 archaeological discoveries: Irish Independent, December 31, 2007
Jan. 2
Newgrange sunrise set to go global: Irish Independent, December 14, 2007
Dec. 14
Prehistoric find was 'the icing on the cake': Tyrone Times, October 23, 2007
Oct. 24
Fifty lucky winners get tickets for solstice at Newgrange: Irish Independent, September 29, 2007
Sep. 29
Court battles loom in fight to save site: The Observer, September 23, 2007
Sep. 23
Scholars uncover one ringfort to rule them all: Irish Examiner
Aug. 21
Bronze Age Irish real ale boozers?: UTV Internet, August 11, 2007
Aug. 12
Ancient site on endangered list: BBC, June 7, 2007
Jun. 29
Ancient Hill of Tara is put on 'crisis list' backed by WMF over road: Independent on Sunday, June 9, 2007
Jun. 14
Lasers to shed light on mysteries of Book of Kells: The Independent, June 8, 2007
Jun. 8
Book of Kells to tell its secrets: Sunday Tribune, June 3, 2007
Jun. 5
As The Man Says – Through Tara's halls: Ulster Herald, May 31, 2007
Jun. 4
Irish Classic Is Still a Hit (in Calfskin, Not Paperback): New York Times, May 28, 2007
May 29
Erin Go Faster: New York Times, May 25, 2007
May 26
Two major surveys failed to discover ancient site: Sunday Independent, May 6, 2007
May 6
Dwellings of Ireland's early settlers found: Irish Examiner, April 22, 2007
Apr. 24
2,000-year-old remains found in Clare: Ireland.com, April 2, 2007
Apr. 18
Get your hands off our pagan statue: The Observer, April 15, 2007
Apr. 16
Ancient Tara site nominated for endangered list: Irish Independent, February 13, 2007
Feb. 13
Alien Gods and Magic In Ireland: American Chronicle, January 17, 2007
Jan. 18
Should we cut 'bog bodies' a little respect?: Irish Examiner, January 1, 2007
Jan. 2
How a manuscript found in an Irish peat bog was saved: The Art Newspaper, December 18, 2006
Dec. 19
Motorway runs into the Stone Age as experts dig up a 'major' ancient site: Irish Independent, October 30, 2006
Oct. 30
Study finds no genetic divide between Celts and English: Sunday Independent, October 1, 2006
Oct. 1
If you'd gone down to the woods about 4,000 years ago ...: The Sunday Times, September 3, 2006
Sep. 6
Dances with wolves – The Ireland of old: Irish Examiner, September 4, 2006
Sep. 5
Motorway builders revealed ancient royal ruins: Irish Independent, September 1, 2006
Sep. 1
Lough Neagh's 'island paradise': BBC
Aug. 15
More pieces of hidden bog book found: The Irish Times
Aug. 6
The bog man still looking his best 2,300 years later: The Times, August 1, 2006
Aug. 2
English invasion of Ireland in 12th century based on 'sexed-up dodgy dossier': Sunday Tribune, July 30, 2006
Aug. 1
Safely Stuck in the Muck, for Centuries: New York Times, July 30, 2006
Jul. 31
Discovery in midlands bog 'of staggering importance': The Irish Times, July 26, 2006
Jul. 26
Stories in the stone: Boston Globe, July 20, 2006
Jul. 21
The original con trick: Daily Ireland, July 19, 2006
Jul. 20
Great Celtic manuscripts resurrected after lost years: Sunday Independent, July 2, 2006
Jul. 5
'Bog bodies' were part of Iron Age kingship rituals: Daily Ireland, June 21, 2006
Jun. 22
This motorway is a disgrace to our heritage: The Guardian, June 8, 2006
Jun. 8
Land of High Kings is battlefield for fight between heritage and growth: The Guardian, May 30, 2006
May 30
Ancient refuge found by workmen: BBC, February 25, 2006
May 17
Bronze Age man's burial site unearthed: BBC, February 2, 2006
May 13
Arms control on the Aran Islands: Village, April 20, 2006
May 1
Celtic hero: Village, March 16, 2006
Mar. 30
'Spitting in kids' faces scared off evil spirits': Sunday Independent, March 26, 2006
Mar. 27
Bruce watched spider 'in Northern Ireland': The Scotsman, March 21, 2006
Mar. 21
St Patrick – an unbeatable brand representing our national pride: Irish Independent, March 13, 2006
Mar. 14
Patrick never made official saint: Sunday Independent, March 5, 2006
Mar. 6
Recreating the voyage of St Columba around the Scottish coast in 563: The Independent, February 25, 2006
Feb. 27
The ties that bind: Boston Globe, February 20, 2006
Feb. 23
Dance clue to Book of Kells: The Sunday Times, June 19, 2005
Feb. 15
Pat trick: Irish Echo, February 10, 2006
Feb. 10
Murdered "Bog Men" Found With Hair Gel, Manicured Nails: National Geographic, January 17, 2006
Jan. 20
Hair-gelled Celt may have been sacrificed: The Scotsman, January 19, 2006
Jan. 20
If New York's Irish Claim Nobility, Science May Back Up the Blarney: New York Times, January 18, 2006
Jan. 18
Writer sheds light on ancient book: Irish Examiner, January 16, 2006
Jan. 17
Irish bog reveals secrets of Iron Age hair gel: Daily Telegraph, January 7, 2006
Jan. 15
Iron Age 'bog bodies' unveiled: BBC, January 6, 2006
Jan. 15
Seat of Celtic kings is threatened by motorway: Daily Telegraph, January 13, 2006
Jan. 13
Bog finds call for new view of our Iron Age ancestors: The Irish Times, January 7, 2005
Jan. 7
Graveyard yields secrets of ancient world: BBC, January 4, 2006
Jan. 5
Experts confident of further treasures from Viking site: Irish Examiner, September 3, 2005
Dec. 10
Medieval skeletons unearthed at city walls: Irish Independent, April 23, 2005
Nov. 26
Yours for £900,000, the island where St Patrick ran aground: The Independent, August 12, 2005
