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Articles from daily newspapers relevant to the debate on Irish history. Click here for articles that appeared before March 2001. For more information or comments e-mail Newshound.


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Date posted
When Ireland starved – An Irish famine pilgrimage: Bucks County Courier Times
Nov. 25
Irish Hunger memorial dedicated in small Stanislaus County cemetery: Modesto Bee
Nov. 25
Europe 'should learn the lessons of the Irish Famine' in current refugee crisis: Irish Independent
Nov. 25
Montreal's Irish fight for memorial to the 6,000 famine immigrants who died of typhus: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com
Oct. 23
Quakers and the Famine explained: Irish Echo
Oct. 1
The unfulfilled dreams of Grosse Ile: Brampton Guardian
Oct. 1
Great Famine victims' teeth contain evidence of starvation: The Irish Times
Aug. 29
New Famine Memorial Garden opens in Fermanagh: The Irish Times
Aug. 29
Human bones found in Gaspé could be from 1847 shipwreck: CBC
Aug. 22
What I learned tracing the steps of Irish Famine migrants: The Irish Times
Aug. 4
'Ultrarunner' Michael Collins retraces Irish Diaspora's past in 900-km run: Toronto Globe and Mail
Jul. 18
50,000 Famine Irish in US were deported back to Ireland: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com
Jun. 21
Irish Montrealers push for memorial to 6,000 immigrants who died of ship fever: Campbell River Mirror
Jun. 5
Famine misery 'targeted Ulster's Catholic and Protestant poor': BBC, January 20, 2015
Mar. 4
The Artist Who Dared to Paint Ireland's Great Famine: New York Times
Mar. 3
Number of Catholic baptisms cut by more than half in years after the Famine, study reveals: Irish Mirror
Mar. 2
Famine film highlights historic links between Ireland and Turkey: Irish Post
1 Feb 16
Famine novel will only appeal to the grievance junkies: Belfast Telegraph
Cork City wined and dined during Famine, Boole letters show: Irish Examiner
Nov. 5
Famine memorial near site of Irvinestown workhouse: BBC
Oct. 30
Teeth of children who died in Famine carry hidden history: The Irish Times
Oct. 17
Memorial stone marks Warrenpoint Famine exodus: The News Letter
Oct. 7
Irish Famine – How Ulster was devastated by its impact: BBC
Oct. 7
Irish Famine – Newry hosts first Northern Ireland commemoration ceremony: BBC
Oct. 5
It's time to get over the fact that the Great Famine was not genocide: Sunday Independent
Oct. 4
New Orleans tells of its Irish famine history, Part 1: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com
Jul. 29
Mexican-Irish hero to be honoured in Clifden: Galway Advertiser, November 6, 2014
Jul. 24
It all adds up – Cork to honour father of the digital revolution: Irish Examiner, November 6 ,2014
Jul. 9
Milk teeth of Irish famine's youngest victims reveal secrets of malnutrition: The Guardian
Jun. 3
Lawyers, teachers, doctors were among victims of the Great Famine: Irish Examiner
Jun. 3
Famine walk of 155km retraces 1847 route to coffin ships: The Irish Times
May 6
Ever heard of the Pole who helped Famine victims? He's been honoured in Dublin: TheJournal.ie
Apr. 29
Inspiring emigrant letters home to Ireland from America in the Famine era: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com
Apr. 29
How Ireland's Great Hunger was depicted in the media at the time: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com
Apr. 24
The famine-Irish in the United States committed A LOT of crime: TheJournal.ie
Apr. 2
Why the Real Story of the Irish Exodus to America Isn't Taught in Schools: American Prospect
Apr. 2
Sir Tom Devine – Those behind Irish Famine Memorial guilty of amateurism: The Herald
Mar. 20
Irish Famine memorial commemorates part of Cornwall's heritage: Cornwall (ONT) Seaway News
Mar. 15
In The Anniversary Of A Shipwreck, A Reminder Of The Immigrant Experience: WBUR.org, October 9, 2014
Mar. 15
