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Today's Northern Ireland News
Last Updated – October 23, 2018.

May's four tests before she will sign off on Irish border backstop deal: The Guardian
Lisa O'Carroll

Theresa May calls for UK-EU joint customs territory: The Irish Times
Denis Staunton and Simon Carswell

No solution on Border can be allowed to undermine UK integrity – NI secretary: Irish Independent
Laura Larkin

'There would be a bigger vote for Leave'- Northern Ireland Secretary Bradley opposed to second Brexit vote: Belfast Telegraph

Karen Bradley's Leave majority increase claim 'laughable' – Alliance MLA: Belfast Telegraph

Sammy Wilson – PM must clarify if transition extension is substitute for Brexit backstop: The News Letter
Stephen Gamble

Interplanetary Brexit warfare between top unionists: The News Letter

Northern Ireland could face decision over clock changes – same as London or Dublin?: Belfast Telegraph
Sam Lister

Sinn Féin claim there's no rowing back from backstop agreement preventing hard border: Irish Mirror
Pat Flanagan

Brexit backstop EXPLAINED – Why the Northern Ireland border is crucial: Daily Express
Kate Whitfield

UK will not renege on backstop commitment, says Bradley: The Irish Times
Denis Staunton

Brexit drags up Northern Ireland's dark past: Deutsche Welle
Louise Osborne and Jennifer Collins

If the UK reneged on the Irish backstop, as Mr Raab wishes, could it ever be trusted again?: Daily Telegraph
Neale Richmond

There is now an official Irexit party – will it matter for Irish politics?: Irish Voice/
Dan Haverty

Mallon blames 'limping British government' for poor relations with Ireland: The Irish Times
Pat Leahy

Brexit top of the agenda for British Irish Parliamentary Assembly: Irish Examiner

Politics in Northern Ireland are sclerotic... a civic forum could hold the answer, but it must be more than just a glorified talking shop: Belfast Telegraph
Graham Spencer and Chris Hudson

UUP's sincere, committed leader Swann facing huge task: Belfast Telegraph
Jon Tonge

UUP probably has just one more roll of electoral dice: The News Letter
Alex Kane

UUP takes shot at rivals, but can talk translate into votes?: Belfast Telegraph
Ivan Little

Man arrested in Derry under Terrorism Act: Derry Journal
Andrew Quinn

East Antrim punishment by arrangement attacks: The News Letter

Ombudsman asked to investigate Lurgan video: Irish News
Allison Morris

Dublin man jailed for five years for IRA membership: The Irish Times
Alison O'Riordan

Former IRA man loses legal battle to stop police accessing Boston College tapes: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Vow that terror godfathers will not be safe from justice: The News Letter

Higgins changes his story on use of jet amid claims of Áras 'extravagance': Irish Independent
Kevin Doyle and Cormac McQuinn

Higgins' claim about no PSNI escort for visit has to be clarified, says MLA: Belfast Telegraph
Victoria Leonard

Seamus Mallon praises Michael D Higgins for previous seven years in office: Irish News
Cate McCurry

IRA murder victim's sister locks Twitter account after spat with Naomi Long: The News Letter
Duncan Elder

Shankill bomb victims remembered in poignant procession for five atrocities: Belfast Live
Rebecca Black

Shankill bomb – We still need answers over that day, says relative: Belfast Telegraph
Michael McHugh

25 years after Shankill bombing – Even in darkest days compassion flowed across sectarian divide: Irish News
Bimpe Archer

Northern Ireland veteran 'refusing medical treatment to have his day in court': Irish Examiner

END VETERANS WITCH-HUNT! MPs demand May halts 'disgraceful' Northern Ireland inquiries: Daily Express
John Ingham

Maze escaper Kevin Barry Artt given a date for his renewed legal bid to clear his name: Irish News

United Nations to host exhibition highlighting legacy of Northern Ireland Troubles: Belfast Telegraph
Mark Bain

How a charity established to build peace and support victims succumbed to tribal politics: Belfast Telegraph
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Sinn Féin will not take part in NI centenary events – McDonald: The Irish Times
Pat Leahy

DUP MLAs mock Ulster Unionist Robbie Butler for attending papal visit and label Pope 'the antichrist': Irish News
John Manley