Aug. 17
Urban landscape 'will replace Tara's myth and mystery': Irish Independent, April 27, 2005
Jun. 7
Irish Road to Progress Jams at Ancient Hill: Boston Globe, April 1, 2005
May 26
Minister to press ahead with Tara route for motorway: The Irish Times, March 31, 2005
May 26
M-way threatens Ireland's treasure: BBC, May 13, 2005
May 26
A Road Runs Through Tara: New York Times, April 25, 2005
May 18
Did Ratzinger Pick Befuddle Malachy?: WildGeese.com, April 19, 2005
Apr. 29
Proof Of Island's Ancient Heritage: The News Letter, November 17, 2004
Apr. 15
2,000-year-old remains found in bog: Irish Independent, January 24, 2005
Apr. 12
Full excavation of Viking site 'essential': Irish Examiner, January 5, 2005
Mar. 21
Patrick – apostle, evangelist, prophet, and the island's first ever PR man: Sunday Independent, March 13, 2005
Mar. 13
Memorial to Liverpool's links with Saint Patrick: Irish Post, January 7, 2005
Mar. 1
Road 'threatens seat of kings': BBC, December 21, 2004
Feb. 15
More Viking sites likely, say archaeologists: Irish Examiner, December 8, 2004
Feb. 7
How Strongbow started family line: The Guardian, January 27, 2005
Jan. 29
Scion of traitors and warlords: why Bush is coy about his Irish links: The Guardian, January 27, 2005
Jan. 28
In Ireland, Commuters vs. Kings: Washington Post, January 22, 2005
Jan. 22
Proof Of Island's Ancient Heritage: The News Letter, November 16, 2004
Jan. 2
10,000 oppose road near seat of High Kings: Irish Independent, November 6, 2004
Dec. 27
5,700-year-old house found at bypass site: Irish Examiner, September 21, 2004
Nov. 5
Decision due on Hill of Tara motorway: The Guardian, November 11, 2004
Nov. 12
Twilight of the Celts: The Independent, November 10, 2004
Nov. 10
History of Halloween dates back to Ireland 2,000 years ago: Wayne University South End, October 29, 2004
Oct. 31
Irish homecoming for Viking boat: BBC, September 6, 2004
Oct. 6
Viking woman's grave a 'significant' discovery: Irish Examiner, August 24, 2004
Sep. 28
Dundrum and the Holy Grail: Down Democrat, August 10, 2004
Sep. 17
The Irish are not Celts, say experts: The Sunday Times, September 4, 2004
Sep. 7
Greeks can't hold a torch to the Ancient Irish: Irish Independent, August 21, 2004
Aug. 25
Painstaking dig uncovers ancient bones near Dublin Castle: Sunday Business Post, July 11, 2004
Aug. 14
Outrage over destruction of Celtic fort: UTV Internet, June 21, 2004
Jul. 11
Ancient Viking site 'may be Ireland's own Pompei' as intact town found: Irish Independent, June 5, 2004
Jun. 24
Excavation likely at Viking site: Irish Examiner, June 2, 2004
Jun. 21
A Short History of the Celts: Wild Geese, June 3, 2004
Jun. 18
Viking settlement find means trouble for Waterford road: Irish Echo, May 21, 2004
Jun. 15
On the road to a battle at Tara: Irish Independent, May 19, 2004
Jun. 11
Pirate queen with Irish luck: Los Angeles Times, May 9, 2004
May 11
6th Century AD – The voyage of St. Brendan: Irish Echo, April 23, 2004
May 10
Patrick the Superman: Irish Voice/IrishAbroad.com, March 12, 2004
Apr. 10
May you get to know St. Patrick tomorrow: New York Newsday, March 16, 2004
Mar. 22
Museum plea delays Viking coins sell-off: Irish Independent, February 25, 2004
Mar. 27
Delight as 9,000-year-old artefacts are uncovered: (from the Irish News, February 9, 2004)
Mar. 15
Viking settlement unearthed in Cork: Irish Examiner, February 13, 2004
Mar. 11
Items 9,000 Years Past Use-By Date: The News Letter, February 10, 2004
Mar. 8
Motorway is a threat to spirit of Tara: (from the Irish News, January 5, 2004)
Jan. 28
Many years ago – the Celtic origins of Christmas rites: Irish Echo, December 26, 2003
Dec. 28
Ancient monument sheds light on Ireland's past: Boston Herald, December 22, 2003
Dec. 24
Earliest Irish Vikings found in car park: The Sunday Times, September 7, 2003
Sep. 14
Viking warrior's remains uncovered: Irish Echo, August 13, 2003
Aug. 23
Find of Lifetime as Dig Reveals Sacred Ancient Shrine: The News Letter, August 12, 2003
Aug. 14
Ancient Irish burial rites 'fleshed out': The Sunday Times
Aug. 4
Nuts and bones help date huts back to Stone Age: Irish Independent, July 17, 2003
Jul. 31
Station could hold medieval secrets: BBC, June 20, 2003
Jul. 9
Pilgrims row from Ulster to Iona: The Times, June 9, 2003
Jun. 11
Further digs at site where Iron Age man's body found: Irish Examiner, May 26, 2003
Jun. 10
Legend of Saint holds a blessing in disguise: Belfast Telegraph, May 23, 2003
May 31
Body in bog could be 2,000 years old, says museum: Irish Examiner, May 16, 2003
May 23
Medieval castle found on site of military base: (from the Irish News, April 29, 2003)
May 13
989 years ago — Boru prevails at Clontarf: Irish Echo, April 23, 2003
May 11
Flatley digs heritage after workers unearth 4,000-year-old burial site: Irish Independent, April 30, 2003
May 8
Scotland's St. Columba remembered: Washington Times, March 13, 2003
Apr. 6
An Irish saint from . . . Wales? Scotland?: San Francisco Chronicle, March 16, 2003
Apr. 8
Celtic warriors 'were bisexual': The Sunday Times, March 30, 2003
Apr. 1
Rafters reveal Salisbury Cathedral's Irish roots: The Times, March 5, 2003
Mar. 16