Story of Famine's youngest victims unearthed in mass grave: Irish Examiner, September 8, 2014
Mar. 2
Essays on Famine complement US museum collection: The Irish Times
Feb. 25
Protestant New Yorker who saved hundreds of Irish famine victims: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com
Feb. 11
It's our national duty to honour memory of Famine victims – Enda Kenny: Irish Independent, May 5, 2014
Jan. 12
Quinnipiac Irish Famine museum puts records of the Great Hunger online: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com
Dec. 31
Famine cross returns home after 30 years: Irish Examiner
Dec. 1
Refugees of Irish Famine to Get a Proper Burial: New York Times, April 25, 2014
Nov. 22
Starch trek - How the Irish potato famine shaped the foundation of Ottawa: Ottawa Citizen, March 18, 2014
Oct. 24
Irish women abandoned by their families during the Great Hunger: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com
Oct. 21
Mass grave site of famine victims 'needs memorial': Evening Herald
Sep. 9
When The Economist blamed Irish peasants for starving to death: Washington Post
Sep. 9
Famine orphans from Northern Ireland transported to Australia: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com
Sep. 4
Holocaust survivor leads Famine 1848 Walk in Tipperary: The Irish Times
Aug. 5
Starch trek - How the Irish potato famine shaped the foundation of Ottawa: Ottawa Citizen, March 18, 2014
Jul. 22
Rare Famine Ration book found - on show in St Mary's: Tipperary Star
Jul. 7
An Irish Memorial Park at the Black Rock: Montreal Gazette
Jun. 29
Queen pays her respects to Irish who died in WWI: Irish Independent
Jun. 29
First Irishman killed in the Great War honoured at last: Evening Herald
Jun. 29
Montreal's Irish community remembers Black '47: GlobalNews.ca
Jun. 4
Famine exhibit in US sheds new light on women's role: The Irish Times
May 4
American campaign to help 'starving, cold, barefooted children' of Ireland: TheJournal.ie
May 4
West Cork town remembers Famine victims with cross: Irish Examiner
Apr. 20
Robert Peel and the Waning of the "Influence of the Crown" in Ireland, 1812-1818: New Hibernia Review, Summer 2001
Apr. 20
Failure of potato crop not the only cause of Irish famine: InsideOttawaValley.com
Apr. 6
Canada's Partridge Island - A National Historic Site No One Can Visit: The Epoch Times
Mar. 24
Bid to include Irish Famine on US schools' curriculum: Irish Examiner
Mar. 11
Glasgow group continue plans for Irish Famine memorial: Irish Post
Feb. 26
The heartless evictions from the Gerrard estate, 1846: Galway Advertiser
Jan. 27
Victoria 'alarmed' by rain during Killarney visit: Irish Examiner
Dec. 2
Famine Drives Madness for 150 Years: PscychCentral.com
Nov. 29
Famine's Ship of Mercy: Surf City SandPaper
Sep. 8
The Great Hunger and the Celitc Gene: Irish America
Aug. 31
Sydney hosts memorial for Irish orphans fleeing from the great famine: Sydney Morning Herald
Aug. 31
Sydney remembers Ireland's famine refugees: Irish Echo (Australia)
Aug. 26
Pupils asked for ideas on city memorial to Famine settlers: The Herald
Aug. 26
Honouring the workhouse dead – Memorial unveiled in Castlebar: Connaught Telegraph
Aug. 11
US archaeologists unearth Inishbofin village: The Irish Times
Aug. 5
Scientists discover unique strain of blight that caused Famine: Irish Independent
Jun. 16
Irish famine park in Toronto still closed after three years: The Irish Times
Jun. 5
Thousands of Great Hunger victims who died in Staten Island quarantine remembered: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com
May 26
President honours famine victims: Irish Independent
May 21
Delphi Lodge to acknowledge role in Famine deaths: The Irish Times
May 21
Famine experience recalls lives lost during Ireland's Great Hunger: The Irish Times
May 11
Famine friends: The Irish Times
May 3
Hunger for truth: Irish Echo
Apr. 25
Famine Ship Jeanie Johnston Sailed Through Grim Odds: WBUR.org