DUP mocked MLA over attending event for 'antichrist' Pope – you are dragging unionism down, says Beattie: Belfast Telegraph

Robbie Butler – Donaldson wants facts on 'papal slurs' against UUP MLA: BBC
Stephen Walker

Brexit and soccer hooligans amongst the top reasons why Irish people 'hate' the English: Irish Mirror
Arthur Velker

Monday, October 22

UK repudiating Border pledge 'not going to fly' – Coveney: The Irish Times
Simon Carswell, Denis Staunton and Pat Leahy

Brexit – EU to offer UK-wide backstop (Oct 21): Sunday Independent
Shona Murray

Brexit – A brief history of the backstop (Oct 20): RTE
Tony Connelly

The hardest part of Brexit is to come but the finish line is in sight – and the deal will be right for you, your family and our country: The Sun
Theresa May

Brexit explained – What would a no-deal Brexit mean for Ireland? (Oct 16): The Irish Times
Cliff Taylor

Angst of Brexit can be softened by historic reflection (Oct 18): Irish Catholic
Conor McDonough

Varadkar's Indian heritage may inform his pleasure at UK's ritual humiliation (Oct 21): Sunday Independent
Jody Corcoran

Will the British border in Ireland be the undoing of the Brexit plan?: Irish News
Robert McMillen

Peace Process (Oct 17): The Times

A long EU exit would be better than any permanent backstop: The News Letter

Out of time – no-deal Brexit could cause clock quandary for Belfast: The Guardian
Mattha Busby

Who do we think we are when it comes to identity?: Impartial Reporter
Denzil McDaniel

'Election would be reckless' – Martin vows to prop up Varadkar until Brexit deal done: Irish Independent
Laura Larkin

Despite UUP's tough talk, party should be alarmed at two key failures: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Michael D Higgins and the trip to Belfast: RTE
Tommie Gorman

Ian Paisley jnr will be embarrassing the DUP for some time to come (Oct 20): Irish News
Jake O'Kane

'I want admittance, not an apology. It's the very least I deserve' (Oct 21): Sunday Independent
Mairia Cahill

Republicans have lost sight of founding values – they care only about victory (Oct 18): The News Letter
Chris McGimpsey

Man arrested in connection with paramilitary-style attack: Derry Journal

Double victim of IRA slams churchmen and politicians over the inversion of right and wrong on legacy: The News Letter

Legacy Scandal – 'A pool of extremely brave agents were central to defeating terrorism,' says agent handler (Oct 3): The News Letter
Tim Easlea

Families have faced too many false dawns in bid for justice (Oct 4): Belfast Telegraph
Michelle O'Neill

Legacy Scandal – 'No group even claimed the loyalist bomb in Cavan that killed my sister' (Oct 4): The News Letter
Anthony O'Reilly

Tom Peters – Ex garda officer blinded by IRA County Laois blast dies: BBC

More than 62,000 Irish passports issued to NI residents in 2018: The Irish Times
Elaine Edwards

Separation of church and State a 'good thing', says C of I Bishop: The Irish Times

Blasphemy referendum an opportunity to take a useful step: Irish Examiner
Liam Herrick

Blasphemy referendum offers chance to remove dangerous law (Oct 16): The Irish Times
Ivana Bacik

DUP MLAs criticise Ulster Unionist Robbie Butler and label Pope Francis 'the antichrist': Irish News
John Manley

Group against Baptism bar derailed after complaints (Oct 15): The Irish Times
Carl O'Brien

Post-Brexit policy must reflect North's need for foreign agrifood workers: The Irish Times
Simon Carswell

Post-Brexit UK just cannot compete with Ireland on corporation tax (Sep 27): Irish Independent
Donal O'Donovan

Citizenship row couple travel to London to gather support for visa application: Irish News
Paul Ainsworth

Statistics show Derry falling further behind: Derry Journal
Eamonn McCann

The British population of Gibraltar saw great risk in Brexit, unlike unionists in Northern Ireland: The News Letter
Ben Lowry

Rangers legend Ian Durrant in bigotry row after 'f**k the Pope' comment caught on video at football dinner: Scottish Daily Record
Norman Silvester

