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Articles from daily newspapers relevant to the debate on Irish history. Click here for articles that appeared before March 2001. For more information or comments e-mail Newshound.


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Date posted
King William monument to go on display at Orange museum: Belfast Telegraph
Aug. 3
William of Orange and tale of the linen tablecloth: The News Letter
Jan. 24
The Guns of Mullaghmore: Leitrim Observer
Nov. 28
The widowed Máire Rua married Cromwell's junior officer to keep her Burren house: TheJournal.ie
Aug. 15
An archaeologist visited an Irish castle for a survey. He never expected to find a 17th century party stash.: Washington Post, November 13, 2014
Jul. 28
'Unruly, fractious, disreputable' – Irish Franciscans in Prague: The Irish Times
Apr. 29
Hoard of 17th century artefacts found at Rathfarnham Castle: The Irish Times, October 30, 2014
Apr. 29
Tests to determine if Sligo boat is part of doomed Spanish Armada fleet: Irish Independent
Apr. 2
William of Orange troops may have given us road bowling: Irish Examiner, December 6, 2014
Mar. 20
Rehabilitating Miler Magrath – a Catholic and Protestant bishop: The Irish Times, August 21, 2014
Mar. 7
New Siege museum moves forward in Derry: Derry Journal, May 21, 2014
Dec. 31
Dig at church unearths burial vaults: Irish Examiner
Oct. 24
Lost Dunluce town reveals plantation secrets: BBC
Sep. 24
Dungannnon and Cookstown councils prepare to mark O'Neill anniversary: Mid Ulster Mail
Sep. 2
Delving into the vellum treasures of our past: The Irish Times, February 4, 2014
Jun. 29
17th Century Gaelic historian to be honoured: Irish Independent, February 17, 2014
May 9
After 325 years, could Lundy the traitor now be declared innocent?: Belfast Telegraph
Apr. 12
How the Irish saved Thanksgiving: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com
Dec. 31
Dig hopes to unearth secrets of Plantation: Belfast Telegraph, June 20, 2013
Nov. 18
400 Years Ago, The Marriage of Owen Roe O'Neill and Rosa: TheWildGeese.com
Jul. 12
Maps reveal owners of lands taken by Cromwell: Sunday Independent
May 26
Derry was days from surrender in 'The Siege': Derry Journal
May 7
The man who created St. Patrick's Day is now long forgotten by Irish: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com (Editorial)
Mar. 20
First, Richard III; next, digging up Tyrone's priestly king from an Armagh car park?: Tyrone Times
Mar. 1
King Billy, Derry and a Dutch city: Derry Journal
Mar. 1
Apprentice Boys – Is Robert Lundy much maligned?: The News Letter
Feb. 11
Apprentice Boys: Display brings historic siege to life: The News Letter
Feb. 7
Aftermath of the Siege of Derry: Derry Journal, February 16, 2012
Jan. 30
Irish the 'forgotten white slaves' says expert John Martin: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com
Jan. 29
Travel writer recalls 17th century Ireland as bleak place where ignorant men ate soap: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com
Jan. 18
'Londonderry's' birth certificate can be found in Bible – Minister: Londonderry Sentinel, March 22, 2012
Jan. 18
Kingdom's lost treasure was hidden in a castle: Irish Independent, November 14, 2012
Nov. 27
Ireland's Revenge on the Tudors: The Nation (Sri Lanka), August 12, 2012
Oct. 6
Cromwell, Scourge of God: The Nation (Sri Lanka), August 19, 2012
Sep. 24
Discovered wreck may have been first ship to bring coconuts to Ireland: Irish Examiner, May 23, 2012
Aug. 29
Underground history of 'The Tunnel': Portadown Times, August 10, 2011
Aug. 20
1691: Ireland's defining moment – a reminder of what we all can accomplish: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com, August 9, 2012
Aug. 15
Our own little Pompeii beneath Dunluce Castle: The News Letter, August 9, 2012
Aug. 15
Pirate raid's gory details captured in exhibition: Irish Examiner, July 16, 2012
Jul. 22
The not so terrible Tudors: Kilkenny People, April 28, 2012
Jun. 15
Star-shaped Elizabeth Fort to be opened to the public: The Irish Times, May 1, 2012
Jun. 14
City surrendered to Cromwell three hundred and sixty years ago this week: Galway Advertiser, April 12, 2012
Apr. 19
White slavery in colonial New England: York County Coast Star, February 16, 2012
Feb. 19
Unearthed – 17th century shopping centre that drew the bargain-hunters to Dunluce: Belfast Telegraph, February 23, 2011
Feb. 16
Apprentice Boy looked after coffers as city struggled in Siege aftermath: Londonderry Sentinel, October 20, 2011
Nov. 7
1641 depositions exhibition opens: Belfast Telegraph, October 22, 2010
