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Articles from daily newspapers relevant to the debate on Irish history. Click here for articles that appeared before March 2001. For more information or comments e-mail Newshound.


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Date posted
Disunited Irishmen – what happened when plotters of 1798 fell out: Belfast Telegraph
Mar. 26
Belfast Presbyterians in 1798 were some of the most enlightened people – who knows how they might have changed history?: Belfast Telegraph
Nov. 14
Dublin's Hellfire Club – Ancient tomb uncovered at site known for supernatural: BBC
Oct. 23
Co Antrim slave traders earn places in Oxford Dictionary of National Biography: Irish News
Oct. 18
200 years of the Ha'penny Bridge – and it wouldn't be here today only for the 1916 Rising: Irish Independent
Jun. 5
Derry's link to the first Protestant cemetery on mainland Spain: The Irish Times, December 10, 2014
Mar. 2
Hercules Mulligan – The Spy Who Saved George Washington—Twice: Daily Beast
17 Feb 16
An Irishman's Diary on Dan Donnelly, Ireland's undefeated bare-knuckle boxing champion: The Irish Times
An Irishman's Diary on Alexis de Tocqueville and Ireland in 1835: The Irish Times
Jan. 3
A centuries old rift that created two disciplines: Belfast Telegraph, November 22, 2014
Dec. 13
An American Family – The Carrolls: National Catholic Register
Dec. 7
Robert Emmet Leads the 1803 Irish Uprising: New Historian
Nov. 28
Jonathan Swift Satirizes English Subjugation of Ireland: NewHistorian.com
Oct. 17
Epic Battle of Waterloo drawing by Cork artist goes on display in London: Irish Examiner
Oct. 17
Spike Island prison riot exhibition opens 30 years after 'mob rule just took over': Irish Examiner
Oct. 17
Carrick-born mathematician was involved in Irish rebellion: Carrick Times
Oct. 7
Enniscorthy tricolour flag claim verified: Wexford People
Oct. 5
An Irishman's Diary on Napoleon and the Irish: The Irish Times
Oct. 4
Catherine Burns – Many Irish had 'no alternative to America emigration': Irish Independent
Jul. 28
Henry Joy McCracken – Rebel hero, and a man not afraid to murder: Belfast Telegraph
Jul. 23
'My Brother! My Dear Brother' – The Extraordinary Encounter of an Irish Redcoat & Rebel During the War of Independence: IrishAmericanCivilWar.com
Jul. 23
Who Coined the Phrase 'United States of America'? You May Never Guess: NYHistory.org, November 5, 2014
Jul. 9
In praise of Daniel O'Connell: Derry Journal
Jul. 8
Paul Gillespie – 200th anniversary of Battle of Waterloo raises intriguing question: The Irish Times
Jul. 8
Remembering the Irishmen who fought with the Duke of Wellington's army: BBC
Jun. 30
The Duke of Wellington's drunken Dublin years: The Irish Times
Jun. 30
Wellington won Battle of Waterloo 200 years ago – but Irish rejected his legacy: The Irish Times
Jun. 21
Daniel O'Connell's ancestral home gets €1.25m revamp: Irish Examiner
Jun. 21
Duffy's Cut – Irish emigrants' plight highlighted as murder victim returned home: BBC
Jun. 3
Portrait of Daniel O'Connell to hang in reopened Derrynane: The Irish Times
May 13
Were 200 carriage cannons recovered from shipwreck?: Drogheda Independent
May 13
Did the United Irishmen in Wexford have a planned strategy for the 1798 Rebellion?: Carlow Nationalist
Apr. 20
Daniel O'Connell – A man not without flaws: Galway Advertiser
Apr. 19
Founding Father's long path to Phila.: Philadelphia Inquirer
Mar. 20
Historian defends value of Ireland's Georgian buildings: The Irish Times
Mar. 15
Did the United Irishmen in Wexford have a planned strategy for the 1798 Rebellion? (Part 2): Carlow Nationalist
Mar. 15
Follow in William Rowan Hamilton's inspirational footsteps: The Irish Times, October 8, 2014
Mar. 15
Plans to repatriate Tyrone-born victim of Duffy's Cut massacre: Ulster Herald
Mar. 2
Remembering the Croppy Acre: Dublin People
Feb. 25
We used to drown 'witches', now we just torment them: Belfast Telegraph
Feb. 11
A damn close run thing – Incredible pictures of Waterloo just days after famous battle show the dead still laying where they fell: Daily Mail
Feb. 11
Unholy row as Irish town plans plaque to mark 1711 witch trial: Irish Independent
Feb. 6