Sunday, October 21

Tory MP launches bid to stop Northern Ireland Brexit backstop: Belfast Telegraph
Gareth Cross

EU is THREATENING to break up 'precious Union' of UK, warns Raab in customs union row: Daily Express
Laura O'Callaghan

Dominic Raab – Extended transition is alternative to Brexit backstop: The News Letter
Stephen Gamble

'Remain' Ulster Unionist MEP says Brexit result must be respected: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Brexit 'Rally for Remain' sees thousands descend on Belfast City Hall: Belfast Live
Andrew Madden

Victims of IRA accuse Taoiseach of hyping up hard border violence fears: Belfast Telegraph
Stewart Robson

'Mischief-makers' could be lying in wait to cause trouble if hard border returns, former President warns: Irish Mirror
Aine Fox

Campbell to Varadkar – 'Using bomb attack to create tension distasteful and disservice to victims': Belfast Telegraph
David Young

MEP Martina Anderson – 'Theresa May came here with nothing new, nothing credible':
Gráinne Ní Aodha

UUP leader issues warning to Irish government over backstop – 'Tread carefully': Belfast Telegraph

Brexit – Bid to stop NI civil servants acting on backstop: BBC

The Irish are great fun until they're not…: Times of Malta
Colm Regan

Brexit parallels with the fall of Rome are all too obvious: The Irish Times
Chris Johns

A troubled border – Brexit and the implications for Ireland: The National (Scotland)
Peter Geoghegan

Here's how post-Brexit Ireland could turn out: The Irish Times
Fintan O'Toole

Varadkar acts as if Brexit, not terrorists, will be to blame for violence: The News Letter

DUP now biggest threat to Union, says UUP's Swann: Belfast Telegraph
Mark Bain

Two decades after signing of Agreement, politicians on all sides need to be much more careful with their words: Belfast Telegraph

Brexit impasse leaves us stuck with the worst Dáil in history: Sunday Independent
Ivan Yates

DUP's politics and scandals now undermine the Union, Robin Swann tells the Ulster Unionist Party conference: The News Letter
Sam McBride

DUP rejects claim budget snub could risk Derry cash (Oct 18): Belfast Telegraph
Donna Deeney

Bid to legalise Red Hand Commando rejected: The News Letter
Mark Rainey

16 times as many riots in Belfast as Derry: Derry Journal

Legacy Scandal – 'The peace process has destroyed the ability to deliver for victims,' writes Alan McQuillan: The News Letter
Alan McQuillan

David Petraeus intervention over prosecution of Troubles veterans welcome: The News Letter

Sectarian homophobic banner on M1 "has no place in 2018": Belfast Live
Jilly Beattie

Shankill bomb victims honoured 25 years on from Belfast atrocity: Belfast Live
Andrew Madden

Shankill bomb – Paramedics recall horror of finding victims: BBC

Troubles-related mental illness 'may be passed on' to next generation: Derry Journal
Brendan McDaid

'I flew to Belfast due to PSNI issue' – President (Oct 20): Irish Independent
Kevin Doyle

Michael D Higgins – PSNI reject security claim from Irish president: BBC
Vincent Kearney

President Higgins faces calls to 'come clean' on reasons for travelling to Belfast on Government plane: Irish Independent

President Michael D Higgins fires shots over Ireland's commitment to neutrality: The Sunday Times
Justine McCarthy

Parties' endorsement of Michael D Higgins has thrown presidency into disrepute: Irish Mirror
Henry Mountcharles

No-deal Brexit could hit food supplies, says Stena Line: BBC
Ross Hawkins

Labour MPs plot 'ambush' to reform Northern Ireland abortion laws: The Observer
Michael Savage

Why Presbyterian Church should listen to critics rather than circle the wagons: Belfast Telegraph
Alf McCreary

Blasphemy, Stephen Fry and referendum in Ireland: BBC

One kind of blasphemy swapped for another: The Sunday Times
David Quinn

DUP call for study into NI-Scotland bridge: Belfast Telegraph
James Grant

Saturday, October 20

Theresa May ready to consider Brexit delay of 'a matter of months' in order to avoid a hard border in Ireland: Irish Independent
Andrew Woodcock