Oct. 25
Historic Derry Walls to be protected by wardens: BBC, October 13, 2011
Oct. 19
Plantation era fort and brewery discovered: Londonderry Sentinel, January 5, 2011
Sep. 3
Browning, a local hero who saved the Apprentice Boys: The News Letter, August 9, 2011
Aug. 15
Honoring the Irish emigrants – the story of the 'Wild Geese Irish Soldiers & Heroes': Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com, August 10, 2011
Aug. 14
Donegal wreck may have Spanish Armada link: The Irish Times, August 6, 2011
Aug. 8
Folklore suggests at least one mass grave exists below the city: Londonderry Sentinel, January 20, 2011
Jun. 26
Infanticide, genocide and abuse in Londonderry: Protestant tales of the terror of 1641: Londonderry Sentinel, June 3, 2011
Jun. 7
British skulduggery proved a healthy export: Irish Examiner, May 25, 2011
May 28
How lies about Irish 'barbarism' in 1641 paved way for Cromwell's atrocities: Guardian.co.uk, February 19, 2011
Feb. 21
1641 Rebellion massacre reports based on hearsay, study shows: The Irish Times, February 18, 2011
Feb. 19
Siege dead found at First Derry: Londonderry Sentinel, January 12, 2011
Feb. 13
Bones beneath Derry church may be mass grave from siege: Belfast Telegraph, January 14, 2011
Jan. 20
Remains of 1600 fort discovered: Belfast Telegraph, December 27, 2010
Jan. 13
Viscount Eustace of Baltinglass: Carlow Nationalist, December 14, 2010
Dec. 23
Plantation – The Truth & the Legacy: UTV Internet, December 13, 2010
Dec. 14
Islamic pirates' raid on Baltimore: Carlow Nationalist, November 16, 2010
Nov. 21
Accounts shine light on massacre of 1641: The News Letter, November 1, 2010
Nov. 16
The legacy of the 1641 Rebellion: The News Letter, October 29, 2010 (by Ian Paisley)
Oct. 29
The Desmond rebellions: Carlow Nationalist, June 17, 2010
Sep. 15
They fight with us, then against us -- I blame God: Irish Independent, August 21, 2010
Aug. 21
Suggested river crossing on collision course with historic site: Londonderry Sentinel, July 8, 2010
Jul. 15
King Billy on a white horse? Could Ulster's Orangemen at least get their own mythology right?: Telegraph.co.uk, July 14, 2010
Jul. 14
How a huge Irish community came to be in Jamaica: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com, June 23, 2010
Jul. 9
An Irishman's Diary – map of Dublin: The Irish Times, July 5, 2010
Jul. 5
William of Orange's mace back at the Boyne: BBC, June 10, 2010
Jun. 30
Boyne diary goes for triple expected price: The News Letter, June 9, 2010
Jun. 11
Order joins battle for Boyne diary: The Sunday Times, June 6, 2010
Jun. 6
Witness statements from Irish rebellion and massacres of 1641 go online: Guardian.co.uk, March 7, 2010
Mar. 22
Experts explore 1641 Irish slayings of Protestants: Washington Post, March 3, 2010
Mar. 5
The guns that saved a city: The News Letter, April 29, 2008
Dec. 23
Rebellion manuscripts go digital: The Irish Times, November 6, 2009
Nov. 29
Curse of Cromwell extended to Ireland's wolf population: The Irish Times, November 11, 2009
Nov. 12
320-year-old logbook discovered in Belfast: Irish Examiner, October 24, 2009
Oct. 25
How Ireland was mapped: BBC, October 15, 2009
Oct. 16
Second act for old theatre: Irish Independent, August 15, 2009
Aug. 15
'Hidden history' uncovered on tour: BBC, May 29, 2009
Jun. 5
Barbados's memorial to Irish slaves reignites Cromwell row: Irish News, May 4, 2009
May 5
Plans for massacre site angers locals: Sunday Tribune, April 19, 2009
Apr. 20
Village's history changed forever on June 20, 1631: Irish Examiner, April 18, 2009
Apr. 18
Secrets revealed in house where King Billy stayed: The News Letter, February 11, 2009
Feb. 23
Ó Cuív wants Aughrim site developed into tourism draw: The Irish Times, December 5, 2008
Jan. 10
Was the castle wall collapse linked to 400-year-old tale?: The News Letter, October 14, 2008
Dec. 25
Orangemen buy green, grassy slopes of the Boyne: The News Letter, October 10, 2008
Oct. 13
Cromwell – historical fact and the hysterical myth: Irish Independent, September 12, 2008
Sep. 12
The Big Question – Was Cromwell a revolutionary hero or a genocidal war criminal?: The Independent, September 4, 2008
Sep. 4
Massacres at Drogheda and Wexford were 'war crimes': Sunday Independent, August 31, 2008
Aug. 31
O'Doherty rebellion of 1608 kept alive by Derry academics: Irish News, August 26, 2008
Aug. 29
Pope to mark Flight of Earls: Irish News, May 22, 2008
May 23
Battle-hardened veterans laying our ghosts to rest: Sunday Independent, May 4, 2008
May 20
Hand of peace at 300-year-old killing fields: Irish Independent, May 6, 2008