Site throws new light on the people: (from the Irish News, January 9, 2003)

Ancient Irish farm unearthed: The Guardian, January 13, 2003

A thousand years on, we honour our King Brian: Limerick Leader, December 28, 2002

To damage Hill of Tara is a tragedy: (from the Irish News, November 18, 2002)

Huge temple found under Hill of Tara: Irish Examiner, November 12, 2002

The saint who gave Strongbow the Last Rites: (from the Irish News, November 14, 2002)

Scots keen to claim St. Pat's birthplace: Irish Post/IrishAbroad.com, October 23, 2002

Discovery of Middle Bronze Age burial pit raises hopes of uncovering medieval town: Irish Independent, June 29, 2002

Irishman brings God to a land in turmoil: Irish Post/IrishAbroad.com, June 5, 2002

How's the craic? You don't want to know: Irish Echo, April 10, 2002

Prehistoric tomb site reveals its wonders to the public: Irish Independent, April 4, 2002

Offaly bog people 1,000 years older than suspected: The Irish Times, April 4, 2002

Book records antiquities of Mayo: The Irish Times, March 18, 2002

Patrick: A Reflection on His Writings: The Blanket, March 14, 2002

Ireland's bloodless revolutionary: Irish World, March 13, 2002

Ousted King Dermot invited the Normans: Irish Post, February 6, 2002

Ancient timbers provide link to past: The News Letter, February 5, 2002

Going underground: The Irish Times, February 2, 2002

Bronze Age find is a first for Wicklow: The Irish Times, January 29, 2002

Carrigaholt fighting to save castle from falling into sea: The Irish Times, January 19, 2002

Foundations of medieval castle unearthed in dig: The Irish Times, January 16, 2002

Mystery of the golden artefact is torc of town: Irish Independent, November 30, 2001

Bronze Age house found in Wicklow: UTV Internet, October 21, 2001

Bronze Age trove found at sewage site: The Irish Times, September 28, 2001

In quest of living legends: The Irish Times, September 22, 2001

St Kevin's Way opened in Glendalough: The Irish Times, September 8, 2001

Women's role in cow milking highlighted: The Irish Times, August 10, 2001

Uncovering the history of the Lough Gara crannogs: The Irish Times, June 22, 2001

Church of Brian Boru may have to close: The Irish Times, June 16, 2001

Britain's stone 'pyramids' offer up ancient secrets: Toronto Globe and Mail, June 9, 2001

The holy island ground: The Irish Times, June 2, 2001

National heritage site 'bulldozed': The Irish Times, May 26, 2001

Viking raids came from Scotland says historian: The Irish Times, April 23, 2001

Iron Age skeleton found during archaeological dig: The Irish Times, April 21, 2001

Genes link Celts to Basques: BBC, April 3, 2001

Basques are brothers of the Celts: Daily Telegraph, April 3, 2001

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