Brexit extension not an alternative to legally binding backstop, Taoiseach says: Irish Examiner

Brexit transition period extension 'not a threat' to UK, Coveney says: The Irish Times
Simon Carswell

Michel Barnier – Brexit deal 90% done, but Irish border still unresolved: Irish News

Tánaiste accuses Brexiteers of ignoring NI violence risk: The Irish Times
Denis Staunton and Simon Carswell

Sammy Wilson accuses Leo Varadkar of losing 'self control': The News Letter
Gemma Murray

Government denies claims by DUP it is 'scaremongering' over Brexit border claims: Irish Examiner

'No hard border in Ireland in our lifetimes' ex-taoiseach tells Newry dinner: Irish News
Gary McDonald

Brexit and beyond – EU ready to move on even if Britain cannot: The Irish Times
Pat Leahy

Hugh Logue – Hard border will 'prompt mass, non violent, demonstrations against it': Irish News
Suzanne McGonagle

'What planet is he from?' Sammy Wilson hits out at Empey over criticism of Brexit backstop stance: The News Letter

Waiting for Brexit is like Waiting for Godot – with delay and inaction the order of the day: Irish Examiner
Fiachra O Cionnaith

Brexit – 'It is an unknown and nobody likes uncertainty': The Irish Times
Simon Carswell

Ireland's red line – How old loyalties have died hard in the madness of Brexit: Toronto Globe and Mail
Ben Wellings

On Brexit, England sees Ireland as both schemer and doormat: The Irish Times
Eleanor Tiernan

Human rights in Northern Ireland under the spotlight as Brexit approaches: Irish Legal News
Colin Harvey

Our futures hang worryingly on the decisions of people who know so little about us: Belfast Telegraph
Ed Curran

A 'precious union'? The Brexiters don't care about Northern Ireland: The Guardian
Fintan O'Toole

Watchdog 'shares frustration' over DUP's Brexit donation transparency: Irish News

Northern Ireland's remain parties slam PM over meeting 'snub': Belfast Telegraph

Ex police chief – The peace process has 'destroyed' prospects of justice for Troubles victims: The News Letter

Back to the Office: The Times

'No Irish No Gay' banner placed over M1 bridge – Police treating as hate incident: Belfast Telegraph
Michael Sheils McNamee

No justice for Troubles victims killed outside North, say families: The Times
Aaron Rogan

Sister of Edgar Graham challenges Sinn Féin leader over her brother's murder by the IRA: The News Letter
Ben Lowry

Sailortown tribute: Belfast Media
Conor McParland

Shankill bomb – Mother recalls plea for help from Sean Kelly: BBC
Mark Simpson

25 years on from Shankill bomb, it's time for Mary Lou McDonald to admit that every murder is wrong: Belfast Telegraph
Nelson McCausland

Why Were a Filmmaker and a Journalist Arrested in Northern Ireland?: The New Yorker
Patrick Radden Keefe

Royal Mail launches investigation after Irish language letter returned to sender: Belfast Telegraph
Gareth Cross

RHI Inquiry: Máirtín Ó Muilleoir will be first – and only – SF witness: The News Letter
Sam McBride

DUP helps Tories defeat attempt to force release of Universal Credit impact papers (Oct 19): Irish News

Northern Ireland-Scotland bridge 'could become a reality' says DUP MP: Belfast Telegraph

Club championship should be on BBC – SF: Derry Journal

Irish dancing always part of Protestant culture says Larne author Angeline King (Oct 18): Irish News
Kelly McAllister

Northern Irish women still facing difficult choice over abortion: The Guardian
Sarah Boseley

Church of Ireland supports repeal of Republic's blasphemy law (Oct 17): The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

There is no place in our Constitution for a blasphemy offence for which no one will be convicted – it's a sham: Irish Independent
Andrea Martin

City to choose name for bridge – A brave life with relevant lessons: Irish Examiner

We don't need a second EU vote. But we do need indyref2: The Herald
Kevin McKenna

Friday, October 19

Theresa May agrees to permanent Brexit backstop for Northern Ireland – reports could spell deal-breaker for DUP: Belfast Telegraph
Gareth Cross

Theresa May's 'moment of truth' summit passes with no deal: Irish News
Andrew Woodcock