Mar. 20
The Great Famine is the furnace in which the great Irish soul was forged: Syracuse Post-Standard
Mar. 17
Andy Porros – Forgotten Irish heroes of Mexican-American war: Chicago Sun Times
Mar. 15
Irish Potato Famine trigger found by UC Riverside scientists: San Diego Union-Tribune
Feb. 11
Tracing stories of the Famine: Leinster Express
Feb. 11
Famine-era journal sparks interest in Irish cricket history: The Irish Times, February 29, 2012
Feb. 11
Historic evening: Irish Echo
Feb. 7
A New Beginning for a Church Where Demolition Once Started: New York Times, January 28, 2013
Feb. 4
Kerry's ancestor helped establish White House support for Ireland: The Irish Times
Jan. 25
Facing the Famine – a testy topic that stood out among the fluff: The Irish Times
Jan. 21
Laois locals were paid to play cricket during the Great Famine: The Irish Times, February 2, 2012
Jan. 18
Irish Famine Tribunal postponed because of huge demand to attend: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com, November 18, 2012
Nov. 27
Famine victims deserve to be remembered with special day: The Sun, November 12, 2012
Nov. 20
Historians put names to workhouse register [ famine ]: Irish Independent, October 4, 2011
Nov. 20
New York fundraiser for the Irish Famine Tribunal to examine legacy of the Great Famine in Ireland: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com, September 21, 2012
Oct. 21
Ireland's Forgotten Famine Generation: IrishAmericanCivilWar.com, September 8, 2012
Oct. 21
First ever Great Hunger museum opens next month in the US: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com, September 26, 2012
Oct. 14
Irish historian discovers that Abraham Lincoln donated to Ireland during the Great Famine: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com, September 29, 2012
Oct. 6
Tribunal to shed light on Famine: Irish Echo, October 3, 2012
Oct. 6
Quinnipiac To Open Museum With World's Largest Collection Of Irish Potato Famine Art, Artifacts: Hartford Courant, September 17, 2012
Sep. 24
Genocide by Famine?: The Nation (Sri Lanka), August 26, 2012
Sep. 24
Glasgow plans tribute to settlers who fled famine: The Herald, September 1, 2012
Sep. 8
Borough's towns hit by the Famine: Coleraine Times, August 12, 2011
Sep. 8
Sydney to host global Irish famine event: IrishEcho (Australia), August 29, 2012
Aug. 29
New facts about Great Famine emigration out of Ireland revealed: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com, February 18, 2012
Aug. 18
Polish war hero's part in the struggle for Irish freedom: Carlow Nationalist, August 7, 2012
Aug. 16
Famine memorial to be erected at Sacred Heart Hospital: Connaught Telegraph, August 7, 2012
Aug. 15
Priest helped Irish find feet in Montreal: Drogheda Independent, May 16, 2012
Jun. 13
Ottoman ships on the Boyne: Drogheda Independent, May 23, 2012
Jun. 4
Remembering Irish who fought with Mexico: Irish Echo, May 23, 2012
Jun. 4
Was the Irish potato famine caused by a dust storm in the Sahara carrying microbes to the edge of space... and could they return to blight our crops once more?: Daily Mail, May 22, 2012
May 22
Re-enacted Famine event marks family's gruelling walk: The Irish Times, May 8, 2012
May 8
New Irish Famine documents shed light on incredible nuns and priests in Canada: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com, March 23, 2012
Mar. 24
Irish roots – The potato's role in history goes far beyond the famine: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, March 16, 2012
Mar. 16
Famine shaped the state [Connecticut Post, Bridgeport]: InsuranceNewsNet.com, March 16, 2012
Mar. 16
Famine immigrants' desperate search for missing loved ones: Irish America/IrishCentral.com, January 28, 2012
Feb. 6
How Turks eased hunger of our Famine: Irish Independent, January 23, 2012
Jan. 24
The ghosts of Grosse Ile: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com, May 28, 2011
Jan. 10