Repainted Trollope – An Irishman's Diary about the bicentenary of English-born, but Irish-made, writer Anthony Trollope: The Irish Times
Jan. 20
Legacy of 'forgotten patriot' Thomas Davis honoured: Irish Independent, May 19, 2014
Jan. 12
Anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans: The News Letter
Jan. 12
Let's keep Fr Mathew's statue on O'Connell Street and get rid of the child abuser instead: Irish Independent
Jan. 10
Trail Dust - 1774 manuscript by Irish-Spanish man gives insights to early New Mexico: Santa Fe New Mexican
Jan. 10
An exemplary nationalist: Irish Examiner (Editorial)
Dec. 27
124-year-old Fr Mathew statue needs a new home due to Luas: Irish Independent
Dec. 9
O'Connell's Galway Monster Meeting: Connacht Tribune
Dec. 3
McInerney and O'Brien - The men who made it possible to remember a hero [John Barry]: Communities Digital News, May 8, 2014
Nov. 20
Did the United Irishmen in Wexford have a planned strategy for the 1798 Rebellion? (Part 1): Carlow Nationalist
Oct. 24
Thomas Davis – an inclusively radical nationalist: The Irish Times
Oct. 21
Daniel O'Connell given commemorative English heritage blue plaque: The Guardian
Oct. 21
An Irishman's Diary on nationalist hero Thomas Davis: The Irish Times
Oct. 16
Frozen in time ... the search for the Banbridge-born explorer who vanished in icy Canadian waters: Belfast Telegraph
Sep. 9
Call for statue of Daniel O'Connell to be erected in London's Parliament Square: RadioKerry.ie
Sep. 2
Franco-Irish army drove the British out of Castlebar, 216 years ago today: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com
Sep. 2
Thomas Davis (1814 - 1845): A life and message still significant?: Irish Examiner, March 12, 2014
Jul. 22
The history behind Napper Tandy and the wearing of the green: Carlow Nationalist
Jul. 7
The bitter grapes of Vinegar Hill: The Irish Times
Apr. 12
Robert Emmet's final resting place still a mystery amid London speculation: Irish Post
Mar. 28
Documentary on the Englishman who helped poor Galwegians: Galway Advertiser
Mar. 28
ST. PATRICK'S BATTALLION - Infamous desertion leads to Mexico-Ireland bond: Brownsville Herald
Mar. 17
Centuries-old mass grave of Irish laborers near Malvern probed: Allentown Morning Call
Mar. 11
A bit of welly – the Iron Duke's Irishness: The Irish Times, October 2, 2013
Feb. 24
England expects but Irish make up more than quarter of Nelson's famous fleet: The Irish Times
Jan. 8
Father Cornelius O'Mullan, the rebel priest of Derry's Long Tower Church: Derry Journal
Nov. 22
Mark Twain's ancestor was 'witchfinder general' in Northern Ireland: Belfast Telegraph
Nov. 10
The War of 1812 and the capture of Washington, through British eyes: Washington Post
Nov. 6
Anti-slavery campaigner Frederick Douglass remembered in Waterford: The Irish Times
Oct. 21
The day an Ulsterman brought terror to streets of Washington: Belfast Telegraph
Oct. 17
The oldest surviving News Letter is a key piece of history: The News Letter (Editorial)
Oct. 17
James Fintan Lalor and turbulent times: The Irish Times
Sep. 18
State urged to declare memorial day for O'Connell: Irish Examiner
Sep. 16
Why Belfast said no to the slave trade: BBC
Sep. 8
The story of Father Duffy's Well: St John's Telegram
Aug. 11
Haughey not only figure of political interest to have lived at Abbeville: The Irish Times, May 20, 2013
Jul. 17
American democracy's Ramelton roots: Londonderry Sentinel
Jul. 10
Orange Order's link to historic US military base: Tyrone Times
Jul. 10
Man who kept city on right side of slavery: Belfast Telegraph
Jun. 24
Edmund Burke – the greatest Whig, the first conservative: Daily Telegraph
Jun. 24
US memorial for John Barry: Wexford People
June 1
Redcoats, pikemen food foraging and a druid chef – Ireland's 1798 Rebellion Center to relaunch: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com, May 19, 2013
June 1
Erie patriot fought over and over again: Erie Times-News
June 1
The 'Forgotten Patriot' should be celebrated: Belfast Telegraph
May 26
The science behind the ripples and wakes in water: The Irish Times
May 21
Edmund Burke – the great conservative who foresaw the discontents of our era: Daily Telegraph
May 11