Extended transition changes nothing, says DUP as Prime Minister quizzed on 'permanent backstop' option: Belfast Telegraph
Michael Sheils McNamee

Ireland will be hugely damaged if UK crashes out of EU – SF: The Irish Times
Patrick Smyth

Sammy Wilson – Theresa May 'must be mad' to have agreed Brexit delay: The News Letter
Niall Deeney

Varadkar shows EU27 dinner guests border bomb horror picture – Brexit deadlock over Ireland backstop: Belfast Telegraph
Gareth Cross

Leo Varadkar 'intransigent' in breaching Belfast Agreement for his preferred status for NI, says UUP: The News Letter

'No deal is DANGEROUS for Europe!' Ex-Irish minister says EU at a 'political crossroads': Daily Express
Katie Weston

Taoiseach should refuse to compromise on Brexit, voters say: The Irish Times
Pat Leahy

Any move to extend Brexit transition period would be 'hard sell' for PM, says Diane Dodds: The News Letter
Duncan Elder

Scottish Tories accused of risking peace in Northern Ireland: Belfast Telegraph
Michael Sheils McNamee

Brexit – Jim Nicholson calls on PM and EU to look at other ways of resolving border backstop issue: The News Letter
Duncan Elder

'I don't want to speak to Brexiteers!' Irish MEP fears being attacked by Leave voters: Daily Express
Alessandra Scotto di Santolo

Anti-Brexit rally to take place in Belfast this weekend: Belfast Telegraph
Gareth Cross

Why I'm travelling from Northern Ireland to march in London: The Times
Doire Finn

Delaying Brexit won't change the loss of trust in Britain in Ireland: London Evening Standard
Denis Staunton

Brexit's 'doom loop' – the 'blood red lines' that drive May's DUP allies: The Guardian
Rory Carroll

Next phase of Brexit negotiations will require much sleight of hand: The Irish Times
Patrick Smyth

Brexit – Macron and Merkel say EU must be more flexible to solve Ireland: The Times
Bruno Waterfield

Ireland is finally on the Brexit agenda – but at a cost: The Times
Henry Newman

I Didn't Hate the English – Until Now: New York Times
Megan Nolan

Extending the Brexit transition period a distraction from the border backstop: Irish News

Irish Times view on the EU summit – worrying weeks ahead as shape of Brexit remains unclear: The Irish Times

Stormont parties to have 10 months to restore power-sharing without election: Irish News
Claire Simpson

Bill is no substitute for devolved government, DUP warns: Belfast Telegraph

Colin Horner murder – Fifth man ordered to stand trial: The News Letter

Northern Ireland councillors under investigation over 'English-only' policy social media posts: Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan Bell

US hero says witch-hunt against Northern Ireland vets damages 'special relationship': The Sun
Harry Cole

Threat of Troubles probes 'scaring veterans to death': The News Letter

John Larmour's son says 'truth will out' over RUC man's murder: The News Letter
Niall Deeney

Wesley College dedicates library in honour of Northern Ireland peace campaigner: Impartial Reporter

Man Booker winner Burns says N Ireland's Troubles were 'impossible to avoid': Irish Examiner

Milkman may be fiction, but its depiction of how paramilitaries use control to prey on vulnerable young women is strikingly accurate... I know because I've lived through it: Belfast Telegraph
Mairia Cahill

'Would you call Nelson Mandela a terrorist?' – Sinn Féin's Ni Riada condemns Enniskillen bombing: Belfast Telegraph
Gareth Cross

Liadh Ní Riada election poster vandalised following poppy comments: Irish Examiner
Stephen Maguire

RHI inquiry – Sinn Féin's Máirtín Ó Muilleoir and DUP's Simon Hamilton to attend inquiry: Irish News
Brendan Hughes

Theresa May urged to back same-sex marriage in NI as campaigners recognised at awards: Irish News

Ashers case was not a victory for those opposed to gay marriage ... it was a victory for free expression: Belfast Telegraph
Alban Maginness

Two-thirds of people in Northern Ireland want abortion law decision made locally: Irish Mirror
David Young

Canvassers get cold reception over vote on 'silly' blasphemy rule: The Irish Times
Jack Power