Famine commemoration to be held in Drogheda: The Irish Times, December 31, 2011
Jan. 6
Nearly there: Irish Echo, December 14, 2011
Dec. 15
Witnesses to a catastrophe: The Irish Times, October 20, 2011
Dec. 1
An Ghorta Mor – The Great Hunger: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com, June 30, 2009
Nov. 19
Irish American sisters return Famine heirloom silver to Cork: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com, October 17, 2011
Nov. 1
Drogheda bids for famine ceremony: Drogheda Independent, September 7, 2011
Sep. 30
President remembers those who died in the Famine: The Irish Times, September 12, 2011
Sep. 12
Population in parts of Fermanagh almost halved after the Great Famine: Impartial Reporter, August 18, 2011
Aug. 30
Grim statistics of Famine era tracked online: Western People, August 10, 2011
Aug. 26
Grosse Île – Island of Death: TheWildGeese.com
Aug. 16
Clubs urged to mark Great Famine: Belfast Telegraph, August 10, 2011
Aug. 12
Famine commemoration to take place in Monaghan: The Irish Times, July 21, 2011
Aug. 10
Attempts made in 1847 to establish fishing industry in the west: Galway Advertiser, July 7, 2011
Jul. 19
Fish – Not regarded as real food during the Great Famine: Galway Advertiser, June 30, 2011
Jul. 16
Deadly riot erupted in city 162 years ago today: The Telegraph-Journal (New Brunswick), July 12, 2011
Jul. 16
Wreath laying marks 10th anniversary of hunger memorial: Irish Echo, July 14, 2011
Jul. 16
Minister denies postponing Famine event: The Irish Times, July 11, 2011
Jul. 14
Scottish composer in call to mark Irish famine: The Herald, June 28, 2011
Jul. 9
Fables of the Great Irish Famine: Salem-News.com, December 12, 2010
Jul. 9
Hundreds of thousands starved while the sea teemed with fish: Galway Advertiser, June 23, 2011
Jun. 26
100 in Lincoln Park welcome new memorial to Great Irish Famine: Jersey Journal, May 9, 2011
Jun. 20
The Great Famine in Galway: Galway Advertiser, June 16, 2011
Jun. 18
International recognition sought for Great Famine: Offaly Express, June 9, 2011
Jun. 14
Life in Westport before the Great Famine: Mayo News, April 26, 2011
May 26
Famine despair and the 'Castle' of death: Derry Journal, April 29, 2011
Apr. 30
Obama urged to visit Cork and unveil monument to ex-slave: The Irish Times, March 19, 2011
Mar. 19
After starvation and shipwreck, Irish families began their new lives: Ottawa Citizen, March 17, 2011
Mar. 16
The man behind the tricolour: Irish Independent, March 12, 2011
Mar. 16
Frederick Douglass's Irish Liberty: NYTimes.com, February 25, 2011
Feb. 28
Copy of famous Meagher jacket for US Museum: Munster Express, February 11, 2011
Feb. 21
Thomas Francis Meagher and the Young Irelanders (part 1): Carlow Nationalist, October 25, 2010
Nov. 2
What would photos of the Great Famine have been like?: The Irish Times, October 23, 2010
Oct. 27
Newman's seminal work had its roots in Dublin: The Irish Times, September 21, 2010
Sep. 21
Celebrity chef with a recipe for the Famine: The Irish Times, August 28, 2010
Aug. 28
'Little patch of Ireland' teaches big lessons in New Jersey: The Irish Times, July 17, 2010
Aug. 23
Famine and Monastery in Tourmakeady: Connaught Telegraph
Aug. 16
A Look Back – Irish immigrants fight back in 1854 nativist riots: St. Louis Post Dispatch, August 8, 2010
Aug. 9
Canadian reminders of Kildare's famine emigrants: Leinster Leader, March 3, 2010
Jul. 22
Memorial service for victims of Great Famine discovered in mass grave: The Irish Times, May 21, 2010
Jul. 18
How Gary White Deer of Ada, Okla., found himself on the Emerald Isle: Los Angeles Times, July 10, 2010
Jul. 15
Historian honoured fallen Irish of Grosse Île: The Irish Times, May 31, 2010
Jun. 6
Role of Turkey during Famine clarified: The Irish Times, June 1, 2010
Jun. 3
Grave of 19th-century Irish Rebel Discovered in Brooklyn: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com, May 25, 2010
May 29
