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The Newshound was set up in 1996 by John Fay as an independent "news sifting" service for people interested in the Northern Ireland situation. The Newshound is not affiliated with any political party, organization, government or news media company. The service is free to all users and also provides links to articles dealing with relevant book reviews and Irish history. (Newshound's funding)

News catalogue

The Newshound is a catalogue of articles from the web editions of Newspapers. Each link is directly to the article of interest. The most recent stories are at the top of each list. This site is updated at least once daily. The Newshound is only a catalogue of links. The actual content is generally maintained on the site of the publisher as indicated in the link.

Exceptions to this rule are articles from the following publications: Irish News, Irelandclick.com, The People, and the News of the World. These articles appear with the agreement of the publications. The Newshound also provides access to articles from the Irish Voice and the Irish Post through agreement with IrishAbroad.com.

The Newshound frequently carries articles by Suzanne Breen (Sunday Tribune) and by other journalists whose articles are not freely available on the web.


The Northern Ireland news is updated at least once a day. The pages dedicated to Irish history or Irish books are updated when relevant articles appear. The News of the Irish is updated at least once a week.


Funding for the the Newshound comes from three sources: advertisement/sponsorship, sales of books through the Newshound bookstore and other items through affiliate programs, and subscriptions.

Newshound in the press

The Newshound has been written up in several publications including the New York Post, Albany Times Union, the Irish Echo, the Irish Voice, the Irish Post, The Irish Times, Sunday Independent and others.

In March 2006, John Fay was honored by Irish America magazine when he was named among the Top 100 Irish Americans (scroll down) of the Year for his work with the Newshound.

For more information or comments, e-mail the Newshound.