Thursday, October 18

Brexit summit ruled out over lack of backstop progress: RTE
Tony Connelly

Brexit summit latest – Agreeing backstop deal a matter of trust, says Varadkar: Belfast Telegraph

Brexit – Sinn Féin tells Theresa May to end 'toxic marriage' with DUP: The News Letter

Theresa May vows to protect Union – 'We will not accept any proposals which would break up the UK': The News Letter

Brexit – Theresa May 'may not have to depend on DUP votes': The News Letter

May asks EU leaders for help with Northern Ireland backstop impasse: The Irish Times
Denis Staunton

Brexit – Sir Jeffrey Donaldson says Union 'more important than anything else': The News Letter
Stephen Gamble

Taoiseach rejects Martin's call for 'no-election guarantee' over Brexit threat: Irish Independent
John Downing

Simon Coveney accuses BBC's John Humphreys of speaking for Boris Johnson: Belfast Telegraph
Michael Sheils McNamee

'EU army will have to march in!' Tory MP fiercely defends NO hard border in Ireland: Daily Express
Sorcha Bradley

MP condemns 'shroud-waving' EU for raising prospect of hard Irish border: Belfast Telegraph

83% would vote to stay in poll on EU membership: The Times
Katie O'Neill

Brexit – Boris Johnson's father slammed for 'insensitive' comments on Irish border: Belfast Telegraph
Victoria Leonard

What if Brexit brings the violence back?: The Irish Times
Simon Carswell

Arlene Foster is maligned for not trusting EU assurances post-Brexit ... so why are her pro-Remain critics never called out for not believing Brussels either?: Belfast Telegraph
Eilis O'Hanlon

A view from the border – Ireland on the brink of Brexit: New Statesman
Matthew Engel

Brexiteers' plan Bs are fantasies that do not solve the Irish border question: The Times
Simon Nixon

Big risks if DUP removes influence at Westminster over Brexit border backstop: Belfast Telegraph
Jon Tonge

DUP team-up is ANOTHER new low for Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson: The National (Scotland)
Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh

The Tory leader Ruth Davidson is once again a voice of sanity: The News Letter

While Sinn Féin dress up for Brexit demonstrations, we'll work to keep trade moving, says DUP MP: Belfast Telegraph
James Gant

Minister accused of taking 'pot shot' at Sinn Féin despite support for Brexit approach: The Irish Times
Marie O'Halloran

Shared future the only way forward if Northern Ireland wants to avoid return to carnage of past: Belfast Telegraph
Duncan Morrow

Commons Confidential – The DUP plot against Arlene: New Statesman
Kevin Maguire

History should show the DUP that threats won't work: The Times
Alex Kane

Labour's John McDonnell says he 'longs for a united Ireland': The Independent
Tom Peck

John McDonnell sparks outrage by saying he 'longs for a united Ireland': The Sun
Matt Dathan

Police slam 'twisted ideologies' after arresting man in Lurgan on dissident republicanism charges: Belfast Telegraph

Dissident republicans – Armed groups in Co Derry warn of 'serious consequences' for 'criminal elements': Derry Now
Eamon Sweeney

We have the power to stop these attacks: Belfast Telegraph

Derry republican may seek damages if he wins new legal battle: Derry Journal

Victims' fund was 'made to include perpetrators by OFMDFM', Daphne Trimble claims: Irish News
Claire Simpson

John Larmour – Police Ombudsman rejects RUC collusion claims: BBC
Vincent Kearney

Compensation over criminal probes, victims group urge government: Irish World
Colin Gannon

IRA east Tyrone commander claims no deal was done with UVF: Irish News
Connla Young

Legacy Scandal – 'We excluded perpetrators from victim fund until told to include them,' says Daphne Trimble: The News Letter
Daphne Trimble

New potential witness to Ballymurphy massacre emerges: Irish News
Michael McHugh

Ballymurphy shootings – New potential witness emerges: The News Letter

Martin McGuinness inspired my poppy vow says Sinn Féin's Liadh Ní Riada: Irish News
Aoife Moore

Liadh Ní Riada says bullying 'was a problem' in Sinn Féin and was partly about age:
Rónán Duffy