May 7
Battle of Boyne site to be officially opened next month: The News Letter, April 5, 2008
Apr. 8
Flight of the Earls legacy remembered in the Alps: Irish News, February 25, 2008
Feb. 26
Celebrating the Plantation: Derry Journal, February 20, 2008
Feb. 21
Cabinet approves Plantation stamps: Ireland.com, February 5, 2008
Feb. 8
The bard of Armagh and other notables: Derry Journal, January 25, 2008
Jan. 29
Call for overlooked site of key battle to get 'Boyne treatment': Irish News, January 14, 2008
Jan. 20
Skeletons unearthed in Co Galway believed to be combatants from Battle of Aughrim in 1691: Belfast Telegraph, January 3, 2008
Jan. 4
New project to publish stories of 1641 uprising: The Observer, October 21, 2007
Oct. 25
Flight of the Earls term panders to English – O Bradaigh: (from the Irish News, September 8, 2007)
Sep. 12
Laggan behind in Glenmaquin: Belfast Telegraph, July 12, 2007
Jul. 13
Orchard County landmark at risk: BBC, June 13, 2007
Jun. 19
Pope supported the Protestant King William: Irish Independent, May 12, 2007
May 24
Plea to protect battleground: The News Letter, May 12, 2007
May 23
Return of the Wild Geese: The Blanket, April 28, 2007
May 22
Dig uncovers political intrigue: BBC, May 10, 2007
May 21
Lord Laird welcomes plan to restore monument at site: The News Letter, May 15, 2007
May 18
Land of our fathers?: Irelandclick.com, May 11, 2007
May 14
Paisley to present rifle to Boyne: UTV Internet, April 25, 2007
May 2
Reflecting on the exploits of 'the Earl's man': (from the Irish News, March 19, 2007)
Mar. 20
Ahern launches 1607 programme: Ireland.com, February 21, 2007
Feb. 22
Two new stamps to mark key Franciscan anniversaries: Irish Independent, February 13, 2007
Feb. 15
Flight of the Earls to be commemorated: Ireland.com, February 6, 2007
Feb. 12
Translation unlocks key history text: BBC, October 25, 2005
May 30
Raleigh round: Limerick Leader, May 27, 2006
May 29
Dawn of the Ulster-Scots: Belfast Telegraph, May 18, 2006
May 20
Gaelic Lordship and Tudor Conquest – Tír Eoghain, 1541-1603: History Ireland, September/October 2005
May 10
Film Traces Mystery Of King William Banner: The News Letter, July 18, 2005
Feb. 26
Ulster-Scots Manuscript Gets Makeover: The News Letter, February 14, 2006
Feb. 17
Ceremony to celebrate Irish Huguenots: Irish Examiner, February 9, 2006
Feb. 10
Flight a key moment in history: (from the Irish News, January 13, 2006)
Jan. 24
Knox link to Ireland revealed in letters: The Herald, October 10, 2005
Oct. 10
King Billy Banner Is Bound To Stirrup A Big Debate: The News Letter, June 10, 2005
Jul. 19
Order quits on Aughrim: Daily Ireland, March 15, 2005
Jun. 6
Famine Forced Lowland Scots Across To Ulster: The News Letter, January 22, 2005
Apr. 27
Pirate queen to Grace pages of British school history: Sunday Independent (Jan 2)
Mar. 28
An Taisce and planners clash over battle site: Irish Independent, January 13, 2005
Mar. 7
Warrior Grainne is new hero for UK pupil: Irish Independent, December 30, 2004
Feb. 9
Boyne Site Proposals Are 'Cultural Genocide': The News Letter, November 1, 2004
Dec. 10
321 years ago – Dongan calls Assembly: Irish Echo, October 15, 2004
Nov. 13
Is that King Billy on the wall?: Belfast Telegraph, September 9, 2004
— King Billy picture mentioned in the article above
Sep. 10
Have King Billy's Boys Been Found?: The News Letter, April 26, 2004
May 12
Orange and green unite over Boyne: Belfast Telegraph, May 15, 2004
May 18
New Angle On William's Battle: The News Letter, March 2, 2004
Apr. 5
Enough to turn Orangemen green: Sunday Life, January 25, 2004
Feb. 26
Orangemen Set For Battle of the Boyne: The News Letter, December 22, 2003
Jan. 22
Chalice thrown in lake in 1653 centrepiece of Mass: Irish Examiner, December 22, 2003
Jan. 20
Protest at Boyne battle site: BBC, December 21,2003
Jan. 18
King Billy Brought to Book Over Battle: The News Letter, November 24, 2003
Dec. 7
'The O'Neill' Bedevils Mountjoy at Moyry Pass: Wild Geese, September 29, 2003
Nov. 19
28 years ago – Oliver Plunkett canonized: Irish Echo, October 10, 2003
Nov. 20
London’s role in ‘Coleraine plantation’: (from the Irish News, August 20, 2003)
Sep. 10
Huntington Thinks It Little Needs Cromwell's Lion on Its Town Crest: New York Times, August 6, 2003
Aug. 7
Cromwell's ill-fated ship is uncovered: Irish Independent, July 12, 2003
Aug. 2
King Billy battle re-enacted: BBC, July 14, 2003
Jul. 19
Magee puts Laggan army up for inspection: Belfast Telegraph, June 20, 2003
Jun. 30
Ulster Bid to Buy Somme Battle Site: The News Letter, June 5, 2003
Jun. 22