Irish Famine sparked international fundraising: Irish America/IrishCentral.com, May 20, 2010
May 28
Famine memorial exclusion 'not on purpose': The Irish Times, May 17, 2010
May 27
President opens famine exhibition in NY: RTE, May 22, 2010
May 24
163 Years Later, a President Visits to Say Thank You: New York Times, May 21, 2010
May 23
McAleese attends Famine events in New York: RTE, May 21, 2010
May 21
Famine letters donated to archive: Belfast Telegraph, May 18, 2010
May 19
More than 1,000 attend moving ceremony: The Irish Times, May 17, 2010
May 18
Interest from US in 'unparalleled collection': The Irish Times, May 17, 2010
May 17
Minute's silence urged for victims of Famine: Irish Independent, May 15, 2010
May 15
How New York's Jewish community tried to rescue Irish in great famine: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com, May 11, 2010
May 12
Irish president Mary McAleese will remember the Irish Famine in U.S.: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com, May 9, 2010
May 11
Ceremony to remember victims of the Famine: Irish Independent, May 10, 2010
May 10
Letters' sad tale of the Great Hunger: The Sunday Times, May 2, 2010
May 2
Unveiling of plaques dedicated to VC duo: Belfast Telegraph, May 29, 2009
Apr. 23
English Capitalists Starved Millions of Irish to Death For Profit – George Bernard Shaw: OpEdNews.com, March 21, 2009
Apr. 16
Tribute to gallant Fermanagh soldier: Impartial Reporter, June 11, 2009
Apr. 9
Unknown dead remembered: Londonderry Sentinel, March 25, 2010
Mar. 30
A new look at the Famine: Irish Echo, March 10, 2010
Mar. 11
Plaque unveiled at Famine graveyard: Irish Examiner, March 4, 2010
Mar. 7
Uproar over Denny's famine joke: Irish Echo, February 26, 2010
Mar. 3
Denny's apology falls far short on Irish Famine smear: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com
Mar. 3
How the Irish saved the Donner Party: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com, February 2, 2010
Feb. 11
Toronto's waterfront Ireland Park — A beautiful commemoration to Irish Famine immigrants: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com, July 7, 2009
Jan. 7
An Irishman's Diary – Dr David Walker: The Irish Times, December 31, 2009
Jan. 7
An Irishman's diary from Crimea: The Irish Times, January 2, 2010
Jan. 3
Irish-Americans gather to honor ancestors' memory: Asbury Park Press, November 14, 2009
Nov. 16
New resting place for mass grave immigrants in New York: The Irish Times, October 19, 2009
Oct. 20
AOH commemoration marks 100th anniversary of the Celtic Cross on Grosse Île: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com, September 25, 2009
Sep. 28
P. infestans pathogen genome for Irish potato famine decoded: The Times, September 10, 2009
Sep. 11
Skibbereen commemorates victims of Great Hunger: The Irish Times, May 11, 2009
Jul. 3
Montreal Irish walk in remembrance of coffin ship victims: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com, June 1, 2009
Jun. 2
Victims of the Great Hunger remembered: Irish Independent, May 18, 2009
May 31
Choctaw leader speaks of unique Famine bond: Irish Examiner, May 14, 2009
May 15
Famine town first to honour victims: Irish Examiner, May 7, 2009
May 7
Irish catalyst in Obama's journey: The Irish Times, January 20, 2009
Jan. 20
Minister calls on Irish abroad to remember Famine: Irish World, January 14, 2009
Jan. 19
Famine memorial day set for May 17th: The Irish Times, January 9, 2009
Jan. 13
St. Kieran's saved: Irish Echo, December 24, 2008
Jan. 1
Portland memorial honors victims of Ireland's 1840s famine: The Oregonian, December 13, 2008
Dec. 18
President finds ancestral link to past in Famine treasure trove: Irish Independent, November 14, 2008
Nov. 21
Newry's Titanic more an act of cowardice: Newry Democrat, October 15, 2008
Oct. 16
Mass grave may date back to the Famine: Irish Independent, September 3, 2008
Sep. 3