Worst shipwreck you've never heard of: The Irish Times
May 3
Back Story – Defending Havre de Grace from British attack: Baltimore Sun
May 3
Catholic Relief Bill becomes law: Clare Champion, April 12, 2013
Apr. 15
The Europeans No. 13 - Daniel O'Connell: The Irish Times
Apr. 3
Tribute to lord hints at Irish businessman's royal links: Irish Examiner
Mar. 20
The revolutionary friendship of an escaped slave and Irish Lord in 18th century Dublin: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com, February 16, 2013
Mar. 9
Burial in Ireland set for Duffy's Cut victim: Delaware County Daily Times, February 19, 2013
Mar. 1
Great ocean of love – 200-year old map charts the perils of romance: The Irish Times, February 14, 2012
Feb. 7
An Irishman's Diary [Architect James Gandon]: The Irish Times, February 22, 2012
Jan. 30
Union table 'is hidden away in a warehouse': The News Letter, February 13, 2012
Jan. 30
An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times, February 6, 2012
Jan. 18
When tea was thought to be as harmful as WHISKEY – Social reformers in 1800s Ireland feared a cuppa could brew up revolution: Daily Mail, December 5, 2012
Dec. 18
Canada to finally recognise 19th century labourers: Irish Examiner, December 10, 2012
Dec. 11
Shelley's adventure in Irish politics: The Irish Times, March 19, 2012
Dec. 11
Golf-course dead to be located using scanners: Irish Independent, November 22, 2011
Dec. 3
Wealthy and artful tax dodgers of 18th century revealed in rare book: The Irish Times, December 1, 2012
Dec. 3
Belfast News Letter hits 275th year in print: BBC, November 30, 2012
Dec. 3
Dick Martin's reputation as a duellist struck terror into his creditor: Galway Advertiser, December 29, 2011
Dec. 3
A solemn reburial: Irish Echo, March 7, 2012
Nov. 29
Irish memorial erected to 253 who died in British naval tragedy: Belfast Telegraph, November 26, 2012
Nov. 27
Mary Black – Fact, Fiction, or both?: EllwoodCity.org, October 31, 2012
Nov. 9
Event honours birth of Christian Brothers founder: The Irish Times, October 22, 2012
Oct. 25
July 1719 diarist weathered similar summer 'deluge': The Irish Times, August 25, 2012
Oct. 21
Influence in Germany of Irish 'Liberator' hailed: The Irish Times, September 3, 2012
Oct. 6
Clifden toasts link to Mexican War of 1846: The Irish Times, September 7, 2012
Sep. 8
Archaeologists dig up clue to early independence bid: Sunday Independent, July 8, 2012
Aug. 29
A sneak peek at Barry memorial: Irish Echo, August 1, 2012
Aug. 15
American Declaration of Independence and its links to County Tyrone: BBC, July 4, 2012
Jul. 15
New exhibition tells tale behind towers: Fingal Independent, July 13, 2011
Jul. 15
She's a lady: Irish Echo, April 20, 2011
Jun. 14
His Brother's Keeper – Commodore Barry, Father of the American Navy: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com, March 10, 2011
May 20
O'Connell's legacy of peace should dominate our politics: Evening Herald, April 25, 2012
Apr. 28
Maritime museum will commemorate 'founders of the American nation': Londonderry Sentinel, March 6, 2012
Mar. 13
Final lament for Irish immigrants treated roughly in life, death: NewsWorks.org, March 9, 2012
Mar. 10
The House That Hoban Built: Irish America/IrishCentral.com, March 2012
Mar. 10
Memorial for 1832 immigrants in mass grave set for March 9 [ #DuffysCut ]: Daily Local News (Chester County, PA), February 26, 2012
Feb. 27
Why can't this gentle giant rest in peace? The undignified fight over the skeleton of a 8ft 4in colossus exhibited as a freak in his lifetime: Daily Mail, January 9, 2012
Feb. 11
Mutant gene found in Irish giant: Irish Examiner, January 6, 2011
Dec. 29
Why the Irish giant's skeleton remains a bone of contention: Daily Telegraph, December 22, 2011
Dec. 27
Campaign to carry out dying wish of the 'Irish Giant': Irish Independent, December 22, 2011
Dec. 23
Our cold snap was nothing compared to the Great Irish Frost of 1740: Irish Independent, December 30, 2010
Dec. 20
Warm weather aids Duffy's Cut dig: Irish Echo, November 30, 2011
Dec. 19
Duffy's Cut archaeologists search for descendants of murdered John Ruddy: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com, December 8, 2011
Dec. 17