Are republicans allowed to be interested in Meghan Markle's pregnancy?: The Guardian
Hadley Freeman

Wednesday, October 17

Possible one-year extension to Brexit transition: RTE
Tony Connelly

President Macron offers glimmer of hope over the Irish border: The Times
Bruno Waterfield and Adam Sage

Tusk compares backstop to the Gordian Knot unravelled by Alexander the Great: The Irish Times
Denis Staunton

EU demands new backstop proposals as deal hopes fade: The News Letter

Brexit – Irish foreign minister Coveney rejects 'dangerous' proposal on deferring Irish backstop plan: Belfast Telegraph

EU leaders offer last-ditch lifeline to May on border: Irish Independent
Cormac McQuinn

Trust your unionist instincts, Arlene Foster tells Prime Minister ahead of Brexit summit: Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan Bell

Brexit – UUP asks 'does Arlene Foster speak for the DUP?': The News Letter
Stephen Gamble

Brexit a 'colossal misjudgment' that could break-up UK, Major warns: The Irish Times

Scottish Tories oppose 'special' NI plan: The News Letter

Ireland criticises UK over 'backsliding' on border backstop terms: The Guardian
Lisa O'Carroll

Brexit – Stanley Johnson says 'Irish will shoot each other' whatever status of border: The News Letter

Brendan Howlin states the three demands Ireland should have in relation to Brexit: Irish Examiner

Jamie Bryson – Imposed Brexit backstop would see unionist reaction that would 'dwarf Drumcree': Irish News

Piers Morgan asks SIMPLE Irish border question Remainers are UNABLE to answer: Daily Express
Sorcha Bradley

Brexit hard border would be a political failure – Former Army chief Lord Dannatt: The News Letter

Ireland planning physical infrastructure for Brexit at ports and airports:

Family of man killed in 1972 IRA attack on customs post warn about Brexit: The Irish Times
Simon Carswell

'Varadkar now reveals true goal for NI': The News Letter

Inconsistencies in 'integrity of the UK': Irish News
John Manley

Q: So, when is a Brexit customs union not a customs union? A: When it is a customs arrangement ...: Belfast Telegraph
Andrew Grice

Imminent Brexit compromise will have majority's interests at heart: Belfast Telegraph
John Downing

Unionists have nothing to fear from backstop deal with Brussels: The Irish Times
Noel Dorr

Sir Malcolm McKibbin hopeful public services can improve after Stormont struggle: Belfast Telegraph

The long road to a United Ireland from the Good Friday Agreement: Irish Voice/
Ed Neafsey

Targeting of young Catholic police officers' families a problem in Derry: Derry Journal

New campaign highlights devastating impact of paramilitary-style attacks: The News Letter
Duncan Elder

Paramilitary attacks advert so brutal it can only be shown after 9pm: Belfast Live
Maurice Fitzmaurice

Coroner to decide if inquest into loyalist Mark Gourley can be held: Irish News
Suzanne McGonagle

Anger after 'appalling' attack on Belfast memorial to civilian killed in Troubles crossfire: Belfast Telegraph
Gareth Cross

IRA victims not entitled to compensation, insists senior Libyan diplomat: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Woman whose father died in IRA Harrods bombing accuses Libya of ignoring victims: Belfast Telegraph

Sinn Féin strategist Sean Murray could face Florida gun-running charges: The News Letter
Mark Rainey

Taoiseach accuses Sinn Féin of 'murkiness' in fundraising: The Irish Times
Marie O'Halloran

Sinn Féin renounces Ní Riada's poppy vow: The Times
Ellen Coyne

Sinn Féin criticise DUP silence over Ian Paisley retweet furore: Irish Examiner

Liadh Ní Riada as close as you could get to the image SF wants to project right now: The Irish Times
Harry McGee

Mairia Cahill 'failed by Sinn Féin' and deserves a full apology, says Irish presidential hopeful Liadh Ni Riada: Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan Bell

Pro-Palestine protesters confront UK's Israeli ambassador in Belfast: Belfast Telegraph

Brexit, Scotland and the threat to constitutional unity: Financial Times
Tony Barber

Brexit reveals how far some English voters have diverged from Anglo-British unionism: New Statesman
John Denham