Grower cultivates secret of spud that changed history: Newry Democrat, August 21, 2008
Aug. 22
Taximan's dream for Famine day begins to take shape: Irish Independent, Irish Independent, July 23, 2008
Aug. 6
An epoch ends: Irish Echo, July 9, 2008
Jul. 10
The Famine – A shared tragedy: Sunday Journal, May 25, 2008
Jun. 6
Heaven sent: Irish Echo, May 28, 2008
May 30
St. Brigid's Church is saved: Irish Echo
May 28
Famine victims to get national memorial day: Irish Independent, May 23, 2008
May 24
Honoring Irish refugees who died on Deer Island: Boston Globe, May 18, 2008
May 18
New Debate Over Old Horror: Irish Voice/IrishAbroad.com, April 3, 2008
Apr. 4
New York and the Famine: Wall Street Journal, March 17, 2008
Mar. 24
The Fungus That Conquered Europe: New York Times, March 17, 2008
Mar. 17
Nurses of Mercy sacrificed lives in 1848 epidemic: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, January 6, 2008
Jan. 14
Minority report: Irish Echo, November 28, 2007
Nov. 30
Days Like These – 'Workhouse accommodation is stretched to its utmost': Sunday Tribune, November 4, 2007
Nov. 6
Honoring the Bones: New York Times, September 23, 2007
Sep. 26
A fitting tribute, a horrific time: Toronto Star, June 19, 2007
Jun. 25
Moving tribute to forgotten Irish: Toronto Star, June 22, 2007
Jun. 22
Pope canonises Blessed Charles: Irish Examiner, June 4, 2007
Jun. 6
Remember the Famine? Gaelscoil pupils learn of Choctaw generosity: Irish Independent, May 30, 2007
May 31
Famine commemoration for Dublin: Ireland.com, May 14, 2007
May 17
French say 'Oui' to saving St. Brigid's: Irish Echo, May 11, 2007
May 11
Group finally wins State's backing for Famine event: Irish Independent, May 5, 2007
May 8
St. Brigid's defenders ask taoiseach for help: Irish Echo, April 27, 2007
Apr. 28
159th year – Irish Echo, December 29, 2006
Feb. 8
TV docudrama depicts misery of our desperate Famine refugees: Irish Independent, January 26, 2007
Jan. 26
Irish Famine Migrants' History Dug Up in Film: New York Times, January 25, 2007
Jan. 26
Influx of Irish fleeing The Great Hunger overwhelmed city hospital: Toronto Star, January 21, 2007
Jan. 25
Thompson backs landmark status for St. Brigid's: Irish Echo, December 27, 2006
Dec. 28
East Villagers Battle Archdiocese to Save 'Irish Famine Church': Bloomberg.com, December 26, 2006
Dec. 26
Artists back St. Brigid's: Irish Echo, December 15, 2006
Dec. 14
St. Brigid's campaigners argue for landmark status: Irish Echo, November 24, 2006
Nov. 23
Irish Famine memorial park will honour 'lost history,' say organizers: Canoe.ca, November 12, 2006
Nov. 14
Was this the most wicked man in Irish history?: Irish Independent, September 30, 2006
Sep. 30
Don't believe the ballad, pleads descendant of Athenry 'villain': The Sunday Times, September 24, 2006
Sep. 24
For The Victims of Britain's Holocaust in Ireland: The Blanket, September 2006
Sep. 19
St. Brigid's Supporters Get Reprieve: Irish Voice/IrishAbroad.com, September 1, 2006
Aug. 31
The common good (Second of two parts): Irish Echo
Aug. 18
Treasures under threat: Irish Echo, August 11, 2006
Aug. 10
Murder of cruel landlady solved after 150 years: Sunday Independent, April 9, 2006
Aug. 7
Still standing: Irish Echo, August 4, 2006
Aug. 4
Old Church Gets Reprieve as Judge Halts Demolition: New York Times
Jul. 30
Demolition Starts at Historic Catholic Church in East Village: New York Times, July 28, 2006
Jul. 28
St. Brigid's and the layers of history: Irish Echo, June 30, 2006
Jul. 6
Lord Derby looses bigotry on the streets: The Guardian, July 3, 1852
Jul. 3
Hunger on Trial: RethinkingSchools.org, Spring 2006
Jun. 10
Cemetery digs into Pike $$ for memorial to Irish famine: Boston Herald, May 27, 2006
May 27
The Famine's turning point: Irish Echo, September 2, 2005
May 24
Spud-slinging mars GOP race: New York Daily News, May 18, 2006
May 21
All Irish urged to observe silent moment in honour of Famine dead: Irish Independent
May 8