Liberator's home to get €1.2m tourist makeover: Irish Examiner, November 4, 2011
Nov. 10
Duffy's Cut dig ends as Amtrak refuses mass grave excavation: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com, October 31, 2011
Nov. 4
Native Americans reach Plumbridge: BBC, October 21, 2011
Oct. 31
McAleese pays tribute to O'Connell the Liberator: The Irish Times, October 28, 2011
Oct. 29
U.S. guests lay wreath at Barry statue: Wexford People
Oct. 22
Newly unearthed remains at Duffy's Cut offer new information on Irish laborers: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com, October 17, 2011
Oct. 19
An Irishman's Diary [Martello Towers]: The Irish Times, August 16, 2011
Oct. 3
Trading With The Enemy: How Irish merchants fanned the flames of revolution in America: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com, July 30, 2009
Sep. 2
Remember Cremona! France's Irish Brigade Saves the King's Army: TheWildGeese.com
Sep. 2
The Irish Abolitionist – Daniel O'Connell: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com, July 14, 2011
Aug. 7
Statue of New Brunswick Revolutionary War figure to be unveiled: Newark Star-Ledger, July 31, 2011
Aug. 7
'Incredible hulk' mystery of tallest ever Irishman solved: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com, January 5, 2011
Jul. 14
Humanity Dick's last battle: Galway Advertiser, February 17, 2011
Jul. 5
'Fighting FitzGerald' tests Martin's humanity: Galway Advertiser, February 17, 2011
Jul. 4
US pardons Irishman hanged for murder 150 years ago as victim of 'anti-Catholic bigotry': Daily Telegraph, July 1, 2011
Jul. 1
Brooklyn's Commodore Barry Club Remembers Revolutionary 'Namesake': Brooklyn Daily Eagle, June 14, 2011
Jun. 18
Irish lives [RICHARD FERRIS (1754–1828)]: The Irish Times, November 6, 2010
Jun. 16
Barry salute: Irish Echo, June 8, 2011
Jun. 13
The Irish who fought for Mexico: Carlow Nationalist, June 6, 2011
Jun. 7
Naval Academy paying tribute to commodore: Annapolis Capital, May 16, 2011
Jun. 1
How ghost of Ireland's Liberator inspired his spiritual son Obama: Sunday Independent, May 29, 2011
May 29
Obama, O'Connell, and Douglass: Galway Advertiser, May 19, 2011
May 20
New York's Irish Rush to Save Washington: LongIslandWins.com, May 12, 2011
May 16
Obama visit to O'Connell memorial 'would be significant', says Minister: The Irish Times, May 16, 2011
May 16
Why President Obama will honor often-forgotten Irish patriot Daniel O'Connell: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com, April 25, 2011
May 12
In Lower Manhattan, the Nation's First Official Monument Is Being Restored: New York Times
Apr. 28
US president may visit crypt of O'Connell at Glasnevin: The Irish Times, April 23, 2011
Apr. 26
An Irishman's Diary [Harpist Pádraig Dall Ó Beirn]: The Irish Times, March 24, 2010
Mar. 24
Protected status for Vinegar Hill monument: Irish Echo (Australia), March 9, 2011
Mar. 11
Treasures of pre-Famine 'New Dublin' shanty town to be revealed: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com, March 3, 2011
Mar. 5
Beer and brew to raise funds for Duffy's Cut: Daily Local News (West Chester, PA), February 14, 2011
Feb. 17
Lesser-known battles of 1798 (part 2): Carlow Nationalist
Feb. 14
UL secures pre-Famine health service manuscript: Irish Examiner, March 3, 2010
Feb. 2
Less well-known battles of 1798: Carlow Nationalist, January 25, 2011
Jan. 26
Truth about Darkey kelly, burned as a 'witch' 250 years ago ... but who was really a serial killer: Evening Herald, January 8, 2011
Jan. 23
An Irishman's Diary [Irish giant Charles Byrne]: The Irish Times, January 14, 2011
Jan. 20
The Hellfire Club: Kildare Nationalist
Nov. 30
Irish Lives [18th century boxer]: The Irish Times, October 22, 2010
Nov. 23
BBC films documentary at Fort Defiance church, cemetery: Staunton News Leader, November 1, 2010
Nov. 5
Original Irish honoured: Peterborough Examiner, October 18, 2010
Nov. 2
Stamps of approval – Irish heroes of Chilean independence honoured: Irish Independent, October 29, 2010
Oct. 29
An Irishman's Diary [19th century temperance movement]: The Irish Times, October 29, 2010
Oct. 29
Actor whose son became prime minister [ George Canning]: The Irish Times, October 2, 2010