Epic march follows footsteps of history: Irish Examiner, December 31, 2002

Battle of the Boyne looms over proposed incinerator: Irish Examiner, December 27, 2002

British set to return stolen Irish cannons: The Sunday Times, September 8, 2002

So was Cromwell really a good guy?: Irish Independent, August 14, 2002

Armada booty surfaces in Derry: The Sunday Times, August 11, 2002

Irish massacre town rejects Cromwell show: The Sunday Times, August 4, 2002

Did you know? Some facts about 1690 and all that: Belfast Telegraph, July 12, 2002

Shakespeare ‘created Irish stereotype’: The Sunday Times, June 2, 2002

Dublin dig shows accuracy of map of 17th century: The Irish Times, April 16, 2002

Lordly anger at Irish seeking a Welsh haven: Irish Post/IrishAbroad.com, March 13, 2002

A master of rhyme who wanted to starve the Irish: Irish Post/IrishAbroad.com, March 8, 2002

Academics to discuss Battle of Kinsale's effects: The Irish Times, December 4, 2001

Farce that was the Battle of Kinsale: Sunday Independent, September 23, 2001

William of Orange 'funded by the Pope': The Sunday Times, September 23, 2001

Prince Andrew here for Kinsale commemoration: Irish Independent, September 22, 2001

An Irishman's Diary – origins of Irish republicanism, 1627: The Irish Times, September 10, 2001

352 years ago: The Drogheda massacre: Irish Echo, September 5, 2001

394 years ago: The Flight of the Earls: Irish Echo, August 29, 2001

England's blessing, Ireland's curse – William III: The Times, August 13, 2001

Row over £234,000 per acre for battle site: Sunday Independent, July 1, 2001

Cromwell branded as war criminal in BBC history documentary: Irish Post, May 9, 2001

Christ Church's crypt holds a trove of history: The Irish Times, May 1, 2001

Monument honours famous Ulster chief: Irish Examiner, April 30, 2001

Historical papers are in danger of rotting: Irish Independent, April 23, 2001

Printing of Ireland's first book to be commemorated – Book of Common Prayer: The Irish Times, April 17, 2001

Historians fighting to preserve bloody battlefield: Irish Independent, April 14, 2001

Click here for articles on Irish history that appeared before March 2001.


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