Victims of the Great Famine are laid to rest: Sunday Independent, April 30, 2006
May 6
Irish Famine Education and the Holocaust 'Straw Man': American Chronicle, April 28, 2006
Apr. 30
Landmark New York church built by Irish emigrants to be demolished: Sunday Tribune (Apr 9)
Apr. 14
Hibernian Chronicle – John Mitchel Escapes: Irish Echo, Jun 10, 2005
Feb. 13
U.S. sends Famine aid: Irish Echo, April 8, 2005
Nov. 19
Memorial stone tells a grim tale of migration to Canada: Daily Ireland, November 16, 2005
Nov. 17
Irish famine memorial to be unveiled in Orangeburg: Rockland Journal News, September 23, 2005
Oct. 29
The potato blight strikes: Irish Echo, August 26, 2005
Oct. 19
Unsafe Haven: Irish Echo, April 1, 2005
Jul. 23
Famine Irish Apt. Taking Shape: Irish Voice/IrishAbroad.com, February 11, 2005
Apr. 26
Irish 'famines' – acts of god, colonial mismanagement or genocide?: Irish Democrat, January 6, 2005
Apr. 13
The Fallon statue – The clash of cultures and the captain: San Jose Mercury News, March 15, 2005
Mar. 17
The first Irish mob boss: New York Daily News, March 13, 2005
Mar. 15
Kearny takes Los Angeles: Irish Echo, January 7, 2005
Mar. 8
TV garden show ruins memorial to potato famine: Daily Telegraph, September 11, 2004
Oct. 15
Irish VC winner recognised by Irish government: UTV Internet, August 7, 2004
Aug. 30
Hibernian Chronicle – The Young Ireland revolt: Irish Echo
Aug. 22
Section of park renamed in memory of famine: Westchester Journal News, July 1, 2004
Aug. 4
Famine memorial now on Westchester map: Irish Echo, July 9, 2004
Aug. 3
Great Hunger memorial: Rockland Journal News, July 6, 2004
Jul. 21
157 years ago – A growing disaster at Grosse Ile: Irish Echo, May 13, 2004
May 25
Teacher to study Irish potato famine: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, May 6,2004
May 13
Irish patriot remembered in D.C. ceremony: Irish Echo, March 12, 2004
Apr. 9
Changing Skyline | Memorial a blight on Irish suffering: Philadelphia Inquirer, March 12, 2004
Apr. 3
A slice of old Ireland springs up in Catskills: Irish Independent, December 12, 2003
Jan. 13
'Irish village' being built in US: BBC, December 12, 2003
Jan. 10
Goodacre memorializes Irish tragedy: Denver Post, December 4, 2004
Dec. 6
Jeanie Johnston repays her dues and now she's Riverdance on water: Irish Examiner, November 15, 2003
Dec. 3
A land that is forever Irish: Irish Independent, October 1, 2003
Nov. 5
Monument to Irish spirit dedicated Images of despair, hope are seen in the memorial to the Great Hunger of the 19th century.: Philadelphia Inquirer, October 26, 2003
Nov. 2
From famine to freedom – Irish honored: Philadelphia Daily News, October 24, 2003
Nov. 1
Famine ship set for home: Belfast Telegraph, October 13, 2003
Oct. 15
Memorial Unveiled to 'Forgotten' Children of 1856: Derry Journal, September 2, 2003
Sep. 24
A sentimental voyage to American hearts rather than heads: Sunday Independent, August 3, 2003
Aug. 18
Record visitors for Irish famine replica ship: RTE, August 14, 2003
Aug. 16
The Jeanie Johnston Experience: Wild Geese, July 10, 2003
Jul. 30
History in the Harbor: Irish Voice/IrishAbroad.com, July 9, 2003
Jul. 29
Jeanie Johnston Ahoy: Irish Voice/IrishAbroad.com, July 2, 2003
Jul. 21
City greets replica of famine ship: New York Daily News, July 4, 2003
Jul. 7
Like Potato Fields, His Memorial Lies Fallow: New York Times, May 14, 2003
May 16
Memorial to Irish Fortitude Comes Undone in New York: New York Times, May 7, 2003
May 9
Famed Irish famine ship stops in Palm Beach port: Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel, April 15, 2003
Apr. 26
Famine Queen row in Irish port: BBC, April 15, 2003
Apr. 25
Great Hunger's lasting bleakness: Philadelphia Inquirer, March 13, 2003
Mar. 24
Irish saga set to sail: Replica 'famine ship' heading for America: Miami Herald, February 16, 2003
Mar. 1
Irish Hunger Memorial honors Famine's victims: Dallas Morning News, February 15, 2003
Feb. 28