Oct. 7
Northern Ireland museum may rescue piece of history: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, September 26, 2010
Sep. 27
Opponents call it 'outsourcing' history: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, September 26, 2010
Sep. 27
We need a modern Daniel O'Connell to lead the way: Irish Independent, September 25, 2010
Sep. 25
Crime scene [Duffy's Cut, Pennsylvania]: Irish Echo, September 15, 2010
Sep. 16
My hero – Edmund Burke: The Guardian, September 11, 2010
Sep. 11
Could this dead white guy help President Obama?: San Francisco Examiner, September 6, 2010
Sep. 7
The forgotten lessons of Richard Cantillon: Sunday Business Post, September 5, 2010
Sep. 7
Illustrious and amazing career of Admiral William Brown: Connaught Telegraph
Aug. 17
Murder suspected in mass death of Irish immigrants: Irish Examiner, August 17, 2010
Aug. 17
New murder victims found at Duffy's Cut: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com, July 20, 2010
Aug. 11
Why this tiny portrait of Bishop of Derry's daughter is so very desirable: Belfast Telegraph, July 8, 2010
Jul. 19
An Irishman's Diary – James Bourchier: The Irish Times, June 15, 2010
Jul. 6
The Irishmen who fought in General Washington's Army: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com, July 4, 2010
Jul. 5
The Irish side of the American Declaration of Independence: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com, July 3, 2010
Jul. 4
An Irishman's Diary — James O'Connell: The Irish Times, September 1, 2009
Jul. 4
Historian sees relocation of Smith House from Mercersburg to Northern Ireland as a last resort: Cumberland Valley Public Opinion, June 30, 2010
Jul. 1
Irish role in Erie Canal's construction to be honored: Irish Echo, June 23, 2010
Jun. 27
Union members seek donations to restore banner: Irish Examiner, June 14, 2010
Jun. 21
'American Insurgents, American Patriots': Wall Street Journal, May 20, 2010
May 22
'Ireland of today could learn from Liberator': The Irish Times, May 10, 2010
May 12
An Irishman's Diary – Fr Nicholas Sheehy, 1766: The Irish Times, April 28, 2009
Apr. 20
An Irishman's Diary – Peg Woffington: The Irish Times, March 27, 2010
Mar. 28
An Irishman's Diary – Gahagan and Conner: The Irish Times, February 20, 2010
Feb. 21
An Irishman's Diary – Richard Cantillon: The Irish Times, December 16, 2009
Jan. 26
College of Surgeons celebrates 200 years: Irish Independent, January 20, 2010
Jan. 22
News Letter founder to be honoured in Belfast: The News Letter, January 11, 2010
Jan. 15
210-year-old Irish immigrant's grave uncovered in New York park: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com, October 28, 2009
Dec. 27
A Celtic Cross is placed at Bunker Hill to remember the Irish buried there: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com, December 16, 2009
Dec. 19
But what of the life story of James Jackson?: Irish Echo, December 16, 2009
Dec. 17
The contradictions of our history: Belfast Media, December 10, 2009
Dec. 11
Dean pleads to save Swift church: Evening Herald, December 5, 2009
Dec. 10
Long-lost icon of traditional music revived after 200 years: Irish News, November 26, 2009
Nov. 28
Duffy's Cut now 'murder scene': Sunday Tribune, August 30, 2009
Nov. 22
An Irishman's Diary -- Fighting Fitzgerald: The Irish Times, Novmeber 18, 2009
Nov. 21
President with Ulster links: The News Letter, November 14, 2008
Nov. 20
Liberator's tomb opens to public: The Irish Times, October 22, 2009
Nov. 4
Summoned to White House: Newry Democrat, October 29, 2009
Oct. 30
Belfast mobs wanted no part of O'Connell's vision: Irish News, October 28, 2009
Oct. 29
Rare Robert Emmet signature revealed: Irish Independent, September 21, 2009
Sep. 21
An Irishman's Diary – Samuel Johnson: The Irish Times, September 12, 2009
Sep. 15
An Irishman's Diary – Lola Montez: The Irish Times, September 10, 2009
Sep. 12
Blue plaque to be unveiled in memory of 'Newry Radicals': Irish News, September 5, 2009
Sep. 10
Pa. mass grave of sick Irish railroad workers may be murder scene: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com, August 20, 2009
Aug. 21