Stark reminder of the ‘great hunger’: (from the Irish News, January 22, 2003)

153 Years Ago: Cruelty on the high seas: the Londonderry tragedy: Irish Echo, November 27, 2002

Grosse Ile: Island of Death: The Wild Geese, August 11, 2002

Famine exiles' hunger for America left bad taste in their US employers' mouths: Sunday Independent, July 21, 2002

The Great Irish Hunger and the Art of Honoring Memory: New York Times, July 21, 2002

New York Dedicates Its Famine Memorial: The Wild Geese, July 19, 2002

A Fitting Tribute: Irish Voice/IrishAbroad.com, July 17, 2002

A Memorial Remembers the Hungry: New York Times, July 16, 2002

Both enduring and ephemeral, Famine memorial emerges: Irish Echo, July 3, 2002

Famine Memorial a Haunting Vision: Irish Voice/IrishAbroad.com, July 3, 2002

Irish museum plan jolted by 9/11: Irish Echo, May 8, 2002

A remarkable monument unfolds in Colorado: Irish Voice/IrishAbroad.com, May 1, 2002

Massive sculpture takes shape at Loveland foundry: Denver Post, March 14, 2002

Famine Curriculum under fire again: Irish Voice/IrishAbroad.com, April 10, 2002

An Irish history lesson goes untaught: Albany Times Union, March 17, 2002

Battery Park hunger memorial delayed: Irish Echo, January 16, 2002

166 years ago: 'Maria Monk' spurs nativist sentiment: Irish Echo, January 9, 2002

Work starts again on Irish field: The Irish Times, October 22, 2001

Taking Mayo to Manhattan: The Irish Times, September 1, 2001

Co Mayo cottage shipped to New York: Irish News, July 18, 2001

Launch of ‘famine graveyard’ history – Friars Bush graveyard: Irish News, June 30, 2001

Remembering the Hunger: Irish Echo, June 27, 2001

Government takes helm as troubled Jeanie Johnston project runs aground: Irish Examiner, June 27, 2001

The Root of a Famine: New York Times, June 10, 2001

Department refused to sanction sea trials: The Irish Times, June 8, 2001

Testing Links Potato Famine to an Origin in the Andes: New York Times, June 7, 2001

DNA casts light on Irish famine: The Times, June 7, 2001

Co Mayo famine house to be rebuilt in US: The Irish Times, June 2, 2001

Worn Down and Irish, and Moving Over Here: New York Times, May 30, 2001

Sending letters from the fringes of the world: The Irish Times, May 22, 2001

Famine study is ‘moving requiem’: Irish News, May 17, 2001

'Jeanie Johnston' set for sea trials: The Irish Times, May 15, 2001

Coordinator of Famine curriculum defends work: Irish Echo, May 2, 2001

NYC Famine delegation goes house hunting: Irish Echo, May 2, 2001

Plan for Irish Famine Study Under Fire: New York Daily News, April 23, 2001

Jeanie Johnston preparing for ocean crossing: Irish Echo, April 18, 2001

Divers examine wreck of 1828 ferry: The Irish Times, April 14, 2001

Famine Curriculum Criticized and Praised: Irish Voice, April 11, 2001

Atlantic nostalgic: The Times, April 7, 2001

Famine curriculum stirs spirited debate: Irish Echo, April 4, 2001

Famine ship gets £2m to stay afloat: Irish Examiner, April 4, 2001

Irish History, Poor Revision: New York Daily News, April 1, 2001

Famine on menu for Big Apple schools: Sunday Independent, April 1, 2001

Click here for articles on Irish history that appeared before March 2001.


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