An Irishman's Diary – James Kirkland: The Irish Times, August 8, 2009
Aug. 10
More bodies discovered at Irish mass grave in Duffy's Cut: Irish Voice/IrishCentral.com, August 3, 2009
Aug. 4
An Irishman's Diary – Irish & the French Revolution: The Irish Times, July 18, 2009
Jul. 22
An Irishman's Diary – Gen Richard Montgomery: The Irish Times, July 14, 2009
Jul. 15
An Irishman's Diary — Charter Schools: The Irish Times, June 8, 2009
Jun. 22
The Irish Alamo: Irish Echo, June 10, 2009
Jun. 12
An Irishman's Diary – George Howard: The Irish Times, June 3, 2009
Jun. 3
Film to depict final days of Alexander Pearce: Irish World, December 11, 2008
May 11
Nano Nagle – remains an influential educator: Irish Independent, April 29, 2009
May 4
Mass grave found on Main Line?: Philadelphia Inquirer, March 24, 2009
Mar. 25
Secrets of mass grave revealed: BBC, March 24, 2009
Mar. 25
Documentary tells story of Irish convict cannibal: Daily Telegraph, December 30, 2009
Jan. 31
An Irishman's Diary – Father Mathew: The Irish Times, January 23, 2009
Jan. 23
A devoted sister and the United Irishmen's real founder: Belfast Media, January 1, 2009
Jan. 5
An Irishman's Diary – Bronte: The Irish Times, December 17, 2008
Dec. 28
An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times, December 10, 2008
Dec. 19
The Chain Bridge to somewhere: Pittsburgh Post Gazette, November 6, 2008
Nov. 12
What a Positive Campaign It's Been: Irish Voice/IrishAbroad.com, November 6, 2008
Nov. 6
Obama ancestor opposed corruption in Dublin: The Irish Times, August 7, 2008
Oct. 14
Lonely outpost opened to public: BBC, August 20, 2008
Oct. 3
Daniel O'Connell portrait debate: The Sunday Times, September 14, 2008
Sep. 19
Presbyterian rebel shunned by unionists: Irish News, September 11, 2008
Sep. 13
Play premiering at Buffalo Irish Festival tells story of immigrants known as "beachers": Buffalo News, August 22,2008
Sep. 10
Monument to pay tribute to Irish who built canal: The State (Columbia, SC), September 6, 2008
Sep. 6
Cash appeal to conserve 'real' Orange birthplace: The News Letter, July 8, 2008
Jul. 12
Earliest paintings of city rediscovered: Irish News, May 24, 2008
May 26
Blaze at ancestral home of Woodrow Wilson: Derry Journal, May 8, 2008
May 15
Irish role in slavery is marked: BBC, November 6, 2007
Nov. 13
Richard Brinsley Sheridan wasn't born here: Sunday Independent, September 23, 2007
Sep. 24
Mass grave may house immigrants: Belfast Telegraph, August 22, 2007
Aug. 27
History of the News Letter: The News Letter, August 23, 2007
Aug. 25
Officials honour Irish-born founder of Argentina's navy: Irish Examiner, June 23, 2007
Jun. 24
'Revisionist' role is slammed by Wilson: The News Letter, May 29, 2007
Jun. 7
Equating Spectacle at Stormont with United Irishmen is Perverse: The Blanket, March 12, 2007
Apr. 22
Naval hero's birthplace demolished: Irish Examiner, March 22, 2007
Apr. 2
Our debt to anti-slavery: Belfast Telegraph, March 22, 2007
Mar. 23
Slavery was not a feature of Ulster life: The News Letter, February 20, 2007
Feb. 21
Developer makes play for Sheridan's birthplace: Irish Independent, February 10, 2007
Feb. 10
The dark side of the Irish-American dream: Irish Independent, January 2, 2007
Jan. 3
All hail the Generalissimo: Irish Independent, September 29, 2006
Sep. 29
Gruesome legacy of Irish expats Burke and Hare: (from the Irish News, August 21, 2006)
Aug. 26
Mystery of US's unmarked grave of Irish navvies: Sunday Independent, July 30, 2006
Jul. 30
Cash row leaves admiral's statue marooned: Irish Independent, June 28, 2006
Jul. 10
The death of Archbishop Carroll: Irish Echo, December 2, 2005
Jun. 28
Jackson's Irish roots are too often forgotten: Irish Echo, December 2, 2005
Jun. 19
Hibernian Chronicle – Charles Carroll of Carrollton: Irish Echo, September 16, 2005
Jun. 2
Rebellion heroine recalled: Daily Ireland, March 27, 2006
Mar. 28
2 hanged Irish remembered: Springfield Republican, March 18, 2006
Mar. 22
Dig reveals Belfast's poor past: BBC, February 8, 2006
Feb. 11
LÉ Eithne sets southern course to join naval hero celebrations: Irish Examiner, January 19, 2006
Feb. 9
Capital idea. . . hero to have street named after him: Irish Independent, December 28, 2006
Jan. 28
Hibernian Chronicle – Hughes and the public education fight (Part 2 of 4): Irish Echo, January 13, 2006
Jan. 27
Surviving Donner Pass: Irish Voice/IrishAbroad.com, January 19, 2006
Jan. 26
Free-thinker and outspoken political commentator inspired radical Ireland: Daily Ireland, January 24, 2006
Jan. 25
Hughes Comes to New York: Irish Echo, January 6, 2006
Jan. 10
The devotional revolution: Irish Echo, April 28, 2005
Dec. 27
Liberator unveiled . . . with his 1916 wounds: Irish Independent, May 24, 2005
Dec. 17
Philly find could be vital clue: Irish Echo, May 27, 2005
Dec. 16
When the Irish 'Burned' New York: Irish Voice/IrishAbroad.com, November 11, 2005
Nov. 16
Now where have I heard that before?: (from Irelandclick.com, July 14, 2005)
Jul. 16
229 Years Ago – The Irish on the declaration: Irish Echo, July 1, 2005
Jul. 6
It Is Old, And It Is Beautiful...: The News Letter, March 18, 2005
Jun. 16
Historic Foyle-US Statue Declared!: The News Letter, March 3, 2005
Jun. 4
Unsettling questions: Manchester Guardian, November 23, 1828
May 29
Argentina to honour its Irish-born hero with docks statue: Irish Independent, April 22, 2005
May 19
Stomach upset innovator honoured: BBC, February 25, 2005
May 15
1798 Minute Book Is Found In US Library: The News Letter, February 18, 2005
May 11
Mathew Carey born: Irish Echo, January 28, 2005
Mar. 25
Philadelphia dig uncovers evidence of Irish workers: Irish Echo, October 15, 2004
Nov. 14
Reclaiming Hero Who Chased A President: The News Letter, September 16, 2004
Nov. 4
John Dunlap makes publishing history (again): Irish Echo, September 17, 2004
Oct. 30
The U.S. Electoral College and its Carlow connection: Irish Echo, October 29, 2004
Oct. 29
Hibernian Chronicle – Whiskey Rebellion runs dry: Irish Echo, August 13, 2004
Sep. 2
The Whiskey Rebellion: Irish Echo, August 6, 2004
Aug. 26
168 years ago: Irish Echo, April 30, 2004
May 20
186 years ago – The Alamo falls: Irish Echo, April 9, 2004
May 2
President honours Irish founding father of Chile: Irish Independent, March 23, 2004
Apr. 16
U.S. naval hero gets some Irish aye-ayes: New York Daily News, March 16, 2004
Apr. 11
Flashback ... Cushendall Tower and a peculiar legal battle, August 1848: Belfast Telegraph, March 27, 2004
Mar. 29
170 years ago – violence along the C&O Canal: Irish Echo, January 30, 2004
Mar. 3
Rags to riches: Irish Echo, January 16, 2004
Feb. 13
United Irishmen: The Blanket, November 6, 2003
Dec. 14
178 years ago – The Erie Canal opens: Irish Echo, October 24, 2003
Dec. 12
Pikeman due for reburial cannot be located: Irish Independent, October 1, 2003
Nov. 6
An English composer in Ireland: The Spectator, September 26, 2003
Nov. 3
Barry stamp makes splash: New York Daily News, September 26, 2003
Sep. 29
190 years ago – Perry meets the enemy: Irish Echo, September 10, 2003
Sep. 25
Commemorating the man from God knows where: (from the Irish News, August 26, 2003)
Sep. 17
Early Irish surveyors cast long shadows: Boston Globe, September 2, 2003
Sep. 7
Only Taliban are interested in moving statues: Sunday Independent, August 17, 2003
Aug. 28
The monumental war of words over Wellington's place in small Irish town: The Independent, August 26, 2003
Aug. 27
DNA Test to Tell if Skull is Emmet's: The News Letter, August 4, 2003
Aug. 20
Emmet's patriotic legacy challenges Ireland today: Sunday Business Post, July 11, 2003
Aug. 11
163 years ago – O'Connell fights for repeal: Irish Echo, May 21, 2003 (O'Connell – Part III)
May 26
174 years ago – Second of three parts: Irish Echo, May 14, 2003 (O'Connell – Part II)
May 25
180 years ago – O'Connell launches Catholic Emancipation effort: Irish Echo, May 7, 2003 (O'Connell – Part I)
May 24
'To the Shores of Tripoli': Wild Geese, May 3, 2003
May 15
Moment of unity – Irish rebels and Freemasons: (from the Irish News, April 28, 2003)
May 10
Hillsborough again plays key role in helping US shape future: Belfast Telegraph, April 7, 2003
Apr. 11
233 years ago – Patrick Carr falls at Boston Massacre: Irish Echo, March 5, 2003
Apr. 3
Commodore Barry's stamp of approval: New York Daily News, March 13, 2003
Mar. 22
Joy at Last for United Irishman Plaque: The News Letter, January 22, 2003
Feb. 7

Edmund Burke: The Conscience of a Nation: Wild Geese, January 7, 2003

243 years ago: Arthur Guinness signs a lease: Irish Echo, December 25, 2002   

227 years ago: John Barry takes command: Irish Echo, December 4, 2002

Unionists urged – rethink attitudes to 1798 rising: (from the Irish News, November 13, 2002)

227 years ago – Gen. Montgomery takes Montreal: Irish Echo, November 13, 2002

Workmen unearth 300-year-old house in O'Connell Street: Irish Independent, November 13, 2002

Mother McAuley – A life given to 'Mercy': Wild Geese, September 23, 2002

87 years ago: Jennie Hodgers – Army Vet: Irish Echo, October 9, 2002

207 years ago – the Orange Order is founded in wake of Catholic defeat: Irish Echo, September 18, 2002

France's Irish Brigade Triumphs at Cremona: The Wild Geese Today, August 5, 2002

226 years ago: Irishman Thomas Hickey executed for plotting against Washington: Irish Echo, June 26, 2002

McCormick's reaper revolutionizes agriculture: Irish Echo, June 20, 2002

Hibernian Chronicle – Jeremiah O'Brien captures the Margaretta: Irish Echo, June 12, 2002

Napper Tandy: forgotten patriot: Irish Democrat, June 1, 2002

197 years ago: Lt. O'Bannon defeats the Barbary Pirates: Irish Echo, April 24, 2002

Waterfordlinks with family of Napoleon on display: The Irish Times, April 24, 2002

Leading 19th-century trade unionist from Donegal recalled: The Irish Times, April 12, 2002

Fr. Matthew begins his crusade: Irish Echo, April 10, 2002

Mervyn Pauley on politics: The News Letter, March 2002

Slavery: Ireland's hidden shame: Belfast Telegraph, March 30, 2002

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times, March 21, 2002 (about Aubrey de Vere, poet, early 19th century)

Bizarre death of 'King Billy': The News Letter, March 7, 2002

184 years ago: Bernardo O'Higgins liberates Chile: Irish Echo, February 6, 2002

Newcastle, Maine Parish Might Well Be First Saint Patrick's Church in The U.S.: Irish American News, January 2002

Wolfe Tone ideology is as relevant today: The Irish Times, November 3, 2001

Irish played 'major role' in Scotland: BBC, October 25, 2001

An Irish-American's Diary – James Duane, NY: The Irish Times, October 15, 2001

209 years ago: The Irishman behind the White House: Irish Echo, October 10, 2001

Bicentenary of Act of Union is celebrated: Irish News, October 9, 2001

Capsule's plaque eulogises Nelson: The Irish Times, October 5, 2001

Curiosity over find of capsule at Nelson's Pillar: The Irish Times, October 4, 2001

Weather favoured British during 1798, says author: The Irish Times, August 28, 2001

The Orangemen's Glorious Twelfth turned gory: Montreal Gazette, July 15, 2001

An Irishman's Diary – crime in Georgian Dublin: The Irish Times, June 19, 2001

Fenians had Montreal in an uproar: Montreal Gazette, May 27, 2001

Museum given 1800s bank notes: The Irish Times, May 12, 2001

Minister rejects Rock of Cashel proposal: Irish Examiner, May 1, 2001

Post-Union desert blooms: The Irish Times, April 26, 2001

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